HACKER IQ Level Plays - Among Us

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  1. Abdullah Khanani

    Abdullah Khanani

    18 giorni fa

    If u pin dis, I will jump in the community pool

    • Naomi Jarrett thorpe

      Naomi Jarrett thorpe

      17 ore fa

      Did you

    • أبو سند / abo sanad

      أبو سند / abo sanad

      10 giorni fa

      Yoo عربي *

    • Red Ninja

      Red Ninja

      12 giorni fa

      @Kuro Yuki what u mean

    • Red Ninja

      Red Ninja

      12 giorni fa

      9.7k like duuude noice

    • Knoxx Gaming

      Knoxx Gaming

      12 giorni fa

      please listen this very beautifull girl singing this song

  2. Krishna Prasad

    Krishna Prasad

    14 minuti fa

    K***u 👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣

  3. Marissa Fernanda Camacho Núñez

    Marissa Fernanda Camacho Núñez

    15 minuti fa

    hy can you do a tutorial of how to instal among us plis i need it in a pc or computer that is same so if you can plis i can be a new follower

    • Krishna Prasad

      Krishna Prasad

      9 minuti fa

      I'm pretty sure they install it by the software "bluestacks" but I don't have a pc so I don't know what to do there search on ITput that might help

  4. Edward Torres

    Edward Torres

    22 minuti fa

    I think im in ur video :0 1:38 lol



    30 minuti fa

    2:13 just found out that admin can detect people in vents. Good to know

  6. Bemo Hikal

    Bemo Hikal

    54 minuti fa

    [5:53] Odading?

  7. Sangeeta Das

    Sangeeta Das

    Ora fa

    easy peasy lemon squizy

  8. Sangeeta Das

    Sangeeta Das

    Ora fa

    yeah it's to easy

  9. Pablo DBestructuras

    Pablo DBestructuras

    Ora fa

    *Logro desbloqueado* encontraste un comentario en español xD

  10. Pedro gacha animation

    Pedro gacha animation

    Ora fa

    what recording app do you use?

  11. Melanie Watson

    Melanie Watson

    Ora fa

    That was me I killed you in Among us

  12. Sathwik Patnaik

    Sathwik Patnaik

    Ora fa

    while swiping just stop at the middle and then continue, it will work

  13. AYIL Ruzain Channel

    AYIL Ruzain Channel

    2 ore fa

    Ur mom:me fat and gg my comment isnt funny

  14. Snehalata Kange

    Snehalata Kange

    2 ore fa

    Today (26 August 2020) I was playing among us and there was dash and we both were impooster

  15. Meongku Ada limaa

    Meongku Ada limaa

    2 ore fa

    Lmao odading

  16. Sebastian Torres

    Sebastian Torres

    3 ore fa

    0:23 Bruh

  17. Entitel


    3 ore fa

    You And Me Have The Same IQ

  18. namjoon


    3 ore fa

    is anyone else just too scared to double kiss coz their mate would report instead of killing the second? and betray?

  19. Chantrell Chua

    Chantrell Chua

    3 ore fa

    6:18 that’s me l 1 dark green.

  20. Easton does hockey !

    Easton does hockey !

    3 ore fa

    Hey dash all most at 200k I remember when u where at 10k

  21. DRK_Alex


    4 ore fa

    bro u smart ngl

  22. Yongki Kocak

    Yongki Kocak

    4 ore fa

    Nice Vidio dude

  23. Max Tooyak

    Max Tooyak

    4 ore fa


  24. MidhunPlayz


    4 ore fa

    Need detective like you

  25. Yến Linh Tô

    Yến Linh Tô

    4 ore fa

    i love your video i and keep your youtube growing:>

    • Yến Linh Tô

      Yến Linh Tô

      4 ore fa


  26. Lailatul Istianah

    Lailatul Istianah

    4 ore fa

    I see odading, so he from indo

  27. Colours Of Life By Haya

    Colours Of Life By Haya

    4 ore fa

    I was playing with youu HM i was cyan

  28. Febrian Abraham

    Febrian Abraham

    4 ore fa

    Gak ush sok bahasa inggris deh

  29. Arabelle B

    Arabelle B

    5 ore fa

    When you actually played with this guy-

  30. Naomi Patricia

    Naomi Patricia

    5 ore fa

    l is me lol



    5 ore fa this is world record or not

  32. Alisha Chinoy

    Alisha Chinoy

    5 ore fa

    0:47 who noticed oxygen depleted in 10000

  33. Rachelle Cayabyab

    Rachelle Cayabyab

    5 ore fa

    your a big brain among us player

  34. Craig


    5 ore fa

    Geesh ur good!!

  35. karmalifestyle officials

    karmalifestyle officials

    5 ore fa

    The card thing is easy

  36. nisha kaipully

    nisha kaipully

    5 ore fa

    Saitama Lmao

  37. Slicky Saturn

    Slicky Saturn

    5 ore fa

    9:29 I was yellow 🤘🏻Damn I’m in a ITput video

  38. Яна Юн

    Яна Юн

    6 ore fa

    6:19 It's me!

  39. OMi Gaming

    OMi Gaming

    7 ore fa

    I have Made similar video on my channel just have look guys

  40. hasan caca channel

    hasan caca channel

    7 ore fa

    They have ODADING Wkwkwk odading is trending in indonesia

  41. Shi Rouz

    Shi Rouz

    7 ore fa

    5:57 Odading mank oleh akowkaowaw

  42. VIV Yes

    VIV Yes

    7 ore fa

    I do the swipe first try every time

  43. VIV Yes

    VIV Yes

    7 ore fa

    The title makes no cense

  44. imnoteva


    7 ore fa

    *_Сталин оказался предателем_*

  45. Khadija


    8 ore fa

    Oh God! The speed is soooo did you manage to irritates me... I always request the host to increase the speed...reason is because if you're impostor you can kill anyone quickly and run away...and if you're crewmate and you're scared to report a body (because some may say it's self report) then also you can quickly escape the dead body in no one will even get to know😊 These are my tricks to win! Good luck!

  46. Wendy Maillard

    Wendy Maillard

    8 ore fa

    0:50 only dutch people can read hes name😂😂

  47. Sen ser

    Sen ser

    8 ore fa

    best man

  48. r. t

    r. t

    8 ore fa

    U r so professional

  49. Matiul Islam Chowdhury

    Matiul Islam Chowdhury

    8 ore fa

    The fastest game happened with me when the impostor got disconnected. Hehehe

  50. Intisar Intisa

    Intisar Intisa

    9 ore fa

    THIS, is the entertainment I want

  51. Nova Blast

    Nova Blast

    9 ore fa

    I love the Sonic music, lol. Your vids are hilarious and i watch them everyday. Keep it up homie! I just missed this upload cuz i was on a trip with my family... But good luck in your ITput career!

  52. Sadgurl TvT

    Sadgurl TvT

    9 ore fa

    I wish ppl can trust me like how they trust you

  53. Aliyah Baez

    Aliyah Baez

    10 ore fa

    I love this my birthday will be in 12 2012 I’m 7 years old about to be 8 years old 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  54. Kyung Soo

    Kyung Soo

    10 ore fa

    What version the second one is burning in fire?

  55. NonEsistoNonHaiVistoNulla


    10 ore fa

    i was the pink lol

  56. the bois

    the bois

    10 ore fa

    you are bad at the game

  57. Paramjeet Kaur

    Paramjeet Kaur

    10 ore fa

    My fastest game ever- Everyone left:/

  58. Alka Upadhayay

    Alka Upadhayay

    10 ore fa

    1:33 WRYYYYYY

  59. shubh gamerz

    shubh gamerz

    11 ore fa

    Normal people: crewmate or impostor Dash : detective kill the impostor amon9 us

  60. lucero.servin


    11 ore fa

    El comanterio en español que buscabas.

  61. lucero.servin


    11 ore fa

    Si bueno no encontré un comentario en español y baje muy abajo.

  62. anónima mujer

    anónima mujer

    11 ore fa

    how do you make them believe everything?

  63. ThatsSoRad


    12 ore fa

    Everytime I suspect someone as imposter for being sus, they’re always crewmates

  64. Ислам Альмекаев

    Ислам Альмекаев

    12 ore fa

    Like, you not impostor?

  65. K is just normal :3

    K is just normal :3

    12 ore fa

    There is actually 10% for Dash to not be solo impostor, but there is 90% that Dash will be solo impostor

  66. Sarah the weirdo

    Sarah the weirdo

    13 ore fa


  67. Sarah the weirdo

    Sarah the weirdo

    13 ore fa

    How does he not get voted off

  68. Sarah the weirdo

    Sarah the weirdo

    13 ore fa

    I can one shot card swipe

  69. Dudezsaa


    13 ore fa

    Never mess with dash god$

  70. CherriFairy


    13 ore fa

    Bruh, u got good games, when I see someone vent or kill, they vote me out

  71. POOH FF


    13 ore fa


  72. Neti Selimbau

    Neti Selimbau

    13 ore fa

    5:51 hey! Odading was from Indonesian 🤣

  73. Mehmet Tuna Çalışkan

    Mehmet Tuna Çalışkan

    13 ore fa

    0:47 oxygen depleted 1000 ?!?!?!?!?!

  74. Yeet gaming and vlogs

    Yeet gaming and vlogs

    14 ore fa

    Trump 2016-2024

  75. Imaan Naseer

    Imaan Naseer

    14 ore fa

    Do u ever look at a comment and say “why did i not comment that”

  76. aver rei

    aver rei

    14 ore fa

    When its your time to be an impostor and everyone leaves... 🙃

  77. tj tot

    tj tot

    14 ore fa

    Like the video if u think he is underrated

  78. Cannon Mallanon

    Cannon Mallanon

    14 ore fa

    You can tell he is a sonic fan

  79. leonardo salvador

    leonardo salvador

    15 ore fa

    Love vídeo ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  80. Puggy


    15 ore fa

    This person gained subs so fast they were at 59k the last vid I watch now hes at 196k

  81. Korban moo

    Korban moo

    16 ore fa


  82. Emiliano Pérez

    Emiliano Pérez

    16 ore fa

    Among Us clips with Sonic OST'S= perfect

  83. Survival_ Minecraft_player

    Survival_ Minecraft_player

    16 ore fa

    1:26 I won the game as one imposter in about 30 seconds by sabotaging the reacter.

  84. Lewis Keys

    Lewis Keys

    16 ore fa

    I was in the video

  85. Gabriela Bermúdez

    Gabriela Bermúdez

    16 ore fa

    Hä wie gut ist der denn bitte xdd

  86. YT_UrBoySlinky


    16 ore fa

    Smh I was Stalin

  87. • Alegna Etneup •

    • Alegna Etneup •

    16 ore fa

    I think we have the same keyboard 🤣

  88. Saylendra william

    Saylendra william

    18 ore fa

    Odading was not impostor😭🤣

  89. Rozhyar Edres

    Rozhyar Edres

    18 ore fa

    dash tu iepid or mobiel where??

  90. Jess !

    Jess !

    18 ore fa

    The sound when imposter kills is so satisfying 😂

  91. Pedro Meira Mendes YouTuber

    Pedro Meira Mendes YouTuber

    19 ore fa

    john madden john madden johnvmadden

  92. TocaSarah 123

    TocaSarah 123

    20 ore fa

    If theres my Croatia and close country gang here then you'd know who MaliCigo is 😂

  93. Neel Shah

    Neel Shah

    20 ore fa

    Legends are those who cannot swipe the card in admin at thier first attempt😅😆

  94. 《BrIsA PiNa》

    《BrIsA PiNa》

    21 ora fa

  95. Nicky Jekem

    Nicky Jekem

    21 ora fa

    They all say the power off spaming but in my case i can say"it blue vote blue" do many times and i get voted out and in the waiting room i say"u idiots what did i say idiots" then they all say sorry and i feel soo bad



    21 ora fa


  97. AmongUsGamePlay


    21 ora fa

    I once got trapped in admin cause someone sabotaged caf and storage and the imp jumped out of vent. He didn't kill me just looked at admin panel thing so I did an emergency meeting and caught him

  98. Petter Skjellnes

    Petter Skjellnes

    21 ora fa

    Er du norsk dash

  99. Cavin Davis

    Cavin Davis

    21 ora fa


  100. Waseem Views

    Waseem Views

    22 ore fa

    Are you india zs

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