Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330

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  1. Check On this

    Check On this

    2 minuti fa

    That's Charlie the famous rooftop tree

  2. Daniel Abeleira

    Daniel Abeleira

    2 minuti fa

    Nice work, cameraman: not recording the only actually important part, which is the landing. Clearly fake. Thanks for wasting my time, ITput

  3. Lollipop Jimin

    Lollipop Jimin

    3 minuti fa

    it's fake. the christmas tree is a paid actor.

  4. Faggot Rotten

    Faggot Rotten

    6 minuti fa

    That string works, you know.

  5. Pure strangeness

    Pure strangeness

    7 minuti fa

    I thought it said gay throws Christian out of family tree Help

  6. rene32dk


    12 minuti fa


  7. SkyluvmoN


    13 minuti fa

    well this is gonna be a new trend now

  8. Lucas o_0?!

    Lucas o_0?!

    14 minuti fa

    That big tree on the right was just picking up her son from the babysitter

    • Lucas o_0?!

      Lucas o_0?!

      10 minuti fa

      Yeah that makes sense doesn’t it

    • Lucas o_0?!

      Lucas o_0?!

      11 minuti fa

      Ohhhh ok

    • Lucas o_0?!

      Lucas o_0?!

      11 minuti fa

      She got him from the black market that’s why

    • Lucas o_0?!

      Lucas o_0?!

      12 minuti fa


    • Lucas o_0?!

      Lucas o_0?!

      13 minuti fa

      That must be the wrong baybysitter if he just throws her son out the window

  9. V 96

    V 96

    18 minuti fa

    What Santa didn’t come this year?

  10. Laquan Little

    Laquan Little

    19 minuti fa

    Guess we're all amazed by physics huh

  11. Hunny Vinny

    Hunny Vinny

    23 minuti fa

    Let's see how many people will come back here after 10yrs when ITput will recommend this again

  12. papyrus


    26 minuti fa

    Plot twist. every comment section is full of plot twist. this is plot twist.

  13. Mocking Wizard

    Mocking Wizard

    26 minuti fa

    When this guy looks at bottles they perform a series of backflips (or front-flips you can never really be sure with bottles)

  14. Jamie JayJay

    Jamie JayJay

    28 minuti fa

    I'm getting 'Mr Bean' vibes from this one



    30 minuti fa

    Thats hot

  16. Dillan Isaac

    Dillan Isaac

    39 minuti fa

    Nice shot

  17. atqraxillaa


    40 minuti fa

    the *extreme bottle flip challenge*

  18. Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.

    Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.

    41 minuto fa

    This is better than the last one I saw about this video..

  19. Peach Key

    Peach Key

    45 minuti fa

    oh my gawd

  20. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar

    47 minuti fa

    Plot twist:- this video is reversed

  21. duncan stewart

    duncan stewart

    48 minuti fa

    Basically a giant shuttle cock, the heaviest end will always face down.

  22. Guinness book of shit Crossx

    Guinness book of shit Crossx

    50 minuti fa

    This is your daily dose of internet, christmas tree throws guy out of the window and it lands perfectly on the ground

  23. Benji B-Side

    Benji B-Side

    51 minuto fa

    This needs to become an Olympic sport. This is gold medal level!!

  24. Fluxyz


    51 minuto fa

    100K SUBS BY 20200

  25. •Żukø's Scar•

    •Żukø's Scar•

    58 minuti fa


  26. Nicole Wang

    Nicole Wang

    Ora fa

    That tree is a savage

  27. Loner Kid

    Loner Kid

    Ora fa

    Hello to everyone who gets recommended this after nine years

  28. JohnysOrg


    Ora fa

    I wish this happened to that slice of peanut butter, jelly jam sandwich when it fell off the counter!

  29. King in the North

    King in the North

    Ora fa

    Mr. Bean after celebrating Christmas be like:

  30. Jocelle Ortega

    Jocelle Ortega

    Ora fa

    And it sticks to the landing 👑

  31. Archer Tor

    Archer Tor

    Ora fa

    The tree fell off and choose anti-pollution.

  32. _ sunflowarah _

    _ sunflowarah _

    Ora fa

    People with this kind of luck and then there’s me...

  33. W aye W

    W aye W

    Ora fa

    That tree decided to be a cat.

  34. Brett Bayford

    Brett Bayford

    Ora fa

    Bahhhh hum bug.......... Who am I kidding we love X-mas

  35. AYOOO


    Ora fa

    Hulk:ha you flip tree,I flip house

  36. Temirlan Sultanov

    Temirlan Sultanov

    Ora fa

    The exam will start in 20min Me: very interesting video

  37. Will Cartwright

    Will Cartwright

    Ora fa

    Ahhhh but can you flip a Christmas tree...

  38. Sneha Sarkar

    Sneha Sarkar

    Ora fa

    I have never clicked so a any random video 😂

  39. C. A. G.

    C. A. G.

    Ora fa

    Only in San Francisco.

  40. Alfred Cueva

    Alfred Cueva

    Ora fa

    Again, Why is this recommended ? Haha

  41. Michael


    Ora fa

    fake its reversed



    Ora fa

    hello if you see this in 2040 hows life i will come back :) in 2030 Rightnow 2021 11:55 ph time

  43. nabil


    Ora fa

    Today on the episode of "what's on my reccomendation today?"

  44. Laura Cynthia

    Laura Cynthia

    Ora fa

    someone should submit this to wilbur’s ylyl

  45. Wanda Majette

    Wanda Majette

    Ora fa

    What else gets tossed out the window?

  46. ItsKqt


    Ora fa

    I thought it'll land upside down

  47. Professor P

    Professor P

    Ora fa

    Tree is like: this is why they hate christmas 😂

  48. Professor P

    Professor P

    Ora fa

    christmas tree kept it‘s honour.

  49. Hajra Kiani

    Hajra Kiani

    Ora fa

    Fun fact: you never searched for it It was in your recommendation

  50. Helmy Fahmiansyah

    Helmy Fahmiansyah

    Ora fa

    Plot twist : It's Reversed

  51. Deevyesh Tahasildar

    Deevyesh Tahasildar

    Ora fa

    He definitely has played bottle flip for sure

  52. Brooke


    Ora fa

    I am a better person for having watched this.

  53. Crazy amelio

    Crazy amelio

    Ora fa

    2.7 million people: iNtErEsTiNg 🤔

  54. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken

    Ora fa

    Plot twist: He’s Dude Perfect in disguise

  55. Bryan Marlie Jeaks

    Bryan Marlie Jeaks

    Ora fa

    Meanwhile Dude Perfect: WE NEED HIM!!!!!!

  56. glxssy bxrries

    glxssy bxrries

    Ora fa

    ITput:Guy throws christmas tree 3 million people : İ N T E R E S T İ N G

  57. Bryan Marlie Jeaks

    Bryan Marlie Jeaks

    Ora fa

    Out of the blue, he became Dude Perfect

  58. Sermad Z

    Sermad Z

    Ora fa

    This is going to get at least 10 mil views

  59. blue joon

    blue joon

    Ora fa

    why am i laughing hysterically

  60. Fun Facts

    Fun Facts

    Ora fa

    Epic ..

  61. Mirko Pesut

    Mirko Pesut

    2 ore fa

    It’s clearly reversed

  62. Jianelle Jeon

    Jianelle Jeon

    2 ore fa

    Watch this vid get 7M in a week 😆

  63. DoggoWithAHat


    2 ore fa

    hi there random people in 2028 with an unchanged algorithm!

  64. guillermo britos

    guillermo britos

    2 ore fa

    we call it "the christmas tree flip challenge"

  65. Jovs Do

    Jovs Do

    2 ore fa

    what a huge green cat

  66. Kanukanu


    2 ore fa

    Plot twist: He was actually practicing the bottle flip challenge using his Christmas tree

  67. Mac Doodles

    Mac Doodles

    2 ore fa

    I can just imagine the needles from the tree that now permanently reside in his room

  68. Yuri


    2 ore fa

    Me: Flips 3 water bottles in a row This guy: *Cute*

  69. Sam VC

    Sam VC

    2 ore fa

    This is how people bring us down but we still get up perfectly.

  70. Zombie But Without A Lamp

    Zombie But Without A Lamp

    2 ore fa

    Hello from 5 years ago fellow reccomended person

  71. Daniel K

    Daniel K

    2 ore fa

    If it’s got a base then it obviously will

  72. wwe wwe

    wwe wwe

    2 ore fa

    Plot twist : He’s savage

  73. Klaudia Macko

    Klaudia Macko

    2 ore fa

    Plot twist, the video is reversed

  74. IbraheemAhmedd ahmed

    IbraheemAhmedd ahmed

    2 ore fa

    Dude perfect after this 😳

  75. Nathaniel Johnson

    Nathaniel Johnson

    2 ore fa




    2 ore fa

    See you all again when this gets randomly recommended to us again 😗

  77. Saki Momo

    Saki Momo

    2 ore fa


  78. Lim Lexterz

    Lim Lexterz

    2 ore fa




    2 ore fa

    I don’t give a fu*k

  80. sober


    2 ore fa

    his goals are beyond our understanding

  81. Aneesa Rani

    Aneesa Rani

    2 ore fa

    *guy throws tree out of window and lands* 2.7m viewers: *interesting*

  82. Gunslinger • 43 years ago

    Gunslinger • 43 years ago

    2 ore fa

    See you folks 12 years later.

  83. Vick Sanchez

    Vick Sanchez

    2 ore fa

    Sees water bottle flipping Christmas tree: Hold my ornaments

  84. Akansha


    2 ore fa

    That's what I look forward to do in my future

  85. Shivam Arora

    Shivam Arora

    2 ore fa

    It's a tree of sheer will and commitment

  86. METZ


    2 ore fa

    Hi to my son from 2038 when he got this in his recommendations.

  87. Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev Kumar

    2 ore fa

    Why u celebrate Christmas, if u not the value of festival

  88. Akash Gupta

    Akash Gupta

    2 ore fa

    My friend try to land like this and now he is in hospital 😂

  89. Crazyyy


    2 ore fa

    dUdE pErFeCt

  90. Zajíček Swënnjäntsen

    Zajíček Swënnjäntsen

    2 ore fa

    Fun fact: The tree next to it was actually planted the same way.

  91. BZB King

    BZB King

    2 ore fa

    Plot twist: this video is reversed

  92. Zajíček Swënnjäntsen

    Zajíček Swënnjäntsen

    2 ore fa

    Clarification: This video is in your reccomended, because the footage is actually 10 years old.

  93. Mahadi Hasan

    Mahadi Hasan

    2 ore fa

    that's called the spirit of Christmas

  94. Camille Knight

    Camille Knight

    2 ore fa

    Bottle flip Christmas edition

  95. Arun Simar

    Arun Simar

    2 ore fa

    I disliked the vedio.

  96. John Doe

    John Doe

    2 ore fa

    It has a stand on it of course it was gonna land it perfectly 😂

  97. Mat Yie

    Mat Yie

    2 ore fa

    Two days and get 2.7Millions views Impossible

  98. MatrixJustice


    2 ore fa

    A guy: "How good are you on bottle flips?" This guy: "Yes."

  99. Alone W

    Alone W

    2 ore fa

    Gonna say hi so i know i was here before this video gonna get recommended to me in the future

  100. Non à l'homophobie

    Non à l'homophobie

    2 ore fa

    That tree must have cat genes.

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