Gold Dug

I'm doing okay, I just really needed to get away from things and potato around for a bit. Videos should be back to its regular schedule!
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    15 minuti fa

    Ok lol why is the title called "gold dug"

  2. Sketch l l Filipino ako

    Sketch l l Filipino ako

    21 minuto fa


  3. Calibri Underswap

    Calibri Underswap

    41 minuto fa

    Here we go again

  4. Whawpenshaw


    Ora fa

    This story is crap dude. You were unprofessional, she was unprofessional, and you made a cartoon about it trying to play the victim so you can feel vindicated.

  5. Brit G

    Brit G

    3 ore fa

    Sheesh man, sorry you had to deal with that.

  6. O Deer

    O Deer

    3 ore fa

    Your animations are so much cleaner, you’ve made really really good progress Dom, we’re proud 👍

  7. hannah Sue

    hannah Sue

    5 ore fa

    ok ok so first she isn't just happy to support her boyfriend but she gets so mad about something out of his control.

  8. Emerald Knight

    Emerald Knight

    6 ore fa

    Pls stop dying and revived and dying and so on. Also ur girlfriend is bad.

  9. Mackerachi


    7 ore fa


  10. DarthMobian ™

    DarthMobian ™

    7 ore fa

    I don't think she was in the wrong at all.

  11. CY Flame

    CY Flame

    8 ore fa

    Oh god I thought he quit yt like he said he would in his bored video

  12. Kariss Sanchez

    Kariss Sanchez

    10 ore fa

  13. Xander R

    Xander R

    10 ore fa

    Why are people like this, it’s so dumb, I apologize you had to go through that

  14. Ketrina Htdhj

    Ketrina Htdhj

    10 ore fa

    sounds like she's one of those girls who assume and expect everything to bend to her wants without thinking about anyone else

  15. ceraz052


    10 ore fa

    Wow fucking yikes @ the asking someone you don’t even know that well asking straight up for money.

  16. Anne -

    Anne -

    11 ore fa

    Ohh!! Your animation has really improved! It was already good before but I like the added details and smooth movements a lot!

  17. Haider Hassan

    Haider Hassan

    12 ore fa

    Dom why arent you in the 1000000 dollar challenge

  18. Ari Kass-Amsterdam

    Ari Kass-Amsterdam

    12 ore fa

    Hey idk if this is yr style but Have you thought of doing an anime review? I’d love yr thoughts/jokes on some anime, wasn’t thinking of any in particular but.....yeh.

  19. Lara Whatney

    Lara Whatney

    13 ore fa

    I have to go Google that commercial :)

  20. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    14 ore fa

    "I dated this girl." I don't like where this is going.

  21. Æbo


    14 ore fa

    Yea but where’s the commercial?!

  22. Rio Pacheco

    Rio Pacheco

    15 ore fa

    How to start an ominous story: Domics: "my the time..."

  23. Keyra Scott

    Keyra Scott

    15 ore fa

    Hey Domics have u hopped on the Among Us train yet, or are u avoiding it?

  24. Jeaver


    15 ore fa

    anyone else really wanna see this ad :'D

    • ceerw buty

      ceerw buty

      14 ore fa

      do feel those emotion after being mad or upset

  25. Hamza Ali

    Hamza Ali

    17 ore fa

    The: I'll show u bitc* in the end was funny

  26. tannere coe

    tannere coe

    20 ore fa

    he hasn't made a video for a week I officially pronounce him dead. RIP

  27. Sushike


    20 ore fa

    welcome back, Domics yay let's celebrate it

  28. John Ray Inocencio

    John Ray Inocencio

    21 ora fa

    Imagine her watching this



      16 ore fa

      she did actually lmfaoo she posted a response on her instagram @ k1tana

  29. Dabbo03


    21 ora fa

    This is not a healthy relationship

  30. Mercedes Dockrill

    Mercedes Dockrill

    21 ora fa

    I knew something was a bit off when she got upset about the time wait... Yeah a 2 hour wait sucks, but you didnt leave her out of the loop and she could have ended up wasting more time had you not tried to make exceptions for her. When you said she was upset I had to stop and pause, tbh I dont think I would be that upset if a friend was late. Yeah 2 hours is a lot, but delays happen with film making. If it were me I might feel a bit awkward or bored waiting alone for so long, but I wouldve made the most of it and been happy with a hug and an apology afterwards

  31. Shoe


    22 ore fa

    Oh so your a Domics fan? Name every video he made

  32. Marcos Aldana

    Marcos Aldana

    23 ore fa

    I wonder how shane is?

  33. Poseidon's Crown

    Poseidon's Crown

    23 ore fa

    Is it just me, or is every ITputr that doesn't upload for a while is always replying with "I needed a break".

  34. Penis Balls

    Penis Balls

    Giorno fa

    Domics intro kinda remind me of the pornhub intro

  35. Rhymir Dudley

    Rhymir Dudley

    Giorno fa

    Long time since I watch you

  36. Dankyboi S

    Dankyboi S

    Giorno fa

    “I’ll show you bitch” those were the word that made Lebron cry

  37. Lara Madredano

    Lara Madredano

    Giorno fa

    Domics: "My girlfriend" ... Here we go again

  38. Eltin Tand

    Eltin Tand

    Giorno fa

    I feel so weird when people are upset and then someone proposes to give something to that person and then they immediately go happy and excited, I can never do that even if I do feel those emotion after being mad or upset

  39. whatucallthat _

    whatucallthat _

    Giorno fa

    I want to see the commercial he was in

  40. Skillz 1453

    Skillz 1453

    Giorno fa

    Wowowo this girl is a gold digger

  41. Skillz 1453

    Skillz 1453

    Giorno fa

    U know this guy is literally just like us he just started to animate his life and tell what happened like anyone can do that lol this guy is smart for doing this! Making money from telling stories from ur life

  42. Angelo Christopher

    Angelo Christopher

    Giorno fa

    wait i think the is the mabye he will the you the my

  43. Icarus Siongco

    Icarus Siongco

    Giorno fa

    hey Domics do you like vidio games? If yes can you do a speedrun at your next vidio any game you like thanks

  44. Zara Gabriela

    Zara Gabriela

    Giorno fa

    bruh this channel is literally just a chronicle of Dom's horrible love life

    • Zara Gabriela

      Zara Gabriela

      Giorno fa

      I swear to God this guy can’t catch a break with his dates.

  45. Josh Slug

    Josh Slug

    Giorno fa

    Dang that girl is a whole bitch

  46. Dogedude


    Giorno fa

    i shit myself

  47. Dandelion Squid

    Dandelion Squid

    Giorno fa a woman we don’t claim her toxic behavior

  48. Cheif Island

    Cheif Island

    Giorno fa

    Watch my animation about why I hate teachers

  49. Pigeon Head

    Pigeon Head

    Giorno fa

    domics how do you draw so well? i am a small ytber and need a lil help thanks if you consider

  50. ACIDE Clan MysticalPro

    ACIDE Clan MysticalPro

    Giorno fa

    The samsung ad

  51. misa


    Giorno fa

    i would've been expecting apology flowers for the two hour wait but to ask for money? that's weird af

  52. Mizanul Hoque Mojumder

    Mizanul Hoque Mojumder

    Giorno fa

    I really hate her, dom you did nothing wrong dude.

  53. Issy


    Giorno fa


  54. Eli Rabadi

    Eli Rabadi

    Giorno fa

    If i were him: *pulls out gun* Shut up babe.

  55. Lex Fields

    Lex Fields

    Giorno fa

    Being in the film industry... I know how rough this must've been Dude had know control of the situation and communicating the plans of a changing production schedule is rough. I know a lot of people who have strains in their relationships just for this reason. All I'm saying is... That's rough buddy 😕

  56. Cyrus Hicks

    Cyrus Hicks

    Giorno fa

    does anybody else love how his intro has stayed the same for like 7 years :)

  57. katelyn Olson

    katelyn Olson

    Giorno fa

    Does that mean he broke up with Claire

  58. michael cruz

    michael cruz

    Giorno fa

    Play some more games in twitch i know u r bored

  59. bored drawzstuff

    bored drawzstuff

    Giorno fa


  60. JakulaithWolff


    Giorno fa

    I like the quick YES PLZ head nods

  61. mikail salman

    mikail salman

    Giorno fa

    Roses are red violets are blue I'm scrolling for hate comment s

  62. Charlotte Musto

    Charlotte Musto

    Giorno fa

    There must be some hidden crazy in Canadian girls because if I had to wait two hours in a coffee shop, I would probably apologize to everyone else for feeling obligated to include me in their busy schedule! (Also would not notice the wait because coffee shops are the BEST place to read books!)

  63. alexzander blough

    alexzander blough

    Giorno fa

    Yeahhh.... I saw some red flags from her... Exspecialy when she wanted money from everything... Even the drop of a cream... Which was a gift...

  64. chika nwagboso

    chika nwagboso

    Giorno fa

    I'm glad you took a break, welcome back ✨

  65. JZK


    Giorno fa

    Lmao is this the same girl on the other video where she is pissed off that you didn't put her in the credits of an insta photo?

  66. Nikro ニクロ

    Nikro ニクロ

    Giorno fa

    Dom: should made up a number ya know *"68"* *Me: some people just wanna see the world Burn*

  67. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

    Giorno fa

    Like legit...your super cute ..

  68. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

    Giorno fa

    Omg...your so cute ..

  69. cramp etea

    cramp etea

    Giorno fa

    Freak human!!!!!

  70. Peachy Gaming

    Peachy Gaming

    Giorno fa

    Take a break when you can.

  71. Sanchit Sharma

    Sanchit Sharma

    Giorno fa

    Here 1 dollar .

  72. Mr. awp

    Mr. awp

    Giorno fa

    Mmmmmmmmm, its bin a while doooom

  73. FireNinja


    Giorno fa

    I found the commercial

  74. GloveSock Boots

    GloveSock Boots

    Giorno fa

    I’ll predict that domics is gonna get a youtooz

  75. mohammad bin sultan

    mohammad bin sultan

    Giorno fa

    what sort of a human is she she charged u for a gift she got u

  76. Jeef Airhart

    Jeef Airhart

    2 giorni fa

    You got got

  77. JackieD


    2 giorni fa

    I hope you broke up with that girl asap at that time.

  78. Stoner


    2 giorni fa

    i wonder what would happend if he had just given her 69$?

  79. Obviousenzo


    2 giorni fa

    It is official Domics said “her” 19 times in this entire video

  80. Esme Hernandez

    Esme Hernandez

    2 giorni fa

    Aw I feel bad that’s such a mean lady ):

  81. KnowHow TV

    KnowHow TV

    2 giorni fa


  82. Sierrah Howard

    Sierrah Howard

    2 giorni fa

    omg you really dissed this lady, omg

  83. juskit Carol

    juskit Carol

    2 giorni fa

    Domics é o q chamamos de" dedo podre"

  84. Benny P. Baril

    Benny P. Baril

    2 giorni fa

    You know the girl friend looks like the one that likes to argue all the time from the “dumb arguments” video.🤔

    • Fedee Vallejos

      Fedee Vallejos

      4 ore fa

      She is, she even admitted it in her Instagram

  85. Nick Nitro

    Nick Nitro

    2 giorni fa

    tfw the chick wants half the revenue from this video

    • Kirby and the Bean Bois

      Kirby and the Bean Bois

      8 ore fa

      N o t p o g

    • TKgamez


      Giorno fa

      Hi nick I like your undertale remakes

    • Sniper Gaming

      Sniper Gaming

      Giorno fa


    • DPC Mook

      DPC Mook

      Giorno fa

      How is this not one of the top comments

  86. Eternal


    2 giorni fa

    Yknow I feel as though most people are overlooking some crazy words here. She was paid a couple hundred dollars off of 2.5 percent, which implies my man was getting at least 10 grand off of this. Good for you man, get 'em

  87. SafCos0


    2 giorni fa

    He changes dates like he's changing disposable masks.....

  88. Augusto Joel Sosa Escalada

    Augusto Joel Sosa Escalada

    2 giorni fa

    say her part was 1% and yours is like 30% pay her 3% of whatever you feel like telling her you earned lol show her a modified email, whatever, pay her what u think is fair if she was about to compromise the project lol

  89. TTV_KrillinWinnin


    2 giorni fa

    The king of messed up relationships Is back

  90. Fear The Jester

    Fear The Jester

    2 giorni fa

    Dude, if I was invited to a shooting, I'D AUTOMATICALLY SAY YES EVEN IF I DONT GET PAID LUL I JUST WANT TO COME TO SET 👁️👄👁️

  91. Kuro


    2 giorni fa

    giving her the money made her feel like she was right

  92. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall

    2 giorni fa

    Dom: its been awhile Me: i subscribe to jontron your good

  93. Wael Hassan

    Wael Hassan

    2 giorni fa

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  94. Maverick Overstreet

    Maverick Overstreet

    2 giorni fa

    He hasn’t uploaded for one week he must be dead 💀

  95. Chef Bogdan

    Chef Bogdan

    2 giorni fa

    Hey what did steve from youre crushes video?

  96. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    2 giorni fa

    So how many relationships you want? Domics : “YES”

  97. Troy Suza

    Troy Suza

    2 giorni fa

    Can you and Jaiden Animations finally get married and make the greatest power couple of all time?

  98. M


    2 giorni fa

    Doug would never!

  99. Herohammer Studios

    Herohammer Studios

    2 giorni fa

    What's wrong with waiting a few hours and waking up early if it's for something cool?

  100. Cold Bones

    Cold Bones

    2 giorni fa

    someone make a remix of his intro

    • soiung toiue

      soiung toiue

      2 giorni fa

      She’s here somewhere in the comments I just know it

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