Giuliani Has Hair Dye Malfunction During Trump Lawsuit Press Conference | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses Rudy Giuliani’s latest deranged press conference in Washington, D.C., regarding the 2020 election.
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Giuliani Has Hair Dye Malfunction During Trump Lawsuit Press Conference | The Tonight Show


  1. Alberto Casiano

    Alberto Casiano

    2 ore fa

    I used to like Jimmy. Now I just want to see him swing for treason

  2. Miyamoto Musashi

    Miyamoto Musashi

    4 ore fa

    The sad thing is that your show is way cringier than what or who you're supposed to make fun of...

  3. John McCormick

    John McCormick

    6 ore fa

    That isn`t hair dye, it`s embalming fluid.

  4. Bean Boi

    Bean Boi

    13 ore fa

    6:16 I'M IN TEARS RIGHT NOW🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Brendan Manwaring

    Brendan Manwaring

    17 ore fa

    This dude's a jerk.

  6. UltraRun


    20 ore fa

    Jimmy Halfwit looks all happy on camera but he is on borrowed time with the network!

  7. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear

    Giorno fa

    All the dukie from Trumps booty is finally melting off his head....🤷‍♀️



    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa

    The ass hole who run this show is trash demorat

  10. Jane Madarang

    Jane Madarang

    Giorno fa

    he was sweating coz he knows he is lying..........

  11. Chi & Pitbulls Lives matter

    Chi & Pitbulls Lives matter

    Giorno fa

    You should try some idiot, it might make you look better: cause DAMN!

  12. Ronald Redface

    Ronald Redface

    Giorno fa

    The biggest election fraud in history isn't news but hair dye is SMH

    • Sophie Harris

      Sophie Harris

      Giorno fa

      Bro Giuliani probably did that on purpose to distract from the fact that he’s leading a legal circus lol u think he doesn’t have his image under control? He did that shit on purpose, why do u believe what u read on fucking niche websites run by conservative tin hat lunatics, u don’t know what evidence is or isn’t there, no one does, did u personally count ballots?

  13. Hannah Too

    Hannah Too

    Giorno fa

    Jimmy, u crack me up so much I can’t stop laughing... just the idea of u sweating for eternity is hilarious.

  14. Rich Roberts

    Rich Roberts

    Giorno fa

    I want to laugh but this is honestly sad, I know this guy was always divisive as NYC mayor but he was such an accomplished prosecutor and uniting force during 9/11 that it's kind of sad to see him acting this pathetic. I think his age has caught up to him which is actually sad to see

  15. Mike Mac Innis

    Mike Mac Innis

    Giorno fa

    Trump and his stooges comedy hour !!

  16. Jules Varnado

    Jules Varnado

    2 giorni fa

    Shame on you for making fun of him. Now, you have opened the door for the same thing to happen to you

  17. Darlene Kitchen

    Darlene Kitchen

    2 giorni fa

    Trump and him like to hear their conversation

  18. Tom Trottier

    Tom Trottier

    2 giorni fa

    Nowhere on ITput can I actually find a video of his whole speech. Anyone have a link? Apparently we’re all supposed to be looking at his sweat and definitely not listening to what he’s saying. I find that somewhat disturbing.

  19. Sean Mastro

    Sean Mastro

    2 giorni fa

    Of course Jimmy Fallon has to take things out of is the only way to fabricate jokes in his favor. I challenge Jimmy Fallon to a wrestling match on his show, for loser has to follow and learn from the leader of choice by the other.

  20. Grace Amstrong

    Grace Amstrong

    3 giorni fa

    Yeah cos you don't sweat

  21. Codey Grimaldi

    Codey Grimaldi

    3 giorni fa

    Im not to sure who this guy is but I feel like for a man preaching about a guy not wearing a mask, while simultaneously filming a tv show without a mask on himself is kind of hypocritical.

  22. Justin Fendelet

    Justin Fendelet

    3 giorni fa

    its alll funny bidens face stretched back like a lizard went bald in the 70S now he has hair so at 77 he looks

    • Ken Wesaw

      Ken Wesaw

      2 giorni fa

      Why lol ? - you ain't funny

  23. Matthias Rosin

    Matthias Rosin

    3 giorni fa

    From NY there once rose an evil mad shyster, who's brain got so drained by installing Trumps clyster. Blindly fueled by dirtiest money, faked facts as much as could get done he Cerebric decay proof: dark brains spill black moisture Greets from Limerick, Ireland

  24. Pits McGoo

    Pits McGoo

    3 giorni fa

    The best part was Rudy blew his nose then rubs the snot on his head.

  25. Kirkland Byars

    Kirkland Byars

    3 giorni fa

    Soldiers died to keep your vote safe Jimmy. You suck

  26. Kirkland Byars

    Kirkland Byars

    3 giorni fa

    F Jimmy Fallon. No social redeeming value

  27. JohnDaWhale3


    3 giorni fa

    Remember when Jimmy Fallon used to stay away from politics??? Absolute sellout...

  28. msbrownbeast


    3 giorni fa

    A true American hero puked on the hunchback's head

  29. CyberTruck buyer

    CyberTruck buyer

    3 giorni fa

    Where does Rudi shop for hair dye? Real hair dye don't run?

  30. Carol Pfeiffer

    Carol Pfeiffer

    3 giorni fa

    Why don't you grow up.

  31. David wilkinson

    David wilkinson

    3 giorni fa

    How dare you stay so ignorant. The fraud is real and is plain to see.

  32. TheBlackbutterfly80


    3 giorni fa

    4 Seasons landscaping ... is where there’s a huge money laundering investigation into the Democrats ! There’s a reason for everything js

  33. Anne Hanzarak-Ford

    Anne Hanzarak-Ford

    3 giorni fa

    Jimmy, better things to talk about. Are you watching testimonial or are you playing with your test idles?

  34. Peter Prasa

    Peter Prasa

    3 giorni fa

    Hack ! You suck demon

  35. MICKSS350


    3 giorni fa

    I`ve heard the expression "He`s so full of shit it`s coming out of his ears" but I never thought I would actually get to see a video of it happening!!!

  36. K SK

    K SK

    3 giorni fa

    This idiot proved not only he is cheap, his dye too is.

  37. Muggsy


    3 giorni fa

    U know why people don't like your show because your a puppet you make fun of Giuliani at a time like this your disgusting

  38. Funk Bros

    Funk Bros

    4 giorni fa

    Jimmy you are now apart of the terribly politically correct and sss backwards msm Yousuck! No longer watching !!!

  39. Johnny Ringo

    Johnny Ringo

    4 giorni fa

    Rudy is fighting for our votes to matter. Not watered down by illegal votes. And people pay attention to your bit on his hair dye. Dude it must suck to realize you’ve accomplished nothing I’m your career that can’t be takin from you by your masters

  40. Angela Sop

    Angela Sop

    4 giorni fa

    You are idiot. Important is his brain not leak

  41. LaVona Fisher

    LaVona Fisher

    4 giorni fa

  42. J C

    J C

    4 giorni fa

    You’ll be on unemployment soon Jimmy haahaha laugh at that

    • Atzin


      3 giorni fa

      What makes you say that?

  43. john sholtz

    john sholtz

    4 giorni fa

    Newsmax for real news not sh!t like this.

  44. Joanie Marie

    Joanie Marie

    4 giorni fa

    What a fucking asshole this guy is. Someone needs to lock him up and throw away the damn key

  45. Furio


    4 giorni fa

    5th element flash backs 🤣🤣🤣 Multipass...

  46. Eoghan Doheny

    Eoghan Doheny

    4 giorni fa

    Funny how Rudy had good points that are completely saturated by this kind of national television, good luck America👍best wishes from Ireland

    • Sam


      2 giorni fa

      @killboggins bc if it doesnt come from an American its unbiased and true

    • killboggins


      3 giorni fa

      Guliani is a prick. Always was. Also from Ireland. Why that's relevant I don't know but there ya go.

    • Funk Bros

      Funk Bros

      4 giorni fa

      Working on getting rid of these commie bastards

  47. Sheila Bennett

    Sheila Bennett

    4 giorni fa

    I watched the entire live speech. No hair dye. It was added later just to make fun of a professional lawyer doing his job. Really sad!

    • The Big Gooch

      The Big Gooch

      3 giorni fa

      Yeah okay, dumb bitch.

  48. Art Smith

    Art Smith

    4 giorni fa

    Duh! Ignorant, smirking denialism.

  49. I_Monk


    4 giorni fa

    how is that there are NO consequences to BATSH*T Crazy Rudy&Co. for trying to blo w up our democracy ?????HOW?? the 80 million votes should each file a unlawful fraud case against Trump Rudy Crazy train and legally make them pay!. STAND UP AMERICA... THIS WAS A TRIAL RUN for a COUP by the CRAZIES among us (can be right or left wing).. if we dont make them pay the next try will be polished and effective in destroying the democracy

  50. Don Diego Vega

    Don Diego Vega

    5 giorni fa

    Whats not a joke is a stolen election. America is doomed if these criminals get in office.

  51. Virgil_ Earp_69

    Virgil_ Earp_69

    5 giorni fa

    Dude you suck as a comedian

  52. Virgil_ Earp_69

    Virgil_ Earp_69

    5 giorni fa

    Oh shit I forgot you're a snowflake to

  53. Virgil_ Earp_69

    Virgil_ Earp_69

    5 giorni fa

    You said the voting system is fine what fucking rock did you crawl out from

  54. Virgil_ Earp_69

    Virgil_ Earp_69

    5 giorni fa

    These scumbags ain't got nothing better to do and make fun of this man

  55. Virgil_ Earp_69

    Virgil_ Earp_69

    5 giorni fa

    Fuck you scumbag Tonight Show

  56. Elizabeth Graham

    Elizabeth Graham

    5 giorni fa

    Wow great journalism here. Let's distract the public from the important message Giuliani says by feeding them shite news about hair dye.. were being blinded by crap like this

  57. apolo apolon

    apolo apolon

    5 giorni fa

    this suppose to be funny?

  58. Ionela B

    Ionela B

    5 giorni fa

    Hypocrite jimmy thinks the voting system is not broken, Rudy is.., Best joke i have ever heard Hypocrites at its highest!

  59. Maura Rodriguez

    Maura Rodriguez

    5 giorni fa

    It’s amazing for white foxes 🦊 to cries in black 😀😅😂🤗😂😀😅🤗

  60. Sunako N

    Sunako N

    5 giorni fa

    DO NOT TRUST LEFTIST MEDIA Watch "WATCH: Diamond and Silk on Election Fraud vs. Voter Fraud" on ITput

  61. Carmine Mineo

    Carmine Mineo

    5 giorni fa

    Sure the rich dont mind it being a fuckfest they have the money to have security and a house on the hills. Stop taking advantage of the mentally ill the bullied liberals of our country these are the people who needed a right wing person to help them from being bullied in school they should have zero say specially a man whos never been in a street fight who has no balls nor the kin he produced.

  62. گل بود و به سبزه نیز آراسته شد

    گل بود و به سبزه نیز آراسته شد

    5 giorni fa

    This is a fantastic example of the quality of the journalism that democrat supporters tend to pursue! The actual content of the conference is ignored in its entirety and replaced with small talk! It seems you have the perfect audience; they don’t tend to question anything...

  63. Steve James

    Steve James

    5 giorni fa

    Shouldn't the brown be coming out of his nose since its always up trumps dirty ass?

  64. George Ww

    George Ww

    5 giorni fa

    >= 268.504 deaths trump killed 268,504 americans. Jesus Christ punished trump covid and trump's wife and children were infected with covid by trump of too many crimes. Note: trump and >=13.000.000 Americans have covid (cases)

  65. Awesome Autumn

    Awesome Autumn

    6 giorni fa enjoy my latest 'Rudy G Remix' ❤💯😁

  66. s s

    s s

    6 giorni fa

    #traitor Jimmy FELON

  67. Alexander Williams

    Alexander Williams

    6 giorni fa

    Is Rudy Giuliani taking a huge shite on his hair 😭😭😭

  68. *cough* It's BTS

    *cough* It's BTS

    6 giorni fa

    His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s hairdye on his face already, mamma‘s spaghetti

  69. SixthSense


    6 giorni fa

    I guess with Republicans it's all about the "Flies, Lies & Hair Dyes" 😂

  70. Emannuel Laflotte

    Emannuel Laflotte

    6 giorni fa

    Did anyone even listen to the press conference....

  71. K Siepert

    K Siepert

    6 giorni fa

    Not all men are men. Keep fighting Mr. Giuliani. Thank you for standing for what is right amid screaming and gnashing of teeth.

  72. Abner Rigaud

    Abner Rigaud

    6 giorni fa

    Rudy Giuliani is a devoted lawyer, a man you can count on. He will dye for you.

  73. Theresa Kocher

    Theresa Kocher

    6 giorni fa

    What happened to real comedians? These late night idiots aren’t funny!,

  74. califinn


    6 giorni fa

    None of late night is funny, SNL isn't funny. It's sad.

  75. Justfactsman2020


    6 giorni fa

    Voter Fraud Evidence! link:

  76. Thomas Ssott

    Thomas Ssott

    6 giorni fa

    Mr Giuliani was Managing Extreme Discomfort owing to having Suffered a Locked Knee Joint. Well Done this Gentleman for Staying on His Feet and finishing that Historic Press Conference ! Bye the Byes,............. I've never seen this man's ( lower case), 'Show' before . Word's required to Describe my First Impressions regarding Mr Fallen really do fail me at this time, So,....................... Cheers m Dears !

  77. Graham Number7

    Graham Number7

    6 giorni fa

    I love it how hateful Democrats define a successful indoctrination program by their actions. Perhaps if they watched the complete points they would realise how one sided dumbness just makes Jimmy Fallon look like a turd in a suit with that audience of about 10 people they scraped off the sidewalk. Nothing to see here folks, the frauds will go onto the end. He's your man :-)

  78. Robert Kibbey

    Robert Kibbey

    6 giorni fa

    Yeah don't worry about the fraudulent election worry about giuli6ani's hair gel . Some people just have thier heads up thier ass and see nothing but thier ass .

  79. J Scott

    J Scott

    7 giorni fa

    What a complete scumbag. He gets paid to say this? This brainwashed Robot is not funny and he has a dark soul like the rest of them.

  80. ShneurZalman Liadi

    ShneurZalman Liadi

    7 giorni fa

    ' - B'H The BBQ Uprising, - madness - Freedom is Essential !

  81. Earth Last Day channel

    Earth Last Day channel

    7 giorni fa

    kimmy fallon is an idiot you should get a real job like sweeping the streets

  82. Robert O.

    Robert O.

    7 giorni fa

    Trump is the winner by a landslide. If you say otherwise, you are either uninformed ,a highly indoctrinated, stubborn goat, or just knowingly accepting this Democrat crime against our republic - which makes you a very nasty individual, indeed.

  83. Ron H.

    Ron H.

    7 giorni fa

    Jimmy, you're going straight to Hell for that one.

  84. We Befree

    We Befree

    7 giorni fa

    So for DAYS I have asked these Little Ignorant Socialists........"WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE OVAL OFFICE ON 1/5/2017"......Why haven't they Answered that Simple Question, they know that it PROVES Old LYIN Joe LIED to the People, as the VP at the time(Old Joe) said...."LETS USE THE LOGAN ACT ON FLYNN".....then just this year Old Joe was asked what he knew about the Flynn Case while on the Socialist Censored Nazi News............."I wasn't in on the Flynn Case".....LIE....I guess that's why the Little Socialist CRYIN about the Election FRAUD didn't want to tell Us the TRUTH, the DAY OF THE PLANNED PRESIDENTIAL COUP..........Wow I just LOVE POSTING the TRUTH BACKED BY FACT!!!!

  85. Miami Thijs

    Miami Thijs

    7 giorni fa

    Im just surprised noone has called blackface

  86. Rocky M

    Rocky M

    7 giorni fa

    Jimmy only gets a few thousand views per video unless its about trump, then it gets millions. You guys love trump so much just admit it 😂😂😂. When trump was on the show Jimmy couldn't keep his d out of his mouth, complimenting like crazy laughing it up and now he acts like he doesnt like him because he got some negative emails. What a douche

    • We Befree

      We Befree

      7 giorni fa

      So for DAYS I have asked these Little Ignorant Socialists........"WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE OVAL OFFICE ON 1/5/2017"......Why haven't they Answered that Simple Question, they know that it PROVES Old LYIN Joe LIED to the People, as the VP at the time(Old Joe) said...."LETS USE THE LOGAN ACT ON FLYNN".....then just this year Old Joe was asked what he knew about the Flynn Case while on the Socialist Censored Nazi News............."I wasn't in on the Flynn Case".....LIE....I guess that's why the Little Socialist CRYIN about the Election FRAUD didn't want to tell Us the TRUTH, the DAY OF THE PLANNED PRESIDENTIAL COUP..........Wow I just LOVE POSTING the TRUTH BACKED BY FACT!!!!

  87. livealldatime


    7 giorni fa

    Look like he grabbed dirty oil from his car and rubbed in on his hair

  88. Cyprien Mihigo

    Cyprien Mihigo

    7 giorni fa

    RUDY RUDE BOY, one of the most corrupt and incompetent politicians in the history of the United States of America, followed by his friends in crime DUNNO TRUMP

  89. Cyprien Mihigo

    Cyprien Mihigo

    7 giorni fa

    RUDY RUDE BOY, he still refusing to accept his âges, this man still think is 17

  90. John Jay

    John Jay

    7 giorni fa

    Go ahead and laugh. PA judge blocked the certification of results yesterday. You people think you’re better than trump supporters. As a Democrat I’m disgusted with our failures on policy. We lost in the house and it’s looking like we cheated in the pres election. There are millions who will not forget. So pull up your mask and enjoy your laugh.

    • Speak Truth

      Speak Truth

      7 giorni fa


  91. Hello Goodbye

    Hello Goodbye

    7 giorni fa

    Same thing happened to Christina Aguilera down her legs, looked like diarrhea but it was spray tan.

  92. Annie Illescas

    Annie Illescas

    7 giorni fa

    You are stupid and your stupid show

  93. THE KID


    7 giorni fa

    This guy has taken an institution and turned it into a rolling piece of shit. His fake laugh is on par with Kameltoe's.

  94. Luly Alcazar

    Luly Alcazar

    7 giorni fa

    the only thing left to do for the showbiz is to muck..., the reality is crushing them

  95. richard bowie

    richard bowie

    7 giorni fa

    like this guys hair is real

  96. Marco Zaffoni

    Marco Zaffoni

    7 giorni fa

    Stunad isn’t an italian word at all

  97. Snagy


    8 giorni fa

    What a waste of time watching this moron and do intelligent people really watch this trash?

  98. Debbie Jones

    Debbie Jones

    8 giorni fa


  99. Laima Z

    Laima Z

    8 giorni fa


    • Speak Truth

      Speak Truth

      7 giorni fa

      WHAT????? *SPEAK UP!!!*

  100. A kira

    A kira

    8 giorni fa

    Zorg talking to Mr.Shadow.

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