GachaLife - Club TikTok Compilation #1

yo yo yo you guys !! This time Moozy made a collection of overseas versions of Tik Tok Gacha. due to Moozy's decreased video views :) but it's okay, Moozy will try hard to cheer you up. don't forget to like, share, and subscribe💕
yo yo yo kalian!!
kali ini Moozy bikin kumpulan tik tok gacha versi luar negeri. karena penayangan video Moozy yang menurun
:) tapi tidak apa apa, Moozy akan berusaha keras untuk menghibur kalian. jangan lupa di like, share, dan subscribe yaa💕


  1. Al Hal

    Al Hal

    Ora fa

    Love your intro

  2. FluffPup Orange

    FluffPup Orange

    2 ore fa


  3. midnight_ bailey

    midnight_ bailey

    3 ore fa

    7:35 my fav after

  4. cemre kaya

    cemre kaya

    3 ore fa

    The name of the song at 9:35, I wonder if anyone can say it.

  5. H muin Muin

    H muin Muin

    4 ore fa

    Indo donk

  6. Endi Akram

    Endi Akram

    4 ore fa

    10:19 omg the best part of all

  7. *LocalLoyalLawnmower*


    6 ore fa

    1:36 for this tiktok i thought my speakers broke :D

  8. The Beans

    The Beans

    6 ore fa

    Haha copyright

  9. Reveline Sharon

    Reveline Sharon

    7 ore fa

    1.Is this sad 2.And evil 3.And dont fake but is real one but is funny 4.And but the shirt is cool 5.And the boy is cool 6.And the girl is cool to 7.And please is this is funny 8.Not sad 9.But i subscriber and like done.And thanks good bye😊 Please funny ok😢

  10. Naura Aqila Taqiyya

    Naura Aqila Taqiyya

    8 ore fa

    Aku gak suka gacha luar negri



    9 ore fa

    14:05 judul lagu nya apa

  12. keti game

    keti game

    9 ore fa

    Ela é muito engraçado sapato sua sapatilha é muito bom 😂😂😘😂😂😂😂kkmkk

  13. keti game

    keti game

    9 ore fa

    Essa que essa menina não quer que fique perto do namorado dela que ela fingir que a da

  14. keti game

    keti game

    9 ore fa


  15. Ruben Robles

    Ruben Robles

    9 ore fa

    Holaaaa mi nombre es Emili pero me dicen eli, el tik tok número 10 hace representación a mi vida antes de la cuarentena, el chico de cabello medio azulito sería mili, la chica sería chel (chel y mili son hermanas) y el chico de cabello café sería... ... Yo

  16. Wawan Syahputra

    Wawan Syahputra

    11 ore fa

    No 1 from Indonesian Mantap dah ini

  17. Dinar Wibu

    Dinar Wibu

    11 ore fa

    Kamu bodo

  18. purple gaming

    purple gaming

    12 ore fa

    Intro ny bahasa indo orng ny kaga tau?

  19. Green tea officer

    Green tea officer

    12 ore fa

    13:14 he is Indonesian

  20. Ion Sestrejivitovschi

    Ion Sestrejivitovschi

    14 ore fa

    6:26 фууу нет ужасная пара это КаРаЛеВа слишком МиЛаЯ хоть ей уже там 19,21

  21. cup cat 73

    cup cat 73

    14 ore fa

    0:45 can anybody tell me the Name of the song(

  22. Citlalli Aguayo

    Citlalli Aguayo

    16 ore fa




    16 ore fa

    2:44 the meme

  24. Anna Monica

    Anna Monica

    18 ore fa

    What is the song on 5:39 minutes?

  25. l NotEli

    l NotEli

    18 ore fa

    Wow I so a noob I can’t do this:(

  26. Rube Rube

    Rube Rube

    20 ore fa

    0:19 WHY I DIDINT EVER SEE THIS VIDEO-- heh btw is it a meme? What's that meme's name???

  27. itz atles łüñ

    itz atles łüñ

    20 ore fa

    Beutiful intro

  28. kiuki gacha life

    kiuki gacha life

    20 ore fa

    5:36 je vais faire le meme sur mon conpte insta

  29. Niki_Monika The twin

    Niki_Monika The twin

    21 ora fa

    4:17 so sweet!

  30. Niki_Monika The twin

    Niki_Monika The twin

    21 ora fa

    0:53 I'm acting like I'm the cat My brain: your so dumb

  31. Nina32k Pollito

    Nina32k Pollito

    21 ora fa

    11:06 xdd i love

  32. Gon Freecss

    Gon Freecss

    23 ore fa

    The song TvT

  33. Carla Espinoza

    Carla Espinoza

    Giorno fa

    10:10 i love it 🖤👍

  34. Mareing Kautu

    Mareing Kautu

    Giorno fa

    Wait how is the sun scared even though he can Burn them into Hell...(AHAHAHAHA) (I have no idea what I'm doing)

  35. Jenita Cristine Purple Ninja Wolf

    Jenita Cristine Purple Ninja Wolf

    Giorno fa

    13:44 - 14:04 what name tik tok

  36. adel tubers

    adel tubers

    Giorno fa

    B bukan nya indo?

  37. Karla Paorco

    Karla Paorco

    Giorno fa

    i hate covid

  38. riyo《shirakin》'_' chan

    riyo《shirakin》'_' chan

    Giorno fa

    I want know the song in 2:44

  39. ßYßÎTČH


    Giorno fa

    Nice =^= eh

  40. —_SoLe_— :3

    —_SoLe_— :3

    Giorno fa

    3:40 ame

  41. Naomi Leotena

    Naomi Leotena

    Giorno fa

    Aku suka yng lagu pota pota wkwkwkwk lucu

  42. Charlle Angels karoline

    Charlle Angels karoline

    Giorno fa


    • Møøzy Ciñd_Offic19

      Møøzy Ciñd_Offic19

      Giorno fa

      I don't care ;-;

  43. Trevanna Wynette Elsanputri

    Trevanna Wynette Elsanputri

    Giorno fa

    Kakak orang indo bukan 🥰

    • Møøzy Ciñd_Offic19

      Møøzy Ciñd_Offic19

      Giorno fa

      Bukan :)

  44. Estella Cardona Noreña

    Estella Cardona Noreña

    Giorno fa

    5:56 cancion ?

  45. Nathan Jasper Taguba

    Nathan Jasper Taguba

    Giorno fa

    Wut the?😖

  46. Mirian Maria

    Mirian Maria

    Giorno fa


  47. Hoai Thanh Ho

    Hoai Thanh Ho

    Giorno fa

    I Like the girl who was wearing a yellow crown

  48. Ronilo Balisi

    Ronilo Balisi

    Giorno fa

    The blondie that's a wolf is stronger

  49. jeffrey sturg

    jeffrey sturg

    Giorno fa

    I like the vid

  50. -kurapika-


    Giorno fa

    3:44 the dude on the left looks like a karen

  51. Spxrkle Addison

    Spxrkle Addison

    Giorno fa

    How do you put your comments on?

  52. Ana julia

    Ana julia

    Giorno fa


  53. Malena González Class

    Malena González Class

    Giorno fa


  54. giovanna gisela

    giovanna gisela

    Giorno fa

    todos estan bonitos



    Giorno fa

    2:37 legend

  56. Aze Baku

    Aze Baku

    Giorno fa

    12:00 жиза

  57. Daniella_ Moura01

    Daniella_ Moura01

    Giorno fa

    i'm from Brazil but i use a translator tell me your Tik Tok i'll follow!

  58. Daniella_ Moura01

    Daniella_ Moura01

    Giorno fa

    I love your videos are awesome! well I don't know what the place is but there is an edit that I fell in love with, seriously continue!

  59. Leidy jhoana Cardona giraldo

    Leidy jhoana Cardona giraldo

    Giorno fa

    @Carol._.gachatoker hermosa

  60. Leidy jhoana Cardona giraldo

    Leidy jhoana Cardona giraldo

    Giorno fa

    @x_h0n3y._.m00m_x. Es súper genial 🙀🙀🙀👌

  61. Kaylee Farnsworth

    Kaylee Farnsworth

    Giorno fa

    12:51 What's this song called?

  62. Seop _Babo

    Seop _Babo

    Giorno fa

    Esto tiene visitas?

  63. Seop _Babo

    Seop _Babo

    Giorno fa

    Esto es mas cringe que nose

  64. Vancuong Nguyen

    Vancuong Nguyen

    Giorno fa

    l love you

  65. Angelie Mandawe

    Angelie Mandawe

    Giorno fa

    THE INTROOO YASH Me: Dancing bc of the intro*

  66. Miring Dimla

    Miring Dimla

    Giorno fa

    i love this video thx

  67. Gülay Ayaz

    Gülay Ayaz

    Giorno fa

    Intıro legend d;)

  68. χρηστοσ Μανουσακησ

    χρηστοσ Μανουσακησ

    2 giorni fa

    WOW 5:55

  69. K3nt4ng_ Abell

    K3nt4ng_ Abell

    2 giorni fa

    Intro legen anjir

  70. Melo Dy

    Melo Dy

    2 giorni fa

    11:28 im cryng 😭😭😭😭😭

  71. Nisanur Pekel

    Nisanur Pekel

    2 giorni fa

    5:37 what is the song ? .D

  72. Sgt_shadowtubbid


    2 giorni fa

    Now I know how that npcs family felt after my gta online charctecer ran the npc over

  73. Angela Gille

    Angela Gille

    2 giorni fa


  74. Euanne Colleen Manarang

    Euanne Colleen Manarang

    2 giorni fa


  75. angelica susana torres reynoso

    angelica susana torres reynoso

    2 giorni fa


  76. angelica susana torres reynoso

    angelica susana torres reynoso

    2 giorni fa


  77. angelica susana torres reynoso

    angelica susana torres reynoso

    2 giorni fa


  78. Назира Олжабаева

    Назира Олжабаева

    2 giorni fa

    Что за звук

  79. imShifter NSP

    imShifter NSP

    2 giorni fa

    How did she carry the whole robot in her potget

  80. Tatty UwU

    Tatty UwU

    2 giorni fa

    10:09 What's the name of this meme???

  81. Mariela f.

    Mariela f.

    2 giorni fa


  82. Mariela f.

    Mariela f.

    2 giorni fa

    And i also feel so bad for one its the sun earth grass moon and trees AND I WOULD NEVER HURT DA EARTH OK I JUST WANT TO PROCTECT THE EARTH OK I DONT WANNA BE MEAN ;•

  83. •Jihan Putri Ariani•

    •Jihan Putri Ariani•

    2 giorni fa

    _Yang buat ni pidio orang ~Indo~ gak sih....??_

  84. Mariela f.

    Mariela f.

    2 giorni fa

    Omg i love your vids!and also the tigers fighting with the other one was funny i cried and laughted at the same time and also another one that i dident get that how did her best friend die like what??????

  85. umul Kiromah

    umul Kiromah

    2 giorni fa

    Anda orang indo atau arang darah barat dan indo 😐😂

  86. Josefina Vargas

    Josefina Vargas

    2 giorni fa

    El 3 da un cringee

  87. ᘜ丂爪卂ㄥㄥ 乃乇卂几

    ᘜ丂爪卂ㄥㄥ 乃乇卂几

    2 giorni fa

    14:07 best part

  88. Musina Hebat

    Musina Hebat

    2 giorni fa

    Can i have some shoutsout

  89. Ayten _BTS

    Ayten _BTS

    2 giorni fa

    I want the Gacha i want link the gacha

  90. milagros castaño

    milagros castaño

    2 giorni fa

    odio q a la mala sienmre sea‟rubia vestido tacones rosa“ .v

    • ღ ᴀʀι ღ

      ღ ᴀʀι ღ

      2 giorni fa


  91. Nahomi Colindres

    Nahomi Colindres

    2 giorni fa

    it ok🙂👍🏻👉🏻👈🏻

  92. C MOI

    C MOI

    2 giorni fa

    Ça va où non moi je m'appelle mandie

  93. Олеся Бугай

    Олеся Бугай

    2 giorni fa

    17:11 Help. Who knows what this trend is called. I'm from Russia and I don't know much English.

    • Олеся Бугай

      Олеся Бугай

      16 ore fa

      @•Flxxfs• Thank you very much

    • •Flxxfs•


      2 giorni fa

      The girl put an outfit on a manniquen, then some random girl shown up and destroy the outfit, then the girl's friend I suppose, came up and fix it. The girl then come back thinking her friend destowy her clothes, and screamed at her. The friend tried to reason with her. Then the girl said "Friends don't lie" then the girl shown what her clothes was like before she got there. This was an long explanation

  94. Flower Power

    Flower Power

    2 giorni fa


  95. //Hazel\\ TV

    //Hazel\\ TV

    2 giorni fa

    7:10 what's that melody?

  96. xxJadexxi :3

    xxJadexxi :3

    2 giorni fa

    0:18 Im crying its so BOOTIFUL

  97. Barbara Deolarte

    Barbara Deolarte

    2 giorni fa

    Horrible todos los triptongos

  98. Evi Santi

    Evi Santi

    2 giorni fa


  99. Cemre SAYIN

    Cemre SAYIN

    2 giorni fa

    9:32 name the song please?

  100. Thomas Bigot

    Thomas Bigot

    2 giorni fa

    Sa bug ou pas vous comme des bruitage 😚😚😚