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Eren Epic Transformation - Attack on Titan Season 4 w/YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T OST

Hello, I made an edit in this part changing the OST, not because I don't like the original (I love it) but because I wanted to feel how it would sound with YOUSEEBIGGIRL/T:T OST. This scene and the audio of it (from the Soulmadness' chapter 100 video) was used on purpose in honor of Soulmadness for his great videos provided for the AOT Community. I hope you enjoy it!
I do not own any thing presented in this video. All rights reserved to its proper owner.
© Hajime Isayama,Kodansha /"ATTACK ON TITAN" The Final Season Production Committee.
Attack on Titan The Final Season was produced by MAPPA.
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin is written by Hajime Isayama.
Official website:
Official twitter: @anime_shingeki


  1. DrakoXD


    13 giorni fa

    A lot of people were ungrateful and behaved wrong, harassing the director etc. For anyone who wants to know this was the last tweet from his account before locked. "I'm not very good at English. I'm sorry. I'm fine now. Your love has rubbed off on me. Thank you so much! I'm fine!" Seriously if you didn't like their choice of OST go watch some edited videos on ITput or something, like this one, but dont hate. If Isayama Sensei makes a choice that you didn't like would you harass him too ?? Probably not, because all of us respect him. So please show the same respect for the studio staff. My video is just an experiment, I loved the original OST like I mentioned in my other comments. Their OST choice for this scene was really good and there are multiple people who already explained that. Most of anime onlys loved this scene but a lot of manga readers were disappointed because the community didn't understand the scene put in the manga and instantly went to focus on Eren or overhyped it or thought about some misinterpreted parallels and put YouSeeBIGGIRL OST in this part of the manga. Don't be disappointed. Respect everyone, open your mind more and happily enjoy the official release!

    • Andrew Shin

      Andrew Shin

      3 ore fa

      Erens turns on the hater: Rumble ruble

    • Gman


      14 ore fa

      @TimoTeaTarou Well not just cruel, thanks to the internet, almost everyone is an entitled spoiled brat now.

    • lex rhyme

      lex rhyme

      15 ore fa

      @payaso clown i agree maybe some part im wrong but we really needed a good manner people in fucked society today who only could "threaten and curses" each other without having any discussion upon the subject or object that they are disagree Maybe i am little bit hypocrites here

    • payaso clown

      payaso clown

      19 ore fa

      It isn't bad to criticize something that you look forward, maybe pay for it and doesn't vome out the way you want, but the way you show that insatisfaction should always be respectful, that's all

    • King of the Lilin

      King of the Lilin

      Giorno fa

      The community gets more and more toxic as the show gets more and more depressing.

  2. FrofessorK


    49 minuti fa

    2:40 F to the guy at the back getting hit by a rock

  3. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake

    Ora fa

    Just notice Eren’s facial expressions at these two points in Willy’s speech: 1:24 & 1:46 His face’s reaction to Willy’s lines there says a thousand words. At 1:24 Willy is saying that he doesn’t want to die because he too just like everyone was born into this world. At that point you can see a look of hesitation on Eren’s face; he realises that his ‘enemies’ are human just like him. Just for a moment, he ponders over whether his plan, killing them is right... However at 1:46 his expression changes because Willy uses his fear of dying in order to manipulate the crowd into supporting his war declaration. Here you can see a more calm relaxed expression on Eren. He looks almost relieved, content even. His hesitation is gone now because he realises that the only reason Willy expressed his fear and showed us his vulnerability was in order to persuade a larger audience into supporting more war, which would likely result in many more deaths. Therefore, Eren now once again feels that his plan is the only way to be free, to kill all his enemies is the only way to end the cycle of war. Sure enough a few moments later he transforms without a second thought.

  4. Eimantas Rutkauskas

    Eimantas Rutkauskas

    2 ore fa

    Eren in this season is like an evil version of Jesus.

  5. Lord Pretty

    Lord Pretty

    2 ore fa

    what is the title of the song in the end?

  6. Orang


    2 ore fa


  7. ghxulish疼痛


    3 ore fa

    Idk why tf everyone hates on the new season i fucking love it and for me every episode just keeps getting better and better, I haven't found anything wrong with it so far. Sure there are some scenes that might be lower quality but what can you expect they barely had any time to animate i give them props for making it this good

  8. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear

    3 ore fa

    This scene kinda mirrors the appearance of the colossal titan at the walls

  9. Chessy J.

    Chessy J.

    3 ore fa

    I just remember something. Eren's mom said in the flashback in ss3 that his son(Eren) is already special because he was "born into this world". The exact same line Willy said and Eren had that reaction.

  10. Nathaniel Praxidio

    Nathaniel Praxidio

    4 ore fa

    first casualty of war: 2:41

  11. Tiến Nguyễn

    Tiến Nguyễn

    4 ore fa

    For those who wonder what the first scene of episode was about : It's Reiner who wanted to be judged, by Eren who is one of millions of his victims

  12. Dennis Frazier

    Dennis Frazier

    5 ore fa

    Season 4 is sooo good

  13. David P.R.

    David P.R.

    5 ore fa

    Epic scene

  14. Murphy Ochin

    Murphy Ochin

    5 ore fa

    Best anime of all time.

  15. A fellow Yeagerist

    A fellow Yeagerist

    5 ore fa

    Eren "Dark Jesus" Yaeger

  16. Real Eren Jeager

    Real Eren Jeager

    5 ore fa

    Its not my fault Im evil, ask hajame isayama

  17. GrEiNiNjA UzMaKi KuRaMa

    GrEiNiNjA UzMaKi KuRaMa

    5 ore fa

    This way eren will become best charecter in Aot

  18. Vishnu Kannur

    Vishnu Kannur

    5 ore fa

    I like this ost much better

  19. lol lol

    lol lol

    6 ore fa

    Eren finally looks like a fucking badass

  20. kakau


    6 ore fa

    thanks for this

  21. Zarifhaziq


    6 ore fa

    willy tybur got to feel firsthand the consequences of declaring war against paradis

  22. Melad


    9 ore fa

    The audience knows theyre fucked 😂

  23. Jason Yau

    Jason Yau

    9 ore fa

    If you look at the length of the scene, putting YouSeeBIGGIRL OST doesnt really fit too well as this scene is too short and the main part YouSeeBIGGIRL OST is too long. Reiner & Bertholdt reveal scene is the best still.

  24. Качур, який бачив деяке лайно

    Качур, який бачив деяке лайно

    11 ore fa

    Mood:something between light depression and suicidal reiner

  25. jeremiah montejo

    jeremiah montejo

    11 ore fa

    this scene wouldve been so perfect

  26. ian master99

    ian master99

    11 ore fa

    No tengo idea de que tiene el final, lo veo y lo veo y justo esa parte de la canción junto con ese suspenso de que te corten lo que va a pasar con el "to be continue" me hace sentir escalofríos, siempre que lo veo, perfecta escena ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Wiegert Lexus D David

    Wiegert Lexus D David

    11 ore fa

    Willy: But.. I do not wish to die 2 minutes later: **Gets eaten**

  28. Samuel Contreras

    Samuel Contreras

    11 ore fa

    What are people complaining about the ost, I was impressed

  29. GGG GGG


    11 ore fa Thanks

  30. NéoStarKiller


    13 ore fa

    STOP wanting to change a scene that was perfect! This Ost has nothing to do with the eren transformation scene! This ost represents the betrayal of bertolt and reiner, and there, this scene is a revenge of eren! This is totally different!

  31. mc


    13 ore fa

    I don't like anime but that was pretty badass

  32. Imran Pollob

    Imran Pollob

    13 ore fa

    I should admire them, they have an excellent sense of sound moments

  33. jackson


    14 ore fa

    *when you just declared war then you already got eaten..*

  34. Delta Hazard

    Delta Hazard

    15 ore fa

    Reiner: kill me. Willy: i wanna live. Eren: Later and no

  35. Joon Hee Han

    Joon Hee Han

    15 ore fa

    Shhhh.....Don't say anything.... Just....quietly.....Burn it hell....

  36. Joseph Filipo

    Joseph Filipo

    15 ore fa

    Eren be like, they drew first blood

  37. walterkovacs61


    15 ore fa

    get rekt Willy

  38. G. T

    G. T

    16 ore fa

    This anime is crazy.

  39. Sơn Phan

    Sơn Phan

    16 ore fa

    Willy: I wish for the extinction of all eldians Eren: Strating with you then

  40. TD


    16 ore fa

    Yall hated on mappa for this ost..... it doesn't fit ....:)

  41. Camper Sner

    Camper Sner

    17 ore fa

    Can you make Armin's collosal transformation with YouSeeBIGGIRL ost?

  42. Mona


    17 ore fa

    It's not my first time

  43. Rob Fus

    Rob Fus

    18 ore fa

    Willy:"i decleare war" Eren:"bonjuor"

  44. in conu

    in conu

    19 ore fa

    this is the best video of atack on titan so sad

  45. Peter Joseph

    Peter Joseph

    19 ore fa

    Eren no fuck given

  46. Baby Rigby

    Baby Rigby

    20 ore fa

    Honestly, YOUSEEBIGGIRL doesn't even fit the scene, the one the director chose feels better.

  47. khasratulla sam

    khasratulla sam

    21 ora fa

    this OST actually sucks here!

  48. Charles Setiawan

    Charles Setiawan

    23 ore fa

    Song please

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley

      Hunter Horse Helmsley

      20 ore fa


  49. Maciel [GD]

    Maciel [GD]

    Giorno fa

    What song is the last part?

    • Hunter Horse Helmsley

      Hunter Horse Helmsley

      20 ore fa


  50. Maciel [GD]

    Maciel [GD]

    Giorno fa

    What song is the last part?

  51. Nasrii hmissi

    Nasrii hmissi

    Giorno fa

    The shock on everyones faces is just priceless

  52. LELE farmtown

    LELE farmtown

    Giorno fa

    I still prefer the Reiner and Berthold one.

  53. matthew eyo

    matthew eyo

    Giorno fa

    Ok man....I did some soul searching ....I've watched ALOT of anime of all types.....and I think this one takes the's the greatest anime I've ever seen.

  54. Владимир Купцов

    Владимир Купцов

    Giorno fa

    Грустно конечно за отношения Эрена и Микасы, ибо хорошего конца уже явно не будет. Даже если его остановят, не думаю, что мир/он сам позволит себе нормально существовать, наверное после всего уже сделанного можно считать наилучшем исходом исходом Микасу с ребенком, сидящей на могилке Эрена.

  55. Shuvam Saha

    Shuvam Saha

    Giorno fa

    Willy start's a war and he instantly died Me- Well that was quite quick🤦 Willy never imagined that the so called "devil's of paradise will respond so quickly"😂

  56. Lê Đỗ Anh Khoa

    Lê Đỗ Anh Khoa

    Giorno fa

    "I'm the same as you" Man that hits deep

  57. 鈴木凛平


    Giorno fa


  58. Kageoblivion


    Giorno fa

    so... what happened to reiner and falco??

    • Claker Se

      Claker Se

      11 ore fa

      @DrakoXD so... what happened to the corrupted fan culture?

    • DrakoXD


      Giorno fa

      Watch episode 7!

  59. Its coican Coican

    Its coican Coican

    Giorno fa


  60. XxSOAPYxX7951 Minecraft

    XxSOAPYxX7951 Minecraft

    Giorno fa

    He looks more scary and cool

  61. Chris A

    Chris A

    Giorno fa

    Population :" Cheers" Eren :"War is all fun and games until you hear boss music"

  62. Jayant Chauhan

    Jayant Chauhan

    Giorno fa


  63. HiroTheGreatz


    Giorno fa

    If it's war you want, it's war you'll get

  64. MrFaded


    Giorno fa

    1:21 Eren Famous Quote getting copyrighted

  65. Black Lotus

    Black Lotus

    Giorno fa

    lmao, the first one to declare war is the one who dies first hahaha. that's ironic to me.

  66. Mr Fancy Pants

    Mr Fancy Pants

    Giorno fa

    This is not a spoiler or anything, but I have a feeling that Eren is gonna die in the end. I still hope Eren x Mikasa ship happens before then...

  67. Bwah Channel

    Bwah Channel

    Giorno fa

    Willy: I'm gonna kill some people Eren: What a coincidence, me too

  68. Michael Westen

    Michael Westen

    Giorno fa

    In a world without war or hatred, Eren and Reiner might have been heroes. In a world without gold, we might have been heroes. Also, this scene was beautifully done, especially the music that led up to Erens transformation.

  69. The Norwegian kid

    The Norwegian kid

    Giorno fa

    This is WAY better than the original

  70. Suiiki


    Giorno fa

    So did Reiner die?

  71. Cool Kai

    Cool Kai

    Giorno fa

    2:20 😎

  72. Le Art

    Le Art

    Giorno fa

    Willy: I declare war on Paradis Eren: Wanna say that to my face bitch?

  73. vince quiambao

    vince quiambao

    Giorno fa

    Wonder what would've happened if eren didn't go there to wreck havoc but instead went for the diplomatic route

  74. KoscheiTheDeathless


    Giorno fa

    "this is a declaration of war" "no, this is"

  75. daily sketches

    daily sketches

    Giorno fa

    i can see levi in eren

  76. The SonicHybrid13

    The SonicHybrid13

    Giorno fa

    Does anyone else like how Reiner moved away to try and save Flaco?

  77. plainseed


    Giorno fa

    i think the original soundtrack fit better. w/YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T sounds more fitting in the dramatic climax of season 2 because that scene is more about personal emotion (of Eren, Reiner or Bertold). Willy speech in season 4 needs a more herioc or war-like soundtrack Sorry for my bad English

  78. john smith

    john smith

    Giorno fa

    Don’t get me wrong the scene is epic but honestly the English roars sound much better to me (no I have not watched this season yet)

  79. Bread Sad

    Bread Sad

    Giorno fa

    The same music when Reiner and Bertolt transformed. CHILLS.

  80. ThoughtsTrue


    Giorno fa

    The song is about the will to survive against futility, making meaning in a world that has none and putting up a fight even if that means becoming demonized for it. It’s not simply about betrayal. In terms of emotion/meaning, I think this song is perfect for the scene where Eren makes the difficult decision to massacre... a decision that ironically aligns him with Reiner and Bertolt whom he had seen as pure evil before.

  81. Demon Jack

    Demon Jack

    Giorno fa


  82. shino475


    Giorno fa

    how does he transform now without injuring himself?

    • z3n.spyder616


      23 ore fa

      He already cut his palm before he talked to reiner.

  83. Patrick Ken

    Patrick Ken

    Giorno fa

    Team eren like 👍, marley comments 💐

  84. lex rhyme

    lex rhyme

    Giorno fa

    for anybody who defended reiner: nobody is a hero nor villain in this anime moral and ethic doesnt applied in war, in the war, there is only two things and that is win or lose, survive or extinct, eat or get eaten. also also reiner is the one responsible for the break of maria wall, and letting the titans eating all eldian inside including eren's mom while eren saw her mother are being eaten, do you think this atrocity could just be repay a single small kindness? he could atone but his past will follow him to the grave

  85. Alex Alonso

    Alex Alonso

    Giorno fa

    That fucking song always makes my skin crawl when i hear it

  86. Harry


    Giorno fa

    It’s lovely to see that punk ass Reiner got scared like a little sissy after he cause so many death in the wall.

  87. ][


    Giorno fa

    Wouldn't it be brilliant if the all Eldias (including Reiner, Pieck and Zeke) allied together against the Marleys

  88. Sacared


    Giorno fa

    2:42 the guy in the background gets he's head cracked lol

  89. Just Some Guy With an Icy Attitude

    Just Some Guy With an Icy Attitude

    Giorno fa

    S1 : Eren, run S2 : Eren, run S3 : Eren, run S4 : It's Eren, Run!

  90. Emre Erdoğdu

    Emre Erdoğdu

    Giorno fa

    Eren be like: Declaration accepted

  91. Kreatos


    Giorno fa

    One word GOOSEBUMPS

  92. Matt M

    Matt M

    2 giorni fa

    2:42 rip that guy in the background getting hit by a rock.

  93. Xeno


    2 giorni fa

    Eren is the hardest anime MC out right now. This man is a complete monster and I love it

  94. Herr des Krieges

    Herr des Krieges

    2 giorni fa

    Essa cena foi de arrepiar os cabelo do cu

  95. Omega The King

    Omega The King

    2 giorni fa

    Willy: i do not wish to die Eren: DID U REALLY THINK I WAS FINNA LET U SLIDE BRUH

  96. TheQuickyouknow


    2 giorni fa

    So much better with this track

  97. paxreal rosales

    paxreal rosales

    2 giorni fa

    I just realize that the song when eren transformed, its the same song at the Reimer and Bertholdt reveal

  98. Levi Paul

    Levi Paul

    2 giorni fa

    This ost could be used if they depicted a scene where Eren remembers the first the time Reiner revealed the truth of armored titan and Eren would repeat the same words that he would face everything as a Paradis warrior, as a warrior for the scouts. Then this ost would have made sense.

  99. Bunta Fujiwara

    Bunta Fujiwara

    2 giorni fa

    Willy: casualty speedrun leader%

  100. tobio chan

    tobio chan

    2 giorni fa

    GIANT SPOILER: so i feel like the gabi stans are mostly not manga readers but if you are a gabi stan and read to manga, what is there to like 🧍 okay anyway, i absolutely hate gabi because she killed sasha. my best girl.

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