(Dire Straits) Sultans of Swing - Gabriella Quevedo

This is my cover arrangement of Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits :)
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Tuning: D A D F A D (from low to high)


  1. Dan Bryant

    Dan Bryant

    13 minuti fa

    I can just about play the rhythm on this song. You on the other hand are a goddess on guitar.

  2. KARMA777


    Ora fa

    Always dreamed tomplay like this. Never had time

  3. Mr. Tsetso Tsvetkov

    Mr. Tsetso Tsvetkov

    3 ore fa

    Perfect performace. I only find the sound a little bit narrow, almost mono :(

  4. vit2287 koba

    vit2287 koba

    3 ore fa


  5. M


    3 ore fa

    bravissima e bella!

  6. Eléa Paikan

    Eléa Paikan

    3 ore fa

    I'm in love!

  7. Soka Ku

    Soka Ku

    5 ore fa

    Hi gabriel ,,do u wanna be my girl friend 💓

  8. Ed S

    Ed S

    5 ore fa

    You are awesome !!

  9. wattynz1


    6 ore fa

    An incredibly talented, thank you for your music, drove for hours today and listened to all your recordings on the drive, sooo good!!

  10. Tranquilizing Musicc

    Tranquilizing Musicc

    6 ore fa

    My most beloved song, you played it so well. So soothing, took time to play your style, and it's so unique. Love the way your fingers glide over the strings



    7 ore fa


  12. nikolas wanted

    nikolas wanted

    9 ore fa

    Not real voice by guitar

  13. nikolas wanted

    nikolas wanted

    9 ore fa

    Звук не настоящий

  14. Wilk Morski

    Wilk Morski

    10 ore fa


  15. Pierre Joubert

    Pierre Joubert

    10 ore fa

    You know what is the most beautiful thing in the world? She plays the wonderful piece, and one can sense the dedication and concentration. She hardly pays any attention to 'us' (the camera). Then, at the end, she gives us the Gabriella smile! I can die a happy man!

  16. Scott Baker

    Scott Baker

    10 ore fa

    Nylon strings are the best.

  17. mandracula gula

    mandracula gula

    11 ore fa


  18. scott denning

    scott denning

    11 ore fa

    As usual, outstanding!

  19. MrSandman


    14 ore fa

    Encantadora versión.

  20. James Mumma

    James Mumma

    14 ore fa

    Flawless and beautiful

  21. Fernando Prieto

    Fernando Prieto

    14 ore fa


  22. Graham McDonald

    Graham McDonald

    15 ore fa


  23. back 4gud

    back 4gud

    15 ore fa

    Hello Gabriella... can I have a request??? Can you perform the song by Shania twain in title of "from this moment on " thank you!!!

  24. Philip Kampf

    Philip Kampf

    17 ore fa

    I have listen to about 10 differnt artist play this song, finger picking style, and NONE come close to what you have done with this.. absolutly FANTISTIC!!

  25. Shane D

    Shane D

    19 ore fa

    Very nice 👍

  26. Dr. Arun Kumar Nagar

    Dr. Arun Kumar Nagar

    20 ore fa

    I could not imagine that this song can be played in finger style on one guitar only! Awesome!

  27. Anarquía es Libertad

    Anarquía es Libertad

    21 ora fa

    Qué manos tan bellas

  28. Guy Heck

    Guy Heck

    21 ora fa

    Excellent and so r you, I don't know you, but I love what you are, Original and pure, you r just perfectly, don't change anything,, 😍❣️

  29. CN_sucraM


    22 ore fa

    sometimes i come home after work crabbit and easily annoyed, this cover always helps. Thankyou!

  30. David B

    David B

    22 ore fa


  31. Markus sendman Sendlhofer

    Markus sendman Sendlhofer

    22 ore fa

    great song and great performed ;) i like

  32. Steve David

    Steve David

    Giorno fa

    Love it! Thank you.

  33. Pootan Inamo

    Pootan Inamo

    Giorno fa

    By the end of that beautiful song, she could say "I keyed your mom's Lexus last week" and I'd reply "Well, it still drives as fine as it ever did."

  34. Andy Hill

    Andy Hill

    Giorno fa

    That's a breathtaking rendition. Stands on its own without vocals. Is that dadgad tuning?

  35. Gerald Demare

    Gerald Demare

    Giorno fa

    I like the little pinky wigle

  36. Denis Nazarov

    Denis Nazarov

    Giorno fa

    Красиво, но не очень удалась ))

  37. Karitorki Ken

    Karitorki Ken

    Giorno fa


  38. jodax1000


    Giorno fa

    Bravisimo Excelente Woman

  39. Nichol Abe

    Nichol Abe

    Giorno fa

    I love u Gabriella Quevedo, lv u so much....nice guitar

  40. David


    Giorno fa

    Have I just died and gone to Heaven..?

  41. Julio Alexandre PWR

    Julio Alexandre PWR

    Giorno fa

    Very good, Gabs.

  42. Yordan Alexis Castillo Pereda

    Yordan Alexis Castillo Pereda

    Giorno fa

    Te amo

  43. Nobody ME

    Nobody ME

    Giorno fa

    thanks for sharing

  44. William Simmons

    William Simmons

    Giorno fa

    Psychologists have studied emotions and what in the brain determines the emotion. Fundamentally, all “emotions” have the same effect on the brain. Restated, all emotions start out with the same chemical reaction in the brain. What determines if the emotion becomes rage or love or sadness is the context of the events causing the chemical reaction. For example, if a guy and a pretty girl are on top of a high building and the guy walks along the edge and looks down to the bottom of the building and experiences “fear” he interprets the chemical reaction as fear and becomes afraid. But if the guy and the pretty girl walk across the edge together and the guy looks to the bottom of the building and experiences “fear” while also looking at the pretty girl, he mistakes the feeling chemical reaction caused by fear as the feeling of love for the pretty girl. For the chemical reactions in the brain are the same, it is the context that gives the chemical reaction meaning. So what, you might ask? Well, when Gabriella plays her music and stirs emotions (chemical reaction in the brain) with her music, and then she looks up and smiles, the male listener is likely to mistake the chemical reaction as love. Clever young lady, this Gabriella.

  45. Bisons Aquarium

    Bisons Aquarium

    Giorno fa

    i bet this song would sound good in spoons too. you rocked the box.

  46. Rick Roche

    Rick Roche

    Giorno fa

    WOW so beautiful and she's not working too hard to pull it off! Flows out like a bird sings. Made my day!

  47. Louis In Name Only

    Louis In Name Only

    Giorno fa

    The upvotes have it again, great as usual.

  48. Steve Church

    Steve Church

    Giorno fa

    try squeeze- another nail in my heart. a good band to cover too. good rendition this thanks.

  49. Cristian Di Renzo

    Cristian Di Renzo

    Giorno fa

    Si pudiera volver a darle me gusta al video lo haría. Suena de 10 la verdad

  50. Pedro Perez

    Pedro Perez

    Giorno fa

    Do you have mechidise I would like to get a shirt, CD , coffee cup. ECT. Want to share you with the locals maybe as Christmas gifts. thanks let me know.

  51. CDEbFGAbB


    Giorno fa

    Mark Knopfler must be loving your fingerpicking style.

  52. Robert Vonnahme

    Robert Vonnahme

    Giorno fa

    oh my god, that's beautiful, i hope mark has heard your cover of his song...bravo...

  53. Raul Rs

    Raul Rs

    Giorno fa

    Amazing :):)

  54. Phillip Dee

    Phillip Dee

    Giorno fa

    Beautiful work and that guitar has a beautiful tone

  55. sedgeford


    Giorno fa

    An absolutely brilliant version. Thank you!

  56. Dan F

    Dan F

    Giorno fa

    Pretty awesome girl!

  57. Ignacio Lopez

    Ignacio Lopez

    Giorno fa

    Beautiful !!!

  58. Michael Kubel

    Michael Kubel

    Giorno fa

    Perfect. :)

  59. oscar chileno

    oscar chileno

    Giorno fa

    Fantástica, un abrazo grande desde Chile.

  60. Jim Inman

    Jim Inman

    Giorno fa

    How can somebody so wonderful exist?

  61. federico coello

    federico coello

    Giorno fa

    OMG !!! Gabriella, my little daughter bears your name and my oldest son studied music, his specialty is classical guitar, in fact one of your fans like me, I congratulate you and your father, who has supported you since I was little, blessings.

  62. Rick and Kathy

    Rick and Kathy

    Giorno fa

    Wow very impressive!!

  63. James Waterman

    James Waterman

    Giorno fa

    what model guitar is that

  64. pani63


    Giorno fa

    I'm burning my guitar as we speak and then I'm going to drive the hot bridge pins under my fingernails followed by using the guitar strings as a nuse to hang myself on the appropriate public bridge where the most people will be able to view what 15 years of waisted guitar playing looks like. I will also Kapo my nipples and pubis just to add added embarasment.. anyway this is how I feel right now....

  65. Jack Kelly Dunn

    Jack Kelly Dunn

    2 giorni fa

    I love the tone Gabriella gets.The reverb gives her beautiful guitar a deep richness.Great finger picking.And no band is needed,amazing.I still can't finger pick like Gabriella.

  66. Emil Kovachev

    Emil Kovachev

    2 giorni fa

    Views based on looks and nothing more. The skill of this girl is average at best ....

    • Paul Lehmor

      Paul Lehmor

      Giorno fa

      @Emil Kovachev I suppose the opposite would be true as well then? A virtuoso player with an ugly face wouldn't get any views at all. Is that YOUR problem? Don't be shy. Start uploading tomorrow! Alternatively, grow up, end your sexist misbehavior and start behave polite on the internet.

    • Emil Kovachev

      Emil Kovachev

      Giorno fa

      @Paul Lehmor this girl is playing on a basic level and all the views she is getting are just because of her almost pretty face

    • Paul Lehmor

      Paul Lehmor

      Giorno fa

      To get more than two (2!) subscribers, it would be a good idea to produce some content for your channel. Who knows, maybe you will turn out to be an average guy and not just a trolling bot.

  67. Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker

    2 giorni fa

    Råkade hitta denna låten och sen lyssnat på många fler av dig. Otroligt talangfull! Vill höra fler låtar av Dire Strait...

  68. Nuron666


    2 giorni fa

    Cool cover Gabriella :)

  69. JD Pri

    JD Pri

    2 giorni fa

    One more comment: 894 dislikes? Who are these so called people? No guy would dislike seeing Gabriella.. No musician from the rock era would dislike this song. So it must be envious people that have nothing better to do than troll. All I have to say is 1.33 miil subscribers. Keep it up Gabriella.

  70. Geert Vermeiren

    Geert Vermeiren

    2 giorni fa

    Music from Heaven played by an !!!

  71. Ma Tuo

    Ma Tuo

    2 giorni fa

    🏆 AMAZING.

  72. One Uncle For Three

    One Uncle For Three

    2 giorni fa

    Well done. Nuances captured nicely.

  73. Slickness 13

    Slickness 13

    2 giorni fa

    That was awesome

  74. Alexey Moiseevskiy

    Alexey Moiseevskiy

    2 giorni fa

    Amazing! Perfect acoustic arrangement of something that's in principle acoustic-unplayable. Which strings do you use to get this wonderful sound?

  75. Jorge Pereira Venancio Junior

    Jorge Pereira Venancio Junior

    2 giorni fa

    Muito bacana Um classico do rock e um dos mais difíceis de tocar. PARABÉNS 👍

  76. Sven Demontaigne

    Sven Demontaigne

    2 giorni fa

    Echt mega !

  77. Viktor Lytvynchuk

    Viktor Lytvynchuk

    2 giorni fa

    Это трудяга с большой буквы,лайк однозначно,исполнение чистое на высшем уровне! Удачи на твоём пути и спасибо за музыкальные подарки!

  78. Mardi Post

    Mardi Post

    2 giorni fa

    looking forward to when she glanced at him and smiled, very beautiful😍

  79. Pedro Perez

    Pedro Perez

    2 giorni fa

    I've been using my pinky finger like you helps me out with creative new riffs.

  80. Bobby Vance

    Bobby Vance

    2 giorni fa

    Almost ANGELIC

  81. Michael Conti

    Michael Conti

    2 giorni fa


  82. Paul Maze

    Paul Maze

    2 giorni fa

    Always making beautiful sounds Sweet!

  83. Viviane Gonçalves

    Viviane Gonçalves

    2 giorni fa


  84. Jerome Lacor

    Jerome Lacor

    2 giorni fa


  85. Bert Cooper

    Bert Cooper

    2 giorni fa

    I come back here when I need cheering up

  86. Narq


    2 giorni fa

    What a beautiful arrangement! Would love to hear that done on a 12 string.

  87. MrPiccoloFan


    2 giorni fa


  88. Cameron Banales

    Cameron Banales

    2 giorni fa

    Hey Gabriella, my Dad loves your music and thinks you're an incredible musician. He sent me the link to this video and told me to marry you so I'm 23 years old, an Industrial/Organizational Psychology major from Southern California. My Twitter is mrchooch2u and if you'd like to pursue marriage send me a dm. You rock 🤘

  89. Carleton Cole

    Carleton Cole

    2 giorni fa

    Fantastic!! Loved it!!!

  90. james donal faulkner

    james donal faulkner

    2 giorni fa

    Very good. May I ask how your guitar is tuned for this piece?

    • james donal faulkner

      james donal faulkner

      Giorno fa

      Ya lo he visto, Gracias!

  91. iwan k

    iwan k

    2 giorni fa

    the sound so good

  92. Duncan Cookson

    Duncan Cookson

    2 giorni fa

    well done, great arrangement. It's not easy doing all those licks and fills fingerstyle but hearing them and seeing them played well acoustically reminds you how gorgeous they are, especially with a little latin inflection you give them here...

  93. duane king

    duane king

    2 giorni fa

    The Sultan of acoustic. Well done.

  94. Eric Siegmund

    Eric Siegmund

    2 giorni fa

    Well done!

  95. ErikThaRed


    2 giorni fa

    Change it to 1.25x speed and it's a lot better

  96. Matthew Douglas Pinard

    Matthew Douglas Pinard

    2 giorni fa

    Que Bonita

  97. David Magellan Horth

    David Magellan Horth

    2 giorni fa


  98. Luis Paez

    Luis Paez

    2 giorni fa

    Very Nice..... could listen to that all day

  99. Tony Vasquez

    Tony Vasquez

    2 giorni fa

    Hi Gabriella, you are a great international superstar! You are in my top ten guitarist of all time already. I play too, lets play together sometime! Do more Beatles songs.

  100. Herr Jacobsson

    Herr Jacobsson

    2 giorni fa

    Ooops, stunned again. So brilliant play and sound. Just so great. Thanx for sharing. J/Sweden

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