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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




    26 secondi fa

    Thank you Demi. I love this song If only our president would understand what people feel with he narcissists ways. But he won't as he could breathe just as he morally and emotionally bankrupt!

  2. TaNisha Rivera

    TaNisha Rivera

    2 minuti fa

    This is so true though but it’s amazing,and I loved the fact that she had a little girl in it 😘

  3. Dianna Rose Laureto

    Dianna Rose Laureto

    9 minuti fa

    Lol Ka OA ani demi uy 😆😂✌️

  4. Meghan Rood

    Meghan Rood

    36 minuti fa

    Have to love how there's people from countries with really horrible leaders, and she's over here singing about Trump. Seriously??? Hes the only president in decades to not start a new war. He's done so much for the black community. He brought jobs back to the US. He had the lowest black unemployment rate, more than any other president. He sign a peace treaty between 3 middle eastern countries. He made us a super power again in energy. The list goes on. In so sick of "americans" hating our country and president and throwing grown up temper tantrums because we didnt vote for the person you wanted. Grow up. We're lucky to have someone who isn't a corrupt politician and is actually exposing them for the first time. We will never get this chance again to have someone who isn't a politician, those people are our hired representatives not our leaders. People forget that and dont pay attention to the fact they shouldn't be making money when they go in. Trumps worth has gone drastically down, but how about Obama's? Fucking asshole made a shit ton.

  5. Sara Mayhall

    Sara Mayhall

    Ora fa

    You could write a great song criticizing Trump. How about basing it on truth rather than only the usual NPC script that youre allowed to have, hm? I bet you think Trump built the cages, too 😂

  6. Victor Rojas

    Victor Rojas

    Ora fa

    What a joke 🙄

  7. Thisanailen


    Ora fa

    TRUMP 2020

  8. Molly Washburn

    Molly Washburn

    Ora fa


  9. Pedro Lima

    Pedro Lima

    2 ore fa

    Que mulher perfeita e essa Demi usando de sua arte, pra expressar sua arte, e sua indignação... Perfektion, sehr gut mein Göttin 👏🏾❤️

  10. Nokubonga Ngcobo

    Nokubonga Ngcobo

    2 ore fa

    In SA - this resonated to me more than anything i wish African leaders still had humanity in their ears i would singg this exact song

  11. Cave Troll

    Cave Troll

    2 ore fa

    Liberal Snowflake Propaganda! No Thanks Communists!

  12. Daniela Mota

    Daniela Mota

    2 ore fa

    Cof cof Bolsonaro cof cof

  13. Orlando Montanez

    Orlando Montanez

    2 ore fa

    Baby kiss me

  14. TrainFan621 Productions

    TrainFan621 Productions

    2 ore fa

    Me: Watch song Me: Watch Ben Shapiro Show It’s gonna be a long day

  15. Simon_ggs Brawlhalla

    Simon_ggs Brawlhalla

    2 ore fa

    Ok I take all my heron jokes back now

  16. Ash lopez

    Ash lopez

    2 ore fa

    Thats why u use atuo tune but not him

  17. Vanessa Sin

    Vanessa Sin

    2 ore fa


  18. Cooper Stevenson

    Cooper Stevenson

    3 ore fa

    "While you line your pockets"? You are aware he's the first president since Washington to not cash in his paycheck, right? He donates it to charity while living off the money from his company. He has so much money that no one could afford to buy him out. Biden, on the other hand, is in the pocket of multiple countries, including Russia.

  19. Will G. Forrest

    Will G. Forrest

    3 ore fa

    She clearly has her side, a valid one in fact, but I like how she doesn’t clearly point out who she’s talking to or about.

  20. Luana cw

    Luana cw

    3 ore fa

    Trump Diss track

  21. DejaJourney21


    3 ore fa

    This was awesome and its amazing that it just once again highlighted that he needs to go. Trump had his chance, he failed. NEXT. Bring basic human decency back! 💙💙💙

  22. Kel0390


    3 ore fa

    Stupid imagery.

  23. Arnold Palmer

    Arnold Palmer

    3 ore fa

    Oh lawd. Nothing like a girl programmed by the left that has no clue about her party. The left is evil. Trump has done nothing but help America. Your only voting left because you’re black and they have you duped

  24. Vitória Almeida

    Vitória Almeida

    3 ore fa

    Crlh, essa música serve pro Bozo também

  25. W S

    W S

    3 ore fa

    The election of Donald Trump did not create the left’s revealed it!

  26. Austin Carney

    Austin Carney

    4 ore fa

    this was so beautiful.

  27. Kelsie Stoddard

    Kelsie Stoddard

    4 ore fa

    Hahaha, ppl honestly believe this bullshit!? Yall funny...

  28. Kevin D

    Kevin D

    4 ore fa

    Wow so stunning and brave and courageously stunning and stunningly brave

  29. Blessing S Ngoma

    Blessing S Ngoma

    4 ore fa

    Woow Demi this is lovely 100%love all the way from Zimbabwe😍😍

  30. FNFX Productions

    FNFX Productions

    4 ore fa

    Trump is an orange bad mean man who's mean and Orange! - This singer probably

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa

      you came from shapiro?

  31. Chiaomito :3

    Chiaomito :3

    4 ore fa

    She is talking about of Trump or of the Bolsonaro?

  32. Bill Bonney

    Bill Bonney

    4 ore fa

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  33. Brendho Guirra

    Brendho Guirra

    4 ore fa

    this song portrays the situation in brazil so well

  34. Gabriel Lourenço

    Gabriel Lourenço

    4 ore fa

    Parece que foi feita para o Bolsonaro 🇧🇷

  35. Adrian Orsini Russo

    Adrian Orsini Russo

    5 ore fa

    Biden 2020. 🇺🇸 Lula 2022. 🇧🇷 Boulos 2020. #ViradaComBoulos

  36. Casandra Brady

    Casandra Brady

    5 ore fa

    Good for you Demi! Beautiful!

  37. Anitters Aqui

    Anitters Aqui

    5 ore fa

    Defendam o SUS

  38. Julia Pacheco

    Julia Pacheco

    5 ore fa

    The WORLD NEED this! Honestly the true... Thanks Demi!!

  39. kaylove


    5 ore fa

    Who is she taking about????

  40. Chaz Satyr

    Chaz Satyr

    5 ore fa

    🏳️‍🌈Thank You Demi!🏳️‍🌈 I took to the streets in the 80s for my rights and have yet to stop!! Vote them out!!!

  41. Jamile Ferreira

    Jamile Ferreira

    6 ore fa

    Bem vindo a sua música bolsonaro

  42. Imani & Asia DaCosta

    Imani & Asia DaCosta

    6 ore fa

    This song was made for Nigeria 🙏🏽 ! Not the USA. Praying for the Nigerians ❤️!

  43. Anna Barren

    Anna Barren

    6 ore fa

    This is the dumbest song I have ever heard. I feel like I can't breathe from shock at how idiotic this was. Also, everyone in this video is a prick.

  44. Matthew Levine

    Matthew Levine

    6 ore fa

    Thank you, Demi, for using your voice to speak up for what is right. #VoteBlue2020 because #TrumpIsARacist. #VoteHimOut and #LockHimUp.

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa


  45. Tarcisio Luiz

    Tarcisio Luiz

    6 ore fa


  46. JayyTee


    6 ore fa

    "Make America United Again" (RED HAT)

  47. Stephen Tapp

    Stephen Tapp

    7 ore fa

    Welp. That was dumb. I despise Trump but won't be surprised when he wins again. You can partly thank garbage like this.

  48. ‘ Bior

    ‘ Bior

    7 ore fa

    Right in my heart. The real commander is something who we don’t even see. We don’t see what they are doing to us. This world has become toxic, we need to spread love like the virus. If the theory that “we are one, we are god” is the real deal, we need to bring the love. And eh.. as much as there is going on in the world, think bigger. Way bigger.

  49. There is a difference There is

    There is a difference There is

    7 ore fa

    Lol I can tell she wrote this one herself. Donald trumps pockets were lined at birth. He payed for his own campaign. He was a millionaire way before he was president. And everyone in Hollywood loves him till he became president. Y’all are all so disgusting and two faced.

  50. Isela Cruz

    Isela Cruz

    7 ore fa

    I searched up little mix and these were one of the results

  51. Christy Colman

    Christy Colman

    7 ore fa

    This is pure propaganda. Sry.

  52. Paloma Wood

    Paloma Wood

    7 ore fa

    She is not my favorite artist but Demi, you did it! Great song! Not only for the US also for many other countries.

  53. Saajan Gulati

    Saajan Gulati

    8 ore fa

    Really Powerful!! I’m in tears! Proud of Demi! Hema Parekh

  54. Julia Lange

    Julia Lange

    8 ore fa

    Wait until she finds out he doesn't take presidential salary

  55. Elis Guizardi Cavalcanti

    Elis Guizardi Cavalcanti

    8 ore fa

    Mirou no Trump acertou no Bozo.

  56. Jeroen Boschman

    Jeroen Boschman

    8 ore fa

    Wow this is so stunning and brave! Thank goodness we have a great president though! Trump 2020

  57. ETomatoeMan


    8 ore fa

    Looking at the comments gives me hope. All of the Nigerians realize that this song relates more to what's going on in their country. A country where there is real corruption, and the government is ACTUALLY killing its own people. Besides COVID-19, which cannot be blamed on any US president, the United States is doing exceptionally well and has been for the past 4 years. Record unemployment among minorities and everyone in general, we're giving less of our tax dollars to other countries who are bottomless pits, we've regained military respect among our enemies. There's not one group of people who can say that their lives have gotten worse since 2016. But it's hard to see how well we're doing when we're being bombarded by celebrities, who are surrounded by body gaurds and have millions of dollars in their pockets, who are telling us every single day that we're doing so much worse than before this current administration. Trump was not my first choice in 2016. But this year, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind who i'll be voting for. And millions of other Americans are seeing through veil that the media and celebrities have been blindfolding us with for so long. If you thought 2016 was a runaway train, this year is going to be a landslide.

  58. Jhonathan Almeida

    Jhonathan Almeida

    8 ore fa

    a musica que cabe agora pra atual situação do Brasil né caras, aiiii 😭

  59. Pilar Herrera

    Pilar Herrera

    9 ore fa

    It's like "Dear Mr. President" by Pink, and Pink's song is soooo much better

  60. Gabriel Nascimento

    Gabriel Nascimento

    9 ore fa

    FORA BOLSONARO! #defendaosus

  61. F Y

    F Y

    9 ore fa

    Please vote please we cant take this noomore

  62. Marchiz Productions

    Marchiz Productions

    9 ore fa

    I love the fact that this song is relatable for everybody. We people all think differently and all lived differently in certain parts of the world. I heard the devastation of what's going on in Nigeria. Seen by many of the comments, I wouldn't want to imagine the amount of pain and suffering the Nigerian people are currently going through?... We wish them a better future and that something good can happen soon. 2020 is a very dark and weird year.

  63. Gaming Hardx

    Gaming Hardx

    10 ore fa

    What's going on bros..? btw Demi Lovato ruined herself with those surgeries, I hate her!

  64. Abbie M.

    Abbie M.

    10 ore fa

    “People are dying while you line your pockets deep” And Demi definitely is not lining her pockets off this song. She is not rich whatsoever. She’s just the same as us, guys, really 😆

  65. Bud Babe

    Bud Babe

    10 ore fa

    Go trump

  66. Pandia 427

    Pandia 427

    10 ore fa

    This is a sad song. 🥺😩

  67. Political FireStarter

    Political FireStarter

    10 ore fa

    This message has been heard over six million times

  68. Political FireStarter

    Political FireStarter

    10 ore fa

    Yep...... Mr. President you dont hear this message and 45k of your followers cant hear this message either.

  69. Ben Greear

    Ben Greear

    10 ore fa

    yea uh Demi you’re an idiot. whole song is a reach bud.

  70. Maxi


    10 ore fa

    As a human being, this song hits hard.

  71. jorge G

    jorge G

    10 ore fa

    This is such a flop, omg

  72. Comander Gromit

    Comander Gromit

    10 ore fa

    Really put her career on the line saying that she doesn't like Trump. Truly brave

  73. Melissa Smith

    Melissa Smith

    10 ore fa

    Her lyrics show her ignorance.

  74. Aye Marie

    Aye Marie

    10 ore fa

    I definitely need the 2nd stimulus. Homeless in NYC is hard. Especially when im in love with my man. Life sucks for us

  75. Shannon Gant

    Shannon Gant

    11 ore fa


  76. Carlos Ferreira

    Carlos Ferreira

    11 ore fa


  77. Rose Frazier

    Rose Frazier

    11 ore fa

    Trump 2020

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa

      @Francinete .Campos Carvalho no, TRUMP 2020!

    • Francinete .Campos Carvalho

      Francinete .Campos Carvalho

      11 ore fa

      Joe Biden 2020!

  78. Jia Berde

    Jia Berde

    11 ore fa

    honestly? im just here for the comments, they're hilarious and soo ignorant lmao

  79. Lord Grim

    Lord Grim

    11 ore fa

    *She gained weight??* Respectfully

  80. Denise Marcus

    Denise Marcus

    11 ore fa

    Girl, you knocked it out of the park!!!! Love you!!!

  81. paige :P

    paige :P

    12 ore fa

    i’m crying

  82. Dana Bojor

    Dana Bojor

    12 ore fa

    So so awsome

  83. Tristan Cutler

    Tristan Cutler

    12 ore fa

    Bruh shes talking about trump talking money "lining your pockets" when Trump is the only president to lose wealth while in office, he has lost billions! He does not do this for financial gain he does it because he sees wrong and he has the balls to fix it and all he gets is shit from uninformed liberals like this girl. #BackTheBlue #Trump2020

  84. Jed Morris

    Jed Morris

    12 ore fa

    Woke much

  85. Ethan Laird

    Ethan Laird

    12 ore fa

    Absolute trash

  86. bobocpe


    12 ore fa

    I'm Joe Biden and I forget this message.

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa

      WELL, he said , that he was running for the senate

  87. Juliet Silvers

    Juliet Silvers

    12 ore fa

    For everyone saying this song is about Nigeria, it’s not. Demi has out right said it was about Trump. If you can relate to this song fine, but don’t say she wrote it about you when she’s said otherwise.

  88. Sufyan Ramzan

    Sufyan Ramzan

    12 ore fa

    Coming from South Asia, I can clearly relate and feel the impact of words (once Commander in Chief == Politicians)

  89. Ryan mike

    Ryan mike

    12 ore fa

    Lmao.... The media is so controlled.. At least we know how much of a cell out she is... Haha.. Stupid song... Id rather listen to dreamlover

  90. Frexedly X

    Frexedly X

    13 ore fa

    Whatever his faults, why shouldn't he be able to breathe? This is a kinda' dramatic -but still beautiful song

  91. McCaleh Bionca

    McCaleh Bionca

    13 ore fa

    This song is literally just a copy of Pink’s song Dear Mr. President. Obviously different lyrics, but it’s not original and it’s based on ignorance.

  92. randy tessman

    randy tessman

    13 ore fa

    The light in the darkness that I hope will remain in peoples hearts is that empathy isn't enough we ALL need to take action. Evil things happen when good people do nothing......... never again ! No matter where you live, where your born, what colour you are, where you go to church or who you love none of that matters because we are ALL PEOPLE ( Children of the Earth)Remember that we all need to do what we can protest, sign petitions and speak out against injustice where ever it is, only when we stand together can we all be safe to live our own lives. Freedom isn't free, put your time, sweat, money and effort into it because if WE dont then it will cost OUR blood to do it !

  93. Lori Ru

    Lori Ru

    13 ore fa


  94. Talita Flinspach

    Talita Flinspach

    13 ore fa

    Commander Vice President sleepy Joe lined his pockets deep with China and Russia. Nobody is singing a song about this poor bastard

  95. Hikari Jacobson

    Hikari Jacobson

    13 ore fa

    Yay for disability representation! 💪🏼👏🏼

  96. Jay Ar

    Jay Ar

    14 ore fa

    I'm Canadian wishing I could vote Trump

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa

      im venezuelan wishing the same

  97. Generic Username

    Generic Username

    14 ore fa

    I love that people are seriously trying to pin all of this on Trump when it's actually just years of liberal capitalism and right wing identity politics. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. Either you want to solve the problems caused by the system, or you want the system. Can't be both and if it's the former, stop fucking whining about it, change the system and kiss your liberal and right wing luxuries like yearly apple phone releases and rich whites only golf courses, goodbye.

  98. Tori Ngl

    Tori Ngl

    14 ore fa

    “Line your pockets deep” ??? Like he literally donates his salary. Dumb ass song

  99. Melaney Preston

    Melaney Preston

    14 ore fa

    The dislikes are all trump supporters out here being clowns on a public forum

    • Brayan Torres

      Brayan Torres

      Ora fa

      the only clown here is demi

  100. Beauferal


    14 ore fa

    This is the top of my protest song list for 2020 followed by Keedron Bryant (I Just Wanna Live), Sault (Little Boy), Robert Cray (This Man), Tyler Childers (Long Violent History), Rapsody (12 Problems), Janelle Monae (Turntables) & ALA.NI (Lament for Emmett Till). Peace! X

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