Dax - i don't want another sorry (feat. Trippie Redd) [Official Music Video]

[LYRICS BELOW] "i don't want another sorry" is a very personal song to me. Share this with anyone and everyone who can relate to those words. Love y'all.
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Shot by: Logan Meis
Produced by: Trademark
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After they hurt you the first time, leave
Cause if they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused m
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end
Dax verse:
Two wrongs don’t make a right
I turned left
Now you mad I don’t pick up
I don’t return texts
Like I’m supposed to let it slide what and just forget
That you destroyed everything we had what just for sex
Fuck that!
I’m angry, I’m depressed and I’m mad
Reminiscing over days living life in the past
How’d you do that shit? Was I really that bad?
I even let you stay
I even let you meet my dad
I don’t know where we go but I know that you’re not for me, you’re not for me..
Ayye yoo, ayyeee yoo...
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused me
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end
Trippie Redd verse:
I'm sorry
it was a mistake
every fucking day another heartbreak
I can't take this pain how much heart aches
there won't be nothing left
say you're not sorry, not sorry either
told you I would love you to the moon and to the ether
she thinks that I'm stupid and I peeped her
better off alone by myself I need to leave her
ye aye
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused me
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end


  1. Dax


    16 giorni fa

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    • Guanzoh kangara

      Guanzoh kangara

      5 giorni fa

      goooo on bro u fuckin motivate me because every body just leaves and even my dad and my mom were killed in front of me brooooo

    • IAmKenziePiper


      6 giorni fa


    • joseph kessinger

      joseph kessinger

      9 giorni fa

      Dax thanks. And vise versa your welcome to us. I wished once a person too. Expressions of conformity pervert conceptual design so severely we will never. Irony that an appeal to sensibilities dictates this exchange. Actually not an exchange. Like you grace us, we grace you when we walk with grace and even thought he hand on difference is remedial or just an "overexplained" description. You're welcome dude. I'm happy I was here for you. Dont degress

    • Tina Dugger

      Tina Dugger

      9 giorni fa

      @Nathan Hannem ditto!!!!

    • Edward Escalante

      Edward Escalante

      9 giorni fa

      Im watching your 2 mil stream rn keepin it on repeat 💯💯

  2. tillerking


    3 ore fa

    Love u dax but trippies verse was to short now I gotta go listen to all his songs again

  3. Eid Ba

    Eid Ba

    4 ore fa

    Not that i dislike most of your music, but its ridicolous when u make all of this song being pac's legacy and all of that ish. Then u start dissing all them guys and act lik u being so real and then u make this song with a nutjob talentless foo like trippie red where theres mc's that could freestyle a better verse than what he supposedly wrote. Also don't go compare yourself to pac if that guy in your squad. Don't compare yourself to pac if u apologize after a disstrack when fronted facetoface.... Lost Bro. LOST.

  4. Alessandro Bacchiega

    Alessandro Bacchiega

    4 ore fa

    Dax's heart is broken so many times 🥺💔

  5. walid ghandi

    walid ghandi

    5 ore fa

    why i cannot find people in reality who listen this type of art music ?

  6. Enrico Rhoda

    Enrico Rhoda

    5 ore fa

    l love journey songs

  7. ZooTz On Da BeaT

    ZooTz On Da BeaT

    5 ore fa

    Emotion = who are you? Dax = it is who I am ! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. nicola roode

    nicola roode

    5 ore fa

    my favorite song by far

  9. Sinister Santos

    Sinister Santos

    6 ore fa

    Too deep for my liking. Got me thinking about ex's that I don't need to be thinking about lol. Banger.

  10. Strapped


    6 ore fa

    bro... i love your music... and i love you, but that effect you used for the hook, nah... it makes the song sound cheap... i hope you know what im saying, im not hating at all! i love you & everything you do... this song is a banger, just that effect, thats the only gripe.



    8 ore fa

    The aftermath of love when its negative

  12. Heather Sherman

    Heather Sherman

    8 ore fa

    I love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. David Russell

    David Russell

    9 ore fa

    Dax how can I share this with my ex man? Domestic violence is real even when a woman hits a man. Your words get me through a lot brother!

  14. FOR THE WHY 10

    FOR THE WHY 10

    9 ore fa

    Like how dax likes almost every one's post

  15. afrid siraj

    afrid siraj

    9 ore fa

    Dax is a great artist because every comment he givin like

  16. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    9 ore fa

    Imagine having his heart for a day? Shoot, imagine having that mind, that conscience, for a day.... We'd all be woke. Real talk..

  17. Bigcharc jay19

    Bigcharc jay19

    10 ore fa

    Dis fye

  18. Stephanie Steed

    Stephanie Steed

    10 ore fa

    I worked hard for this relationship and he keeps pushing me away cuz he scared idfk wat to do any more this song helps me alot from suicide I started goin to church for help

  19. superduper ill

    superduper ill

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  20. Zj Famus

    Zj Famus

    10 ore fa

    This is some Out the Box Song and Music Video Great Job🌍🚀🙏👇

  21. Ryan Wright

    Ryan Wright

    11 ore fa

    Is the chrous dax on autotune????

    • Ryan Wright

      Ryan Wright

      11 ore fa

      But is it DAX

  22. Ariel Cregheur

    Ariel Cregheur

    11 ore fa

    Wow je comprend le vibe, j'y aurais toute donner j'aurais rester avec lui pour toujours.🥶💙

  23. Greyson Hanlon

    Greyson Hanlon

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    Get dax to 3 million subs

  24. JDawg04


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    told shordy id love her to the moon

  25. JDawg04


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    trippie go so stupid on this

  26. Prince Bedell

    Prince Bedell

    12 ore fa

    This is the real sound for 2021...coronavirus cause of lots of pain in 2020 ,keep listening if you're here with me 2021.

  27. Timmy Bryan

    Timmy Bryan

    13 ore fa

    Oxycodone is a the medication for Pain the only place to get hold of it with prescription is at ,

  28. Joey Daviduke

    Joey Daviduke

    13 ore fa

    I'm 20 years old going thru divorce and this is the song I turn on and scream and cry to thanks dax you're the guy only song helping me get thru

  29. Actually Ha27;

    Actually Ha27;

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    Yoooo Almost 3Milli On Here & Your Channel MyG ! "INDEPENDENT.SOLID.ARTIST" LessshGooo Brotherr #WeAreTheLabel

  30. xxx REAL ONES xxx

    xxx REAL ONES xxx

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  31. No Thankyou

    No Thankyou

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  32. Jacob Hosler

    Jacob Hosler

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    How am I 1 single day older than Trippie Redd.

  33. APF 9

    APF 9

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  34. Braviour Agutu

    Braviour Agutu

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    Repeat mode💥

  35. Gondrong Krewel

    Gondrong Krewel

    16 ore fa

    best friend forever

  36. Mista 808

    Mista 808

    16 ore fa

    2:55 Blood stain on the wife b looking like a Tech 9 😳

  37. Brandon Mitchell

    Brandon Mitchell

    16 ore fa

    Man hands down. Very inspiring. Very wise, and a Great F××kin song. Much love bro🎵🎵🎶 #IDontWantAnotherSorry #OnRepeat

  38. Caleb utuber

    Caleb utuber

    17 ore fa

    Wheres the trippie only version at

  39. kela_ gacha

    kela_ gacha

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    Love your voice so much🖤 Your songs make me feel better everytime💯

  40. Anonymous One

    Anonymous One

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  41. Doba World

    Doba World

    18 ore fa

    Whatssapp Dax i lik all yr song this one is a boomSakshut

  42. Simon Parke

    Simon Parke

    18 ore fa

    "Your first love will fuck you up" (When she tries to apologize) "Fuck it, I don't want another sorry"

  43. Ashton Davis

    Ashton Davis

    19 ore fa

    People will really listen an like everything trash or not

    • Jermaine Griffith

      Jermaine Griffith

      9 ore fa

      This is not trash... U are trash

  44. Jose Gomes

    Jose Gomes

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    Shold be more recognized in all world man're amazing 😌 congrats from Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹

  45. Ram Paz

    Ram Paz

    19 ore fa

    Keep doing your best you can. Love your every songs.✌❤ Northeast India

  46. you're Chronic Illness Guru

    you're Chronic Illness Guru

    19 ore fa u bro...LOVE FROM me strength...on life support...JUST WANT IT TO END...NO MORE MACHINES 1 DAY...KEEPING FAITH...keeping my head up...thanks brother keep putting this shit out...fuck all the haters...THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND...SO VERY PROUD OF U!

  47. Daniel Laxton

    Daniel Laxton

    20 ore fa

    Deep af tho

  48. Bianca Basupi

    Bianca Basupi

    20 ore fa

    Hell U can sing and rap Wow😍😍😍

  49. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy

    20 ore fa

    Tbh dax is one of the best lyricists and rappers out there. Dude has major talent. If i could write songs id want to be on one with him 100% i can sing kinda. I love the emotion he puts his heart in every song and we need more people like him. I bet hes a solid dude too seems hella nice and cool

  50. Brianna Fultz

    Brianna Fultz

    21 ora fa

    I swear to God..all Dax songs you can feel the emotions. This song hits deep help me realise I am better then taking someone back. Thank you Dax. Keep the music coming! We need your music

  51. Kirra Davis

    Kirra Davis

    21 ora fa

    Being honest, this song is amazing. Even though sometimes when I'm lostening to it I cry, not because it's a sad song or something but because it's 100% relatable and true. You never think that one person will leave you and you pray they don't. Sometimes your prayers are answered and they don't leave but after you worry everyday that they will leave and that your not enough. You did good Day, thank you

  52. Jdub Savage

    Jdub Savage

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  53. Veyis BALKAYA

    Veyis BALKAYA

    21 ora fa

    Dax is so underrated :(

  54. Brent Smith

    Brent Smith

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  55. Paul Sibozi

    Paul Sibozi

    21 ora fa

    Dax knows how to talk to the heart

  56. Jason Kozma

    Jason Kozma

    22 ore fa

    Back 2 back tracks that’s pure gas Dax, Love the concept of removing your heart to not feel. Amazing song and Trippie killed it like always, he just knows what to bring to each song he’s a featured on.

  57. Ant Shipley

    Ant Shipley

    22 ore fa

    this song made me cry

  58. Rock Lee

    Rock Lee

    22 ore fa

    Another sorry.

  59. Josiah Gallegos

    Josiah Gallegos

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    I don't want another sorry 💔this song touches my soul

  60. I-KnoSwishers


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    You gonna blow blow up this year everyone’s gonna stop sleeping on you bro Dax🔥🔥🔥💯💯🖤

  61. True*Flow Music

    True*Flow Music

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    Great singer and great rapper

  62. Kyle Rucker

    Kyle Rucker

    23 ore fa

    Dax Becomeing A Legend. Just being associated with Trippie Red. Dax Didnt need Eminem for Fame. He Always had it in Him. #Dax A Legend in the Making.

  63. Lunden Phillips

    Lunden Phillips

    Giorno fa

    I know most people say don’t take middle school relationships seriously but this song made me think about my last one my ex who was my girl at the time cheated on me I didn’t believe it at first but it turnt out to be true so ever since I just been like fuck relationships

  64. Natasha simataa

    Natasha simataa

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  65. LJYB Official Artist Channel

    LJYB Official Artist Channel

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    Lit omg can i get a feature i might be trash but i'll practice u keep going dax u the best man on earth.

    • LJYB Official Artist Channel

      LJYB Official Artist Channel

      Giorno fa

      dax u the best i listen too :)

  66. Andrew Raymond Dorman

    Andrew Raymond Dorman

    Giorno fa

    I have to say i love your music bro you have inspired me as well has tech n9ne all of strange music... thank you hope to get to rap with you soon

  67. Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    Giorno fa

    Dax as an artist and a person I respect you. Personally Im still on the fence in regards to the message your artwork entails.

  68. William Birchall

    William Birchall

    Giorno fa

    I can feel this on so many levels keep up the awesome work dax

  69. Palestine is me

    Palestine is me

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    I wish he is musoim

  70. Pyrozuki


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    This song hit home, my man

  71. Prince Richard

    Prince Richard

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    This is actually good

  72. kenned


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    i love you mixing rapping and singing that`s so good keep it up

  73. jsmove


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    Fourth Dax video and thoroughly convinced he'll be one of my favorite artists very soon. Dax your versatility is mind-blowing, your sound quality is outstanding, and the bars are always apparent. May be new to your content, but I love you bro🔥💜👊🏻💫😄 please keep doin you

  74. Ashley Davis

    Ashley Davis

    Giorno fa

    I just did...shared this song with everyone I know....this song couldn't be heard at any more perfect timing of what I'm going thru in my life. Thank you and keep on climbing to the top! 🔥🧗‍♂️😁🎶🎵

  75. Loke Juul

    Loke Juul

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    This. ☝️ I needed this. Thank you and mad respect.

  76. The Great Nate 21

    The Great Nate 21

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    Who else happy for DAX?

  77. jay stunna

    jay stunna

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    me;dax sound like akon in this hook shaq;dats tuff

  78. Katie Auda

    Katie Auda

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    Love U dax and trippie Redd. Keep it up❤️

  79. MejiaxMedia


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    This one is the best one in it, I’ve been listening to it for hours straight

  80. Malysha Sullivan

    Malysha Sullivan

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    100% damn! Then let him back in!! Count me in Dax, I'm next.

  81. N. Conn

    N. Conn

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    Fucking love dax

  82. cheesews777


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    Goin through it rn so i relate to the song, almost teared up, fkin embarrasing lol... Good song keep em coming dax u rock

  83. Whitney Bartley

    Whitney Bartley

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    My favorite song!! Literally your voice makes me cry!

  84. arnold 1

    arnold 1

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    Keep them coming bru, another great track once again. Wish you get the recognition you deserve



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    Dax jus simple an easy going, real G

  86. Eric Adams

    Eric Adams

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    Bars for days.

  87. Aidan McNair

    Aidan McNair

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    yo this kids eyes 2:23



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    heartbreaking stuff😔😔😒

  89. 100percent 1

    100percent 1

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    Damn dax got a song with trippy redd I mean dax is golden so it makes sense

  90. Vext


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    Looks like I now have 105 songs in my playlist.

  91. Yung T

    Yung T

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    PLEASE make more shit like this Dax...

  92. Rayford Watson

    Rayford Watson

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    Why u like my post

  93. MrSkit124


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    He's one of the few rappers who actually ♥️ comments

  94. Will R

    Will R

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    Sorry Dax, but this clown ruined your song and video. This cat is super wack...

  95. Mason Teal

    Mason Teal

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    I swear Trippie Redd looks more like a demon everyday

  96. Lekan Johnson

    Lekan Johnson

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    Lol he puts on the same white shirt every video,and tears it

  97. Grimm Wicked

    Grimm Wicked

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    So is this the part three to she cheated again we've been waiting for



    Giorno fa


  99. Angelo


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    Dax should watch out, trippie snaked ksi, trippie is a fucking joke, just doing all this shit for the money 💵

  100. Tiffany Crawford

    Tiffany Crawford

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