Cyberpunk 2077 - Our Commitment to Quality

Dear gamers,
here's CD PROJEKT’s co-founder’s personal explanation of what the days leading up to the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 looked like, sharing the studio’s perspective on what happened with the game on old-generation consoles.
For more details about the progress being made on Cyberpunk 2077’s further development, including information about updates and improvements, free DLCs, and more, please visit


  1. Gintoki Revan

    Gintoki Revan

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    less talk more action

  2. jacksos101


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    Fixing bugs is one thing. But what about implementing all of the features promised in the hype? I doubt it will happen.

  3. Rotten


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    Honestly the energy of this comment section reminded me of those people on Twitter around gaming discussion. Even when it's not politics Twitter have such a big problem producing these "amazing" individuals. If you ever read any tweets related to gaming from people on twitter you know what I'm talking about. Seriously that platform need to die.

  4. alvaro cardoso

    alvaro cardoso

    Ora fa

    Its not only the ps4 version, you said that you are proud of the pc version, bad ai, broken phisics, cops doesnt event know how to drive a car. All of those issues are going to be fix?

  5. Akdi Muchtar

    Akdi Muchtar

    Ora fa

    Tfw u got caught straight up lyin to your costumer.

  6. mik 123

    mik 123

    Ora fa

    Emcima de mantirosos, ni se saben disculpar de todos sus mentiras y errores.

  7. Vince Blanza

    Vince Blanza

    Ora fa

    Its just work?

  8. Jesse Paea

    Jesse Paea

    Ora fa

    I was hoping that different life path would have more exclusive Quests related to the life path. My street Kid V would have like to start the Game in a Gang and my Corporate V would like to be a Spy while working way up Arasaka.

  9. Doom Sugar

    Doom Sugar

    Ora fa


  10. Rxvert Thief

    Rxvert Thief

    Ora fa


  11. Daisy


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    It's just not fun...



    Ora fa

    It's okay.

  13. Gwinbleid_


    Ora fa

    Ye na mate

  14. Rotten


    Ora fa

    Seriously this game is still better and less buggy than the games that people bashing CDPR right now played. It's very obvious that the negative of this game are being blown way out of proportion.

  15. may091985


    Ora fa

    I still don’t mind waiting, good things take time.

  16. vinish dubey

    vinish dubey

    Ora fa

    Understandable have a great game

  17. Bryan Morand

    Bryan Morand

    Ora fa

    What about of the missing content ?

  18. Lucky


    Ora fa

    Every Video Game Company That Has Suffered From a PR Disaster Over The Last 5 Years: Hello Games-No Man’s Sky (2016) EA-Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) BioWare-Mass Effect Andromeda (2017) Bethesda-Fallout 76 (2018) PUBG Corporation-Xbox One Port of PUBG (2018) BioWare-Anthem (2019) Sumo Digital-Crackdown 3 (2019) Death Stranding-Kojima Productions (2019) Pokémon Sword and Shield-Game Freak (2019) The Last of Us Part 2-Naughty Dog (2020) The Elder Scrolls Blades-Bethesda (2020) *Cyberpunk 2077-CD Projekt Red (2020)*

  19. Den Morin

    Den Morin

    Ora fa

    Twenty three thousand knuckleheads downvoted this video (at the time of this comment). I'm willing to bet the majority of those knuckleheads were born in the last twenty years and haven't seen the scope of evolution in gaming that has taken place. Spoiled kids who'd rather tear down and cancel hard working, innovative developers than realize that in terms of gaming these times are truly amazing.

  20. Den Lom

    Den Lom

    Ora fa

    Bugs not a problem, this game is boring, it need a fool rebut

  21. LouiPlays


    Ora fa

    I really hope that they're striving to make the game more like the 2018 gameplay. If they could add back cutscenes and random open-world encounters, I think that could make a huge difference

  22. Trace Dixon

    Trace Dixon

    Ora fa

    Honestly I’m not going too give up on this game I love too play it anyway let’s all just have faith that they will make it better for all who plays it

  23. J Ktgn

    J Ktgn

    Ora fa

    A list of things that need immediate attention: Cops spawning behind you when you are wanted The sprint button feels unresponsive and only worked 1/3 of the time Huge frame drops, consistent frame drops in combat Melee feels clunky, needs a tune up Swapping weapons and maneuvering in combat feels clunky and slow To be wholely honest, when I bought the game on the xbox one I didn't expect it to look great. I recommend an option to lower the visual quality of the game to boost preformance.

  24. M Ps

    M Ps

    Ora fa

    I purchased the game for PC, have not bothered to run it yet. Maybe in 6 months I'll try it once UAT phase has progressed a bit more and defect density reduced.

  25. TheVideoGameCatBra


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    Lol if you don't like the answers I give get rid of the questionnaires 🤣 Yall imbecile

  26. Jeff Starkmann

    Jeff Starkmann

    Ora fa

    Saints Row 1-3 and still GTAV is better sorry cdpr u delivery a gabrage game

  27. Abhilash Thakare

    Abhilash Thakare

    Ora fa

    Did not meet the quality standards? Thats a huge understatement.

  28. Beardy Orc

    Beardy Orc

    Ora fa

    Guys, I played the Witcher, than I played the Witcher 2 and than I played the Witcher 3...firstly on ITput till the end, than by my self on Torrents till the end and finally I bought the game game and finished it twice. Your company and the team are people I believe. You are breathtaking (sorry)! You are who we need nowadays. The fact that CP2077 has problems is okay, because it is still a wonderful game that deserves to be at least the best game of 2021. There are lots of people all around the world who appreciate your hard work and we will support you! Thank you so much for all you do, to bring us the wonderful games and new worlds we can explore! From the bottom of my heart ♥️ P.S. I believe lots of people think the same and I wish you see this message to cheer up the team lil bit ☺️

  29. lorenzo zaraki

    lorenzo zaraki

    Ora fa

    Imagine ubisoft or Bethesda doing a video like this. Huge respect for this man and his team.

  30. Elijah Headrick

    Elijah Headrick

    Ora fa

    See Im not even upset with them for what they delivered. I bought into no hype, watched nothing on it, just expected something great like Witcher. I got exactly what I wanted out of it, even with a few bugs here and there. 100+ hours in and its still enjoyable.

  31. SamQ 91

    SamQ 91

    Ora fa

    I was happy cuz ppl said i can live my own V’s life and have a relationship or do whatever I want , I waited for 7 years and finally I can say GTA is better.

  32. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    Ora fa

    I saw a video earlier, of a random youtuber, with 88 subscription, who found a random NPC that was busy playing the Blood & Wine theme on a guitar... The finger positions were accurate, the hand motions were fluid. It was the most beautiful example of attention to detail that I've seen in a game to-date, it honestly made me sad that you are catching so much flak as a result of a rushed launch, that people are ignoring those details that prove you put your heart and souls into the making of the game. I have the utmost confidence that you will fix Cyberpunk 2077 and make it the game it was destined to be. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you CDPR for all your hard work and for making CP2077 a reality.

  33. Mr.roasts alot

    Mr.roasts alot

    Ora fa

    The streets are empty

  34. Antonio Diet

    Antonio Diet

    Ora fa

    I’m sorry but they knew how it played on Xbox one and ps4 and purposely didn’t let people see that product. I can’t forgive that. They knew that they could release it put out an apology and make more money than wait to release it later.

  35. Flummiification


    Ora fa

    For me that honesty is worth a lot. Although it only works if you can back it up in some way. But admitting to have a problem is more than we get from many companies. I very much respect that

  36. Ubiquitous


    Ora fa

    jolly good, carry on. as a map maker i understand the challenges, really appreciate this video, you are setting a good example by accepting responibilty and being transparent, I support your future game developmemts

  37. Rotten


    Ora fa

    Seems like the comment section have been bombarded by Bethesda fans hive mind. Most of these people are kid or 30 year old man-children. They haven't played the game and upvoting every comments bashing CDPR.

  38. Scou7_


    Ora fa

    Man, I can' give up on CD PROJEKT yet. I still think they are gonna make an comeback, or that Cyberpunk was a huge mistake, but that will, with time, become a descent game

  39. Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    Ora fa

    You did an amazing job with Cyberpunk 2077, you got screwed by corporate... You got forced into pre-orders, you got forced into meeting a deadline and you got forced into integrating features that your engine wasn't built for, namely RTX. I am just sorry for the part I played in the community getting hyped for the release of Cyberpunk, which was our mistake, we should have honored your original trailer, "available when it's ready"

  40. Billyisyourdad


    Ora fa

    This shows enormous integrity. Although I disagree with the amount of backlash this game has had, there are problems. I play on a base PS4, and while there have been many issues, I've enjoyed the game very much. We live in an age if nitpicking, entitlement, and complaining. A game this complex will never be perfect at launch, and people need to realize that.

  41. Levin Afanador

    Levin Afanador

    Ora fa

    I’m just glad I got my refund

  42. Andres Villegas

    Andres Villegas

    Ora fa

    🥰🥰🥰🥰 great speech =) . i trust in us

  43. Teh Bro

    Teh Bro

    Ora fa

    Put 105 hours into the game in 5 days. I mostly enjoyed the story, but as many others said, its very much lacking. At least for me, and I think this also goes for a good amount of us, expected things like GTA's car customization (to some degree)[And maybe even GTAVO apartment selection, but that's a bit much, I know this is an RPG, not a lifestyle game, but some incentive to return to your house besides storing iconic weapons for later upgrade would've been awesome], weapon customization akin to games like fallout 4 (I kinda wanted a system like army of two, but that was a stretch), more character customization, and more in depth character arks. Though Panam was cool, and Judy was alright, their character arks were very much surface level in the grand scheme of things. Hearing their back stories did a lot of justice, but man, I was kinda disappointed there wasn't more to it. On top of that though the city was cool to look around, and there was some base level interaction, there wasn't much to do. There isn't any side activities you can do as a break between quests, no REAL exploration. Though the city was filled, it felt ultimately empty. I know you can't please everyone, and that game development is tough in retrospect, but for a game that was in development for so long, and had the marketing run that it had, we really expected a lot more. I hope that in the coming year or two, alongside fixing current issues, that you guys add the quality of life, customizations, and general activities to make the game more personal and enjoyable. Alongside that, support your modding community, they have done great work already, and allowing for more detailed mods to flourish (at least in IMO) will make the game enjoyable for years (like Fallout New Vegas that at one point had an extremely active modding community that kept players around for years and years after release) Don't know what to put as a TL;DR. But I care for this game and really hope that y'all can fix this whole debacle

  44. Mario Martinez

    Mario Martinez

    Ora fa

    You gave the green for the release. It’s a no for me dawg

  45. PK playz

    PK playz

    Ora fa

    Tobby mag: I forgive you

  46. Mark_bigbrain 164

    Mark_bigbrain 164

    Ora fa

    This game can never and will never live up to expectations, you guys promised so much and yet delivered so very little

  47. Oh Boy

    Oh Boy

    Ora fa

    It’s ok ,I still love the concept and the game overall me and all my friends who partake in playing it ,can’t wait for finish product .thanks for a great game .. Johnny

  48. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous

    Ora fa

    Only today will a company come out and say our game sucks and that’s done to encourage you to buy the game

  49. Tactical.BONK.


    Ora fa

    Good on PC? What??? Glitches and bugs are the LEAST of our problems. AI and physics are absolute crap!

  50. grandluaxe


    Ora fa

    Have we learned nothing from No Man Sky? Dont refund the game, Cut em some slack, Give the CDPR time to fix the game.

    • Johnathan Era

      Johnathan Era

      Ora fa

      Only a fool uses an exception as the rule.

  51. Dharmesh D

    Dharmesh D

    Ora fa

    Don't worry, You guys have done a really great job

  52. Pedram Olyaei

    Pedram Olyaei

    Ora fa

    We are sorry because we got caught

  53. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson

    Ora fa

    I don't even own your game and the nVidia Drivers that the update came with ripped out my system driver. I lost 80 to 120 fps in other games, and this is reminiscent of the earlier nVidia drivers that they discovered were copy pasted to and they had to wipe the driver settings with an x://copy that re-installed with a required boot. I hate these no boot no cure drivers, don't you?

  54. usamah azlan

    usamah azlan

    Ora fa

    Please, give me a break. He can say whatever he wants about their future plans, bottom line is he's already got our money and he wants more from others still gullible enough to believe him. He must think we're all a bunch of pathetic losers.

  55. Whazzas


    Ora fa

    Sorry to everyone who feels ripped off. Honestly, i have trust that they will polish this turd game into a gem, it'll just take a lot of patience. I'm waiting until I can get a nex gen console and the patches that bring it up to original intent. I think it'll be much better in 6 months.

  56. Keefey Tho

    Keefey Tho

    Ora fa

    It takes balls to own up to your mistakes. EA .. take fucking notes.

  57. B&G Outdoors

    B&G Outdoors

    Ora fa

    To late to save this game lots of cuts done to this game. I would like my refund please

  58. Gary Castillo cordero

    Gary Castillo cordero

    Ora fa


  59. Sean 11:11

    Sean 11:11

    Ora fa

    Thanks David Spade x Avicii 👌

  60. Jay Reed

    Jay Reed

    Ora fa

    So did this commitment to quality start in the past week or two?

  61. angela howe

    angela howe

    Ora fa

    solve the fuckin teleporting police

  62. Adrián Martín Hernández Barrientos

    Adrián Martín Hernández Barrientos

    Ora fa

    Plot twist: this is the alternate ending cutscene

  63. L-V8 MC

    L-V8 MC

    Ora fa

    What about all the removed content

  64. Goober Thoreau

    Goober Thoreau

    Ora fa

    Generally you commit to quality BEFORE you make something.

  65. Neil


    Ora fa

    Always liked CDPR but it's hard to forgive the lies and the low quality. Only No Man's Sky have made a recovery from such a mess, and they had to spend years making free updates until the game was close to what they promised at launch.

  66. LosT x Watch

    LosT x Watch

    Ora fa

    Just bought the Xbox One s version I'm interested but of It can get patched up a bit I'll fall in love

  67. Adomo Mcjinkies

    Adomo Mcjinkies

    Ora fa

    David guetta is that you?

  68. FlaxeMusic


    Ora fa

    Sooooorry :c

  69. Repixelated


    Ora fa

    we forgive you

  70. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    Ora fa

    This is actually kind of sad tbh.

  71. PNW Closet Grower

    PNW Closet Grower

    Ora fa

    personally i got cyberpunk for ps4 and it was released in a beta state but i don't want my money back. the games absolutely amazing, top notch. it does crash and has some glitches but i was able to beat it three times already, i finished every mission i found. it did crash a bit but when i turned it back on i was pretty much standing right where i was when it crashed. i find it really easy to forgive you guys, this is one of my favorite games of all time and you did the genre proud.

  72. A-a ron

    A-a ron

    Ora fa

    Honestly if there is one company I trust to do right by it’s fans it’s CDPR and frankly they have been hard done by the timing of last year and everything by the way frankly we all kept pushing for them to “release it already!” We as fans need to take what responsibility falls on us (me included) and cut them at least a bit of slack. If we in our somewhat justified annoyance crush CDPR then who is left even, Sony? EA? Frankly CDPR is the best we have and if we lose them that’s it for gaming as we know and love it. Then it’s all progressive games about how the fruity group can beat the meanies.

    • Johnathan Era

      Johnathan Era

      Ora fa

      No. There is no responsibility on us.



    2 ore fa

    Just play Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2 etc.until this insult is fixed. The Witcher 3 is worth a replay. I realy looked forwad to this game. sad.

  74. jetzue


    2 ore fa

    i feel bad for this man, theyre getting torn apart bc of a game, they'll fix it



    2 ore fa

    its an awesome game

  76. Paul Mccann

    Paul Mccann

    2 ore fa

    You still released a steaming pile of crap that I paid for, and can’t play. Thanks for that. This is the first, and probably last thing I’ll buy from you. You should have been honest up front to console gamers.

  77. Zack Wilson

    Zack Wilson

    2 ore fa

    This is the only decent apology I've seen from a game company

  78. Banjo Potato

    Banjo Potato

    2 ore fa

    Lmao fake ass apology

  79. CJ Boi

    CJ Boi

    2 ore fa


  80. Marek W

    Marek W

    2 ore fa

    Jest mi przykro że twórcy najlepszej gry wszech czasów muszą przepraszać za jakieś bzdury. Właśnie skończyłem wątek Panam i nie mogę się pozbierać. Cyberpunk77

  81. Zhijian Peng

    Zhijian Peng

    2 ore fa

    Honestly, are you really sure that Pc version meets the quality standard?!!!

  82. FujisRose


    2 ore fa

    Respect CDPR, love you guys. It was a very rough launch, but it’s time to move forward and enjoy Cyber Punk.

  83. Pascal Huyghe

    Pascal Huyghe

    2 ore fa

    Am I the only one who took the "up until now" as a hidden message from the guy. Like saying, it's out of our hands from now on.

  84. Nathan Simpson

    Nathan Simpson

    2 ore fa

    Man’s was fighting back tears at 3:14

  85. Ferry


    2 ore fa

    Just dont be like bethesda. Lol

  86. skinny claw adesanyge

    skinny claw adesanyge

    2 ore fa

    so many likes? maybe they said like it or poland will be invaded again or its just people loving to lose money waiting another year to get their game fixed maybe... its pathetic

  87. SecretiveChannel


    2 ore fa

    If you gotta fix, fix! If you gotta patch, patch!

  88. TheYazi


    2 ore fa

    Already had so much respect for CDPR prior to this (some personal affiliation but mostly from games) and my respect has only grown since Cyberpunk launch, they've shown they're not like most other companies when it comes to fan feedback. Wish my skills were good enough to work there lol

  89. Deric Young

    Deric Young

    2 ore fa

    I have the console version and honestly its not that bad i still love the game

  90. Kenny


    2 ore fa

    Even if you fix the bugs, I think it will remain the same that the quality of the marketing video and the actual game itself are so different. You have also taken away the trust of users in return for aggressive marketing that is close to fraud and will pay for it.

    • Kenny


      Ora fa

      @How About a round of gwent? I agree with your opinion that there are still many advantages and things to enjoy. However, I think even that advantage is almost false compared to the contents of marketing. :')

    • How About a round of gwent?

      How About a round of gwent?

      2 ore fa

      well they did not take mine cuz i enjoyed it but i understand ur opinion

  91. Docherty 04

    Docherty 04

    2 ore fa

    I didn’t pre order because there was no next gen version. And I definitely made the right choice

  92. Valenle Valenle

    Valenle Valenle

    2 ore fa

    Thank you for this heartfelt apology. I will still support this game and look forward to the DLC's when they launch. It means a lot that you released this message. Thank you for trying to make it right.

  93. Cody Greene

    Cody Greene

    2 ore fa

    It’ll be cool if we eventually get a playable version. I got it on One X before all the backlash and I immediately noticed something was wrong. The first part in the game where they let you free into the city, the frame rate dropped right the fuck off and the texture pop ins were really bad. Shit was nauseating and I haven’t touched it since.

  94. Cranmaia Neko

    Cranmaia Neko

    2 ore fa

    when 80% discount on steam?

  95. Maddiee K

    Maddiee K

    2 ore fa

    Start with more clothes and customization 👀👀

  96. AgresiV 216

    AgresiV 216

    2 ore fa

    bethesda would say it was meant to be and won't apolgyse

  97. Fabio


    2 ore fa


  98. garciazzv


    2 ore fa

    just fix the fucking game

    • How About a round of gwent?

      How About a round of gwent?

      2 ore fa


  99. wallace1723


    2 ore fa

    Now is not the time for this. Fix it, then apologize. Or don't. I accept actions not words.

  100. Ulieq


    2 ore fa

    Your game is a joke for 7 yrs of work

    • How About a round of gwent?

      How About a round of gwent?

      2 ore fa

      4* but still

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