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Colette's Backstory [Brawl Stars] Ticking Meme

Please tell me Colette and Edgar aren't related or I will cry.
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Original meme by Alaskan Cat
Tin - Ticking
Colette's Backstory:
So basically Colette grew up in an orphanage. She was bullied a lot as a child because she is "different" from other kids. She was different because there was always something missing in her. Mostly she wasn't happy. She wasn't even sad. She couldn't manage her emotions. Nobody knew what she was thinking. So the other kids excluded her. The other kids were watching a live broadcast on TV about "Which team will be the new Brawl Stars champion." Colette noticed the live broadcast about "Brawl Stars champions" and everything changed. She was very impressed by the way everyone fought. Piper and Spike were her's first favorite brawlers. She was so excited to get out of the orphanage and meet everyone. There was no emptiness in her anymore. She is mostly happy and she can feel her emotions. Colette leaves the orphanage at the age of 18 and goes to meet her heroes. She is very happy to meet the Brawl stars characters. Except for her bad days at the orphanage, she is now very happy in Brawl Stars. After meeting Edgar, everything changes again.
you know what this means (¬‿¬)
Characters in this video:
Colette, Spike, Piper, Mortis, Bibi, Shelly, Bull, Crow, Leon, Emz, Poco, Brock, Tara, Edgar // Belongs to Brawl Stars- Supercell
that annoying kids from the beginning and Rui (my Brawl Stars OC) // belong to me
Art & Animation made by me
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