Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights from Chelsea's Premier League home match against Manchester United.
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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.


  1. Egidi Mwananjela

    Egidi Mwananjela

    4 giorni fa


  2. KingStickYT


    8 giorni fa

    Nobody: Where is the intro??

  3. David 27

    David 27

    9 giorni fa


  4. Nabi Isa

    Nabi Isa

    Mese fa

    EPL got under score?😜😜😜😜

  5. Enexco Comedy Palace

    Enexco Comedy Palace

    Mese fa

    Manchester United remember, this is not the Chelsea of yesterday

  6. JSpurz


    Mese fa

    Pleaseee add different background music

  7. Aaron Whittington

    Aaron Whittington

    Mese fa

    No VAr Goals for Manchester United today ol

  8. ชีวิต ยังมีแรงซั่ม

    ชีวิต ยังมีแรงซั่ม

    Mese fa

    What is the name of the clip?

  9. djsorondo Gh

    djsorondo Gh

    Mese fa

    United Forever

  10. Steve N

    Steve N

    Mese fa

    Using the word highlights is a bit rich, don't you think

  11. Ali Babar

    Ali Babar

    Mese fa

    Based on chances,Chelsea should have won 3-1.

  12. anita yulidar

    anita yulidar

    Mese fa

    Var Is Broken

  13. Ezra


    Mese fa

    It should've been a penalty for man utd 😡

  14. Ayodele Samuel Adepitan Esq.

    Ayodele Samuel Adepitan Esq.

    Mese fa

    Great performance

    • Mark Moss

      Mark Moss

      Mese fa


  15. YowFlex


    Mese fa


  16. Aurimas Aldakauskas

    Aurimas Aldakauskas

    Mese fa

    1:21 im the only one noticing greenwood said F off?

  17. Budi Marwoto

    Budi Marwoto

    Mese fa


  18. Adam Lynch

    Adam Lynch

    Mese fa

    This is not a Premier League football match. This is part of a 'private league'. Personally, I find it absolutely disgusting that any professional sports are allowed to continue. You might ask yourself "Why are these games still taking place?" Well in my opinion, it's to distract you from all the horrific things that ate happening in your country! No fans = Private league = No interest😉

  19. DeV0


    Mese fa


  20. xCaptxCrunchx


    Mese fa

    Please don't post the score on the Thumbnails in the Future PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jadon Fuad7

    Jadon Fuad7

    Mese fa

    Clean sheet👍

  22. Ezekiel Nduli

    Ezekiel Nduli

    Mese fa

    Looking at the handball incident again, I can see that Greenwood intentionally tried to flick Hudson-Odoi's hand against the ball. If the ref considered that then Utd fans claiming that it was unfair should take it easy. I'm a Utd fan.

  23. Sulejman DJ

    Sulejman DJ

    Mese fa

    Love u Chelsea ❤🌹

  24. W 3 4 K

    W 3 4 K

    Mese fa

    Just my dream tactics 😬 Pulisic Werner Chilwell Ziyech Odoi Havertz Gilmour Rudiger Christensen Kante Mandy

  25. NOOPIK


    Mese fa

    Greetings, I am Brazilian and a big fan of English football, Chelsea is my favorite team I have been following the blues since 2011 😃🇧🇷🔵🔵

  26. Fcom YT

    Fcom YT

    Mese fa

    Match Trash and boring

  27. Sean Hunt

    Sean Hunt

    Mese fa

    What about the penalty that never was? Bloody refs and Jurgen Klopp have stalled United´s momentum.

  28. Timothy Wanjohi

    Timothy Wanjohi

    Mese fa

    We need to better in decision making in the opposition box, we are veeery poor in attack...shoot the freaking ball mates, no one will hate you for actually having a go!

  29. Ariz Kamal

    Ariz Kamal

    Mese fa

    What you mean no penalty. Obviously it's not, greenwood' is hand led to odoi's hand. Then why would it.

  30. Timothy Wanjohi

    Timothy Wanjohi

    Mese fa

    Werner is too predictable!a defender always knows he is angling to shoot with his left foot, never cuts in, he needs to cut in more and shoot...not just sprinting to the byline to deliver crosses or trying to shoot from difficult angles...

  31. Repeat Again

    Repeat Again

    Mese fa

    Klo mount oper k Giroud peluang gol lebih besar

  32. Saint Tongpha

    Saint Tongpha

    Mese fa

    Need real good striker....the forwarders not bad but no finish n closing....

  33. Kunal Patil

    Kunal Patil

    Mese fa

    If var can use Intel truview cameras for decision it would be a good one

  34. aGuUU27


    Mese fa

    We were damn brilliant in midfield. Won about 75% of loose balls and tackles.

  35. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Mese fa


  36. Murphy moe

    Murphy moe

    Mese fa

    Bruno is getting frustrated with no C.F. and no forwards good enough

  37. Bigstanz Gakuhangwa

    Bigstanz Gakuhangwa

    Mese fa

    Wow you really did a great job atleast thr is a good improvement

  38. The amazing Luxray gamer

    The amazing Luxray gamer

    Mese fa

    Error highlights.exe is not responding

  39. RGB 21

    RGB 21

    Mese fa


  40. After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.

    After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.

    Mese fa

    What Title race? Manchester United were never in a Title race. The only ambition this season was to knock the Scousers off their perch. Mission accomplished.

    • michael chesney

      michael chesney

      Mese fa

      Lol but you cant reach the perch

  41. Mubaraq Sanni

    Mubaraq Sanni

    Mese fa

    This game also showed how good Mason is

  42. Aaron Githegi

    Aaron Githegi

    Mese fa

    Tuchel is clearly choosing results/ solid defensively over fluid attack, people need to calm down. Man knows we need top 4. Get the results and then next year we can go for real. You can tell just by how he manages the matches it’s what he’s doing. Hooking players, the 3 atb formation, he’s going for results. Especially with the amount of games that’s been thrown at him. He’s still learning about his players. By next year we’ll be attacking with such ferocity.

  43. josh,jorge,david,josh


    Mese fa

    Most boring 0-0 draws I've ever seen in my life.

  44. Bleu Sky

    Bleu Sky

    Mese fa

    I believe Hakim did great he needs more play time more chances to adopt Hakim such a world class player, Tuchel please count on Hakim to creat chances not to score and believe me he will do that just fine.



    Mese fa

    Even the commentators were surprised that the penalty was not given



    Mese fa




    Mese fa

    we were dominate

  48. Johnny Esmond

    Johnny Esmond

    Mese fa

    whats handball?



    Mese fa


  50. Daniel Blake-Morris

    Daniel Blake-Morris

    Mese fa

    Come on you blues! Top 4 is ours

  51. Seftiadi Hermawan

    Seftiadi Hermawan

    Mese fa

    very good game👍.. although it must share the same points

  52. betta Anwar

    betta Anwar

    Mese fa

    Sungguh di syang chelse tak bisa menang.....

  53. Ball


    Mese fa

    Love backsound

  54. Diversity


    Mese fa

    hue hue brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  55. MOD Beat

    MOD Beat

    Mese fa

    definitely handball by greenwood

  56. Makari Kevin

    Makari Kevin

    Mese fa

    Liverpool is weaker, 3 points on Thursday

  57. Bright Takyi

    Bright Takyi

    Mese fa

    Chelsea has become dangerous

  58. Shadel Lord

    Shadel Lord

    Mese fa

    One question masin mount can help shoot with his left?....why every shot is his right foot

  59. Alfred Kerini

    Alfred Kerini

    Mese fa


  60. Mr Boss

    Mr Boss

    Mese fa

    good job chelsea good kob tuchel

  61. Adi Pardita

    Adi Pardita

    Mese fa


  62. Brad Muema

    Brad Muema

    Mese fa

    That was a Pen

  63. Fathia Maalin

    Fathia Maalin

    Mese fa

    "This was the most boring 90 minutes of my life"- Random guy from internet

  64. cool buddy

    cool buddy

    Mese fa

    Everyone played very well. Unlucky, we didn't get a goal but I'm happy with the results. KTBFFH .

  65. AT 11

    AT 11

    Mese fa

    Tooooop Ziyach💯

  66. Zim Car Dealers

    Zim Car Dealers

    Mese fa

    Tuchel saved us from talkertive manchester united fans

  67. Ikhsan Jihadi Putra

    Ikhsan Jihadi Putra

    Mese fa


  68. Cheung CT

    Cheung CT

    Mese fa

    The blues is lucky to have one point! Chance doesn’t matter!

  69. Lil Capricorn

    Lil Capricorn

    Mese fa

    Let's go Chelsea...A draw is better than a lost💪💯💖

  70. Have That

    Have That

    Mese fa

    As always only Mount dares to go upfront against opponent defence....the rest waiting for loose ball to shoot but missed. We need more physical players

  71. Angel Tompa

    Angel Tompa

    Mese fa

    The curvy part arthroscopically gather because nancy successfully obtain among a wacky path. unbecoming, knotty psychiatrist

  72. Bagas Alfaturrahman

    Bagas Alfaturrahman

    Mese fa

    So close Giroud

  73. Falha Pranto

    Falha Pranto

    Mese fa

    Weak Manutd

  74. PeTro


    Mese fa


  75. CFC Hazard

    CFC Hazard

    Mese fa

    Boring as f*ck that match certainly won’t go down in history books.

  76. Hemant Magar

    Hemant Magar

    Mese fa

    Compison geme

  77. Leader Moyo

    Leader Moyo

    Mese fa

    Christensen was playing like a captain # well improved Blues and thanks to coach for improving our team every player is now super dangerous (keep on going Blues)

  78. fallou Galas Niang Mané

    fallou Galas Niang Mané

    Mese fa

    Edouard mendy 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳

  79. Suhendi Al Rescha

    Suhendi Al Rescha

    Mese fa

    Jorginho not starter, , , bad game

  80. eagle


    Mese fa

    تعبان دوريكم بس سلتيك ورينجرز في الدوري غيره مافيه مستوى

  81. Yahya Jamaoui

    Yahya Jamaoui

    Mese fa


  82. Lokmane DJEBBAR

    Lokmane DJEBBAR

    Mese fa

    I still don't understand why TT got Geroud out at 70 minutes than he started to play long balls.

    • Nnamdi Okwuosa

      Nnamdi Okwuosa

      Mese fa

      Giroud was bad in the game

    • Kilua


      Mese fa

      Fresh legs + maybe Pulisic could make an impact. Thats what I think

  83. LP Arena

    LP Arena

    Mese fa

    That was the most boring game I’ve ever watched

    • CFC Hazard

      CFC Hazard

      Mese fa

      I second that.

  84. Sergent William

    Sergent William

    Mese fa

    We need more from Ziyech....

  85. Tomáš Juřica

    Tomáš Juřica

    Mese fa

    Extrem big up for De Gea fore helping giroud :)

  86. Adi Malu

    Adi Malu

    Mese fa

    Okay let's forget about the game and talk about our players... Marcos Alonso And Ben Chilwel Whose better...

    • Adi Malu

      Adi Malu

      Mese fa

      @Danial Ramli Yeah that's what I said to myself... that's y i want to know the option of the other fans..

    • Danial Ramli

      Danial Ramli

      Mese fa

      of course Chilwell. The way he played yesterday, shows that he deserve to start a next game.

  87. RzdrxPlayz


    Mese fa

    That wasn't a penalty..

  88. ian jimmy

    ian jimmy

    Mese fa

    mason mount what a player

  89. Chelsea 4 life

    Chelsea 4 life

    Mese fa

    Need to be more clinical but have to keep our heads high 💪

  90. Blue Monster Gaming

    Blue Monster Gaming

    Mese fa

    A draw is a ok result

  91. Favian


    Mese fa

    It should be a penalty

    • Dez


      Mese fa

      @Favian I get what you're saying, but I still personally wouldn't want to see _those_ sorts of decisions given.

    • Favian


      Mese fa

      @Dez if me I will said purposely because he don't want to let Greenwood get the ball so he quickly push away the ball by using his hands

    • Dez


      Mese fa

      @Favian I wouldn't say he did it purposefully, but it does look like it touches his hand first, you're right. I feel like those decisions shouldn't be given though, seems a bit ludicrous - if any team had that given as a handball against them, I'd feel quite sorry for them.

    • Favian


      Mese fa

      @Dez but obviously touch hudson oi hand right he did it purposely (this is my suggestion) if I'm wrong u can tell me

    • Dez


      Mese fa

      Maybe under the letter of the law it should be, but it definitely hit Greenwood's arm as well. And plus you can't deny that we've be screwed by United quite a few times where controversial decisions haven't gone our way.

  92. Salaad Soomaali

    Salaad Soomaali

    Mese fa

    Boring game

  93. Tommy He

    Tommy He

    Mese fa

    Are Chelsea lacking firepower under Tuchel? definitely not, Hazard carried Chelsea hard for the past years.......

  94. Agiel Priambodo

    Agiel Priambodo

    Mese fa

    If mount use left foot, Will be diffrent result

  95. Maduka Austin

    Maduka Austin

    Mese fa

    CHO is being given good playing time, he needs to utilize it with a good end product, so far no too good from him

  96. Shubhankur Sharma

    Shubhankur Sharma

    Mese fa

    Penandes disappeared as usual

  97. Alzsxtr 10

    Alzsxtr 10

    Mese fa

    manu alnost won yall chelsea are so lucky

  98. Biswas Chhetri

    Biswas Chhetri

    Mese fa

    Whats the background music name

  99. JUST !

    JUST !

    Mese fa

    Not good enough. Ziyech should never start again. Missed one of the biggest chances of the game. CHO was taken off for injury but hopefully he will play against Liverpool bc we need him,

    • Yassine El Ajjouri

      Yassine El Ajjouri

      Mese fa

      Giroud, Werner missed the best chances. Yet you think Ziyech shouldn't start. 0 knowledge about football.

    • ismail achabi

      ismail achabi

      Mese fa


  100. Garry Galloway

    Garry Galloway

    Mese fa

    It was cringeworthy watching Chelsea trying to play the ball out from defence. Mendy may be better than Arrizabalaga at shot stopping but he is terrible with his feet

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