Can police brutality in Nigeria be stopped? | Inside Story

Stop killing us.
That's the demand made by thousands of Nigerians protesting against police brutality.
The notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, that's accused of abuses, has been disbanded.
And President Muhammadu Buhari is promising extensive police reform.
But protesters say previous efforts to overhaul the police forces weren't fulfiled.
And they'll keep up pressure on Buhari to take more action.
Pledges to stop using force against protesters and the unconditional release of those detained among them, hasn't ended the anger.
Amensty international says at least 10 people were killed in protests.
SARS is now disbanded
But is that enough?
Obianuju Iloanya, one of the activists for the hashtag End Sars movement. Obianuju also lost her brother police brutality in 2012.
Ini Dele-Adedeji, research fellow at the University of Edinburgh Center for African Studies.
Anietie Ewang, Nigeria Researcher for Human Rights Watch.

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  2. Black Star Sapphire

    Black Star Sapphire

    6 giorni fa

    Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and this is the worst government Nigeria has ever had

  3. jacqueline walker-57

    jacqueline walker-57

    17 giorni fa

    THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTY NEED TO STOP- IF PEOPLE DON'T PAY TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT THEN THE WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE WANT NOT HAPPEN. War is base on money and weapons- so if the people had the weapons to protect theirself and the money to have their own police force than the government will think twice about attacking the people.

  4. andre swanson

    andre swanson

    18 giorni fa

    The people cannot see so many cannot see. The mastery of the orchestra.

  5. andre swanson

    andre swanson

    18 giorni fa

    When I think about the protest they just haven't gotten to the point where there will be any change.

  6. Cadillac Tah

    Cadillac Tah

    19 giorni fa

    Police brutality can end in Nigeria, that's after the British government let Biafra go.

  7. Jacqueline Spencer

    Jacqueline Spencer

    20 giorni fa

    Genocide to there own citizens Worldwide ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝️☝️☝🏻✍🏽👀☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀💀💀☠️

  8. Hfb Hju

    Hfb Hju

    22 giorni fa

    Police criminality can never stop in Nigeria until Police IG is force to resign and competent police IG take over.

  9. Bando Savior

    Bando Savior

    23 giorni fa

    banning copral punishment in nigeria is the only way to deal with the issue of brutality. make it illegal for parents, teacher, police , army or any one from assaulting any citizen regardless of society status. not even a criminal that has been convicted should be assaulted except only during apprehension of an active violent criminal. once such laws can be implemented then citizens and victims can start healing from pain, and also it will create an atmosphere of civil discuss instead of fighting all the time. let peace reign

  10. Azaiah Yahudah Israel

    Azaiah Yahudah Israel

    25 giorni fa

    This is why we need our own land Yahudah Aka.Judah it's time to wake up the whole time the bible is our identity and our way of life read it for yourself and see the children of Yisrael that's us Brothas and sistas we are them descended from Abraham Isaac Jacob/Israel we need to learn how it was before follow a gentile lifestyle u must repent and ask Elohim of Yisrael to help us all learn the laws that's only given to us deuteronomy ch 6-ch7



    27 giorni fa

    God bless the people of Nigeria 🙌

  12. Sayno To Abortion

    Sayno To Abortion

    28 giorni fa

    Buhari should speak the Nigerians want to know if he is a dead leader or not

  13. Angelina beauty

    Angelina beauty

    29 giorni fa

    Nageria 😭😭😭 government is so heartless I pray for peace in negeria Land 🙏🙏God will hear ur crying one love from Ghana

  14. Philip Aloha

    Philip Aloha

    29 giorni fa

    The police will not be decentralized because the Fulanis/Hausas want to have total control of every department in the country. Thats why till today, they can bring someone from the North to be Commissioner of Police in the South, in a state where he/she is a total stranger. Policing has to be community based where the chief of police in that community feels connected to the people. Dont bring a stranger to police a city he has no connection with, he/she will brutalize the people. A true federalism is needed to minimize this situation.

  15. Bash Robbie

    Bash Robbie

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    Christie Owens

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    Jamie Dre

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  18. Success Ibiang

    Success Ibiang

    29 giorni fa

    No Angel from Heaven will live in Nigeria for two days and still be the Holy Saint He use to Be Nigeria is One of the most Corrupt Country with a Toxic Corrupt Personalities called Politicians Governing that Nation, as far as you have the Money you can match on the head's of the less privilege

  19. Modupe Ajose

    Modupe Ajose

    Mese fa

    One leader said that the police force in Nigeria needs to be disbanded and retrained because they were trained under a colonial system that is archaic and out of date. As far as I'm concerned the whole nation needs reform. From the top to the bottom.

  20. Desmond Allah

    Desmond Allah

    Mese fa

    Nigeria government have promise us that they have ended SARS for good fourth times of fake promise, End Neo-colonization called Nigeria , in Biafra we will not create SARS ,we need Freedom to be free like Ethiopia Africa.

  21. Desmond Allah

    Desmond Allah

    Mese fa

    End British Neo-colonization called Nigeria and SARS will automatically end ,let the whole world know that we are Biafra Republic asking to end Nigeria ,we need just a referendum like Scot land did .

  22. Kwesi Njoku

    Kwesi Njoku

    Mese fa

    Ini Dele pauses whenever he speaks cause he trying too hard to sound British, y'all heard the way he said "Nigeria". "Niejarria"

    • Akinjide Sleek

      Akinjide Sleek

      29 giorni fa

      he wasn't "trying" to sound British, he lives in the U.K so he talks like that cos he lives around them.

  23. apotebill


    Mese fa

    When you have this new generation’s back against a wall, this is what you get. The closest thing to the devil is African leaders.

  24. Chilled Power - [HCR2]

    Chilled Power - [HCR2]

    Mese fa

    Nigeria will never get better,rather worse! as long as those evil, wicked senators and politicians are alive, Naija no go change!

  25. jim jimmy

    jim jimmy

    Mese fa

    There are things even worse than police brutality in Nigeria.

  26. Vera's World

    Vera's World

    Mese fa

    We need Revolution now, we are tried of their liars, and all Babylons Leaders who have been taking us for a ride since decades. We say no to injustices. We are taking our rights back. Enough of all these trash and madness going on

  27. Donahue Carter

    Donahue Carter

    Mese fa

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  28. Howard Osagie

    Howard Osagie

    Mese fa

    They are very, very correct this is long overdue.

  29. Jacqueline Whyte

    Jacqueline Whyte

    Mese fa

    There's no love within our nation. Black men were brutalized from slavery , it's a system that will forever exist within their hearts . Sad .

  30. Alfred Mujah Jimmy

    Alfred Mujah Jimmy

    Mese fa

    This shall also includes internet scams, please.



    Mese fa

    Stop attacking Nas Daily, stop propoganda against him.

  32. Marlon Davis

    Marlon Davis

    Mese fa

    It is just disgusting the way in which the government is treating its people. Smh

  33. Fab Knowledge Store

    Fab Knowledge Store

    Mese fa

    *Voice Of Reason to Nigerian Politicians* *My angry reaction earlier today on APC UK platform:* *Most of the Diasporans here live in Europe. Can you show me one multi-ethnic state in Europe where one group is positioned to dominate the rest that hasn't broken up?* *For those who may not know, what you call ethnic groups in Nigeria are called nations in Europe.* *There's nowhere in the world where the white man accepts domination from another white man in perpetuity.* *It used to be so under the Roman empire and the like. Not anymore. The Communists tried it, dividing society into capitalists and proletariats, deluding themselves that ethnicity is effectively swept under the carpet, but what followed? The Communist edifices in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and the big brother, USSR, all collapsed, while the two Germans that are ethnically the same but split by communism vs capitalism were reunited. Such is the power of ethnic nationalism.* *Czechoslovakia was made up of two ethnic groups, the Czech and the Slovakians. Both separated peacefully on 1st January 1993. The former is today 10.6 million people and the latter 5.4 million. Added together, they're not up to Lagos. Yet, they split for peace. Two masters can't be in the same house.* *Yugoslavia in 1991 was 23.2 million, barely more than Lagos population. It broke into six countries same year - all along ethnic lines, namely: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.* *Then the big brother, USSR. It had, at least, the following ethnic groups identified by their languages:* *Regional languages:* Ukrainian Belarusian Uzbek Kazakh Georgian Azerbaijani Lithuanian Moldavian Latvian Kyrgyz Tajik Armenian Turkmen Estonian Minority languages: Abkhaz Bashkir Buryat Chechen Finnish Volga German Korean Ossetian Tatar & various others. *Today, your fingers will not be enough to count the number of countries that have emerged from the USSR.* *Sit down there and be preaching unity in Nigeria as if you're the kindest gentleman on earth while you have no solution to the genocide in Southern Kaduna, the illegal but officially condoned arms in the hands of killer herdsmen roaming the country, and be condemning those better informed about the fact that the country is undergoing the strains of a forced union and should be peacefully restructured or let people go their separate ways.* *In Europe, the two best examples of fairly stable multi-ethnic states are the UK and Switzerland. The former is led by reasonable men who permitted regional autonomy to the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh, while the English dominate Westminster. That's something some of us are asking for, but you're fighting against it in your own country wracked by ethnic crisis. Your own people are better off under oppression of fellow black men because your people have bad leaders who can't do better than their new internal colonisers.* *The latter country, Switzerland, has four ethnic groups. Each of them rotates the presidency annually through seven cantons that constitute the federation units. All the four languages of the four ethnic groups are recognized as official languages and school languages to boot, namely, German, French, Italian, and Romansch that has just a few thousand speakers!* *There's nowhere in the world where the Caucasians allow the domination of their group by another.* *In Canada, Quebec is the only full French-speaking province, aside a little section of New Brunswick. The other seven provincesare English-speaking. Yet, Canada is bilingual for the sake of Quebec! And each of the provinces is largely self-governing.* *Here we are in Nigeria, you have people arguing vehemently that a decrepit, structurally-flawed, and crisis-prone artificial contraption badly configured by the British only needs good people to survive. Why not centralise the powers of the British regions to London and see what happens?* *My Conclusion:* *When many commentators read and repost or share your articles with many of their friends and contacts, they do so because they want others to learn.* *I share this article with that mindset and so should you.* *I rest my case.* *Dr. Wumi Akintide.*

  34. Stephen Okyere

    Stephen Okyere

    Mese fa

    Knowing the right way on as government, citizens and human , the you chose not to way on the right way or path is the problem of the Nigerians people in the world. If karma is a b*tch it has caught up on them in their own country. Nigerians should renew their minds and attitude towards life until they understand the problem we are Know as a fact their country will be relegated at the of communities of Nations. The whole country and it people has to change this their chance now.

  35. Denise Morris

    Denise Morris

    Mese fa

    Young people living in compounds people no privacy it's got to stop no jobs money electricity cant have 2 meals a day bet the government eating well big swimming pool what about there human rights for God sake help Nigeria

  36. Dozie Roberts

    Dozie Roberts

    Mese fa

    Advanced countries like the US, UK, Canada, Europe should place a ban on all Nigerian politicians and their families. Confiscate all their properties in US and UK and make sure they are trapped in Nigeria to face the monsters they created in the youths.

  37. Patrice Diadhiou

    Patrice Diadhiou

    Mese fa

    Yes by doing to them the same things there are doing. Dont' give up.

  38. M Something

    M Something

    Mese fa

    They have a nice intro, how everything is folding ^^ I think it's cute

  39. Pharaoh Akhenaten

    Pharaoh Akhenaten

    Mese fa

    Nigerian government is the virus that created this level of corruption.

  40. rom


    Mese fa

    In pre-pandemic times, societies around the world are already stressed by inequality. Workers are paid low wages and hardly able to keep up with mounting bills. Add to that the injustices inflicted by governments in various forms. Protests and strikes are simmering and sometimes breaking out. Then the pandemic hit. Jobs are lost. People lose their income. People who have been containing their anger and dissatisfaction with government protest. That is the reason. Had the pandemic hit a year earlier, the protest you are seeing would have arrived in 2019. It was the pandemic that pushed the crisis of world capitalism over the edge. There is no mystery about the year 2020.

  41. rom


    Mese fa

    All humans have equal rights to life; a productive, healthy... physically and mentally, culturally satisfying and even leisurely life. All humans, no exception. Society should be organized around achieving this goal. The engine of society, the means by which it provides for the needs of its human members, is the mode of production. When the mode of production is aimed at maximizing private profit, all the needs of society cannot be met. A majority of the humans' needs in the society are sacrificed. A very tiny minority, 1%, takes the bulk of the product and the rest divide up the remainder in ever decreasing fractions.

  42. lO Ol

    lO Ol

    Mese fa

    Now they just need to demonstrate to improve the distribution of income, and dignity for everyone ...😲🤥 They could enjoy the success and move on. External forces may have taken advantage.. 🛢️🛢️🛢️🛢️🛢️⛽ The government gives in wherever it wants.🤔

  43. Owen Mechal

    Owen Mechal

    Mese fa

    I am a foreigner who has lived in Nigeria for ten years. The Nigerian government is the most corrupt government I have ever seen. As long as you give money, you can do everything.

    • maria mutu

      maria mutu

      Mese fa

      Owen Mechal and Kenya is the sister

    • dabota Buowari

      dabota Buowari

      Mese fa

      It's so sad

    • Owen Mechal

      Owen Mechal

      Mese fa

      @Richy Nwaehi EU

    • Richy Nwaehi

      Richy Nwaehi

      Mese fa

      Where u from brother?

  44. rom


    Mese fa

    List of killings by law enforcement forces by country (wiki) in one year, top ten: Brazil--5,804 Venezuela--5,287 Philippines--3,451 India--1,731 Syria--1,497 United States--1,146 Nigeria--841 El Salvador--609 Afghanistan--606 Pakistan--485 . Recorded in years respectively 2019, 2018, 2016-2017, 2019, 2019, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2018, 2017.

    • Ross Michael

      Ross Michael

      Mese fa

      By the number of people in a country, Venezuela is Number 1.then the Philippines, Jamaica should be on that list.

  45. Ella Pingree

    Ella Pingree

    Mese fa

    human rights

  46. John Koffi

    John Koffi

    Mese fa

    Democracy is failing all around the world

    • khawla


      Mese fa

      Because it never existed, it was always a myth. Many good books on this issue ;)

  47. Will Archer

    Will Archer

    Mese fa

    If the Nigerian government uses S.W.A.T. as just another form of S.A.R.S. then all they have done is tarnish the good name of S.W.A.T. with something that is wholly evil and corrupt. I am a 55 year old American born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. A very rough neighborhood of back then of a majority demographic population of Chicano residents and gang ridden streets. I remember as a little boy watching on live television the police raid of a house occupied by the SLA in South Central, Just a few miles from where we lived. The SLA were a small but highly dangerous anti-government group with the sole purpose of overtaking the U.S. government by means of instigating and initiating a race war pitting Blacks against Hispanic and White people. They funded their group through armed robbery of banks and financial institutions which is what brought them to the attention of the LAPD and local FBI offices in Los Angeles County and in Washington D.C. During the early morning raid a shootout ensued and it was quickly determined that the LAPD were outgunned. The SLA were using A.K.47 military assault rifles, pump action shotguns and small arms of various calibers. Months later, Chief of police Darrell Gates clearly understood that they needed to create a specialized police unit to assist in highly dangerous situations such as the SLA shootout. He came up with the idea and created the first ever special unit to work along the police only in those situations that called for reinforcements in high profile confrontations. He came with the name Special Weapons and Tactics or S.W.A.T. This group served us well in the future. In the West Hollywood shootout at a Bank of America robbery they were able to assist in the take down of two suspects dressed in full body military grade Kevlar gear armed with AK47s and a trunk full of ammunition. That is just one example of the effective use of this unit. Since that time of inception the unit was highly requested around the nation and eventually its good reputation spread globally. There is a point to this long history lesson and that if the Nigerian government is to use this respectable unit to further abuse it's own citizens in the same manner in which SARS was used to oppress them then this will not be looked upon favorably with other nations that has adopted this unit as part of their of own law enforcement agencies, especially here in the U.S. I stand with the people of Lagos City. My wife and three children are currently in the midst of this mess and in the crossfire. They are holed up in their apt shaking and scared of the madness just outside their door, in danger of losing their lives due to stray bullets.

    • Dozie Roberts

      Dozie Roberts

      Mese fa

      Advanced countries like the US, UK, Canada, Europe should place a ban on all Nigerian politicians and their families. Confiscate all their properties in US and UK and make sure they are trapped in Nigeria to face the monsters they created in the youths. This is one of the ways the world can help.

  48. codi ograh

    codi ograh

    Mese fa

    Our president and our leaders are all evil and Wicked they have put us in bondage for long time. They should stop killing us they bloodsuckers

  49. Schisz Collinsz

    Schisz Collinsz

    Mese fa


  50. Matteos Rafael Negus Istafanos

    Matteos Rafael Negus Istafanos

    Mese fa

    It is not police brutality it is authoritarian installed african leaders who use uneducated village african human resource as a buffer shield class to tame and keep african working class in third World salary slavechains and maintain White western privilege ruling class socioeconomic status of this World 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷👮🏾👮🏾👮🏾👮🏾👮🏾👮🏾👮🏽‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 police and soldiers have same job in Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya and South Sudan👍🏽 police = KKK

  51. Mugysha Dickson

    Mugysha Dickson

    Mese fa

    This brutality is funded. Black people are not killers. Someone wants you to forget what happens in the west.

  52. nickaidiRAS


    Mese fa

    i wish i could do something beyond my prayers to help :(

  53. Callisto813


    Mese fa

    Wow,the European influence is something amplified to the maximum. They got a lot of black people hating and killing themselves across the globe. It's a sad-sad world for black folks.

    • patrisio3


      Mese fa

      Tribal warfare was going on in sub-Sahara Africa before Europeans even knew it existed.

  54. Rinaye Ray Mahafha

    Rinaye Ray Mahafha

    Mese fa

    The politicians have used the nigerian masses to demolish the country and unfortunately many people have left de country and those who are left are starting to show their anger

  55. Sunday Eje

    Sunday Eje

    Mese fa

    Must of this bad police and solders are from the North they don't go to school but they take the highest office in Nigeria, even the president incompetence if you're fulani and Hausa nothing for you. He only appoint his brother in every office because he is planning evil

  56. 허틀리리노아


    Mese fa


  57. Bellazme


    Mese fa

    Brutality in Nigeria is rampant and so is criminality. It's time they stopped the rampant criminality in Nigeria..then go after the police.

  58. Maria Vos

    Maria Vos

    Mese fa

    its time for change ! nigiria is 1 off the richest country in the world and the people have zero ! time for change and make someone president that realy wants to help the people

  59. Jay


    Mese fa

    Police brutality in Nigeria is the outgrowth of an entrenched system of corruption at EVERY level of government as well as constant interference from western and eastern civilizations trying to exploit and foster that system. As long as USA, China, and Russia have vested interests in African economies, and Nigerian to be particular, there's only so much peaceful protests can do. If things are going to be turned on its head, expect more blood to be shed.

  60. Kelvin Quinn

    Kelvin Quinn

    Mese fa

    The Most High’s children against the devil’s children’s 😇vs 👹👺

  61. JK Bibi4joy

    JK Bibi4joy

    Mese fa

    Where is our President... The silicon in Aso Rock is not Our President Who order camera remove, power/electricity off Who bring ammunition and soldiers to Lagos Who is paying all those thugs in Abuja Who give prisoners freedom in Edo, where are the security, how can a prisoners wear belts, ipod, headset, d rag, chain, coming out with bags, fresh cut, letest clothes and granting interview

  62. mozac s

    mozac s

    Mese fa

    SARS is full of bocaharams

  63. Basit Adebayo

    Basit Adebayo

    Mese fa

    When a country his the richest country in africa and his citizen cannot benefit from it. That country need a bigger change... bad government.

  64. Good clems win IMALEDO

    Good clems win IMALEDO

    Mese fa

    NIGERIA has become Bloodly,over years no respect young generation

  65. Good clems win IMALEDO

    Good clems win IMALEDO

    Mese fa

    Nigeria be divided because good Government Nigeria has become an ANIMAL FARM

  66. Think Smart UK

    Think Smart UK

    Mese fa

    Disolve Nigeria and let people govern their own people. Yoruba Nation 👍👍👍

  67. Panda View

    Panda View

    Mese fa

    Ahhhh soon black police killing black protesters..... so is this RACISM?! NO IDIOTS WHO ONLY WATCH CNN!! SKIN colour is irrelevant its about tyrants and power to the wrong people not the wrong colour!

  68. Carolyne Rael Mayende

    Carolyne Rael Mayende

    Mese fa

    My brothers and sisters I'm in. KENYA

  69. Chika Njoku

    Chika Njoku

    Mese fa

    In whatever way we want to look at it. People and their voices are the 'Game-Changers' not the government. The people voted the government into office. The same people will vote the same government out of office by any means necessary. The people are the ones with the mandate, in other words 'POWER' it is all about the 'PEOPLE' pure and simple. - Chika Njoku.

  70. Realist ForReal

    Realist ForReal

    Mese fa

    The number of people killed just last night is more than 100.

  71. The Shooter's Bay-Guns&talk

    The Shooter's Bay-Guns&talk

    Mese fa

    Send in the UN to eliminate the African leadership

  72. Olawale Korodo

    Olawale Korodo

    Mese fa

    Please can we request that the president of Nigeria address the citizens .....we need him to talk!

  73. Tom Hawkins

    Tom Hawkins

    Mese fa

    Any politician should be stopped from entering any foreign country! either via commercial or private jet period. The should return to their country to face what they have done

  74. He llO

    He llO

    Mese fa

    Nigerian politicians are not law abiding people, they violate laws, imagine sometime ago a senator beats up a woman on several occasions, they steal our money after being the highest paid in the world yet they are con contented with their salaries, they all need to step down from their various offices after facing the law

  75. becomemak emm

    becomemak emm

    Mese fa

    It sounds like Chinas failed experiment in USA is working in Nigeria

  76. Eazy


    Mese fa

    Where's black lives matter at? Oh, never mind.

  77. jamie anderson

    jamie anderson

    Mese fa


  78. Rafael Atienza

    Rafael Atienza

    Mese fa

    They need national police Also police academy to train all officers

    • GreaterThanGodLike


      Mese fa

      they do..its just corrupt

  79. jimmy


    Mese fa

    police killing people but if this was white police officers everyone will be making a big deal out of it because it doesn’t fit the narratives of the government once a white guy or a white cop kills a black guy its racially motivated

    • Rita Campbellrita

      Rita Campbellrita

      Mese fa

      Brutality is brutality,no matter who is involved black on black, white on black or white on white.

  80. Wise Teacher

    Wise Teacher

    Mese fa

    Thoughts and prayers from U.S.A. 🙏

  81. KittyBlues Pink Shoes

    KittyBlues Pink Shoes

    Mese fa

    Blk people standing in America causing blacks to wake up globally! Fight back all blacks globally!

  82. UBIK


    Mese fa

    Didn’t know they had white police in Nigeria, weird....

    • GreaterThanGodLike


      Mese fa

      that doesn't even make sense.

  83. King222


    Mese fa

    Stand up in fight back with weapons stop this picket sign bs 😠

  84. Jay Murthy

    Jay Murthy

    Mese fa

    In the US Reagan militarized the police in the 80s. I agree it's completely unnecessary

  85. Cruz Boston

    Cruz Boston

    Mese fa

    Let all countries ban government official ,place them on visas ban ,and all the military and police official and their familes

  86. Badmus Habeeb

    Badmus Habeeb

    Mese fa

    They just killed scores of protesters today by the government and the Army

  87. Mash-allah A

    Mash-allah A

    Mese fa

    The world needs to watch the news like Aljazeera and news like CNN fox news BBC news and other big large cooperation they only showing the world bad side to African nation.

  88. Lola Femme fatale

    Lola Femme fatale

    Mese fa

    It sad omg

  89. Joanna Yamah

    Joanna Yamah

    Mese fa

    The presenter said their names so beautifully and definitely did his checks

  90. Bamidele Braimoh

    Bamidele Braimoh

    Mese fa

    God will destroy Mohammadu Buhari and his immediate family. Useless President. Nonsense

  91. Eric Chidom

    Eric Chidom

    Mese fa

    Yes. If we all rise up against it. No matter how many of us they kill.

  92. Pebbles


    Mese fa

    Today, they killed protesters. Authorities came. Cut the CCTV camera off, turn the street lights off and then army opened fire on innocent peaceful protesters! Nigeria bleeds as I write! God would avenge all demonic politicians.

  93. Ademola Adesina

    Ademola Adesina

    Mese fa

    Wherever people are being governed by terrible leaders, law enforcement will also be terrible as it is in Nigeria.



    Mese fa

    Nigeria Government are killing Nigerians youth now... The United nations are not talking about it.... So sad 😅😅😅

  95. Braitkham Adetokun

    Braitkham Adetokun

    Mese fa

    End bad governance, Nigeria politicians are the most corrupt on earth people are dying of injustice, hunger, suffering and many bad incidents in Nigeria 'God help us'..

  96. Beta Pikin

    Beta Pikin

    Mese fa

    Help! The government has been shooting at unarmed protesters all day. Help, please!

  97. Beta Pikin

    Beta Pikin

    Mese fa

    Help! The government has been shooting at unarmed protesters all day. Help, please!

  98. felix Kelly

    felix Kelly

    Mese fa

    We need new Nigeria

  99. Cole Tanner

    Cole Tanner

    Mese fa

    We try to make it a racial issue in America but this proves it is not a racial issue

    • Cole Tanner

      Cole Tanner

      Mese fa

      @Leo Ola You are saying in America it is a racism issue but everywhere else in the world where police are sending it's citizens to the hospital it is a police brutality problem..I disagree. Black policeman can be brutal as white against black or white victim of police brutality. This is not a race issue it's police brutality power issue.

    • Leo Ola

      Leo Ola

      Mese fa

      It very much is a racial issue in America. Nigeria is only one country in the whole of Africa. The level of corruption seen in Nigeria far supersedes that of it's surrounding nations. Extreme police brutality isn't something which affects 'black' people living in Africa and abroad as a whole, it's specifically more of a Nigerian issue. And police brutality in America is completely racially motivated and is not the same thing as what is happening in Nigeria.

    • Nicole blue

      Nicole blue

      Mese fa

      In Africa it's about corruption and bad leadership in the west it's racism that's a fact

    • Zeeno the Inventor

      Zeeno the Inventor

      Mese fa

      @Cole Tanner ... Bruh

    • Cole Tanner

      Cole Tanner

      Mese fa

      @Zeeno the Inventor it's not about white me or Melting pot America. It's about Govs usurping the rights of their citizens. Look at lift a protest sign over any decision the Communist party makes and you disappear. Nigeria has a chance to change into one of the richest countries in Africa Nigerians equate success with corruption because of their government but I may be wrong, Nigeria needs to reject the Quran and embrace the Bible. They should look at all the Muslim nations and realize they don't want kings and princes and ultra rich and dirt poor like all these Muslim nations embrace the dictator type gov.

  100. alex ogua

    alex ogua

    Mese fa

    The lady with her baby is a hero, madam i commend you and that little cute baby of yours

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