BTS Dis-ease Lyrics (방탄소년단 병 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]

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Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
Track: Dis-ease (병)
Album: BE (Deluxe Edition)
Release : 2020.11.20
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21M -
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BTS Dis-ease
방탄소년단 Dis-ease
방탄소년단 Dis-ease 가사
방탄소년단 Dis-ease Lyrics
BTS Dis-ease 가사
BTS Dis-ease MV
BTS Dis-ease 뮤비
Dis-ease lyrics
Dis-ease 가사
BTS Dis-ease karaoke
BTS Dis-ease instrumental
BTS Dis-ease inst
병 노래방
병 뮤비

방탄소년단 병
병 가사
방탄소년단 병 가사
bts be deluxe edition
bts be album

비 디럭스 에디션
방탄 비 앨범
앨범 비
bts be
be lyrics
bts Life Goes On
bts Fly To My Room lyrics
bts Blue & Grey lyrics
bts Skit lyrics
bts Telepathy lyrics
bts Dis-ease lyrics
bts Stay lyrics
방탄소년단 Life Goes On 가사
방탄 라이프 고즈 온 가사
방탄소년단 내 방을 여행하는 법 가사
방탄 내 방을 여행하는 법 가사
방탄소년단 Blue & Grey 가사
방탄 블루 앤 그레이 가사
방탄소년단 skit 가사
방탄소년단 스킷 가사
방탄소년단 잠시 가사
방탄 잠시 가사
방탄소년단 stay 가사
방탄 스테이 가사
방탄소년단 병 가사
방탄 병 가사
bts dynamite
bts dynamite lyrics
방탄소년단 다이너마이트 가사
bts new song
bts new song lyrics
bts comeback
방탄 컴백
방탄 병
방탄 병 가사
방탄 신곡
방탄소년단 최신곡
다이나마이트 가사
방탄 병 가사
라이프 고스 온
라이프 고스 온 가사
bts lgo
lgo lyrics
bts lgo lyrics
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  1. Lemoring


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    Please listen to my music a lot, too :) It is helpful for operating this channel. 21M - Light Morning -

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      Pl mom

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  2. Bad Girl

    Bad Girl

    17 minuti fa

    Чёрт возьми это теперь моя любимая песня в исполнении бтс😍

  3. Nct's Johnny is the best

    Nct's Johnny is the best

    21 minuto fa

    2:50 that is my favorite part of the song

  4. Valeria Encinas

    Valeria Encinas

    46 minuti fa

    This is my favorite song from the album

  5. Raiyah


    Ora fa

    The day they perform this song live I might fall and die on the spot

  6. Md. Saiful Islam

    Md. Saiful Islam

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    Jungkook is so cute 😘😘

  7. Camila Gentili

    Camila Gentili

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    No, but guys 01:02 That’s perfect

  8. Zachery Roberts

    Zachery Roberts

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  9. adzmlndz


    3 ore fa

    Jins high note tho ... he went so high I’m shocked.. 3:30



    3 ore fa

    2:32 is jhope

  11. Zara Atif

    Zara Atif

    3 ore fa

    Can't wait for them to perform this song



    4 ore fa

    Why this song hit so hard?!

  13. JMRSJ


    5 ore fa

    BTS making ass shaking songs with depressed lyrics is a never ending saga

  14. Army BTS

    Army BTS

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    2:52 too 3:30 is my favorite part 🥺💜

  15. Dung Kim

    Dung Kim

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  16. mamimbool bebimbool

    mamimbool bebimbool

    6 ore fa

    So addicted to Jimin "ohhh" At 3:20

  17. MOON !

    MOON !

    7 ore fa

    3:52 Who was that?!!!! Damn!!!!!

  18. 재현-주제재현-주제


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    병 노래랩댄스좋아

  19. Madalsa kaushik

    Madalsa kaushik

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    2:51 Jikook 💜

  20. Lyana **_**

    Lyana **_**

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    Jhope created a masterpiece, and let's Just talk about his rap part is omg my heart..

  21. 김쩡댕


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    이노래로 댄스곡으로 나옴 대박칠꺼같은데.. 다이너마트처럼 신나요~^^ 딴 수록곡도 좋지만 7명이 다잘하네요 무대에서 이곡듣고싶네요 ㅎㅎ

  22. gacha girl11

    gacha girl11

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    2:51 😌💅

  23. junbbykoo


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    Hoseok's byeobbyeonbyeon is so addicting im in love

  24. 재현-주제재현-주제


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    병 노래랩댄스좋아

  25. Ayesha Nadeem

    Ayesha Nadeem

    11 ore fa

    Noone Literallly no one Me after hearing this song = ALL HYPED UP AND DANCING ON MY TOES AND SHOUTING AND YELLING DONT KNOW WHY

  26. Nurholiz Fadil

    Nurholiz Fadil

    12 ore fa

    High note jin 😍😍

  27. Molly Simon

    Molly Simon

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    i PRAY they preform this at MAMA

  28. 푱팡


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    이렇ㄱ 노래가 좋을수가 있나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ 정국님 목소리 진짜 조아염 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이것만 계속 들을래요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ💜💜

  29. noodles


    14 ore fa

    ah yes, the old bts is back

  30. Abbie Brown

    Abbie Brown

    15 ore fa

    Best song on BE no cap (don’t came at me this is just my opinion)

  31. It’s hufflepuff girl

    It’s hufflepuff girl

    18 ore fa

    I can relate to this song like-

  32. Chancery Vandervalk

    Chancery Vandervalk

    18 ore fa

    Me: everyone in Hopeworld BTS: we live in Hopeworld!

  33. Maria Shushoma

    Maria Shushoma

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    Min suga is the best rapper in the world 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Bangtan Baby

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    Bangtan just jumped into hope world😭✋

  35. elbihoe


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  36. Wendy


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    2:50 1:34 (don’t mind me, just a personal time stamps)

  37. Zainab Ramzan

    Zainab Ramzan

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    Army can we stream this more hard so it came to top in 100 hot charts 😉

  38. nazera


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    we went back to war of hormone days

  39. Sariann Hernandez

    Sariann Hernandez

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    My favorite song 💜💜

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    dummy pika

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  41. Spoiled Milk

    Spoiled Milk

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    I just realized 2 parts of the lyrics of from songs they already made that’s pretty cool

  42. taehyung partyyeah

    taehyung partyyeah

    22 ore fa

    suga’s rap always gives me goosebumps wow 😭💜

  43. Riddler Riddler

    Riddler Riddler

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  44. Otaku Shit

    Otaku Shit

    23 ore fa

    Taehyung's line :👻

  45. Ramandeep kaur

    Ramandeep kaur

    23 ore fa

    All are good no doubt but I loved jimin and Suga part more

  46. Peach.s1ut


    23 ore fa

    Idk but the only part i really love is "sick and tired, but i don't wanna mess up cuz life goes on through the fire.."

  47. Victoria Zhao

    Victoria Zhao

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    Rm fav song of BE

  48. SH S

    SH S

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  50. Asna Asna

    Asna Asna

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  51. Wren Bravo

    Wren Bravo

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    "Damn i fail" I WANNA CRY HOBI IS THAT YOU?

  52. That is the wrong number

    That is the wrong number

    Giorno fa

    2:51 The 🤰🏻 part

  53. Jae the editor

    Jae the editor

    Giorno fa


  54. 보고싶다김석진


    Giorno fa

    뭔가 놓친듯해 커피 한 모금으로 불안함을 해소 An endless rest 내게 갑자기 다가온 불편한 행복 24 hours 시간 참 많아 하루 종일 잠자도 지금은 no problem 몸 부서져라 뭘 해야 할 거 같은데 마냥 삼시 세끼 다 먹는 나란 새끼 내 죄, 쉬는 내 자신을 물어뜯는 개 Don’t do that 외쳐봐도 성과에 목매 매일 Errday do ma thang, damn if I fail 계속 으르렁대 썩은 동아줄을 tap 불안전해 이건 병 물리적인 건 직업이 주는 stun! Maybe 내가 아파서 그래 생각이 많은 탓 I hate that 단순하지 못한 치기 어린 나 나도 참 어려 몸만 어른 절뚝거려 인생 걸음 One for the laugh, two for the show Just like I’m so fine Everyday 나를 위로해 다 똑같은 사람이야 ain’t so special Ay man keep one, two step 차분하게 모두 치료해보자고 나의 병 벼벼벼벼병 버려 겁 거거거거겁 마음에도 방학이 필요해 아 그냥 일은 일로 해 I’m ill, 그래 내가 일 그 자체 쉼이란 친구 oh I never liked him 얼마를 벌어야 행복하겠니? 이 유리 같은 병이 때리지 니 머리 병든 게 세상인지 난지 헷갈려 안경을 벗어도 어둠은 안 흐릿해져 이 시간 뒤에 어떤 라벨이 붙건 부디 그게 전부 너길 바래 너의 너, 너 다들 병들이 많아 내가 헷갈리는 건 인간이란 본디 추악함을 가진다는 것 마음의 병의 가짓수들만 400개가 더 되는데 해당 안 되는 자 거 별로 없단 것 Yo 병든 게 세상인지 나인지 단순히 바라보는 해석들의 차인지 그게 다인지 I don’t know 누군가를 바꿔보는 것 그것보다 빠른 것은 내가 변화하는 것 Maybe 내가 아파서 그래 생각이 많은 탓 I hate that 단순하지 못한 치기 어린 나 나도 참 어려 몸만 어른 절뚝거려 인생 걸음 One for the laugh, two for the show Just like I’m so fine Everyday 나를 위로해 다 똑같은 사람이야 ain’t so special Ay man keep one, two step 차분하게 모두 치료해보자고 나의 병 벼벼벼벼병 버려 겁 거거거거겁 (Sick & tired) But I don’t wanna mess up Cause life goes on (Through the fire) 걸어갈게 더 나답게 woah (Walk it, walk it, walk it) 밤이 되면 내 두 눈 감고서 (Walk it, walk it, walk it) 내가 알던 날 다시 믿을래 자 일어나 one more time 다시 아침이야 오늘을 나야 해 가보자고 one more night 이 끝에 뭐가 있을지 몰라 ayy 영원한 밤은 없어 난 강해졌어 불꽃이 터져 I will never fade away Everyday 나를 위로해 다 똑같은 사람이야 ain’t so special Ay man keep one, two step 차분하게 모두 치료해 보자고 나의 병 벼벼벼벼벼 병 버려 겁 거거거거거 겁 버려 겁겁겁 버려.

    • Sya


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  55. Eva Park

    Eva Park

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  56. 재현-주제재현-주제


    Giorno fa

    병 노래랩댄스좋아



    Giorno fa

    Vine aquí para saber quién era en el min 2:32 y sale que JK :0 pero esa voz se me hace mezcla de Tae y JK. Para ustedes si es JK solo ?

  58. Tabita Roselin

    Tabita Roselin

    Giorno fa

    I came here to check out yoongi’s verse and I regret nothing. damn, yoongi, you stole my heart over and over again. SING IT LOUDER, kings! 🔥

  59. Taekook Sweet

    Taekook Sweet

    Giorno fa

    Killing part 3:11 to the end👉👈



    Giorno fa

    Yoongi always surprise me bcoz of their singing oh gosh

  61. Musiq Hala

    Musiq Hala

    Giorno fa

    *"oh I never liked him"* Waitttttt??? tell me please 😅

  62. Lisa Damone

    Lisa Damone

    Giorno fa

    Everything BTS does is 100% amazing but Dis-ease.. smh to me really is just sooo freaking good. It has that older Bangtan vibe mixed up perfectly with their newer more mature vibes and it’s just 👨‍🍳 😘 for me.

  63. Rayan Asim

    Rayan Asim

    Giorno fa

    If this was the title track I wouldn't mind at all, it's so good

  64. Sasmita dash Sasmita dash

    Sasmita dash Sasmita dash

    Giorno fa

    24 hours and 24 lakh views!!! Oh yeahhhhh

  65. Diya


    Giorno fa

    this song really deserves an MV.

  66. Surbhi Pathak

    Surbhi Pathak

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  67. Jahid Haque

    Jahid Haque

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  68. Lâm Gia Ý

    Lâm Gia Ý

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  69. Jemina L

    Jemina L

    Giorno fa

    Jungkook,V and jimin part the end🤩😍

  70. qte importa

    qte importa

    Giorno fa

    Hijas de su re pinshe madre ( q cringe) por qué están aquí cuando claramente pueden ir a Spotify o al original de el canal oficial de BANGTAN 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  71. Jayshree Varma

    Jayshree Varma

    Giorno fa

    The bridge part is insane 😍

  72. 원피쓰쓰리강냉이


    Giorno fa

    개인적으로 이번앨범곡중 젤 쩌는 곡 고고고고곡

  73. Luny 5z

    Luny 5z

    Giorno fa

    Jimin has the voice that no one can sing like him 😎

  74. Princess 13

    Princess 13

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    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Daivanshi J

    Daivanshi J

    Giorno fa

    i am just so in love with jimin and taehyung saying " just like im so fine"

  76. mili salu

    mili salu

    Giorno fa

    So happy about Jin .... He is my bias Love u bangtan boys

  77. Mudasir ahmed

    Mudasir ahmed

    Giorno fa

    at the end it kinda feel like i'm listening ON

  78. Negin Amn

    Negin Amn

    Giorno fa

    I think you did a little mistake the end was v not jungkook 2:34

  79. Kyo


    Giorno fa

    Guys it’s not that hard to turn on the subtitles in the MV 👁👄👁👍

  80. Jin Stan

    Jin Stan

    Giorno fa

    Jin high note in the background is iconic

  81. 이셔리


    Giorno fa

    2:34 is Jungkook?????? That's V!!😭

    • lavender lili

      lavender lili

      Giorno fa

      no jungkook

  82. Vixikie


    Giorno fa

    When J-Hope said '24 hours' it made me think of Just One Day haha which is one of my favorite BTS songs.

  83. Taepit ,

    Taepit ,

    Giorno fa

    Am I the only one who was surprised at Taehyung's part?

  84. Saifurrahman Dr

    Saifurrahman Dr

    Giorno fa

    Plzzz somebody stop suga before he died coz he forgot to breath again😂

  85. BTS Is The Best

    BTS Is The Best

    Giorno fa

    Help guys this song is giving me goosebumps all over my body 😭😭😭👌🔥👏

  86. Anelya ARMY

    Anelya ARMY

    Giorno fa

    3:10 my fav part ohmygoddd😭💜, Im dead...

  87. multi stan

    multi stan

    Giorno fa

    사랑해 방탄 소년단 ~💜

  88. Xuxi Hasany

    Xuxi Hasany

    Giorno fa

    2:52 putting it out here cause I'm in love with this part

  89. Agust E

    Agust E

    Giorno fa

    Taekook= OHEYEYEYY

  90. Jade Dupree

    Jade Dupree

    2 giorni fa

    This is the earliest I have been to a BTS song and i don’t regret

  91. Sumana Puri

    Sumana Puri

    2 giorni fa

    Suga, Remember you even need to breathe. So clam down meow meow

  92. Selma Tjn

    Selma Tjn

    2 giorni fa

    Can someone tell what this song is about?

  93. Unytta Uny

    Unytta Uny

    2 giorni fa

    Jimin voice.. . 😻💜

  94. Adriele Barreto

    Adriele Barreto

    2 giorni fa

    essa música é Mlwndlaaosoaldbwks MEIDEIS

  95. Tahira Aliyah Eden

    Tahira Aliyah Eden

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  96. 민슈가진심녀


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  97. ahmed cheaib

    ahmed cheaib

    2 giorni fa

    i'm curious about the choregraphy

  98. Eara jt

    Eara jt

    2 giorni fa

    When will they gonna bring mv of this song. Gonna be amazing 😎

  99. Mariana Nubati

    Mariana Nubati

    2 giorni fa

    UaaaaaaaaU!!!! Fantástico!!!!!!!! Viva BTS!!!!!!!

  100. SeokJin's Hidden ABS

    SeokJin's Hidden ABS

    2 giorni fa

    Jin's highnotes are insane.. I broke my replay button 😂

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