Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts

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  1. Chantel Rabotapi

    Chantel Rabotapi

    29 secondi fa

    Were did you get that purple thing

  2. Artur Kurczab

    Artur Kurczab

    14 minuti fa

    Ale fajne

  3. Youngflexer _

    Youngflexer _

    21 minuto fa

    Sus lv10000000

  4. chathurika damayanthi

    chathurika damayanthi

    59 minuti fa

    Bad banana!👎🤏

  5. Bonnie Ngan

    Bonnie Ngan

    Ora fa

    Juno 地主好大個仔baby toothbrush

  6. Gilbert Santiago

    Gilbert Santiago

    Ora fa


  7. Abiathur Mbono

    Abiathur Mbono

    Ora fa

    The banana thing is for babies

  8. Xxcenna_artxX


    2 ore fa

    The amount of times this man has brushed his teeth his teeth will be brighter than my future

  9. 《《 moonlette 》》

    《《 moonlette 》》

    3 ore fa

    My baby brother has this as something to chew since he’s teething-

  10. Elizabeth Saldia

    Elizabeth Saldia

    3 ore fa


  11. DollarCoin _Boi

    DollarCoin _Boi

    3 ore fa

    Dental Digest: fAt gLuUuUb

  12. Sundararajan Sudarsanam

    Sundararajan Sudarsanam

    3 ore fa

    Why can't you stop this video it is so gross 🤢🤢🤢

  13. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez

    4 ore fa

    When the video sied banana

  14. Алиночка


    4 ore fa

    мини мини

  15. Anita Krisdayanti

    Anita Krisdayanti

    4 ore fa


  16. Teyah_ _ope

    Teyah_ _ope

    5 ore fa

    Does anyone ever wonder how many toothbrushes he iwns

  17. papabare 17

    papabare 17

    5 ore fa

    Do the purple stuff this bad

  18. JFM Huncho

    JFM Huncho

    5 ore fa

    I got that stuff that thst purple you put in you mon

  19. JFM Huncho

    JFM Huncho

    5 ore fa

    I got that stuff

  20. Khelzci Davis

    Khelzci Davis

    5 ore fa

    I seen that in the store and i almost convinced my mom to buy it for my brother

  21. Mubarak Alhazmi

    Mubarak Alhazmi

    6 ore fa

    I like your glasses tho

  22. Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler

    Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler

    6 ore fa

    I like your watch

  23. Amiyah Smith

    Amiyah Smith

    6 ore fa

    That’s a babies teething toy you weird as fuk bruh you tripn

  24. GR50


    6 ore fa

    This dude is disgusting but intresting

  25. razzy tinamisan

    razzy tinamisan

    6 ore fa

    It's a baby toothbrush for baby's not for older once

  26. Matt Powell

    Matt Powell

    6 ore fa

    He's brushed his teeth so many times his teeth is brighter than my future

  27. Melvin Huerta

    Melvin Huerta

    7 ore fa

    My baby cousin used to have that toothbrush

  28. Kizzy the gamer

    Kizzy the gamer

    7 ore fa

    The glob was a skinny legend



    7 ore fa

    I watched it a hundred times 😂

  30. Rita Acosta

    Rita Acosta

    7 ore fa

    I would have it and ut my toothpaste all over it so its better

  31. Humair Ilyas

    Humair Ilyas

    7 ore fa

    Bro that’s for babies my cousin has that yeah don’t be eating

    • Tina Pryor

      Tina Pryor

      4 ore fa

      I love the video maybe you could give me a shout out maybe you can give me the post notification winner

  32. Miriam Huete

    Miriam Huete

    8 ore fa

    Bro that is for babies for their teeth , how is it going to Work but at least it did clean. A little bit

  33. The official Norman

    The official Norman

    8 ore fa

    I wanna try the purple thing but I don’t at the same time will my tears stain how long does it take to get it out helpppoo

  34. aerronnn lol

    aerronnn lol

    8 ore fa


  35. Ali Aturko

    Ali Aturko

    8 ore fa

    The more you tok the more of the Cole Gows okay

  36. Luaninha Isa

    Luaninha Isa

    9 ore fa

    Mente poluída

  37. Irma Arredondo

    Irma Arredondo

    9 ore fa

    That is not a toothbrush that is a baby teether

  38. Jesarelah Mata

    Jesarelah Mata

    9 ore fa

    All you videos are testing a tooth brush maybe testing a soap pls

  39. Jaslyn Morales

    Jaslyn Morales

    9 ore fa

    I know why it doesn't work because it's for babies not for adults

  40. Darcie Miltner

    Darcie Miltner

    9 ore fa

    Ok well first of all that is a baby teether not a toothbrush

  41. Noe Estrada

    Noe Estrada

    9 ore fa

    My baby sister has that

  42. tracey knoblock

    tracey knoblock

    9 ore fa

    thin glob

  43. kxyla


    10 ore fa

    that’s a teething toy for babies sir

  44. love Wolfie

    love Wolfie

    10 ore fa

    You look Young

  45. addy Warr

    addy Warr

    10 ore fa


  46. Samantha Bacon

    Samantha Bacon

    10 ore fa

    For those who don’t have kids...that’s not for brushing teeth😂 it’s for brushing gums on a teething baby. It’s just for soothing and getting breast milk grime off their gums. Lmao not for teeth🤦‍♀️

  47. Rachel Chevez

    Rachel Chevez

    10 ore fa

    The banana is so small he couldn’t put it in his mouth

  48. Dashiel Blake Ubana Base

    Dashiel Blake Ubana Base

    10 ore fa

    Ooh! Nasty!!🤮

  49. guest 308 and e

    guest 308 and e

    10 ore fa

    And looks like garbage

  50. hxxjx


    10 ore fa

    And the tooth paste is for baby's they can't taste it

  51. hxxjx


    10 ore fa

    Man that a teething tiy

    • hxxjx


      10 ore fa


  52. Maha M

    Maha M

    10 ore fa

    He thinks that that baby teething thing is a tooth brush 😑 when it’s really a baby teething toy!!!!

  53. Gamer Girl E

    Gamer Girl E

    10 ore fa

    Dude I feel like one day his teeth are going to be pink because of this

  54. Felicia Gibson

    Felicia Gibson

    10 ore fa


  55. Char Toons

    Char Toons

    10 ore fa

    This makes my brain have tingles

  56. Jim Layman

    Jim Layman

    11 ore fa


  57. Mr Gaming Nacho

    Mr Gaming Nacho

    11 ore fa

    Well it did clean well it just didn’t remove any of the plaque

  58. April Ludtke

    April Ludtke

    11 ore fa

    😂🤣A banana toothbrush!!!

  59. coca cola•50 years ago

    coca cola•50 years ago

    11 ore fa

    Kinda sus

  60. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    11 ore fa

    'wgat the hek' haha

  61. Samantha lindner

    Samantha lindner

    11 ore fa

    This is like Tim tock on y t

  62. Coconut Seed

    Coconut Seed

    12 ore fa

    Probably because the banana toothbrush is a baby teether

  63. Shelly Fresh

    Shelly Fresh

    12 ore fa

    That’s for a baby dude.

  64. Alberta Azzam

    Alberta Azzam

    12 ore fa

    Aw that’s crazy how do I go t

  65. Ryanomatic


    12 ore fa

    why why i hate brushing my teeth it makes me shiver

  66. Danielle Littlefield

    Danielle Littlefield

    12 ore fa

    I didn’t mean to say “and”

  67. Danielle Littlefield

    Danielle Littlefield

    12 ore fa

    I like your videos and a lot but my sister has that it’s her teething toy-



    12 ore fa

    *That was Amazing!!!*

  69. Aubrey Charles

    Aubrey Charles

    12 ore fa

    That’s not a tooth brush my baby brother has one and it is used for teathing

  70. Jaidynn Stephens

    Jaidynn Stephens

    12 ore fa

    Is it nasty

  71. Nicholas Miranda

    Nicholas Miranda

    13 ore fa

    That's a teething toy my baby sis has ALSO THATS INFANT TOOTHPASTE LOL no offense ;-;

  72. D C

    D C

    13 ore fa

    F A T G L O B .

  73. Ha Dh

    Ha Dh

    14 ore fa

    ‏لا والله شكرا على التسليك اللي سويته وما شاء الله

  74. Resad Agayev

    Resad Agayev

    14 ore fa


  75. Rabia Saraya

    Rabia Saraya

    14 ore fa

    It's for baby's my 1 year old nerve houses it it's for only a couple of teeth when there tething

  76. Arianna Zuniga

    Arianna Zuniga

    14 ore fa

    Dumb Dumb it's a baby tooth toy not actually a toothbrush

  77. Sarah Mendez

    Sarah Mendez

    14 ore fa

    It’s a baby teethed not a toothbrush

  78. Sylwia Bolin

    Sylwia Bolin

    15 ore fa


  79. Truemagoo !!!

    Truemagoo !!!

    15 ore fa

    I used to make those banana brushes at my old job I had at a silicone and thermoplastic company inside the watervliet arsenal for amazon and bye bye baby

  80. Summerr Foster

    Summerr Foster

    15 ore fa

    That is for babies my baby brother has both and the banana is a teething toy

  81. Ajani Paramalingam

    Ajani Paramalingam

    15 ore fa

    I have a question can you swallow the disclosing this

  82. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia Ludenberg

    15 ore fa

    What’s the purple thing he stains his teeth with

  83. Tricia Watts

    Tricia Watts

    15 ore fa

    munanyo :>

  84. Jasminn Gonzalez

    Jasminn Gonzalez

    16 ore fa

    That is for a baby

  85. Domas Lekstut

    Domas Lekstut

    16 ore fa

    Oh my god is what you see i kll you

  86. Sheila Hartley

    Sheila Hartley

    16 ore fa

    How will you get it of

  87. Siah Fayah

    Siah Fayah

    16 ore fa

    That for baby

  88. Thành Ngô

    Thành Ngô

    16 ore fa

    000000000000000050 00000000004 10 002

  89. Thành Ngô

    Thành Ngô

    16 ore fa

    0000000000000002 0000000000000000010 10 0002

  90. Ciaran Doherty

    Ciaran Doherty

    17 ore fa

    I honestly hate u

  91. Haylee Smith

    Haylee Smith

    17 ore fa

    That’s a baby toothbrush btw

  92. Irma Hernández Membreno

    Irma Hernández Membreno

    17 ore fa


  93. Alejandra Reyes

    Alejandra Reyes

    17 ore fa

    Hi I love your video

  94. A f ia A h m e d

    A f ia A h m e d

    17 ore fa

    Eat the bannana

  95. Caitlin Parker

    Caitlin Parker

    18 ore fa


  96. Orhan Sarpkaya

    Orhan Sarpkaya

    18 ore fa

    ben buna bayıldım

  97. Broski


    18 ore fa

    At the end it looped and looked like it was the sma evid

  98. Dominique Cunningham

    Dominique Cunningham

    18 ore fa

    When he said banana I just started laughing LOLL

    • Justin Miller

      Justin Miller

      15 ore fa

      It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_*

  99. Sierra Franklin

    Sierra Franklin

    18 ore fa


  100. Yuki R

    Yuki R

    18 ore fa

    That kind of toothbrush is actually for baby’s lol

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