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Black Clover - Opening 13 | Grandeur

The Spade Kingdom Arc Has Begun! 🔥
Artist: Snow Man
Song: Grandeur
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  1. Crunchyroll Collection

    Crunchyroll Collection

    20 giorni fa

    Watch Black Clover here!

    • Kawaii nime

      Kawaii nime

      Giorno fa


    • Mustafa Efe Özel

      Mustafa Efe Özel

      2 giorni fa


    • white BR!

      white BR!

      2 giorni fa


    • MFG Tv

      MFG Tv

      4 giorni fa

      @NotBandz qq

    • Nathan Zimmer

      Nathan Zimmer

      4 giorni fa

      @mattarello demoniaco it really is tho

  2. MoePlayz


    Ora fa

    I've actually watched this at least 25+ times in 2 days

  3. Deondre Alexander

    Deondre Alexander

    Ora fa

    Did anyone else see the lady at the end

  4. Joy Barnes

    Joy Barnes

    2 ore fa

    1:40 dog: help my please😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  5. Tatebomb1


    3 ore fa

    Buff Asta scares me

  6. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez

    3 ore fa

    It's settled folks. Asta is on peds.. His greatest magic was the needle😂

  7. Sadie Roberts

    Sadie Roberts

    3 ore fa

    Kisss😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  8. FBI


    3 ore fa

    I'm kinda mad at his new design I wish he would stay in his form before the time skip and if he really needed to power up he would transform to buffsta

  9. FBI


    3 ore fa

    Asta in the first opening: [] Asta in the last opening: [ ]

  10. Mehdi Trh

    Mehdi Trh

    4 ore fa

    Please Pierrot, animate Blease like this

  11. lol boi

    lol boi

    4 ore fa

    0:10 wide putin walk

  12. yonis171


    4 ore fa

    yami dies in chapter 280

  13. king epitah

    king epitah

    4 ore fa

    You can see asta’s mother at the end

  14. xXSebiZocktXx


    4 ore fa

    I can't stop listening to this opening, it's quite perfect!

  15. infinite


    5 ore fa

    I just started black clover like 2 or 4 weeks ago and already more episodes

  16. Ishan Arora

    Ishan Arora

    5 ore fa

    I like how no is going crazy about liede in the intro 😂

  17. Cauã Lopes

    Cauã Lopes

    6 ore fa

    anão bombado kkkj

  18. Joy Barnes

    Joy Barnes

    6 ore fa

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  19. Elisabeth Lehert

    Elisabeth Lehert

    6 ore fa

    With this new opening we can predict on what’s going to happen

  20. Jockae


    7 ore fa

    Looks like someone got fat In the timeskip

  21. gamername013 0

    gamername013 0

    7 ore fa

    Asta is thiccc

  22. Kirito


    7 ore fa

    Welcome back

  23. Daka


    7 ore fa

    Grandeur has 5 million views in 2 weeks?! That's more than op 12 had in 4 months!

  24. Juliette Larson

    Juliette Larson

    7 ore fa

    Who's annoyed that Black Clover didn't become a nominee for the Crunchyroll anime awards

  25. Fat Yoshi

    Fat Yoshi

    8 ore fa

    Whoever chose these bands has good taste

  26. delp55


    9 ore fa


  27. Jesse Montesinos

    Jesse Montesinos

    9 ore fa

    Notice how the asta walks in with the same camera angles as in the first opening.

  28. shelbysai


    9 ore fa


  29. ツTheChillingCobra


    9 ore fa

    Why tf isnt this song at spotify

    • Ivan Mijacika

      Ivan Mijacika

      7 ore fa

      The band that made it only releases songs through physical copies

  30. Den


    11 ore fa

    big chungus

  31. Alex B

    Alex B

    12 ore fa

    1:13 Hmmmmm, devil trigger?

  32. Zaz3r Amvs 平和

    Zaz3r Amvs 平和

    12 ore fa

    haha spoilers go brrr

  33. Mr Reality

    Mr Reality

    12 ore fa

    1:23 gives me chills

  34. Top Shonen Ranks

    Top Shonen Ranks

    12 ore fa

    Vickeblanka, Kankaku Piero, and Snow Man make the best Black Clover OPs!!!

  35. Skyez


    13 ore fa

    yaknow ar this point i wouldnt be suprised if i took up like half the views on this vid

  36. JASON.QUITO 102713

    JASON.QUITO 102713

    13 ore fa

    i see that yuno's power is the spirit

  37. SOŁx_Saru


    13 ore fa

    I got a feeling op 1 is going to play durning this arc...

  38. Ilmari Pajola

    Ilmari Pajola

    14 ore fa

    Definitely did not beat Op10, but definitely a close one!

  39. Shixxa ごみ

    Shixxa ごみ

    14 ore fa

    bruh why is asta so fat

    • Kevin F.

      Kevin F.

      8 ore fa

      he isn't fat, he is thicc

    • Stephen A. Smith

      Stephen A. Smith

      12 ore fa

      fat??? tf are you smoking

  40. Michael-kun


    14 ore fa

    Fun Fact: I actually started watching Black Clover because of this OP Also this anime is actually pretty good IMO. 8/10 for me :D

    • Michael-kun


      12 ore fa

      @Edu S. I honestly don't know. I like a lot of anime and its hard to make a top 5.

    • Edu S.

      Edu S.

      13 ore fa

      what are your top fav5 animes?

  41. CrazyForHanzo


    14 ore fa

    LOL op 13 has more views than op 12 already

  42. Markus Kukk

    Markus Kukk

    14 ore fa

    THICH asta

  43. Jonathan Morales

    Jonathan Morales

    15 ore fa

    El mejor opening del mundo

  44. Alisson De oliveira

    Alisson De oliveira

    15 ore fa

    Asta Berserk is coming

  45. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown

    16 ore fa

    Probably best Shonen that's going on currently (not saying best ever)

    • Ivan Mijacika

      Ivan Mijacika

      7 ore fa

      It’s my favorite but it’s hard to beat one piece

  46. exallidus


    17 ore fa

    Amazing how he went from Bakasta to Chadsta

  47. Machiaceri M

    Machiaceri M

    18 ore fa

    Asta is a gorilla

  48. Ryan jorge

    Ryan jorge

    18 ore fa

    0:54 owwwww

  49. HAND-MADE23 News

    HAND-MADE23 News

    18 ore fa

    The spoilers make this so good

  50. L1NK Senpai

    L1NK Senpai

    18 ore fa

    Good but sütü haruka mirai better

  51. SoraKuhaku


    20 ore fa

    We're gonna awakening for the brand new world We're gonna take you to the brand new world (To the brand new world) We're gonna awakening for the brand new world (Get your hands up, baby) We're gonna take you to the brand new world "The Grandeur" Get it on , get it on hajimeyou Nankōfuraku no Reality Tachidomaru jikan wa nai sa Hold on, Hold on, yeah Now this time fight for liberty Shinjitsu sae nomikomu jōshiki o Break Gyakkyō no saki ni aru Answer, oh yeah Kensō ni uzumoreta chiisana yume Hands up Shout it, shout it, Louder Yes, do it, do it, start it (Never give up) Genkai o koete mo kasokushiteiku Spirit Wake up, let's go Believe in myself Shōdōteki ni tsukisusume Don't be afraid Dare yori mo takaku tobe Take you to the sky Sōzō koeta sekai o kono te ni "The Grandeur" Sōzōseyo itsuwari no nai jibun no michi Yes It's a "Grandeur"... Hey ya... Believe in myself... Hey ya... Believe in yourself... Hey ya... yeah, yeah, yeah "The Grandeur"

    • 46Alex 46

      46Alex 46

      18 ore fa

      thx m8

  52. Stefan Nguyen

    Stefan Nguyen

    20 ore fa

    Did somebody also heard "instagram toe" XD

  53. Dark Animations

    Dark Animations

    20 ore fa

    We have sans in black clover now??? 0:54 We also have the mermaid Ariel??? 1:00 We also have a Yami hater come out the shadows??? 1:09 A demon that looks cool??? 1:24 And a girl that is so blurry that makes fans ask who is that??? 1:26 And you also want to watch the op again so you touched this!!!👉0:00

  54. Lorene Robertson

    Lorene Robertson

    20 ore fa

    Que Dios nos perdone.

  55. Bashdeasy


    21 ora fa

    Ahhh I’m looking so forward to all the animated fights this arc. It’s gonna be super epic for asta yuno and noelle 😍

  56. aleah sam

    aleah sam

    22 ore fa

    Sigh y am I back here ❤️

  57. Lil demarcus

    Lil demarcus

    23 ore fa

    This is literally the best opening yet

  58. BorduglasTV


    Giorno fa

    Liebe and Asta = amazing duo

    • dadada dadada

      dadada dadada

      22 ore fa

      And they are brothers

  59. DA HUNTER21111

    DA HUNTER21111

    Giorno fa

    0:10 tyler1

  60. Already Dead

    Already Dead

    Giorno fa

    Everyone: Asta you can’t even fly on a broom, how useless Asta: hold this flying sword

  61. Saiyan King

    Saiyan King

    Giorno fa

    1:01and 1:25

  62. Saiyan King

    Saiyan King

    Giorno fa

    If only asta can at least get 2 inches taller that would make my day

  63. Centric


    Giorno fa

    the ogs remember waiting for captain vangance to take off his mask ah early 2018 days

  64. Gibby


    Giorno fa

    That devil Asta has... on a whole nother level there

  65. Anzaix


    Giorno fa

    how is the full version not on spotify

    • Erik


      20 ore fa

      @Anzaix yep!

    • Anzaix


      20 ore fa

      @Erik pain

    • Erik


      20 ore fa

      Because snow man's music seems to be region locked on most platforms, except ITput.

  66. Kaylee H.

    Kaylee H.

    Giorno fa

    this opening is so good



    Giorno fa

    Is it me or does Asta look Thicc

  68. Wooyoung Ateez

    Wooyoung Ateez

    Giorno fa

    5.1 M

  69. Jhon Mike

    Jhon Mike

    Giorno fa

    1:01/1:02. Bro yami geting a devil power or smthn!?

    • Jhon Mike

      Jhon Mike

      13 ore fa

      @ThikkNick 128 Lies!

    • dadada dadada

      dadada dadada

      22 ore fa

      ThIs Is DaNtE

    • ThikkNick 128

      ThikkNick 128

      Giorno fa

      Nope 😭

  70. BruhSZN Z

    BruhSZN Z

    Giorno fa

    Black clover dont miss with their openings ong

  71. Grauzillo


    Giorno fa

    asta looks like Tyler1 if he had hair 😎

  72. Y9ij3 00

    Y9ij3 00

    Giorno fa

    Asta is hot thats a good edit 🔥❤

  73. Daniel Zender

    Daniel Zender

    Giorno fa

    It's the second best opening after "Black Catcher"

  74. Billy Cathey

    Billy Cathey

    Giorno fa

    0:48 I love Asta new confidence in battle. He's grown so much

    • Stripped Sweater

      Stripped Sweater

      Giorno fa

      It’s going to be shattered real quick don’t you worry...!

  75. Billy Cathey

    Billy Cathey

    Giorno fa

    If Asta keeps on doing the Saitama training he's going to end up bald.

  76. Andersen 142

    Andersen 142

    Giorno fa

    That's a honey for my ears.

  77. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    Giorno fa

    Asta is literally a midget

  78. Joshua Malave

    Joshua Malave

    Giorno fa


  79. Onix Onix

    Onix Onix

    Giorno fa

    This does put a smile on my face

  80. Oli Hartley - SPECIFIK

    Oli Hartley - SPECIFIK

    Giorno fa

    Black Clover never fails with the intros

  81. pr0to


    Giorno fa

    song name?

    • Poopmuncher Poop

      Poopmuncher Poop

      Giorno fa

      Grandeur by snowman

  82. Nøir


    Giorno fa

    finally caught up dude this op is fkn 🔥

  83. Shamond Steele

    Shamond Steele

    Giorno fa

    Starting off with this anime since it came out first episode and watching the evolution of it the point it is now is amazing and now it’s trending I’m happy I’ve watched this anime when I first saw it

  84. Ultrex AK-0

    Ultrex AK-0

    Giorno fa

    1:24 notty notty yu teasing me 😂

  85. Everton olhos

    Everton olhos

    Giorno fa

    1:08 Nacht😍🤩🥰

  86. Kai Chisaki

    Kai Chisaki

    Giorno fa

    This is what happens when Studio Pierrot feeds their staff

  87. Jhon Mike

    Jhon Mike

    Giorno fa


  88. Luck Voltia

    Luck Voltia

    Giorno fa

    There are so many people hating on new Asta :( i like them both 🙃

  89. Jes Chad

    Jes Chad

    Giorno fa

    am i the only one that sees so much spoilers in this opening

  90. De_Widow-God Jk

    De_Widow-God Jk

    Giorno fa

    Can´t wait for Yuno getting his kingdom back and to destroy the other countries to show Asta that hes stronger than him

  91. Manuel Lacoste

    Manuel Lacoste

    Giorno fa

    The best op yet by far

  92. Juleliriv


    Giorno fa

    Ok y’all help me out. I like songs with that kinda “waltzy beat”??? This song gives me a kinda feel like A-Not-So-Empty House ost from Omori and I’m tryna figure out what to call this kinda music-

  93. Julius Novachrono

    Julius Novachrono

    Giorno fa

    0:10 Asta is the biggest Jotaro fanboy ever.

  94. Luca Bertocco

    Luca Bertocco

    Giorno fa

    I dont like Black clover but this op is really good

  95. Nutterbutter


    Giorno fa

    I wanna be buff like Asta

  96. EmeraldXR


    Giorno fa

    I: A Op 13: Spoileeeeeerrrrrrrsssss

  97. Engulfed by Darkness

    Engulfed by Darkness

    Giorno fa

    Did they change studios because Asta looks extra buff after a single episode

    • thanos


      Giorno fa

      Its was a timeskip after the training

  98. ExtraShifty


    Giorno fa

    Everyone talking about buffsta. Me wondering the hell out who is that blonde person at the end.

    • thanos


      Giorno fa

      That's asta mom and before her is liebe (astas demon)

    • dadada dadada

      dadada dadada

      Giorno fa

      @Obama-Chan b4 that we vcould see asta's devil

    • Obama-Chan


      Giorno fa

      astas mom maybe?

  99. Panda Samurai

    Panda Samurai

    Giorno fa

    2 weeks with 5 million views, finally this show is getting better recognized! NOT YET! SURPASS THE HYPE LIMITS!!

  100. Paperella Bella che balla

    Paperella Bella che balla

    Giorno fa

    i cant tell how much im VIBING listening to this

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