Bill Burr Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

Host Bill Burr does stand-up about the COVID-19 pandemic, cancel culture and white women.
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  1. Osh Ick

    Osh Ick

    28 minuti fa

    😳 WOW.... watching that made me realize how much better, and how much more amazing Louis CK is compared to all the other comics. I MISS LOUIS CK AND JORDAN PETERSON....PLEASE COME BACK GUYS!!!

  2. HaHa Jones

    HaHa Jones

    29 minuti fa

    Jesus Murphy, how dumb are the people complaining?! First, it was funny, second, it was a joke, third, it happened to ring true, and four, the dumb twats took the bait, hook, line and bobber...

  3. Vanessacoronavirus s

    Vanessacoronavirus s

    35 minuti fa

    My Twitter account was canceled because I said thanks God for the coronavirus ...there is too many of us fucking up the planet.... People got offended and report my account.. I think the difference is that I wasn't joking..

  4. Saby Hernandez Jr

    Saby Hernandez Jr

    49 minuti fa

    Ricky took one to the chops

  5. V Rowan

    V Rowan

    53 minuti fa

    “ I don’t wanna speak Ill of my bitches here okay?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Jeremy Rogers

    Jeremy Rogers

    55 minuti fa

    8.6k feminists

  7. Dennis Callaghan

    Dennis Callaghan

    57 minuti fa

    he is the best

  8. Nathan Elfrink

    Nathan Elfrink

    58 minuti fa

    First 90 secs made my year.

  9. Micheal Klee

    Micheal Klee

    Ora fa

    Bill the best rite along side Dave C

  10. Michael O'Brien

    Michael O'Brien

    Ora fa

    Yay, Bill!

  11. PrimalColin2 On YouTube

    PrimalColin2 On YouTube

    Ora fa


  12. EJY


    Ora fa

    This is just like Chappelle’s last special for me. Weeks of hearing people talk about how he’s got such balls for sticking it to these people and those people, and then I watch it and-tame as fuck. I’m old and I’ve heard some shit. Call me when someone starts doing Eddie Murphy’s gay jokes from RAW and maybe I’ll be shocked.

  13. HueJackCity66


    Ora fa

    The whole episode was great. Bill was awesome in eash sketch.

  14. HueJackCity66


    Ora fa

    One of the best snl monologues EVER.

  15. Marco Huevo

    Marco Huevo

    Ora fa

    We are a species with severe amnesia.

  16. Karl Sweeney

    Karl Sweeney

    2 ore fa

    Every time I watch this video I get more and more mad at the band.

  17. RawTalk RealDeal

    RawTalk RealDeal

    2 ore fa

    Bill is the greatest!!!!!!

  18. MrPewack38


    2 ore fa

    The guy behind him on his left!!🤣🤣 clearly not a fan! 🤣🤣

  19. Carl Craft

    Carl Craft

    2 ore fa

    he made it funny but literally towns have been burned to the ground, women children and men were killed and hung because a white woman lied about a black man raping her, all the while she was cheating her white husband with the black man.... Also let's not forget that Bill Burr was taught by Patrice O'Neal one of his peers.

  20. Oliver Farfan

    Oliver Farfan

    3 ore fa

    Great opening!! 😂😂😂

  21. datchiq-kae


    3 ore fa

    Well it was abrasive but he didn't tell not one lie. He's also married to a blk woman

  22. Paul Glotzer

    Paul Glotzer

    3 ore fa

    He was hilarious in his Philly rant and gave a good interview about it afterwards. His bit about being a mother being the hardest job on the planet is pure genius. Maybe my expectations were too high after reading comments how this was the first funny bit on SNL in decades or that he was even funnier than Chappelle was in his prime, but this wasn’t even the funniest bit on SNL in October 2020, not even close. Not offensive, I’ll agree, but not terribly funny. Well delivered, however.

  23. Ioannis Alkiviades

    Ioannis Alkiviades

    3 ore fa

    This is what all the fuss was about? Meh. How does a show that has not been funny in years stay on the air? As for Burr, poor guy was alot funnier before his wife cut his balls off. At least we have the divorce to look forward to,lol.

  24. Janko Unchained

    Janko Unchained

    3 ore fa

    So I guess it’s safe to say the older I get the more sensitive people become lol

  25. Levi Schaffer

    Levi Schaffer

    3 ore fa

    White woman did take it over I live in downtown Minneapolis and it really happen. What a perfect joke

  26. Gregory Casey

    Gregory Casey

    3 ore fa

    They ain't ready for you bill

  27. Snuffleupagus VS Eeyore

    Snuffleupagus VS Eeyore

    4 ore fa

    Speak out against her privilege and they'll censor you. Try it.

  28. Dasean Clark

    Dasean Clark

    4 ore fa

    Alright equator people had me weak lol 😂

  29. Dogcaster Dennis

    Dogcaster Dennis

    4 ore fa

    Ruff, ruff! Grr, grr, ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

  30. Jose Boyer

    Jose Boyer

    4 ore fa

    Bill is awesome, anyone offended is ridiculous 🙄

  31. Peter D

    Peter D

    5 ore fa

    This guys not that great

    • King Lewy

      King Lewy

      4 ore fa


  32. 673 KS

    673 KS

    5 ore fa

    i HOPE half of this world is offended. Nobody wanna hear the truth! Lol 😂

  33. Elisa Ferzacca

    Elisa Ferzacca

    5 ore fa

    I love this guy..he is so right on!

  34. Tha Wh1t3 Ra88it S L Man Down We Went Too De3p

    Tha Wh1t3 Ra88it S L Man Down We Went Too De3p

    5 ore fa

    this hits harder then the water from boston habour

  35. Manchester Is Blue

    Manchester Is Blue

    5 ore fa

    love this dude and i'm not white

  36. John Kersch

    John Kersch

    6 ore fa

    the audience didn't deserve this performance.

  37. Pretty Feet

    Pretty Feet

    6 ore fa

    God bless bill burr like always on topic and correct .

  38. Mockney Monkey

    Mockney Monkey

    6 ore fa

    I can't believe they held off this long for the greatest US stand up since Hicks or Carlin. Really tame for him though, felt a bit forced in parts

  39. Anna Anna

    Anna Anna

    7 ore fa

    Oww, love you man 🔥🇺🇦❤️

  40. Jeff E

    Jeff E

    7 ore fa

    New York is back baby!! Lmao

  41. Joseph SchianodiCola

    Joseph SchianodiCola

    7 ore fa

    Bill Burr was exactly what today’s SNL needed, way to spit some truth and rustle some feathers

  42. AnieshA Wealthy

    AnieshA Wealthy

    7 ore fa

    Love it👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🖤🖤 100%facts. I like how he snuck in the population control 👌

  43. An Old Flame

    An Old Flame

    7 ore fa

    I knew when the articles came up about "disgusting jokes" and "half hearted clapping and anger", that this would be good.

  44. JUANYE R


    7 ore fa

    Bill was funny when he wasn’t an SJW

  45. Cory Prior

    Cory Prior

    7 ore fa

    those are the ungrateful, betraying white women he's talking about, in the audience lol

  46. Jay Lew

    Jay Lew

    8 ore fa

    Lolol I was curious how tame he would be. Pretty tame

  47. Andrew Perera

    Andrew Perera

    9 ore fa

    The comments on ITput are talking good about him but the comments in twitter are talking bad. Why are the comments different in ITput and twitter? It's like a different set of people use ITput and a different set use twitter

    • Andrew Perera

      Andrew Perera

      3 ore fa

      @Snuffleupagus VS Eeyore why aren't they commenting on ITput too?

    • Snuffleupagus VS Eeyore

      Snuffleupagus VS Eeyore

      4 ore fa

      Because privileged White Women control Twatter.

    • Andrew Perera

      Andrew Perera

      7 ore fa

      @Bob nothing more nothing less can you elaborate a bit on that? Does that mean the people who comment on twitter don't comment on ITput at all and vice versa?

    • Bob nothing more nothing less

      Bob nothing more nothing less

      7 ore fa

      There is a difference - politics

  48. Big_Poppa


    9 ore fa

    Got to see Bill do a routine (and play drums!) a few days before the lock downs (as in, Spring Training canceled on the flight home)... the steam coming off the girls head next me during his bit was priceless.

  49. Yve Gotnone

    Yve Gotnone

    9 ore fa

    is there anything more boring than a comedy about the current situation.. coming from the red freckles fan

  50. Uzi Tenenbaum

    Uzi Tenenbaum

    9 ore fa

    Anyone notice the two on the right? They must have headphones in their ears because they are not moving or laughing in any way.

  51. Resplendent Moron

    Resplendent Moron

    10 ore fa

    Re: saying it was non-consensual: see: Patrice O'Neal's story

  52. R G

    R G

    10 ore fa

    Nobody is offended by this. Fake outrage from shallow narcissists, screaming to be rescued from the terminally sinking ship that is their relevance. How sad.

  53. Trevor Alinda

    Trevor Alinda

    10 ore fa

    And that ladies and Gentlemen, is how it is FUCKING DONE!!!!

  54. Neil Reid

    Neil Reid

    10 ore fa


  55. Kabir Kohli

    Kabir Kohli

    10 ore fa

    Shout to SNL for putting this out.

  56. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis

    11 ore fa

    I think the Truth can be very funny. Case and point, this amazing monologue.

  57. Wingman1977


    11 ore fa

    This was a layup for ol freckles.

  58. Julian chavez

    Julian chavez

    11 ore fa

    The best!

  59. Ramew Sonyo

    Ramew Sonyo

    12 ore fa

    Lmfao. This wass funny as shit

  60. Nanna Dirtyknees

    Nanna Dirtyknees

    13 ore fa

    The butthurt this skit caused has been glorious! Please have him back!

  61. Brent z

    Brent z

    13 ore fa

    Love watching the left eat itself.

  62. Flo Blogs

    Flo Blogs

    13 ore fa

    Bill Burr don't faaack about!

  63. Gawani Whitecrow

    Gawani Whitecrow

    13 ore fa

    Nailed it, virtue signalling celebrities beware

  64. Piotr Dubrawski

    Piotr Dubrawski

    13 ore fa

    Bill is my spirit animal

  65. NorthWest Living

    NorthWest Living

    13 ore fa

    Only here for Bill. Heard this and was blown away! Glad to see something different for a change.

  66. NorthWest Living

    NorthWest Living

    13 ore fa


  67. Tyler Golz

    Tyler Golz

    13 ore fa

    Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Watch His Netflix Cartoon F Is For Family

  68. Jonida Sanço

    Jonida Sanço

    14 ore fa

    Yeah July should replace february

  69. Destiny Frost

    Destiny Frost

    14 ore fa

    I hear white women are upset about this, guess they can't handle the truth about history

  70. Eddy Reyes

    Eddy Reyes

    14 ore fa


  71. FreddieFender


    15 ore fa

    I would love to have Trey Parker and Matt Stone to host. They would kill it like Bill Burr. 🙌

  72. No One

    No One

    15 ore fa

    When I heard Chelsea Handler telling Jimmy Fallon how she had to remind 50 cent that he was black and who he had to vote for I immediately thought of this monologue.

  73. Broblab


    16 ore fa

    I'm surprised this is still up. Edit: oh my God he played it so safe..

  74. Alex Reid

    Alex Reid

    17 ore fa

    Bill: "Here's some truth." Lorne: "You won't be back."

    • AnieshA Wealthy

      AnieshA Wealthy

      3 ore fa

      I think SNL knew he was gonna tell it. Otherwise they would've stripped it from youtube 🤦🏽‍♀️👏🏾🤷🏽‍♀️😁

  75. regina rene

    regina rene

    18 ore fa

    The truth hurts! Bill Burr❤️

  76. psx2514


    18 ore fa

    He was holding back.

  77. Johnny Stanworth

    Johnny Stanworth

    18 ore fa

    Sax guy is just staring blankly.

  78. mokeish


    19 ore fa

    Everyone loves Bill Burr.

  79. Menelik


    19 ore fa

    I don't think the band liked his Monologue at ALL. Not one shoulder shrug. That was funny and not one shoulder shrug.

  80. Dpd11


    20 ore fa

    Best SNL monologue in years. Thank you for being you Bill.

  81. Cliff


    20 ore fa


  82. Joe K

    Joe K

    20 ore fa

    We need to toughen back up a bit...Too many people are thin-skinned and cant fathom being politically incorrect as a joke... Lets nervously scan the room to make sure it's okay to laugh. Jesus people, come on! Loosen up.

  83. David Hasenford

    David Hasenford

    20 ore fa

    What a weird way to open a show. You sure showed those women who"s boss!

  84. tottart


    20 ore fa


  85. Æthelred the Unready

    Æthelred the Unready

    21 ora fa

    Poor Bill, he needed a better audience.

  86. Ivan Ivan

    Ivan Ivan

    21 ora fa

    It's comedy

  87. Quinn Que

    Quinn Que

    22 ore fa

    On my second viewing, I'm noticing the redhead chick in the upper right with the band. It's hard to tell with the mask, I'm getting the distinct impression that she's PISSED about Bill's set there.

  88. Sheila Phillip

    Sheila Phillip

    22 ore fa

    This is and still beautiful!. People keep clicking, let those people be more upset.

  89. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    Masks are especially damaging to children and elderly. Developing and compromised repiratory systems.

  90. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    99%+ recovery rate

  91. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    Also the lockdown and protocals are hurting grandma worst of all. Isolated, neglected, and surgeries delayed.

  92. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    And theres "egg heads" who are saying masks are dangerous and ineffective. They get censored.

  93. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    All cause mortality is same this year as past years. There is no pandemic. Research

  94. lovepeacebliss


    22 ore fa

    Check out Contageon myth by Dr. Cowen. About how viruses are not a cause of disease. Shadow banned on Amazon. This is all a vaccine marketing campaign.

  95. Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee

    22 ore fa

    My hero the brutal honesty the world needs to hear

  96. lovepeacebliss


    23 ore fa

    Asypmtomatic transmission is a lie. There have been studies done and its very rare to zero transmission.

  97. lovepeacebliss


    23 ore fa

    keep listening to pharmacuetical sponsored "experts"? No thanks. I hope your this naive and arent intentionally misleading people.

  98. macy 2020

    macy 2020

    23 ore fa

    Love Bill Burr!

  99. sski


    23 ore fa

    Bill's da MAN!

  100. Bagger Blaylock

    Bagger Blaylock

    23 ore fa


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