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Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (@Wonchop) asdfmovie merch (
Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (@Eddache)
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
With Alto Sax by Chris Carlier (
Featuring Chris Alex ( FilmCow_Chris)
Chris Bingham ( helloiambing)
Anna 'BrizzyVoices' Brisbin (@Brizzy Voices)
Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert)
Stefan Johnson ( S_johnson_voice)
Daniel J Layton (@Daniel J. Layton)
Phil 'AmazingPhil' Lester (@AmazingPhil)
and Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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  1. SamDeHam 07

    SamDeHam 07

    Ora fa

    "Aww what kind of dog is he?" "He's Dutch" "Goedemorgen"

  2. Dummy E

    Dummy E

    Ora fa


  3. Ani08 T_T

    Ani08 T_T

    Ora fa

    ITput: wanna see world best movie me: Yës youtube: ok me: wowowowowow (very glad that i found this in my youtube recommendations) -video ends- me: wow dat was gret ITput: hey dude want ITput premium!??????1?1???? me: no youtube: dAD youtube again: daddy feed me pls im so hüngry

  4. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    Ora fa

    What kind of dog is he? He's Portuguese O pāo!

  5. Harrys Ferm Bywyd

    Harrys Ferm Bywyd

    Ora fa

    "Aww what kind of a dog is hee?" "Hes english" "Crumpets"

  6. BrunOwO


    2 ore fa

    Maybe 2020 wasnt that bad

  7. ThatMateoBoi


    3 ore fa

    b a b y g u n

  8. Almarie Resurreccion

    Almarie Resurreccion

    5 ore fa

    Wow it's been so long

  9. Btwohundredandsix


    5 ore fa

    YES THIS IS BACK also this sucks why is this back

  10. Tristan Clarke

    Tristan Clarke

    6 ore fa

    “Oh my god, you are an id idiot

  11. Cat LaLa OwO

    Cat LaLa OwO

    7 ore fa

    So CooL

  12. ninjamonkey2251


    7 ore fa

    I don't like this one. It has too many legs.

  13. lightings channel

    lightings channel

    8 ore fa

    Hey Mr gose what are you doing with that nose

  14. John Freddy

    John Freddy

    8 ore fa

    Just a question, why does verified people get more likes than the ones without it?

  15. It's SpaceDilo BIOTCH

    It's SpaceDilo BIOTCH

    8 ore fa

    "Awww! What kind of dog is he?" "He's French." "weewf?"

  16. xd CyberTilted

    xd CyberTilted

    9 ore fa

    What kinda dog is he? He's french - _woaf_

  17. Jesus Bernal

    Jesus Bernal

    9 ore fa

    Marshellow guilty! Shash! Ded 0:15

  18. scp 2295

    scp 2295

    9 ore fa

    I thought the ball one was callmecarson

  19. T m

    T m

    9 ore fa


  20. dzsmoooth


    10 ore fa

    all the vids, past and future, are up my ass

  21. Rojo


    10 ore fa

    Thats my boy NO MY BOY!!! FATHER HELP!!! 0:56

  22. TheHackerCat


    10 ore fa


  23. gaming with speedy

    gaming with speedy

    11 ore fa

    1:06 me on sleep overs

  24. Moon the Wolf

    Moon the Wolf

    12 ore fa

    “Aww, what kind of dog is he?” “He’s Russian.” "СЛАВА СОВЕТСКОМУ СОЮЗУ!"

  25. Odin Van Koughnett

    Odin Van Koughnett

    12 ore fa

    Are you ready to die no No Then I’ll come back later

  26. liam spruyt

    liam spruyt

    12 ore fa

    i have a theory! the guy coming from the sky and trying to kill himself actually teleports into the sky when he dies or shoots himself endlessly repeating the human cannon!

  27. DrhpTudaco


    12 ore fa


  28. Dolive11 Roblox GAmEr

    Dolive11 Roblox GAmEr

    12 ore fa

    Baby: ahahah Dad: *grabs* 'Oh my god! You're an idiot

  29. djr d idfk

    djr d idfk

    12 ore fa

    So not only is the Eric andre show back but we get asdf movie 13

  30. daniella_pop


    13 ore fa

    Everyone's over here talking about the dog joke... That whale scream tho 1:47 😂👌

  31. Shadow_Fox_ Gaming

    Shadow_Fox_ Gaming

    13 ore fa

    whats the song for this movie called

  32. BizMusic


    13 ore fa


  33. Lazy


    13 ore fa

    The whale dance broke me

  34. scout 123

    scout 123

    13 ore fa

    'Aww, what kind of dog is he' 'He's polish' 'Hał'

  35. belacile


    13 ore fa

    Wow. I didn't laugh once

  36. I don't care about this name

    I don't care about this name

    14 ore fa

    the most polite murderer 1:19

  37. Xarlaphone -w-

    Xarlaphone -w-

    14 ore fa

    1:39 :^

  38. Teddy bomb1820

    Teddy bomb1820

    14 ore fa

    1:28 like what the fuçk 😂

  39. Personagem Secundario

    Personagem Secundario

    15 ore fa

    i seriously felt bad for the marshmello man

  40. p e p s i ツ

    p e p s i ツ

    15 ore fa


  41. Adam Chmielewski

    Adam Chmielewski

    15 ore fa

    “She’s uh, punching my horse” asdfmovie has become so predictably unpredictable that the plausible answer seems wrong

  42. FrigidGuyy


    16 ore fa

    My favorite is thats my boy lol

  43. Emily Wright

    Emily Wright

    16 ore fa

    LOOK OUT HE'S GOT A NOSE!! I've missed this.

  44. Gavin Wilson

    Gavin Wilson

    16 ore fa

    Bloxorz be like: 0:45

  45. LordRebelX


    17 ore fa


  46. Şegül


    17 ore fa

    This is literally my favourite asdfmovie... With Mr. Goose, "Father HELP!", the "Are you ready to die?" thing and "I'm free!" thing and the WHALE DANCE like all of them are so amazing I actually hurt myself from laughing. Good job folks. I don't know why my opinion would matter but I wanted to say it.

  47. Dylan Ward

    Dylan Ward

    17 ore fa

    Muffin - Depressed Waffle - Self Cannibalism Marshmallow - *pleaded guilty for murder*

  48. snipclip mustafa _

    snipclip mustafa _

    17 ore fa

    If dad jokes where actually funny

  49. Foxtrot Delta

    Foxtrot Delta

    17 ore fa

    Return of the King *music swells and rises to epic proportions so all can hear of his majesty*

  50. GamerGod


    18 ore fa

    *Father Help*

  51. Dank 'n Derpy Gamer

    Dank 'n Derpy Gamer

    18 ore fa

    **That moment when you got into your mind the mental image of a pair of hands fapping due to the sound of the continuous h-fives at the stat**

  52. Jacob Hanekamp

    Jacob Hanekamp

    18 ore fa

    Father: "Thats my boy" Ball: gets kicked Father: "NO, MY BOY" Ball: *"FATHER HELP"*

  53. Cheyenne Gaillac

    Cheyenne Gaillac

    18 ore fa

    Ah yes, one of my favorite yearly updates. These never get old.

  54. Jimbo


    18 ore fa

    the "what's for dinner" one is now my favorite joke

  55. bulbasaur


    18 ore fa

    1:20 chara's first meet with SANS XD

  56. Blinky's Creator

    Blinky's Creator

    18 ore fa

    "Let's get this party started" 😎🤘

  57. TheSixteen60


    19 ore fa

    High five HUNDRED

  58. Janalisa Paletu'a

    Janalisa Paletu'a

    19 ore fa

    Nobody: Me: is NOBODY gonna say that the goose hung himself with a noose?

  59. Viggy A

    Viggy A

    19 ore fa

    Why is this just an amount of plot twists?

  60. TVtheTV


    19 ore fa

    I laughed so loud that the other side of the house heard it when the fridge said “I have a boyfriend” and then BANG BANG BANG BANGed away

  61. oi boi

    oi boi

    19 ore fa

    "𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙖 𝙣𝙤𝙨𝙚"

  62. Brian Valcy

    Brian Valcy

    20 ore fa


  63. RadoMiami


    21 ora fa

    that was great where's asdfmovie∆`✓©¶😂æ

  64. Stephanie M

    Stephanie M

    21 ora fa

    That's my boy Kicks ball NO MY BOY

  65. Spacedude Productions

    Spacedude Productions

    21 ora fa

    You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you

  66. Raissha Seeley

    Raissha Seeley

    21 ora fa

    Legend has it that she is still punching the horse 0:31

  67. Oivatank


    21 ora fa

    I like whales...

  68. Oivatank


    21 ora fa

    It’s amazing that these still make me giggle like an idiot

  69. COIN


    22 ore fa

    is it me or was this not great as the other ones

  70. Jaydee 8652

    Jaydee 8652

    22 ore fa

    Why are you still making these?

  71. Smushy The Seal

    Smushy The Seal

    22 ore fa

    “What type of dog is he?” “IKEA” “Bnöjńäë”

  72. Mobi


    22 ore fa

    Nobody’s talking about the fat guys said: I love you.... fridge: I have A boifrend

  73. Randomness_EX


    22 ore fa

    “What kind of dog is he” “He’s Afrikaans.” “woef”

  74. Mystery Jacob

    Mystery Jacob

    22 ore fa

    Are you ready to die No Then I will come back later

  75. AwesomeGuy95


    22 ore fa

    We've got you on camera Well, I've got you FLOWERS! Uh...



    23 ore fa


  77. the best

    the best

    23 ore fa

    the wale sounds like the odds one out



      23 ore fa

      It DOES Sound like James!! :D

  78. Makoto Naegi

    Makoto Naegi

    23 ore fa

    Hey Mr goose what you doing with that noose neck snap

  79. MabOnPoint


    23 ore fa

    “Aww what kind of dog is he?” “He’s Welsh” “Cyfarth”

  80. UniqueTuber


    23 ore fa


  81. July 3301

    July 3301

    Giorno fa

    "What kind of dog is he?" "Oh he's French" "Wofé"

  82. Markus Ennitt

    Markus Ennitt

    Giorno fa

    Oh no its a giant bee

  83. Gaming_Prism


    Giorno fa

    "Got your nose!" "What's a nose?" "I...don't know." *THEY KNOW THIS IS A SIMULATION, SHUT IT DOWN.*

  84. Ellioth Playz

    Ellioth Playz

    Giorno fa


  85. Itzmejim I like taters

    Itzmejim I like taters

    Giorno fa

    This might be top 4

  86. Progamer557


    Giorno fa

    “Hey Mr. Goose,what cha doing with that noose” *honk* “Oh”

  87. krisokasninja nin

    krisokasninja nin

    Giorno fa

    Aww what kind or dog is he? He's Bulgarian да

  88. Adam Pleyz

    Adam Pleyz

    Giorno fa

    "Aww, what kind of dog is he?" "He's malaysian." "Uf"

    • Adam Pleyz

      Adam Pleyz

      7 ore fa

      @Zyaire Stroman Ugh, not another gacha hater.

    • Zyaire Stroman

      Zyaire Stroman

      7 ore fa

      @Adam Pleyz im talking about gacha

    • Adam Pleyz

      Adam Pleyz

      7 ore fa

      @Zyaire Stroman I'm Malaysian I'm guessing you're Malaysian too huh? Happy to see another Malaysian.

    • Zyaire Stroman

      Zyaire Stroman

      7 ore fa

      dude ur not welcome here go back to your toxic community



    Giorno fa

    beep beep I'm a sheep I said beep beep I'm a speep

  90. lazaricaionutica


    Giorno fa

    let's get to 69k comments while tom has 6,69m subscribers

  91. 3DA


    Giorno fa

    Mmmm the tastes semlls like 2015

  92. Reekaf


    Giorno fa

    Im kinda dissapointed, that there isnt a asdfmovie tag on nhentai

  93. Michael Gabriel

    Michael Gabriel

    Giorno fa

    skip to ASDF MOVIE-19

  94. Mrloekie RBLX

    Mrloekie RBLX

    Giorno fa

    Lets get this party STARTED! This is a swumber pwady *YEAH* **flop**

  95. Wall-E


    Giorno fa

    Oh no...! ugh, I’m still alive!

  96. Luqman Hakim

    Luqman Hakim

    Giorno fa

    Amazing how even after 6 years, this series still makes me laugh. Hell, this newest entry made me laugh as much as the older ones, maybe even more. Mad props to TomSka for this series

  97. Bruh momento

    Bruh momento

    Giorno fa

    *d a d d y :)*

  98. Lightninging


    Giorno fa

    I thought the ball son getting kicked into space and the dad with his sun were part of the same story arc

  99. Blueknight A

    Blueknight A

    Giorno fa

    That high 500 sounds like something...

  100. Master killerdaki

    Master killerdaki

    Giorno fa

    I like trains

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