Are We Smarter Than a 4th Grader?

This week on ...Beopardy, we find out if we're smarter than 4th graders!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  1. dinelka dananjaya1

    dinelka dananjaya1

    12 ore fa

    Shayne is so nice to courtney in this one😊

  2. Eli Central

    Eli Central

    13 ore fa

    I think it’s funny how they avoided the 200 point questions for a little while then they knocked 3 out

  3. VengefulVermin.


    19 ore fa

    wow sohinki is in this vid

  4. Hannah Moats

    Hannah Moats

    21 ora fa

    I went to two elementary schools the mascots were tigers and hornets

  5. Jessica Noël

    Jessica Noël

    22 ore fa

    I got all the math questions right. Downside I missed almost all the English questions

  6. Nora


    22 ore fa

    When Shane said who painted mona lisa my mind went to venn deisil



    23 ore fa


  8. OpP_ Mitchmod

    OpP_ Mitchmod

    Giorno fa

    I’m 11 a grade five and still didn’t get one wrong except for some English

  9. Hestia Rose Quartz

    Hestia Rose Quartz

    Giorno fa

    *Philippines shows up on the screen* me: Come on Kimmy this is for you! my cousin: Pilipino ba yang si Kimmy? (Is kimmy a Filipino?) Me: Yeah. Kimmy: Is it Japan? me & my cousin: WHAT.

  10. Garrett Pode

    Garrett Pode

    Giorno fa

    Kimmy is so cute like omg

  11. Gabriell Terrenal

    Gabriell Terrenal

    Giorno fa

    Courtney looking at the Philippines: is that A T-rex fossil?

  12. SamCat Art

    SamCat Art

    Giorno fa

    Actually had pause the video to finish laughing at “business” 👌🏻😂

  13. Jinny Alvero

    Jinny Alvero

    2 giorni fa

    Kimmy: Japan??? Filipinos: Whaaaat? We don't wanna say this but, what a disgrace?! Peace y'all!

  14. Jinny Alvero

    Jinny Alvero

    2 giorni fa

    We truly accept your apology Smosh, if you like, learn more about it.

  15. Jinny Alvero

    Jinny Alvero

    2 giorni fa

    Wow. What a disappointment for Kimmy. The Geography of PH, she doesn't know. If you want I'll teach ya more about it!

  16. Toshiki Kiasaru

    Toshiki Kiasaru

    2 giorni fa

    wow i can't believe how stupid they are to not know even the simplest of math. fucking 6x7

  17. ArtByDesign80


    2 giorni fa

    8:40 Kimmy (“currently Filipina” 🇵🇭 AND briefly played for the Philippine Women's National soccer team 🇵🇭) thought the Philippines was Japan! 😳

  18. Jonnie Neuhart

    Jonnie Neuhart

    2 giorni fa

    High school had apposotives but not superlatives

  19. Brandy Ford

    Brandy Ford

    2 giorni fa

    It is 42 42 42 like omg

  20. Nolan Parsons

    Nolan Parsons

    2 giorni fa

    You guys should do geography class

  21. Coleen Sanchez

    Coleen Sanchez

    3 giorni fa

    I mean I'm so happy that Shane briefly mentioned that they have fans in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  22. FrozEd0


    3 giorni fa

    Kimmy should not feel that bad as I got the Irish flag wrong and I’m Irish. I said it was Orange, white, then green.



    3 giorni fa

    I cracked my neck watching this omg it hurts

  24. Killian Tank

    Killian Tank

    3 giorni fa

    To this day crying from laughter at: Keith: “That’s a uhhhh.... a god damn uhhhh... a rat that’s flyin”

    • DreanaDraws


      Giorno fa


  25. thegoodone's world

    thegoodone's world

    3 giorni fa

    I got 1200 all because I’m color blind and my mom didn’t know that so when she figured out she shoved colors down my through and I’m like no that’s very light and she’s like no this is DARK GREEN BUT ITS SO GOODDAMN HAPPY WHO MADE IT DARK

  26. ThatDeadTree


    3 giorni fa

    Their Schools mascots: thunderbird, tigers, blue birds. My school mascot: a wagon wheel

  27. AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿

    AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿

    3 giorni fa

    I die by their inability to do 6x7 because you have to memorize you times yablebup to 12x12

  28. Daslayer 21

    Daslayer 21

    3 giorni fa

    Lol not to be that person but actually a cheetah's top speed is around 70-75 mph, however cheetahs can only maintain this speed for short durations of time. (20-30 sec long) Because of this sometimes cheetahs will either starve because they couldn't catch prey during the short burst of speed or after running at top speed, they're exhausted, lions or leopards will often take this oppurtunity to hunt cheetahs down because they can't run fast any longer.

  29. Zeus Angelo Reyes

    Zeus Angelo Reyes

    4 giorni fa

    *F I L I P I N O S*

  30. Arianna Cirasuolo

    Arianna Cirasuolo

    4 giorni fa

    To be honest I low key felt offended as an artist that they didn’t know the primary colors lmao but like yeah

  31. Peachy Sunset

    Peachy Sunset

    4 giorni fa


  32. Kory Glover

    Kory Glover

    4 giorni fa

    Anybody else notice that the table is ordered whitest to darkest from Courtney to Keith?

  33. •weird yandere•

    •weird yandere•

    4 giorni fa

    When Keith math I go oh no you know black people ain't good at math or is it only me

  34. Roman Zuanich

    Roman Zuanich

    4 giorni fa

    Do preschoolers

  35. Shayna Kromkamp

    Shayna Kromkamp

    4 giorni fa

    How did none of them know 6X7😅

  36. Joshua Valmoria

    Joshua Valmoria

    4 giorni fa

    An Honor that being added our country in that Random 200 but Kimmy? Kimmy...

  37. Joshua Valmoria

    Joshua Valmoria

    4 giorni fa

    Da Vinkii?

  38. Chris


    5 giorni fa

    Im from the philippines lol-

  39. Daniel Lim

    Daniel Lim

    5 giorni fa

    I know 6 times 7 when I was 5. ... Are you guys acting or you guys have a tough childhood?

  40. Mark Mamon

    Mark Mamon

    5 giorni fa

    Never knew kimmy was Filipino??? Lol

  41. Imani


    6 giorni fa

    42 dammit XD

  42. Imani


    6 giorni fa

    i knew it, mayonaise

  43. Imani


    6 giorni fa

    we all probably know more than smosh XD

  44. Imani


    6 giorni fa

    I probably know more math than them, 8th grade

  45. Imani


    6 giorni fa

    thats dumb XD

  46. Maya Corwine

    Maya Corwine

    6 giorni fa

    i’m in highschool, and idk what a superlative is:/

  47. Caroline Lee

    Caroline Lee

    6 giorni fa

    they should do one where its a specific show or series (ex: the office) and just do different categories about that series/show



    6 giorni fa

    I can't be the the one answered "Leonardo DeCaprio" for the Mona Lisa question right? 😂

  49. C.C. Ames

    C.C. Ames

    7 giorni fa

    “7!” This is my favourite knee-jerk/misinterpretation answer since the Lasercorn “Golf course” answer.

  50. 甘酒圭介


    7 giorni fa

    That's not flippin Japan!!

  51. PrankKing32


    7 giorni fa

    smosh: 6x7 idk me in 1st grade: 42

  52. Karlyle Wilson

    Karlyle Wilson

    7 giorni fa

    5:21 DA VINKI

  53. Fabian Franco

    Fabian Franco

    7 giorni fa

    But then at 13:33 they change it back so were all good :3

  54. Fabian Franco

    Fabian Franco

    7 giorni fa

    Just to say there is a mistake at 12:08 they change Jackie's number to 850 to 800

  55. Chloe Groizard

    Chloe Groizard

    8 giorni fa

    Btw 7×6 is 42

  56. Confusion


    8 giorni fa

    Imagine Olivia being here..

  57. chaunskiez


    8 giorni fa

    Kimmy's Filipina card is now revoked. HAHAHAHAHA

  58. Caliopup


    8 giorni fa


  59. Endrei Gallego

    Endrei Gallego

    8 giorni fa

    They should do this challenge with Coutyney Freaking Miller in it Who agrees with me 👇

  60. Gustavo Rodriguez

    Gustavo Rodriguez

    8 giorni fa

    Keith is such a jackass

  61. rose mcquillan

    rose mcquillan

    8 giorni fa

    Jackie is better than Courtney and Olivia combined. Just saying... way funnier...

  62. Zach McIntosh

    Zach McIntosh

    8 giorni fa

    1:56 Kimmy definitely had PTSD from elementary

  63. Caroline Clary

    Caroline Clary

    8 giorni fa

    Oh man. Having a whole map reading one would be hilarious

  64. Tina Vivenzio

    Tina Vivenzio

    8 giorni fa

    I learned that the second degree colors were in first grade:)

  65. Anna Sturgis

    Anna Sturgis

    9 giorni fa

    I wish i could show this to my math teacher. you don't really need multiplication

  66. Nathan Lowry

    Nathan Lowry

    9 giorni fa

    Keith: Boom I win!!! 😜

  67. Rhe R

    Rhe R

    9 giorni fa


  68. Adrian Encong

    Adrian Encong

    9 giorni fa

    I basically shouted when I saw our archipelago! HAHAHAHAAHAHA

  69. grumpy olives

    grumpy olives

    10 giorni fa

    When everyone was talking abt their elementary school mascots I felt so cheated bc mine was a damn cricket

  70. Niklas Thor Aagaard

    Niklas Thor Aagaard

    10 giorni fa

    This format is just amazing. It is super awesome to see the cast display thier knowlegde. PLease do many more videos like this! :)

  71. placki lover

    placki lover

    10 giorni fa

    teacher: what is a prime number courtney: 7 teacher:listen here you little shit

  72. Cringe Comedy

    Cringe Comedy

    10 giorni fa

    My elementary school’s mascot was a Thunderbird too lol

  73. Sprout


    10 giorni fa

    Who painted the Mona Lisa? * hits buzzer * *D A V I N K Y ?*

  74. cam colon

    cam colon

    11 giorni fa

    who painted the mona lisa da vincky?

  75. Stephanie Lizan

    Stephanie Lizan

    11 giorni fa

    *trying to guess Philippines* Me: *crying in the inside* HAAHAHA

  76. Solaiman Lakandula

    Solaiman Lakandula

    11 giorni fa

    Don’t worry Kimmy we wouldn’t not disowned you😂

  77. juliet hornsby

    juliet hornsby

    11 giorni fa

    What's 6x7 guys, no calculators.

  78. Jackson Busse

    Jackson Busse

    11 giorni fa

    Keith correction it is 75mph at max

  79. Jed Payao

    Jed Payao

    11 giorni fa

    Wait kimmy is a filipino WHATTTTT

  80. Cyan Brandon

    Cyan Brandon

    11 giorni fa

    they should do a state driving test

  81. Raghav Sinha

    Raghav Sinha

    11 giorni fa

    The sat's

  82. George Prewitt

    George Prewitt

    11 giorni fa

    now all i want is bobby from the block to play scrabble with you guys

  83. Kal El

    Kal El

    11 giorni fa

    Cheetahs can run around 70-75mph. lol

  84. Gracie Borghesi

    Gracie Borghesi

    11 giorni fa

    da vinky?

  85. Mulannotthemovie


    11 giorni fa

    Puta nagkalimutan nya pilipinas lol dejk luvs to kimmy

  86. FellowGleek


    11 giorni fa

    Louvre can also be found in United Arab Emirates too

  87. Neighbor Gamez

    Neighbor Gamez

    12 giorni fa

    Kimmy might not have scored very well in bepordy. But she was KILLING that top.

  88. JJ.


    12 giorni fa

    4:10 I wanted to hug Courtney so baaaaad

  89. Rochelle Palacay

    Rochelle Palacay

    12 giorni fa

    shayne is correct, I'm one of those fans that's 😑 because of that philippine question.

  90. Nicole Torres

    Nicole Torres

    12 giorni fa

    Me working through an Elementary Teaching program and not being able to answer all of these: 😅😅😅

  91. Timme Bouwmeester

    Timme Bouwmeester

    12 giorni fa

    Why is keith cosplaying as Shrek?

  92. Gavin Caliolio

    Gavin Caliolio

    13 giorni fa


  93. Shadows


    13 giorni fa

    I love Courtney

  94. Official MC FNaF RP and Gameplays

    Official MC FNaF RP and Gameplays

    13 giorni fa

    8:52 Everyone thats trying to answer: Wait wait wait wait wait wait...... Japan? Filipinos: bruh...... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  95. Anthony See

    Anthony See

    13 giorni fa

    proud filipino right here!!!

  96. Ares Donachelo

    Ares Donachelo

    13 giorni fa

    "Business" -Courtney Miller 2020

  97. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez

    13 giorni fa

    Shayne: "what is the superlative of busy" My brain: "Bussy" lmao

  98. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez

    13 giorni fa

    Shayne:"who painted the mona lisa" My brain the rest of the video:"DA VINKY"

  99. Nicholas Weston

    Nicholas Weston

    13 giorni fa

    is it just me or does courtney seem just totally bummed out about something unrelated to the show?

  100. lelerob1


    14 giorni fa

    I would love to see an "internet" version of this. Name that meme, famous ITput videos, internet terms/programs, etc

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