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ANIMANIACS - Official Trailer (2020)

Watch the official Trailer for ANIMANIACS (2020). Let us know what you think in the comments below!
ANIMANIACS is the new animated TV Show by Steven Spielberg.
PLOT: The Warner siblings, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. Water Tower, the Animaniacs waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio and beyond, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain will also return to continue their quest for world domination in each of the 13 episodes
RELEASE DATE: 20th November 2020
GENRE: Animation, Comedy, Family
STARS: Abby Lee Miller, Jess Harnell, Maurice LaMarche
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  1. Random_Dude1717


    4 ore fa

    i really hate animaniacs for some reason...maybe because everyone is such a dick

  2. Official Golden Freddy

    Official Golden Freddy

    4 ore fa

    This reboot is better than teen titans go and Ben 10 kid



    10 ore fa


  4. jael martinez

    jael martinez

    15 ore fa

    Bring back freakazoid

  5. Gokumon


    15 ore fa

    1:51 those classics ;___; Yogi Bear, Boo boo Huckleberry Hound, Yakky Doodle, Wilma (silhouette) and wait.. is that a discount Mario, Peter Pan, and Donald duck (on the left) in the back?

  6. William Scott

    William Scott

    22 ore fa

    i miss the warner sister dot!

  7. William Scott

    William Scott

    22 ore fa

    its a revival more so than a reboot

  8. john ferrell

    john ferrell

    Giorno fa

    22 years later and I’m still a Knockout!

  9. Emily Sewap

    Emily Sewap

    Giorno fa

    Oh my god!!!!!

  10. Nothing to see Here

    Nothing to see Here

    Giorno fa

    United Sates Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru.. Continue in the comments lmao



    Giorno fa


  12. Erin :3

    Erin :3

    Giorno fa


  13. Fruit gay

    Fruit gay

    Giorno fa


  14. Enrique Kenziero

    Enrique Kenziero

    Giorno fa


  15. ClickBait Animated

    ClickBait Animated

    2 giorni fa

    Poletics 1:53

  16. Kepler Loquesea

    Kepler Loquesea

    2 giorni fa

    Un reebot de animaniacs con la misma esencia más cameo de Pinky y Cerebro wow

  17. Allison Mason

    Allison Mason

    2 giorni fa


  18. whitestar xD

    whitestar xD

    2 giorni fa

    "trump monster isn't real, he can't hurt you" Me: 1:46

  19. GlassyJasses _

    GlassyJasses _

    3 giorni fa

    This is for a certain audience period lets not dance around the left lean here.

  20. 4subjwaur gaming

    4subjwaur gaming

    3 giorni fa

    Please take this down the thumbnail makes the look like gangsters like wtf would do that

  21. Minimal Grammar

    Minimal Grammar

    3 giorni fa


  22. gerardo sanchez

    gerardo sanchez

    3 giorni fa

    Arruinados, los han arruinado, PORQUE?

  23. Ice Dragon

    Ice Dragon

    3 giorni fa

    There going to kill our boy

  24. BLKBRDSR71


    4 giorni fa

    0:08 "Here's your check for the Animanics reboot *YOU SELL OUTS* "! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. • • m o c h a a e s t h e t i c s •

    • • m o c h a a e s t h e t i c s •

    4 giorni fa

    The thumbnail killed me

  26. Diessel BI-

    Diessel BI-

    4 giorni fa

    Only people from 2022 may like this comment

  27. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    4 giorni fa

    My uncle was the director of the original and got to say 🙏🙏 looks AMAZING

  28. Kubi Kameho

    Kubi Kameho

    4 giorni fa

    came here for the anime thumbnail. That anime scene was to short, but it'll make do for hentai.

  29. Gena Games YT

    Gena Games YT

    4 giorni fa

    Mis amigos: cual es tu anime favorito Mi mente: 1:44 Traducido My friends: what is your favorite anime My mind: 1:44

  30. Annette Kilkenny

    Annette Kilkenny

    4 giorni fa

    90's: let's make this show have adult jokes when our age target is 7-12 2020:NO YOU ARENT

  31. hi my name is uncomfortable

    hi my name is uncomfortable

    5 giorni fa


    • hi my name is uncomfortable

      hi my name is uncomfortable

      5 giorni fa

      @Zach Shouse jojojojojojojojojojojojoooo?

    • Zach Shouse

      Zach Shouse

      5 giorni fa

      @hi my name is uncomfortable jojo jojo?

    • hi my name is uncomfortable

      hi my name is uncomfortable

      5 giorni fa

      @Zach Shouse jojojoooo?

    • Zach Shouse

      Zach Shouse

      5 giorni fa

      @hi my name is uncomfortable jojoo?

    • hi my name is uncomfortable

      hi my name is uncomfortable

      5 giorni fa

      @Zach Shouse jojo?

  32. Aaron Holley

    Aaron Holley

    5 giorni fa

    On episode 3 I take back what I said , the Animation is fantastic!!! And im loving the show soo much yay!!!!

  33. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd Garmadon

    5 giorni fa

    I’m okay with most reboots, including some of the bad ones, such as Ghostbusters and the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

  34. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd Garmadon

    5 giorni fa

    I can’t wait for the anime segment

  35. Abril Carvajal

    Abril Carvajal

    5 giorni fa

    the animation is so uHm, how can i say it? beautifUl-

  36. Olatunde Bonojo

    Olatunde Bonojo

    5 giorni fa

    what 2020 animaniacs

  37. Sour Lemonade

    Sour Lemonade

    5 giorni fa

    1:35 That’s an alicorn >:(



    5 giorni fa

    1:35 Optimus Prime has taken a new form XD

  39. Aaron Huerta

    Aaron Huerta

    5 giorni fa

    Takes notes Cartoon Network

  40. ImTheDripz


    5 giorni fa

    Not good There is no yakkos world

  41. Steven


    5 giorni fa

    I'm very happy, this was one of my childhood series, it's good that they remake it well done, not like the super powerful girls or the teen titans

  42. Dio Joestar

    Dio Joestar

    5 giorni fa

    now this is a reboot i can get behind

  43. David Brady

    David Brady

    6 giorni fa

    In1part of the trailer WAKKO&dot look👀like teens&YAKKO looks all grown🆙

  44. Jordin RedEye Master

    Jordin RedEye Master

    6 giorni fa

    Anime I love you dot 😘

  45. Caredroia


    6 giorni fa

    "Never Mansplainy" "Jonny Depp in Jonny Lies 2" (A Film Poster) NO "Hello Nurse!" (or any of the other old favorites) cutting the OG Creator out of the process, Trump Jokes, cheap Animation - The Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister should have remained dead.

    • Mullerornis


      5 giorni fa

      Aw, another nazi gets sad that nobody likes him. Also, for your information roughly half of the female characters have huge tits and hips, so if you're going to pull that card unironically you're even more pathetic.

    • Punadian Prime

      Punadian Prime

      6 giorni fa




    6 giorni fa

    I love it.

  47. Miranda Lee

    Miranda Lee

    6 giorni fa

    I watched.only 2 episodes of this

  48. GMD DarkMonster

    GMD DarkMonster

    6 giorni fa

    The thumbnail be like: *Anime-niacs*

  49. Shadane


    6 giorni fa

    1:33 No, you're THE Pegasus. Also, you're an alicorn for some reason? 🤔

  50. Hatboy


    6 giorni fa

    Oh right, only 13 episodes. *Ding dang darny*

  51. Waxxy


    6 giorni fa

    i wonder if they still got baloney in their slacks

  52. Just another Hank Hill Account

    Just another Hank Hill Account

    6 giorni fa

    I just wish it was shaded better

  53. Andyfox Mario

    Andyfox Mario

    6 giorni fa

    I remember watching Animaniacs in kindergarten

  54. Hyper Sonic Foxy

    Hyper Sonic Foxy

    6 giorni fa

    This is how a reboot is done

  55. Bruno Santos

    Bruno Santos

    6 giorni fa

    Hmmmmmm parece mentira, mas seria legal se fosse verdade

  56. codedxxx


    6 giorni fa

    I always hated this cartoon.

  57. Alois Trancy

    Alois Trancy

    6 giorni fa

    "All human knowledge in one easy to swallow tablet?" *drinks tablet* "Cringe, rule 34, memes, we've missed so much."

  58. Vlad 117

    Vlad 117

    6 giorni fa

    Is it really a reboot if they are aware of it?

  59. Abaris Eiwar

    Abaris Eiwar

    7 giorni fa

    People keep saying cartoons have always been poltical, yet they used to make fun of everyone. This reboot of animaniacs is only one sided....I'm sick of the commie BS..

  60. Rad Thadd

    Rad Thadd

    7 giorni fa

    more left wing garbage smh

  61. Coriantumr Pace

    Coriantumr Pace

    7 giorni fa

    Huh... I could watch this.

  62. Joey Jernigan

    Joey Jernigan

    7 giorni fa


  63. Koshiz Music

    Koshiz Music

    7 giorni fa

    Blacklight. Oh boy.

  64. cultured swine

    cultured swine

    7 giorni fa

    If there will be no more Futurama ill take this

  65. Juan Bland

    Juan Bland

    7 giorni fa

    wheres the nurse

  66. unknow unknow

    unknow unknow

    7 giorni fa

    I think people are bnot ready yeat for animaniacs, animaniacs was in front of that time, and still is,maybe 50 years above here the series and cartoons will be more evoluted and then release animaniacs.

  67. Koto ko

    Koto ko

    7 giorni fa

    The animation looks better in 0.75x

  68. Heavyn Taliaferro-McClintock

    Heavyn Taliaferro-McClintock

    7 giorni fa

    Um... I think I just found a new love

  69. Adrianna Nealey

    Adrianna Nealey

    7 giorni fa

    Anime Style 1:44

  70. sketchesofpayne


    7 giorni fa

    Holy shit. They have writers who actually understand how humor works! I was starting to think it was a dead art.



    7 giorni fa

    I hope the Goodfeathers come back. Ive been binge watching Gangster movies like Goodfellas, Casino, the Irishman, Heat, Untouchables, And of course scarface.

  72. Ribler Gaming

    Ribler Gaming

    7 giorni fa

    bruh i just love how they humor will remain like the first ones

  73. Knight At Your Service

    Knight At Your Service

    7 giorni fa

    Imagine the outrage the people that saw the thumbnail and thought these are the redesigns.

  74. RAINB0W R1PL3Y


    7 giorni fa


  75. Rainbow Suki

    Rainbow Suki

    7 giorni fa

    “I’ve tried Online Dating but I keep getting catfished!” - Pinky, 2020.

  76. Elder bug is A cool dude

    Elder bug is A cool dude

    7 giorni fa

    I T S T I M E F O R A N I M A N I A C S

  77. Tevra The Cat

    Tevra The Cat

    7 giorni fa


  78. Ummuhani Noviyanti

    Ummuhani Noviyanti

    7 giorni fa

    wait yako sounds exactly the same as he was in that country song i l9ved to sing when i was 5

  79. R Price

    R Price

    7 giorni fa

    The lyrics are a bit off

  80. Cassie Kitchen

    Cassie Kitchen

    7 giorni fa


  81. Hal Bound

    Hal Bound

    7 giorni fa

    Too bad it's not going to last long especially with hulu!

  82. Mr. Harris

    Mr. Harris

    7 giorni fa

    Dr. Scratchnsniff? Goodfeathers? Chicken Boo?

    • Master Farr

      Master Farr

      7 giorni fa

      all appeared.

  83. Li


    8 giorni fa


  84. Leo Cantu

    Leo Cantu

    8 giorni fa

    Not true it's to good to be true

  85. Cyril Moore

    Cyril Moore

    8 giorni fa


  86. Jomari: Artymations

    Jomari: Artymations

    8 giorni fa

    Doesn't look like a reboot more like a big hiatus and came back with the same plot but the look is differentw with more digital and modernized and vibrant colors

  87. Mechahon


    8 giorni fa

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was just some random anime jeez they did good

  88. Ferlina Lie

    Ferlina Lie

    8 giorni fa

    Omg i dont know that the executive producer of Animaniacs is Steven Spielberg

  89. 123 plush gamer

    123 plush gamer

    8 giorni fa

    I saw anime versions of them!!!!! I just watched this and it was a dream!!!

  90. Poly phome

    Poly phome

    8 giorni fa

    Cyclops Trump Cyclops Trump

  91. barney


    8 giorni fa

    Oh no What is the internet community weighing in now?

  92. Gacha Rising

    Gacha Rising

    8 giorni fa

  93. ItsGuesty Pest! Animate wolf!!!!

    ItsGuesty Pest! Animate wolf!!!!

    8 giorni fa

    hey it’s a great day... NOT ONLINE DATING

  94. Kiri Kiti

    Kiri Kiti

    8 giorni fa

    I miss dots old voice ;-;

  95. Marcus Bass

    Marcus Bass

    8 giorni fa


  96. Jessica Bishop

    Jessica Bishop

    8 giorni fa

    👁. 👁 👃 👄

  97. 描くゲスト


    8 giorni fa

    i like this

  98. Goop Noop

    Goop Noop

    8 giorni fa

    The money they get says Hulu

  99. X Vil

    X Vil

    8 giorni fa

    1:54 WTF Miss DOT!!! That killed my hype.

  100. KUBRO


    8 giorni fa


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