Among Us Zombie Season 1 - Ep1 ~ 6 - Animation

Among us Zombie Season 1 Animation
#amongus #animation


  1. Jaya Jay

    Jaya Jay

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    Yang ungu kasian

  2. Sonia Cabrera

    Sonia Cabrera

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  3. Blobololo


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  4. Eva Llinares

    Eva Llinares

    6 ore fa

    Is no ine gonna talk abt how lime betrayed ourple :c

  5. Ali Shambaev

    Ali Shambaev

    6 ore fa


  6. Aram Zhamkochian

    Aram Zhamkochian

    7 ore fa

    Why orange dosent have a weapon!!

  7. THEJACK 2012

    THEJACK 2012

    7 ore fa

    I wish lime got karma in this episode for letting purple die. Edit: *this will be a spoiler alert* Purple was saved.

  8. King Godzilla

    King Godzilla

    7 ore fa

    I guess I’m the only one wondering why they just happen to have all those weapons in their inventory

  9. DangerKid


    7 ore fa

    That would be super scary in VR.

  10. The Doctor

    The Doctor

    7 ore fa

    I wanted lime to die so bad for betraying purple

  11. animeboi in da cut

    animeboi in da cut

    8 ore fa

    so... do yellow and cyan just die? D:

  12. Naruto In yo comment section

    Naruto In yo comment section

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    We just not gonna talk about how brown was impostor?

  13. Martin Mills-fox

    Martin Mills-fox

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    Soo cool



    8 ore fa

    among us zombie gooooood 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Mbatshi Gwakuba

    Mbatshi Gwakuba

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    lim you nood

  16. Danielle chambers

    Danielle chambers

    8 ore fa

    The Imposter is brown

  17. Paul Ho

    Paul Ho

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  18. RLGR


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    From where this zombies come in the ship?

  19. Sinister Panda

    Sinister Panda

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    So good

  20. Andrik Ojeda

    Andrik Ojeda

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    Muy bien echo

  21. Друг, Друг!!!

    Друг, Друг!!!

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    Ты русский или нет?

  22. מירי דינבורט

    מירי דינבורט

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    wow good

  23. Aldrin Salome

    Aldrin Salome

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    This is perfection

  24. natalia martinez mora

    natalia martinez mora

    10 ore fa

    por que las hicieron falsas?????? :(

  25. страшные переписки

    страшные переписки

    10 ore fa


  26. Cyrus Arellano

    Cyrus Arellano

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    2 the comments think purple died cause of lime. But brown saved purple

  27. Tiger AJ :P

    Tiger AJ :P

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    This is edited so well

  28. 乃卂卄卂ᗪ丨尺ᐯ乇ㄥ丨̇ㄥ乇尺


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    4:57 Purple where

  29. Fun2Film Studios

    Fun2Film Studios

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    I loved this

  30. Danny Fabian Gutierrez Rosales

    Danny Fabian Gutierrez Rosales

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    Ami me gustaría el modo zombies en amongus

  31. Boar Means War- BMW Gaming

    Boar Means War- BMW Gaming

    12 ore fa

    Amazing. ❤️

  32. Kishore Damariya

    Kishore Damariya

    12 ore fa

    U do stupid videos

  33. deepti karnwal

    deepti karnwal

    12 ore fa

    Best zombie apocalypse survival movie 👍👍👍🎥🍿 please continue this ❤️❤️😊. I can't wait 😄😄

  34. Junior Pierotjunior

    Junior Pierotjunior

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    Hello wetujg

  35. Alicia Caliz

    Alicia Caliz

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  36. Monica Rafaelly

    Monica Rafaelly

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    Oh my God

  37. Dian Puspitasari

    Dian Puspitasari

    12 ore fa

    Bagus Lo kobisa kaya gini diedit ya yayaya

  38. Nath 8NV8

    Nath 8NV8

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  39. Jonathan Hartfield

    Jonathan Hartfield

    13 ore fa

    Is Lime a noob?

  40. Chrixianne Sophie Sambola

    Chrixianne Sophie Sambola

    13 ore fa

    Me: enjoying the movie😍 My mom: do your homework Me: 😩☹️☹️

  41. Miray Sapmaz

    Miray Sapmaz

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  42. Le1Zzy


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  43. Leela Gowda

    Leela Gowda

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    There should be a survival mode in among us

  44. Isabela Barbosa Gonçalves

    Isabela Barbosa Gonçalves

    13 ore fa

    Vocês tão tudo Vocês anta

  45. Isabela Barbosa Gonçalves

    Isabela Barbosa Gonçalves

    13 ore fa

    Bando de anta

  46. Samira Martinez

    Samira Martinez

    13 ore fa

    Increíbles animaciones, like si piensas que Among Us debería tener una función en la que uno juegue así

  47. wisniewska.2020


    13 ore fa

    I LOVE!

  48. Charles Vincent

    Charles Vincent

    13 ore fa

    3:41 Lol why block the door with a bed if the door opens sideways

  49. Ruchi Sethi

    Ruchi Sethi

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  50. Данило устименко

    Данило устименко

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  51. Giga Nigga

    Giga Nigga

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  52. sonali nag

    sonali nag

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    Noooooooo Why

  53. Ariyanto Ariyanto

    Ariyanto Ariyanto

    14 ore fa

    Sumpahh ,apa cuman gw doang yg orng indo sendiri??😂

  54. София Августинович

    София Августинович

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    Я тут одна русская😭

  55. elJohniperOMG Z

    elJohniperOMG Z

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  56. Amimation Short Film

    Amimation Short Film

    14 ore fa

    That was amazing

  57. crowonoobycool6 ROBLOXIAN

    crowonoobycool6 ROBLOXIAN

    14 ore fa

    When corona found itself on space and evolve

  58. Dhez Laureta

    Dhez Laureta

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    This is nice👍🏻

  59. نايا نجاغو

    نايا نجاغو

    15 ore fa

    مقطع جميل استمر النشر

  60. Lolo toys Extreme

    Lolo toys Extreme

    15 ore fa

    I literally was sitting in my blanket and watching this fantastic video and this is amazing I was having the time of my life

  61. M S SubbaRaju V

    M S SubbaRaju V

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    ITput recommendations makes videos most viewed

  62. Lolo toys Extreme

    Lolo toys Extreme

    15 ore fa

    I love this video so much it’s so nice

  63. ꧁ f r o g g i ꧂

    ꧁ f r o g g i ꧂

    15 ore fa

    This is so cool lol ❤️

  64. E Coffman

    E Coffman

    15 ore fa

    I love it

  65. Mrs. dürüm

    Mrs. dürüm

    15 ore fa


  66. Riana Eky

    Riana Eky

    16 ore fa

    K1ll 4j4 y4

  67. felipe XD

    felipe XD

    16 ore fa

    What animantion top!!!

  68. Bilimoloji Youtube

    Bilimoloji Youtube

    16 ore fa

    It is a slide door. Why are they putting the bad there?

  69. Роберт Максудов

    Роберт Максудов

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  70. Tayrine Santos

    Tayrine Santos

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  71. Naufal Indra

    Naufal Indra

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  72. Marya Mofak

    Marya Mofak

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  73. Naufal Indra

    Naufal Indra

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    • Naufal Indra

      Naufal Indra

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  74. страшные переписки

    страшные переписки

    16 ore fa

    Я тут одна русская

  75. Among us

    Among us

    16 ore fa

    Among Us

  76. Ufuk Rugged Alp

    Ufuk Rugged Alp

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  77. Sony TV

    Sony TV

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  78. monami Biswas

    monami Biswas

    17 ore fa

    among us but evrybody is a imposter.

  79. kodomo momo

    kodomo momo

    17 ore fa


    • kodomo momo

      kodomo momo

      17 ore fa

      N nya napa di panjangin coba?

  80. kiệt hà

    kiệt hà

    17 ore fa

    amongus zombies

  81. Yogendra Sharma

    Yogendra Sharma

    17 ore fa

    I don't know how to do it

  82. Yogendra Sharma

    Yogendra Sharma

    17 ore fa

    We can do this also

  83. Bernard Bianno

    Bernard Bianno

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  84. 박다은


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    wow!! great!!♡♡

  85. papi파피


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    It looks like sweethome!

  86. ᄏᄏᄏᄏ


    18 ore fa

    Hey, you plagiarized the gonoon



    18 ore fa

    0:14 hmmm Its 11 players 😳🤔

  88. Swapna Bhattacharjee

    Swapna Bhattacharjee

    18 ore fa

    Can you make more like this i reall enjoy it

  89. Âu Noob

    Âu Noob

    18 ore fa

    I like black and white

  90. Funny and trifle videos !!

    Funny and trifle videos !!

    18 ore fa

    Guys subscribe

  91. Nick Kudinov

    Nick Kudinov

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    Подпишитесь на мой канал в Ютубе

  92. Barča 67

    Barča 67

    19 ore fa

    how did you do that?

  93. Sabrina Marker

    Sabrina Marker

    19 ore fa

    Cool wie macht mann das?

  94. Rajib Ahamed

    Rajib Ahamed

    19 ore fa

    Okay okay hold on why is there zombies in among us?!

  95. Ricardo Moreno III

    Ricardo Moreno III

    19 ore fa

    Dont they have a kill cooldown

  96. Retrocollection


    19 ore fa

    Bien sûr de vou

  97. Татьяна Кашицына

    Татьяна Кашицына

    19 ore fa

    Я одна русская?

  98. 헤일리Hayley


    20 ore fa

    Trash the zombies bodies, nice.

  99. 33 tasarimsbzjjsfdhdhs

    33 tasarimsbzjjsfdhdhs

    20 ore fa

    Bu da nevar

  100. Ксения Прокопенко

    Ксения Прокопенко

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    that 31 million views in 2 weeks

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