Among Us:What If This Happens At The Lava Pit (Polus)

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  1. Troy Valencia

    Troy Valencia

    10 minuti fa

    Why he only had 153k Subscribers, he deserves more

  2. Patricia Alves

    Patricia Alves

    20 minuti fa

    the blue and even donkey

  3. Hack Builds

    Hack Builds

    54 minuti fa

    He had no kill cooldown

  4. Hack Builds

    Hack Builds

    54 minuti fa

    Did green hack

  5. springtrap afton

    springtrap afton

    56 minuti fa

    Orange is now my favorite 0:37,1:33

  6. Lilis Muliati

    Lilis Muliati

    Ora fa


  7. Boston Alman

    Boston Alman

    Ora fa

    This is really funny tho, I love the animation to

  8. John_ThePirate Patterson

    John_ThePirate Patterson

    Ora fa

    Don't mess with orange

  9. Corazon Par

    Corazon Par

    Ora fa

    The coolest i see is orange

  10. เกรียงศักดิ์ จิตรโสภี

    เกรียงศักดิ์ จิตรโสภี

    Ora fa


  11. Josue Dionicio Hernández Mejía

    Josue Dionicio Hernández Mejía

    Ora fa


  12. Samah Farag

    Samah Farag

    2 ore fa

    yous King 😎😎😎😎

  13. Samah Farag

    Samah Farag

    2 ore fa


  14. Selah Tomlinson-lawrence

    Selah Tomlinson-lawrence

    2 ore fa

    Yes this is what I like to see free anime on ITput

  15. Woou Woou

    Woou Woou

    3 ore fa

    Orange: I'm sick of this shit Green: Uhhh...pls? Orange: *no* Blue: W h a t

  16. Paloma elegante

    Paloma elegante

    3 ore fa

    Idk why but when green throws orange to decontamination i thought he was gonna r*pe him

  17. Yellow imposter

    Yellow imposter

    4 ore fa

    That was a little gay

  18. Sophia Charles

    Sophia Charles

    4 ore fa

    imposter? IMPOSTOR!!!

  19. Jønah Merlin Dalke 666

    Jønah Merlin Dalke 666

    4 ore fa

    Blue should be thankful that he got shot instead of getting thrown into the lava pit

  20. Addyx in Wonderland

    Addyx in Wonderland

    4 ore fa

    Technically Orange's backpack shouldn't be bleeding since it's not part of him *sips tea elegantly* Also that scene where orange just straight grabbed green's tongue had to hurt 😬 XD

  21. Alan Ciscomani

    Alan Ciscomani

    5 ore fa

    2:00 Blue: Wait it’s all crewmate? Green: Always has been.

  22. huang keqi

    huang keqi

    5 ore fa

    Hisoka green

  23. Leonice Figueiredo

    Leonice Figueiredo

    5 ore fa


  24. AlanNotCool 2000!

    AlanNotCool 2000!

    5 ore fa

    When you mess with the quiet kid:

  25. GaMerPie


    5 ore fa

    He:Wait what he was not the imposter The imposter: always has been Oooooommmmmmmggg op

  26. ivA9


    5 ore fa

    Red is kinda sus...

  27. sofy zhang

    sofy zhang

    6 ore fa

    Orange so greate

  28. Usotsuki


    6 ore fa

    Touhou players be like: 0:36

  29. PIX zr

    PIX zr

    6 ore fa

    Nice g

  30. TR xOnly Ardx

    TR xOnly Ardx

    6 ore fa

    orange sus

  31. المى قداح

    المى قداح

    6 ore fa

    l love you

  32. Aryaan Bose6CR20

    Aryaan Bose6CR20

    7 ore fa

    U went full anime in this video

  33. Murilo Santos Guimarães Medeiros

    Murilo Santos Guimarães Medeiros

    7 ore fa


  34. ziomeczek ziomalski

    ziomeczek ziomalski

    7 ore fa

    i like it and its epic

  35. Mr Stalker

    Mr Stalker

    9 ore fa

    So it was really funny video

  36. Juan lloveras

    Juan lloveras

    10 ore fa

    Little did Green know that Blue was actually Jotaro.



    10 ore fa

    Why blue not understand the fact that the orange backpack is cut?

  38. lionel sumalinog

    lionel sumalinog

    10 ore fa

    NC among us

  39. KONO No0O DA

    KONO No0O DA

    10 ore fa

    This is Ultra Instinct 0:36

  40. ACEY


    10 ore fa

    Lit he did the meme

  41. Jonatan Dawid

    Jonatan Dawid

    11 ore fa

    Orange is dat hacker

  42. Lucas Miguel

    Lucas Miguel

    11 ore fa


  43. king pecado do urso

    king pecado do urso

    11 ore fa


  44. Adrian Chang

    Adrian Chang

    11 ore fa

    dark green sus

  45. Oppo A53

    Oppo A53

    11 ore fa

    Serves dark blue

  46. Fernando Sarabia Suaznabar

    Fernando Sarabia Suaznabar

    12 ore fa


  47. Marco Libbi

    Marco Libbi

    12 ore fa


  48. That Ponytailed Jerk

    That Ponytailed Jerk

    12 ore fa

    I think among us should have executions, like special places where an impostor can eliminate players without leaving traces behind such as the lava pit

  49. mily saucedo segovia

    mily saucedo segovia

    12 ore fa

    Hola cómo están

  50. mily saucedo segovia

    mily saucedo segovia

    12 ore fa


  51. Ray.30 Gaming

    Ray.30 Gaming

    12 ore fa


  52. Clea Gouveia

    Clea Gouveia

    12 ore fa

    Misericórdia avemaria o instinto superior

  53. Christopher Torres

    Christopher Torres

    12 ore fa

    Nooooooooooo, Blue noooo

  54. Christopher Torres

    Christopher Torres

    12 ore fa

    Wow, I didn't know the crew could kill the imposter.

  55. Cyanezz


    13 ore fa


  56. Mystry - Gaming

    Mystry - Gaming

    13 ore fa

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  57. X-crako Nightwalker

    X-crako Nightwalker

    13 ore fa

    Don't press link @EeTA ..

  58. Yonny PFR

    Yonny PFR

    13 ore fa

    0:52 how tsunade did orochimaru 😭

  59. Donald Playz

    Donald Playz

    13 ore fa

    Ok blue was so freaking stupid idiot dumb

  60. John Joseph Espejo

    John Joseph Espejo

    13 ore fa

    Blue: What he is C-crewmate?! Green: It always has been (bang!) Yellow: (Kicks him into the lava pit) System: Green was the imposter

  61. Sky Wålkér

    Sky Wålkér

    14 ore fa

    Love u 🔥

  62. Sky Wålkér

    Sky Wålkér

    14 ore fa

    Nahi aap mere favourite animater ho plz aise he among us ki video banaye rehnaa

  63. UltraJasperWorld


    14 ore fa


  64. Yash Bhandari

    Yash Bhandari

    14 ore fa

    What just happen????????

  65. ep_ion


    14 ore fa

    This orange is a hacker. Cannot say anything else.

  66. Ragnar Surt

    Ragnar Surt

    15 ore fa

    Would be intersting if one of the crewmates could fight against the impostor

  67. Nur Alia

    Nur Alia

    15 ore fa


  68. 유진유진


    15 ore fa


  69. Яна Жиленок

    Яна Жиленок

    15 ore fa

    Зеленый или оранжевый

  70. Яна Жиленок

    Яна Жиленок

    15 ore fa

    Оранжевый это мой брат зелёный это я потому что вот так мы дерёмся конечно я девочка

  71. Fahrizal Rizaladialalzam

    Fahrizal Rizaladialalzam

    15 ore fa


  72. Jehan


    15 ore fa


  73. James Pigeon

    James Pigeon

    15 ore fa

    when i get caught as the imposter i always say “the other imposter is... whoever accused me

  74. Autumn BG

    Autumn BG

    15 ore fa

    D: never mess with dark green

  75. kaylee


    15 ore fa

    Report It!

  76. Saif Alheety

    Saif Alheety

    15 ore fa

    نكبكااظلكاظا رظرظر هطاظلظككبظاظاظ ازلزل

  77. Saif Alheety

    Saif Alheety

    15 ore fa


  78. Justice Wong

    Justice Wong

    16 ore fa

    in Among Us:orange is dead already

  79. Faisal Ahmed

    Faisal Ahmed

    16 ore fa

    i scared

  80. Faisal Ahmed

    Faisal Ahmed

    16 ore fa

    The boy is 😈

  81. Meister Monsieur

    Meister Monsieur

    16 ore fa

    1:31 how isnt that like the oxygen now i think that, thats wrong or does it have ketchup

  82. Hemyan Alshereem

    Hemyan Alshereem

    16 ore fa


  83. Sub zero

    Sub zero

    16 ore fa

    New vivdio

  84. 과학자우주과학자


    16 ore fa

    너무 슬퍼 불쌍해

  85. Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler

    Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler

    16 ore fa

    This is so funny

  86. Tetei Hlondo

    Tetei Hlondo

    16 ore fa

    0:41 dark green is now a qualified ninja

  87. Grant Peralta

    Grant Peralta

    17 ore fa

    The ending got me so bad xD

  88. jack frost

    jack frost

    17 ore fa


  89. Aayush Pal

    Aayush Pal

    17 ore fa

    Now lets all imagine the Imposter is the real good guy here.

  90. ChandraKala Umesha

    ChandraKala Umesha

    17 ore fa

    The title should be "Among us: the old Bollywood fight"

  91. Channel Bang Gultom

    Channel Bang Gultom

    17 ore fa

    Kasian orange nya

  92. Chales Calvin

    Chales Calvin

    18 ore fa

    Please. Just please. It's spelled impost *o* r and not impost *e* r

  93. Joshua George

    Joshua George

    18 ore fa

    When you fail once you believe second



    18 ore fa

    Hello guys, I'm from Indonesia .. Can you help me make my parents happy?! 😭

  95. Kimte 320

    Kimte 320

    19 ore fa

    Orange:Any last word Dark green:Yes Dark blue:I like your cut G and dead

  96. daniel alsalim

    daniel alsalim

    19 ore fa


  97. lego lad make mixels stuff

    lego lad make mixels stuff

    20 ore fa

    Orange: * avoids card* Green: ah a worthy oponent

  98. sUpEr iAn

    sUpEr iAn

    20 ore fa

    Impostors are just aliens from polus that found a spacesuit

  99. Peanut means no fun

    Peanut means no fun

    20 ore fa

    Impostor should win in one hit! Because impostor is an parasitic shape shifter!

  100. Obi Wan Kenobi And Pon

    Obi Wan Kenobi And Pon

    20 ore fa

    orange has been training to kill the imp poster 15 years of among us he trained so much that he did not get killed by the imp but died in the lava (:

    • asuwang bumbay

      asuwang bumbay

      17 ore fa


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