America's “All-Time Favorite President” Donald Trump Has White Hair Now

Day 14 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump is still whining in the West Wing, his hair has miraculously gone totally white since he lost, Rudy Giuliani is in charge of Trump’s legal fate and wants $20,000 dollars a day for his services, Georgia is finishing up their recounts, and Lindsey Graham is reportedly pressuring officials to throw out ballots, Sarah Palin is back on the scene talking about President Barack Obama, Jimmy recaps tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” and he reveals People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2020!
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  1. Norma Colon

    Norma Colon

    9 ore fa

    He was not around because he was practicing that 45 minute rant with all the b.s.

  2. Noones Business

    Noones Business

    10 ore fa

    Plain the woman who's husband left her the woman who ran out on the people of Alaska who cheated on her husband her husband said she was impossible to live with who's own children h as ve been arrested she is literally a joke

  3. Ship Of Glory

    Ship Of Glory

    17 ore fa

    Hear this oh you people of God. You are in a war between good and evil. For such a time as this! You shall run through a troop and leap over a wall. Their faces shall turn pale at the sight of you. You shall fall on swords ⚔️ and not die! For the Lord will go before His mighty army! Let the wicked mock on for the Lord will have the last laugh. He’s been patient. But the time has come. Waters break forth now! Hallelujah in Jesus mighty Name. The dam will break! At the sound of His voice! Thunderings and mighty shaking! Glory to God who is worthy forever more!!

  4. Deborah Springer

    Deborah Springer

    19 ore fa

    The vacuous tablecloth immunologically notice because linen rapidly detect behind a squalid edward. picayune, enchanting patio

  5. Gaetan Lacas

    Gaetan Lacas

    Giorno fa

    Trump is such a LOSER as the old saying goes "he came in third"

  6. Meghan A

    Meghan A

    Giorno fa

    I am so confused everytime Sarah Palin speaks. Wtf.

  7. Momma R

    Momma R

    Giorno fa

    To Palin, "untruths" are truths she doesn't like.

  8. Danny Woo

    Danny Woo

    Giorno fa


  9. Noones Business

    Noones Business

    Giorno fa

    Stop giving SP time to speak the woman who got dumped by her husband....stand by ur its he doesn't stand by his woman why just why can't she snd the trump family go away for life

  10. Noones Business

    Noones Business

    Giorno fa

    They need to kick him out of the country but no one wants the trump family

  11. Gayle Kemper

    Gayle Kemper

    Giorno fa

    Turned white from fright and stress...I’m a hairdresser

  12. Yadira Toll

    Yadira Toll

    Giorno fa

    He let himself go🤪

  13. Claude Gomes

    Claude Gomes

    2 giorni fa

    4 years of this joker is over,thank God!

  14. Mos Definitely

    Mos Definitely

    2 giorni fa

    Just stumbled on this 🤣🤣 Talk about a real “grift that keeps giving”, today we learn Trump swindled a $170M - so far- from his idiot followers to keep up the 2020 ‘election fraud’ fight 🤣🤣 OMG the GOP is evil.

  15. 1969rett


    2 giorni fa

    Trump finally showing his age, he is really really old

  16. Cungmi Nguyen

    Cungmi Nguyen

    2 giorni fa

    --con xin đảnh lể HÒA THƯỢNG THÍCH NHẤT HẠNH, THIỀN SƯ THÍCH NHẤT HẠNH, TIẾN SĨ THÍCH NHẤT HẠNH!!! ---dạ con k tin NGÀI viết câu này: “to love is first of all to accept yourself as you actually are”. Dạ con chỉ nhìn thấy được 1 lỗi căn bản: chủ ngữ là “to love” ----dạ con cám ơn NGÀI đã nói chậm để con có thể nghe và dạy con ý này mặc dù con cho đó là của con. Trong tiếng anh, người ta đã đưa ra nguyên tắc thì theo yếu tố thời gian; thì người ta phải dùng dù đã có nói đến yếu tố thời gian trong câu. Ví dụ: before that you all exist >>> before that you all existed. ---dạ còn trong tiếng việt, thì có thể k cần chữ đã, chữ sẽ mà chỉ cần yếu tố thời gian trong câu. Ví dụ: hôm qua con có đi tới nhà ngoại. ---dạ con cám ơn sự dạy dỗ của hòa thượng nhất hạnh. Con cám ơn NGÀI đã làm con vui. Con muốn trả thù cho NGÀI dù tâm ấy lúc có lúc k (thường là k có ạ) ---con xin được tha thứ nếu con có sai sót. Con k thể chính xác và đầy đủ. Con mong NGÀI dạy dỗ thêm cho con. ----10:12 02-dec-20 ---like bình luận của ta cũng k được, hiểu k? ta cấm các ngươi gở bình luận của ta. nếu k có gì phát sinh, ngay khi trăng khuyết k còn lung lay, ta sẽ giáp mặt với các ngươi 10:14 ----vì đăng vào phần bình luận của 1 bài viết của thầy trên facebook k được, nên con đăng thành bài viết mới trên facebook của thầy. con xin thầy thích thiện thuận tha lỗi cho con nếu con có sơ sót gì 10:20 02-dec-20

  17. Cherri Gray

    Cherri Gray

    3 giorni fa

    Are you a black man.

  18. Khalid Abahhare

    Khalid Abahhare

    3 giorni fa

    Obama too went out of office with white hair !It seems that even with the perks of the job ,it is a responsibility to be the boss of a company ,let alone a country .

  19. Alicia V

    Alicia V

    3 giorni fa

    Jimmy! He probably used Fancifully. Very popular amongst the elderly community. It’s a temporary color rinse. Most women get the “ultra white minx” to cancel the yellow tones in their white hair. Also explains why Rudy Giuliani was dripping “dye” at the press conference. He must of used the one called “black rage”.

    • Alicia V

      Alicia V

      3 giorni fa


  20. CQT


    4 giorni fa

    He's hoping to look more like Biden by letting it go white. "Well, it worked for him..."

  21. redfog42


    4 giorni fa

    If I had proper white hair, I wouldn't dye it, but it's boring old grey. Boooo!

  22. Dawn Dare

    Dawn Dare

    4 giorni fa

    I agree about wanting a mug shot!

  23. Roger Nguyen

    Roger Nguyen

    4 giorni fa

    BunkerBaby LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jail is ready to receive you... Trump

  24. Smallstudio Design

    Smallstudio Design

    4 giorni fa

    Hair can lose pigment when scared shitless.

  25. His Assholiness

    His Assholiness

    4 giorni fa

    all time fav prez ? yeah the greatest single term potus of all time , after carter of course ... most if not all the potus in my lifetime have used this hair scam

  26. Zz Man

    Zz Man

    5 giorni fa

    All Presidents age greatly while in office.

  27. philsipad


    5 giorni fa

    Don't you see Trump the Grey has reincarnated into Trump the White.

  28. Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    5 giorni fa

    The white hair makes his orange face pop.

  29. Kiran Patel

    Kiran Patel

    5 giorni fa

    Trump orange and white hair this is the sign of FAKENESS that's show manis fake or lizard who can change the color

  30. Pedro Lopez

    Pedro Lopez

    6 giorni fa

    Min. 6.23.. Wait Was this Sarah Palin who didn't know that Africa was a continent??? Serious ?? kkkkkkkkk

  31. Zoe Kin

    Zoe Kin

    6 giorni fa

    Forget Trump, this was a good video because Michael B Jordan.

  32. Lisa Zabriskie

    Lisa Zabriskie

    6 giorni fa

    Sarah Palin, like you know truth?



    6 giorni fa

    Captain Bone Spurs is going to crash and burn, and his days are marked! The normal American people have awoken to put him out to the pasture! Justice's are literally fed up with the President's actions of fraudulent claims of the election, which decisively chose President Elect Joseph Biden. Trump is a true dishonorable leader. Corruption in Chief...

  34. Bright Side Life

    Bright Side Life

    6 giorni fa

    I am the President of America..Trump says. Why would a President reminds reporters who he really is? Surely it shows he has lost it. This man is not cut for Presidency

  35. Laura Laidler

    Laura Laidler

    6 giorni fa

    Seen da ghost 👻 of his future❗❗❗

  36. robert langford

    robert langford

    6 giorni fa

    Happy Thanksgiving to All, had a wonderful meal. I love cooking, made a pumpkin, pecan cheesecake, found the recipe on line, WOW, excellent, pretty easy to make.



    6 giorni fa

    Happy Thanksgiving to All, had a wonderful meal. I love cooking, made a pumpkin, pecan cheesecake, found the recipe on line, WOW, excellent, pretty easy to make.

  38. Sandy Flenory

    Sandy Flenory

    7 giorni fa

    Trump wears depends! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Tiffany Peppers

    Tiffany Peppers

    7 giorni fa

    I thought Trump was ash blonde 👱

  40. Nicole Harry

    Nicole Harry

    7 giorni fa

    I could not understand, who give that lady to senator macain, she messed him up real bad, we still love you in peace

  41. Benjamin Gal-Or

    Benjamin Gal-Or

    7 giorni fa

    [Nov 27] שגיאות מי יבין מניסתרות נקני SC Chief Justice Roberts: We do not speak for the people. We speak for the Constitution [Oct 17, 2018]. Two WH paths to SC [Fox Bs, Nov 23] are herein added as independent No. 3 by recusing, as scientist-editor [Utube books; Amazon: M+citations, GOOGLE], from politics. It reads: 2nd election? a must when First Constitutionally Invalidated by MSM scaring voters by deleting, even herein, THE KEY election Issue: US COV-19-DEATHS-% went DOWN, not UP by "Failing WH MSM LIBEL" a priori corrupting election": 2.75%[Oct 22] 2.03%[Nov 27], % Nov 2 v. [Nov 27] -Grm 1.97[1.54] -NL 2.11[1.83] -Fnlnd 2.20[1.63] -U.S. 2.51[2.00] -Mxc 9.79[9.66]. PRE-election LIBEL by FASCIST MSM scaring voters away from WH only by 260,000 COV-Deaths, less global pandemic science % FATALITIES -NUMBERS that only reflect big population [& detect-tech-methods/Hospitals uprated] -VERIFIED FACTS voiding election before Nov 3, neither state nor SC can ever validate, nor SC Constitutional Option left but ordering 2nd election in due time..

  42. Buena Enriquez

    Buena Enriquez

    7 giorni fa

    Why are they showing this kinds of show. It's shows how this programs poison the minds of the younger ladies.

  43. Lily's Garden

    Lily's Garden

    7 giorni fa

    Only because he stopped dying it.

  44. Peter Emmanuel

    Peter Emmanuel

    7 giorni fa

    His hair was bleached after he drank chlorine liquid and injected lysol. Thats how he got cured of covid.

  45. Bingo


    8 giorni fa

    Trump won this election and all of the censorship the media is doing won't work. You got caught and now you're going to face the consequences

  46. Cungmi Nguyen

    Cungmi Nguyen

    8 giorni fa

    ---cái gì của con là của con; cái gì k là của thì k là của con. Có tha tâm thông và tín tức lưu trong vũ trụ thì có che giấu sự thật được k? ta chờ ngày được biết sự thật. nhưng con cầu xin cho nó nhục nhã ê chề nhất (mà chữ “nhất” của con k có điểm dừng). ----nó cấm con xài dấu “$”. Thật là mắc cười. ---ta nhìn cái cách ngươi cướp công ta bằng trò dạy dỗ thông qua phép thần thông làm ta uất ức. ---ta nhìn cái cách ngươi cướp công ta bằng trò dạy dỗ thông qua phép thần thông làm ta uất ức. ---ta nhìn cái cách ngươi cướp công ta bằng trò dạy dỗ thông qua phép thần thông làm ta uất ức. ---thầy nguyễn ngọc vũ, trưởng khoa anh văn, trường đại học sư phạm thành phố hồ chí minh, việt nam: tại sao thầy lại sai chữ “ng” và cám ơn người đã nhắc thầy việc này (đại khái như: mình cám ơn bạn, đúng là nhà ngôn ngữ) (dạ em k nhớ là chữ ng nào: ng, g, hay ngh). Em nhớ trên facebook của thầy, thầy có đăng thầy biết nhiều thứ tiếng. nhưng em nghĩ tiếng việt thầy học từ nhỏ tới lớn mà. Thầy là thủ khoa của khoa anh trường đại học sư phạm thành phố hồ chí minh phải k ạ? ---em xin trình bày vụ việc cho dễ hiểu, có những chỗ em có thể nhớ k chính xác. Em có hỏi thầy: ngồi trên xe tốc hành thì làm sao chụp được 1 bức hình rõ ràng đến như vậy. thầy có nói đại khái như: thầy bấm liên tục 3 lần và được 3 hình, cuối cùng cũng được 1 hình rõ ràng. Nhưng em xin hỏi thầy: xe tốc hành có khi nào k run k? mà thầy lại chụp được 1 tấm rõ ràng như vậy? thầy làm em nhớ đến luky luke: bắn súng nhanh hơn bóng của mình >>>nổ banh nóc nhà. chuyện k thể xảy ra mà lại xảy ra!!!! ----thầy đừng giở trò câu thời gian để em đừng đăng bài này nha!!! ĐỒ KHỐN NẠN!!!! ĂN PHÂN ĐI!!! ----ganh tỵ tật đố là k có mới ganh tỵ. con được dạy ý này: $nếu nó thông minh thì nó đã đập con bằng sự thông minh của nó; việc gì nó phải tranh với con từng từ$. ví dụ: quằn quại ---khi ở nhà, trấn thành đe dọa bằng hình ảnh trên bảng quảng cáo thông qua phép thần thông kiểu: $mày sẽ k biết đọc$. sau đó chối bằng cách tương tự với nội dung: $mày biết đọc toa thuốc tiếng pháp này k?$ ---hoan hô nhà giáo vĩ đại nguyễn ngọc vũ: khiển người biết đọc thành ngươi k biết đọc. ta tự hỏi: 1 đứa bị down mà đòi dạy lớp 12 là sao??? Ngươi có đòi lấy lại bằng cữ nhân luật của ta k? ---con cầu xin ĐẤNG TỐI CAO cho con giữ thế của mình để: lấy lại danh dự cho cỏi trời và con nghĩ NGÀI cũng muốn nó quên NGÀI. ----like bình luận cũng k được, có hiểu k? ta cấm các ngươi gở bình luận của ta. Ta sẽ giáp mặt các ngươi khi trăng khuyết k còn lung lay. ----00g39 27/11/20 00g54

  47. LMG


    8 giorni fa

    The hair needs a Hair stylist. . the Hair stylist needs to be paid... to pay for your hair and make up you need Money , nobody works for IOU's

  48. shallo denver

    shallo denver

    8 giorni fa

    Will the president be getting obama Care when he leaves the white house 🏡??? .

  49. hurdygurdyguy1


    8 giorni fa

    6:40 ... "It's good to have her back, isn't it?" .... NO! Why would even FoxSnoose have any interest in hearing what that has been hack has to say ... or Sarah Palin, for that matter!!

  50. Mikołaj Ryterski

    Mikołaj Ryterski

    8 giorni fa

    Im not watching The bacheloreete but i Love how Jimmy sums up everything 😆

  51. Lesley Allinson

    Lesley Allinson

    8 giorni fa

    Love your show.trump will go down as the Americas Russian president

  52. Steven Crosby

    Steven Crosby

    8 giorni fa

    Jimmy, a member of the BIDEN Crime Family. PUPPET JIMMY

    • jwhit127


      8 giorni fa


  53. louis


    8 giorni fa

    Fake Media

  54. J.P. Lacasse

    J.P. Lacasse

    8 giorni fa

    He's afraid if he leaves the white house that the locks will be changed and his luggage put on the front porch!

  55. Free Spirit

    Free Spirit

    8 giorni fa

    Presented to you by 'The Illuminati'..

  56. DeeDee Dailey

    DeeDee Dailey

    9 giorni fa


  57. R one

    R one

    9 giorni fa

    The Most beautiful white hair , nobody has white hair like his blah blah blah

  58. Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie Johnson

    9 giorni fa

  59. Sandy


    9 giorni fa

    They seem to deserve each other!

  60. Susan Young

    Susan Young

    9 giorni fa

    Actually Geraldine Ferraro was the first female VP candidate.

  61. Susan Young

    Susan Young

    9 giorni fa

    Actually Geraldine Ferraro was the first female VP candidate.

  62. Susan Young

    Susan Young

    9 giorni fa

    I was kinda hoping Biden would make Hillary Clinton the Attorney General.

  63. Susan Young

    Susan Young

    9 giorni fa

    Maybe he's packing.

  64. andrew bannister

    andrew bannister

    9 giorni fa

    Hope this is helpful. Trump is the 'strongest man any one has ever seen" not weak like all other men. So why has his hair turn white overnight? Stress does this and especually in profound situations.The other notable person suffering such a fate oovernight was Kerinski (?? spelling) a relative of Czar Nicolas. Lenin and the new Revolutionaries, were not totally ready to take up government, so only Kerenski was a suitable nominee that satisfied both the Czarist and Revolutionaries to head the transitional government. Remember the 'reds' were imprisoning and killing Czarist and 'white' supporters. So it shouldn't surprise us that Trump like Kerenski feared for his safety. Hope this was helpful.

  65. La La

    La La

    9 giorni fa

    70,000 makes sense for trump’s hair expenses considering it went from blonde to gray IN 9 DAYS.

  66. LaCakemaker


    9 giorni fa

    I used to love jimmy but now I won't watch him any more

  67. Denise Stathatos

    Denise Stathatos

    9 giorni fa

    Quid Pro Quo

  68. Linda K

    Linda K

    9 giorni fa

    Trump’s hairs white? You mean he stopped dying it gold to match his toilet?

  69. Elizabeth Molina-Noriega

    Elizabeth Molina-Noriega

    9 giorni fa

    🤣 tRump hair is white because all the BLEACH he drank against COVID-19 or Corona!. Looser in chief.

  70. Laurie MC

    Laurie MC

    9 giorni fa

    Scotty came in with orange hair got blond hair and now because everybody that leaves the White House has white hair so now he's dyed his hair or wait that's my opinion

  71. SierWilliam


    9 giorni fa

    Yes, now Trumps hair matches Corn & Cob. I think he wants to avoid having his hair die running down his face on camera

  72. Gary Graeff

    Gary Graeff

    10 giorni fa

    Kimmel you stink.

  73. Miley Belanger

    Miley Belanger

    10 giorni fa

    Who the flock is Jimmy kidblow.?

  74. charlotte Barnett

    charlotte Barnett

    10 giorni fa

    Terible Donald. Hopefully,he will turn to the Lord.What ever one sows ,the same he reaps

  75. Norma Adame

    Norma Adame

    10 giorni fa

    President Reject

  76. nichst100


    10 giorni fa

    Sealed for our protection and ribbed for her pleasure? Damn straight that's Sexiest Man Alive 2020!

  77. x-illusion-x


    10 giorni fa

    I'm not even from the USA but it does stand out that if the LEFT weren't ALL pushing the same narrative and not wanting to investigate anything, (despite seeming somewhat comfortable in their standing), why would they care if nothing was wrong? Also how can one quantify, re-count, anonymous, (sorry absentee), votes

  78. Ken Wesaw

    Ken Wesaw

    10 giorni fa

    Trump needs hair coloring advise from rudy

  79. Ryan Maggs

    Ryan Maggs

    10 giorni fa

    Who let her out of recovery 😂. What a crackhead.

  80. Elaine Daniels

    Elaine Daniels

    10 giorni fa

    He is not worth $2 a day.

  81. LLB LLB


    10 giorni fa

    Not only the hair has changed, his beautician must have been fired as tRump is badly in need of his facial fillers.

  82. gregthomas82


    10 giorni fa

    The message of the gospel is the message of reconciliation. ❤️ The alienated sinner can be reconciled to God. Reconciliation with God is possible. That's what we've proclaimed, that's what we preach, that's what we teach, that's what we live for and that, perhaps, is what some even die for. Number one, reconciliation is by the will of God. Verse 18, "All these things are from whom? God." What things? The things that accompany regeneration. Verse 17, "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things passed away, behold, new things have come." All that is new in regeneration, all that is new in the new birth, all that is new in conversion, all that is new in salvation comes from God. Secondly, it is by the act of forgiveness. It is by the act of forgiveness. The only way a reconciliation can occur is if the one who has been offended is being willing to forgive, and that's what verse 19 says. "God was in Christ reconciling the world, meaning humanity, to Himself. How? By not counting their trespasses against them." That is the only way that reconciliation can take place if the barrier, the offense, the sin is removed. Third point. Reconciliation is by the will of God, it is by the act of forgiveness, and it is by the obedience of faith. In verse 20, "God making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God." Isn't that fascinating? This is all of God, all of God. All these things are from God. It is God doing the reconciling, that's divine sovereignty. And yet, here we are, begging people to be reconciled to the God who is the reconciler. How can God say, "Okay, you're forgiven. Okay, I no longer impute your sins to you. Okay, there are removed as far as the east is from the west, buried in the depths of the sea and I remember them no more." How can he do that and be just? The answer comes in the 15 words in verse 21, "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." That, my dear friends, is a series. Not just the point in a message. There's so much there. Let's break it down. 15 words. "He, God, made Him who knew no sin." Who's that? Who's that? Short list. One name. He made Him who knew no sin. As the writer of Hebrew says, "The holy, harmless, undefiled one." The one of whom even man said, "I find no false in him." The one of whom the father said, "This is my beloved son and who I'm well pleased." The sinless one, the spotless one. How is God going to be just in the justifier of sinners, he made him who knew no sin, meaning Christ, sin. On the cross, God poured out the full fury of His wrath against all the sins of all the people who would ever believe. You say, "Wait a minute. As I analyze the cross, there really were only three hours when this took place. All of that took place in three hours, how is it possible that the sinners of human history will go to hell and be in hell forever and ever, and all of them in hell forever will never pay the price for their sins, but Christ can pay the price in full for all the sins of all who would ever believe in three hours and the only answer I can give you is because he is an infinite person, he has an infinite capacity to absorb that judgment. Will you turn to Jesus today? ❤️✝️

  83. TheRenaissanceman65


    10 giorni fa

    Is Sarah Palin related to Humpty Dumpty?

  84. Slide


    10 giorni fa

    Then Rudy hired her!😂

  85. Slide


    10 giorni fa

    He fired his hairdresser?😂😜

  86. Saint Steven

    Saint Steven

    10 giorni fa

    On January 20, he will be President Eject trump.

  87. Jack B

    Jack B

    10 giorni fa

    It wasn't hair before. It was cheese whiz.

  88. Janice Williams

    Janice Williams

    10 giorni fa

    "Ignore Trump"

  89. Thomas Claesson

    Thomas Claesson

    10 giorni fa

    President Eject🚀for Mars

  90. lyddiejohnson


    10 giorni fa

    By January we'll be calling him President-Eject so that we can get him out of our White House, aka, the people's house.

  91. Carmen Apostolik

    Carmen Apostolik

    10 giorni fa


  92. Dee D

    Dee D

    10 giorni fa

    Clearly Rudy's not an expert on hair dyes either. Maybe the official White House colourist quit or they've simply run out of funds for extras?

  93. Enriqueta Rigor

    Enriqueta Rigor

    11 giorni fa

    Trump the petulant old man!😬

  94. sean holt

    sean holt

    11 giorni fa

    He forget to reapply the hair dye

  95. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes

    11 giorni fa

    republicans kept drifting, becoming the pluto of the democratic process (read: not to be called it any more) spending their lifes in a alternate reality, where trump was forever, or, well, at least no democrat for sure.

    • Vlad Tepes

      Vlad Tepes

      11 giorni fa

      it shouldve been telling when half of your choice was called democrats.

  96. ford hanson

    ford hanson

    11 giorni fa


  97. Game Streams

    Game Streams

    11 giorni fa

    Biden will definately destroy america

  98. Angel Shining DJL

    Angel Shining DJL

    11 giorni fa

    Looks better white never the less he is a horrible person.

  99. Jolene O.

    Jolene O.

    11 giorni fa

    Trump will end up in jail eventually.

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