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Amazing Crocodile Farming Technology - Crocodile Meat Processing Factory - Alligator Farm

A crocodile farm or alligator farm is an establishment for breeding and raising of crocodilians in order to produce crocodile and alligator meat, leather from crocodile and alligator skin, and other goods. Many species of both alligators and crocodiles are farmed internationally. In Louisiana alone, alligator farming is a $60 to $70 million industry.
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  1. Hans Milisi Jowo

    Hans Milisi Jowo

    3 ore fa

    Good 👍👍👍

  2. Sadha Anandhan

    Sadha Anandhan

    4 ore fa

    Killing this lives is against nature bcoz of that only now covid19 like disease are spreading when man play against nature

  3. Sarah Juma

    Sarah Juma

    4 ore fa

    Thanks to my God I’m Muslim we never eat them 🐊!!

  4. blah be

    blah be

    6 ore fa

    3:59 aww nah i'd have to throw them their food

  5. Hoi Tung

    Hoi Tung

    11 ore fa

    Bukan daging tapi kulit buaya yg mahal.

  6. VillaMas Ewani

    VillaMas Ewani

    11 ore fa

    Alligators Not Crocodiles

  7. Jensen SF

    Jensen SF

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  8. Gheevar c Biju

    Gheevar c Biju

    23 ore fa

    മൊതല farming 😆

  9. enosa fresnido

    enosa fresnido

    Giorno fa

    farm ng mga buraya pala yan

    • jerome sonogan

      jerome sonogan

      Giorno fa

      ph governMent join d gang hahahagag

  10. Mamta Kumari

    Mamta Kumari

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  11. fun zone

    fun zone

    Giorno fa

    Stop eating meat, even the vegetables you cook, don't they have life, so you equally kill them as a vegetarian. So stop eating. Mtchew, God gave us plants and animals for food, do not equate animals and humans please, humans has spirit while animals do not. Don't pose to be wiser than God who made it so.

  12. Ridas Emzen

    Ridas Emzen

    Giorno fa

    Pakan utama bayi buaya sampai layak potong, apakah daging babi hutan

  13. Sharada Products

    Sharada Products

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  14. Виталий Десятериков

    Виталий Десятериков

    2 giorni fa

    Такие заботливые выращивание они взяли яйца, а потом ещё их и сьели!

  15. Marcio Ventura

    Marcio Ventura

    2 giorni fa

    not crocodile or alligator but caiman

  16. bewolf Anderson

    bewolf Anderson

    2 giorni fa

    Más en el negocio por la venta de las pieles, malditos asesinos de la vida animal.

  17. Avivah Benjamin

    Avivah Benjamin

    2 giorni fa

    I do not like crocodiles but isawful what you do

  18. Bella Lawlliet

    Bella Lawlliet

    3 giorni fa

    No don't eat them, they will eat you back they could smell the flesh that had eat their species. That's why they being aggressive these days. Y'all dont learn from corona don't you??

  19. bertads vlog's

    bertads vlog's

    3 giorni fa

    Wow amazing Crocodiles form philipines

  20. anjali Rocks

    anjali Rocks

    3 giorni fa

    The released ones are the luckiest ones

    • Rosy A

      Rosy A

      Giorno fa

      🐊🎅👍💓😘jbeiebieb Iebwijejwiebfi

  21. Букля


    3 giorni fa

    Они даже не подозревают, зачем их откармливают...

  22. bigtaxrefund


    3 giorni fa

    do those meals come with GATOR-aid?

  23. essam aldein

    essam aldein

    4 giorni fa

    The corcodiles don't know what will happen to they at least 😁😂😁

  24. hessuhopo100


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  25. Shabalabab Shab

    Shabalabab Shab

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    🇹🇷Guten Appetit a Good Menü for you mhm fine

  26. Jamet kuproy

    Jamet kuproy

    5 giorni fa

    Adakah warga indonesia?

    • Jamet kuproy

      Jamet kuproy

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      2 giorni fa

      Nyimak lur ... salam dari 🇹🇼

  27. Sudiptamoy Naskar

    Sudiptamoy Naskar

    5 giorni fa

    Most disgusting creature on earth

  28. CMR Channel TV

    CMR Channel TV

    6 giorni fa

    Daging buaya itu enak sekali gays .... daging.nya rasanya seperti Tupai ......... tapi masih gurih buaya

  29. Azubis Meyer

    Azubis Meyer

    6 giorni fa

    Жрут всякое гавно, потом вирус от них

  30. Kesha French

    Kesha French

    6 giorni fa

    I love eating 🍖🍖🍔🍤ya ever look like this fuck up cuz u got a life 2 no more🍖🍖🍖🍖

  31. halim malik

    halim malik

    6 giorni fa

    Wait natural bad happen.. All out..we meat for them hahaha

  32. John Harper

    John Harper

    6 giorni fa

    No different than chicken or cows.

  33. ズムdムレ アu尺ム

    ズムdムレ アu尺ム

    7 giorni fa

    Where is fucking PETA

  34. Amirul Faiz

    Amirul Faiz

    7 giorni fa

    Great, next will be human farm...

  35. Husain and Ifa

    Husain and Ifa

    8 giorni fa

    What does crocodile meat taste like,

  36. Mary Ojeda

    Mary Ojeda

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  37. Ismail Hotel

    Ismail Hotel

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    Good 😊 hii 👍❤️💕❤️

  38. 54-B Salman Khan

    54-B Salman Khan

    9 giorni fa

    Probably it is a Chinese farm



    9 giorni fa

    how haram

  40. 03日没


    10 giorni fa

    The promise neverland.

  41. Okta Dwi Mestiana

    Okta Dwi Mestiana

    11 giorni fa

    Saya suka chanel ini sangat mengedukasi 👍👍

  42. Mr. Benjamin Methuselah

    Mr. Benjamin Methuselah

    11 giorni fa

    What Devil told You Crocodile Meat is a luxury and delicacy? It is a worse abominable meat than pork!!! May ALLAH shut down the Plant!

  43. عبدالرحمن محمد

    عبدالرحمن محمد

    11 giorni fa

    يهدك بتاكلوه ازاي

  44. Mohammed L. Saddon

    Mohammed L. Saddon

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  45. සදයි තරුයි

    සදයි තරුයි

    11 giorni fa

    Very cruel people in this world .. My god ..

  46. Shamil Saleem

    Shamil Saleem

    11 giorni fa

    1:08 "We will help them"... I'm sure you will 😆🤣

    • PJ Picker

      PJ Picker

      10 giorni fa


  47. PG J

    PG J

    12 giorni fa

    This greed is what generated Chinese virus Corona . East sensibly as low down the ecological chain as possible. Human degradation caused Chinese Virus and will cause more unless we overcome our greed.

  48. Harish Kumar

    Harish Kumar

    12 giorni fa

    Why r u forming

  49. Wippo Saudale

    Wippo Saudale

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  50. dacca007


    12 giorni fa

    Fucking animals!! (reffering to humans ofcourse)

  51. AMK chanel

    AMK chanel

    13 giorni fa

    Hii..daging buaya..

  52. Santhi Mettil

    Santhi Mettil

    13 giorni fa

    Won't they bite you??

  53. Bams Gunawan

    Bams Gunawan

    13 giorni fa

    Pantesan ga chattingan sama gue lagi. Ternyata disini semua buayanya.

  54. cashville_ holt8th

    cashville_ holt8th

    13 giorni fa

    Nobody has on Any Gloves....

  55. One_Eyed_Saint 99

    One_Eyed_Saint 99

    13 giorni fa

    Crocodile: We love pork Humans : We love you

  56. Sonia Longjam

    Sonia Longjam

    14 giorni fa


  57. يوميات ابن البصره

    يوميات ابن البصره

    15 giorni fa

    Diseases, you're the ones you created.

  58. RamsVlog


    15 giorni fa

    Iam working at crocodile farm at Indonesia .

  59. Gdhg Gdfhj

    Gdhg Gdfhj

    15 giorni fa


  60. Gaurav Saxena

    Gaurav Saxena

    16 giorni fa

    Human are worlds cruel animal

  61. Saloni Sharma

    Saloni Sharma

    16 giorni fa

    Shame on you!!! Let the karma handle you

  62. Farouk ACAB

    Farouk ACAB

    16 giorni fa

    So disgusting🤮🤮🤮

  63. Janeal Chu

    Janeal Chu

    16 giorni fa

    We are this country they can eat crocodile 🐊 How about your taste it?

  64. AAA AAA


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  65. sultan life

    sultan life

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  66. RA Tani

    RA Tani

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  67. Zaki ザキ

    Zaki ザキ

    17 giorni fa

    which country this Farm?

  68. Fajar Adhdhuha

    Fajar Adhdhuha

    17 giorni fa

    This is kind of thing that I would love to watch from youtube

  69. JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus

    JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus

    17 giorni fa

    Kill them all!



    17 giorni fa


  71. Маъруф Чориев

    Маъруф Чориев

    17 giorni fa

    Астағфируллоҳ Астағфируллоҳ .

  72. Moses Hillary Akuno

    Moses Hillary Akuno

    17 giorni fa

    do you have contacts that i can reach you on pleasse?

  73. Babar Tahir

    Babar Tahir

    17 giorni fa

    Please realize factory farming crocks is not sustainable, destroyers environment & is very cruel!!

  74. marcia faundez

    marcia faundez

    17 giorni fa

    No les felicito nada estos snimales prehistoricos no puedes ser comidos ni reproducidos. No tienen mas imajinacion para comer. Los gueones. Quieren puro dinero



    18 giorni fa

    I visit china am vegetarian

  76. juanitoelzombie


    18 giorni fa

    It takes 30 pigs to raise a 2 year old crocodile, we dont we just eat pigs?



    18 giorni fa

    not seeing much 'breeding' going on here, raping the enviroment a plenty and lots of greedy exploitation, guess there's a small bunch of narcissists making a fortune here though so it's all good right?

  78. Mata Buas Chanel

    Mata Buas Chanel

    18 giorni fa

    Sungguh tidak berprikebuayaan😭

  79. Leonel JM

    Leonel JM

    18 giorni fa

    I wonder how does it traste

  80. EurekaRecycler


    18 giorni fa

    what kind of meat do U feed um ?

  81. Tagore Bose

    Tagore Bose

    18 giorni fa

    u don't hve to do this ur already buying more beef feeding the poor ones then selling their meat

    • Tagore Bose

      Tagore Bose

      18 giorni fa

      and the alligators bite bck

  82. Asmatullah Khan

    Asmatullah Khan

    18 giorni fa

    Can I use this video for my channel.Please I want to voice over the in our own language.Please sir.

  83. Zulhaidar Yudha

    Zulhaidar Yudha

    18 giorni fa

    Now I think about it, Gustav wasn't so scary

  84. Daniel Caballero

    Daniel Caballero

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  85. M 51mu

    M 51mu

    18 giorni fa

    Don't eat !



    18 giorni fa

    No qud #birqramm

  87. RAndomlyEntertained


    18 giorni fa

    Also got to interfere with nature..

  88. TheNsahaf


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  89. John Kesisoglou

    John Kesisoglou

    18 giorni fa

    Poor crocodiles

  90. Karl Augustine Ariola Bautista

    Karl Augustine Ariola Bautista

    18 giorni fa

    Next video ant farming technology how to harvest ant egg and meat hahaha

  91. Nyron Roberts

    Nyron Roberts

    18 giorni fa

    Why are we farming this apex predator for??

  92. Khalida Dewi

    Khalida Dewi

    18 giorni fa

    Wah mantan2ku dternak dstu ternyata😂

  93. Vie


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  94. Dihcar De vries

    Dihcar De vries

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  95. N N

    N N

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    Buanya cantik dan ganteng yaaah🤩

  96. Klassikey TV

    Klassikey TV

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    Aku gini cuman sama kamu doang

  97. someone whocares

    someone whocares

    19 giorni fa

    Why all dangerous animals look cute when they a baby 🥰🥰🥰

  98. حسين ابو علي

    حسين ابو علي

    19 giorni fa

    الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام يجب شكر الله يوميا افضل الدين عند الله الإسلام

  99. Killer whale

    Killer whale

    19 giorni fa

    World is worst predator's human only. Example this f****** people

  100. TotalWar Gaming

    TotalWar Gaming

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    Pls Music name

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