minecraft vid inna couple weeks. hopefully


  1. colin harding

    colin harding

    49 minuti fa

    Hi fearless i would clap you bro but i am not og plus i play on pc and ps4 but not mobile or swich i did use to play on xbox but now i do not

  2. Mohammed Wael Saleh Al Messabi

    Mohammed Wael Saleh Al Messabi

    2 ore fa


  3. the meme guys

    the meme guys

    2 ore fa

    Keep your heaf up bro

  4. Fahad Altimimi

    Fahad Altimimi

    2 ore fa

    Start playing fortnite again it has been 2 seasons

  5. daniel hampton jr

    daniel hampton jr

    3 ore fa

    Fearless please come back i love you

  6. You sus Ok

    You sus Ok

    4 ore fa

    I like the fact that the fish that defined I do with the watermelon head is on there

  7. NoahTheTri 148

    NoahTheTri 148

    5 ore fa

    Why does everyone ignore his GODLY EDiTS

  8. Lolcat YT

    Lolcat YT

    5 ore fa

    Why are there so many v bucks scams damn

  9. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez

    5 ore fa

    i am so happy that you are posting its been 10 months!!!!

  10. Adam Yerima

    Adam Yerima

    6 ore fa

    made 2020 into a better year

  11. Armando Idontknow

    Armando Idontknow

    6 ore fa

    dude its funny how all famous youtubers saying like HES BACK (no offense)

  12. tamara bonner

    tamara bonner

    6 ore fa


  13. NoobBlox10 Shorts

    NoobBlox10 Shorts

    7 ore fa


  14. Heather Petty

    Heather Petty

    7 ore fa

    So he is not dead

  15. Mary Grayson

    Mary Grayson

    8 ore fa

    ur mortal

  16. Regi


    8 ore fa

    Honestly you could go pro

  17. Island N1nja

    Island N1nja

    8 ore fa

    Who else thought he was dead

  18. Cyclic Artist

    Cyclic Artist

    8 ore fa

    6:09 made me laugh so hard

  19. Riccardo Mancuso

    Riccardo Mancuso

    8 ore fa

    Bro fearless you make my day so much better when I watch your videos. Plz post video plzzzzzz

  20. zac saul

    zac saul

    9 ore fa

    come back fe4r

  21. Jeremiah Garcia

    Jeremiah Garcia

    9 ore fa

    I liked the brutus one that was funny

  22. Sean Avery

    Sean Avery

    9 ore fa

    When’s that rap with Carlos comin out my guy

  23. Florin Goaga

    Florin Goaga

    9 ore fa

    Day 1 of commenting till Fearless uploads

  24. Kelly Cygan

    Kelly Cygan

    10 ore fa

    What h as prned

    • Kelly Cygan

      Kelly Cygan

      10 ore fa

      What hapened

  25. Junior On 60fps

    Junior On 60fps

    10 ore fa

    3:11 After effects be like

  26. ROMAN fortnite i play fortnite

    ROMAN fortnite i play fortnite

    11 ore fa

    Can I get gift by you my id is LSTANLEY702

  27. R341 TUTORIAL16;*

    R341 TUTORIAL16;*

    12 ore fa

    Fe4rlesss with the rrrrrrrrr in the end

  28. DogPhood Aka ColdSoup

    DogPhood Aka ColdSoup

    12 ore fa

    Fearless Camed Back With a lot of love

  29. Randi Rouse

    Randi Rouse

    12 ore fa

    That coaches dog water

  30. Watch Video

    Watch Video

    13 ore fa

    I love you too ;) 4:30

  31. MR Murgas

    MR Murgas

    14 ore fa

    Fortrnite 2020: fearless 2 good we have to do something. Fortnite 2021: Lets just remove snipers.

  32. legend.x2


    14 ore fa

    fe4rless sheeshh

  33. Mr Average

    Mr Average

    14 ore fa

    fearless uploads me: havent heard that in years

  34. Cobra Kai GANG

    Cobra Kai GANG

    16 ore fa


    • Florin Goaga

      Florin Goaga

      9 ore fa

      Miguel is goated ngl

  35. TinTraxImo


    16 ore fa

    I love how he’s just acting like wasn’t gone for the last year

  36. Jocelyn Pandas

    Jocelyn Pandas

    16 ore fa

    Did he die he barley uploads

  37. Mohd Hamdi Mohd Azmee

    Mohd Hamdi Mohd Azmee

    16 ore fa

    i love the default

  38. Araceli Alanis

    Araceli Alanis

    17 ore fa

    Fearless pls make more videos

  39. Martin


    17 ore fa

    4:30 there's no ready up.its Ily,say it back and or imma get mad 😂😂😂

  40. Hassan Aris

    Hassan Aris

    17 ore fa

    i found abdul in a math problem Abdul sells hot apple cider at the Hendersonville Apple Festival each year. For a batch of cider that makes 25 servings, Abdul uses 2 tablespoons of cinnamon. How much cinnamon is in each serving of cider? Write your answer as a proper fraction or mixed number. tablespoons

  41. Aditya


    18 ore fa

    Pls come back pls

  42. meer nawaz

    meer nawaz

    19 ore fa

    Bruh fearless it's been 4 months why isn't there any new video

  43. Danielle Grimes

    Danielle Grimes

    20 ore fa

    😁🥰 was sad today thanks for making it better lover your vids



    21 ora fa

    U coming back because Ily to much for u to leave

  45. Elliottnoel Munoz

    Elliottnoel Munoz

    22 ore fa

    Hi. Fe4

  46. Marvel Scientist

    Marvel Scientist

    22 ore fa

    I watch all the AIMBOT videos like more then 10000000 times and so as ur other vids

  47. Veer Tawar

    Veer Tawar

    22 ore fa

    subscribe to his shorts dchannel

  48. deku_128


    23 ore fa

    Fe4Less For me you are One of the best player in the world. Who you can do this trick shorts???

  49. Jayden Nguyen

    Jayden Nguyen

    Giorno fa

    Fe4r: poor kitty Me: ur the one that killed him

  50. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne

    Giorno fa


  51. King gamer124 Ebrahim

    King gamer124 Ebrahim

    Giorno fa

    I will Mary fe4rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  52. Shade


    Giorno fa

    He posted it meanwhile Season 5 with a Season 4 thumbnail but the video is on season 3

  53. Darkyy


    Giorno fa

    Yooo pleas come back:(

  54. godzilla 2021

    godzilla 2021

    Giorno fa

    U need to upload when you hit 10 million

  55. Question mark Clan

    Question mark Clan

    Giorno fa

    Wach him swazzy

  56. Bacon03 Gaming

    Bacon03 Gaming

    Giorno fa

    When I’ve watched so much dreamsmp content that even fearless sounds like dream now

  57. Dallas Bocanegra

    Dallas Bocanegra

    Giorno fa

    Is it just me but 4 months later I saw a mouse pointer

  58. Chelsea Gonzalez

    Chelsea Gonzalez

    Giorno fa

    Jimmy: *REVIVE MEEEEEEE* Me: *Dying of laughter*

  59. Siwar Abdu

    Siwar Abdu

    Giorno fa


  60. DaGamer5T3w


    Giorno fa

    Keep yo head up(load) bro

  61. xxdarckxsweatxx correa

    xxdarckxsweatxx correa

    Giorno fa

    Fe4rless sorry I sawed a video and I chow you're face I KNOW YOURE FACE Sorry I know now youre face

  62. Trevor Beamon

    Trevor Beamon

    Giorno fa

    I gave my guy a fade number 3

  63. Xpex


    Giorno fa

    R6S new season operation carry default

  64. IlmayralI


    Giorno fa

    Ceeday and fear wHAT IF they PLANNING TO COME BACK BUT TOGETHER 👁👄👁

    • Ausitn Rutledge

      Ausitn Rutledge

      Giorno fa


    • Ausitn Rutledge

      Ausitn Rutledge

      Giorno fa


  65. Hopeless 1

    Hopeless 1

    Giorno fa

    Coral cruiser omg that funny as fu-

  66. Mushy loves techy

    Mushy loves techy

    Giorno fa

    Fearless come back

  67. elten primo

    elten primo

    Giorno fa

    WOW I CANT believe this was 4 months ago



    Giorno fa

    he took out the I LIKE UR CUT G

  69. ItsSonic


    Giorno fa

    2:57 NOOOOOOO

  70. Splitz Void

    Splitz Void

    Giorno fa


  71. Zero Clan

    Zero Clan

    Giorno fa

    You have no idea how many times I’ve watched this vid it’s insane. Pls come back to us fe4rless 😇 we want u

    • Adrian Wilson

      Adrian Wilson

      Giorno fa


  72. Fitzgerald GANG

    Fitzgerald GANG

    Giorno fa

    I miss your videos

  73. hyperZ 22

    hyperZ 22

    Giorno fa

    4:29 its says I love you say it back where it should say ready up

  74. Gen Tofanelli

    Gen Tofanelli

    Giorno fa

    Ngl fearless has the best editor

  75. mario gameing

    mario gameing

    Giorno fa

    We need you back

  76. M Acosta

    M Acosta

    Giorno fa

    Pls uplode we miss u pls

  77. GG Gamers

    GG Gamers

    Giorno fa

    dont matter what the haters say keep your heap up cuh

  78. John Sanders

    John Sanders

    Giorno fa

    360 Ooga Booga Booga

  79. saad alastorah

    saad alastorah

    Giorno fa

    That lugh 3:22

  80. OutRapl


    Giorno fa

    AYO 30 MILLION?!?!?!?!?!?!?! VIEWSSS

  81. Angelica Avalos

    Angelica Avalos

    Giorno fa

    This editing is so good mans spent 8 months on this lol

  82. GA MaStEr

    GA MaStEr

    Giorno fa

    Who watched the vid more than 3times

  83. Isaiah Guerra

    Isaiah Guerra

    Giorno fa

    Hope your happy Charlie fans . 😢😢 That he was less subs 🙏😭. I miss you Fearless

  84. Spoken_Tripzze


    Giorno fa

    If fornite had aimassits 1BILLION this would be it

  85. HeyitsmerudymYT1


    Giorno fa

    this was in chapter 2 season 3

  86. HeyitsmerudymYT1


    Giorno fa

    pls upload

  87. Remo & Dodo

    Remo & Dodo

    Giorno fa

    1,6M like what

  88. Ludvig Villadsen

    Ludvig Villadsen

    Giorno fa

    6 dec 2020 best day in history

  89. Jouse Gonzalez

    Jouse Gonzalez

    Giorno fa

    Yo fearless wish you the best bro if u come back to ITput we will be here if not we still support you

    • Jouse Gonzalez

      Jouse Gonzalez

      20 ore fa

      @lvcely i appreciate it

    • lvcely


      Giorno fa

      aww i love this comment

  90. Rayyaan Gaming

    Rayyaan Gaming

    Giorno fa

    U should play cod warzone

  91. Simplify


    Giorno fa

    Bruh I love Watching These vidS OVER AND OVER AGain @Fe4RLess pls upload u make my day when you upload

  92. Ford Schwisow

    Ford Schwisow

    Giorno fa

    555669 comment hehehe

  93. blessedwyd


    Giorno fa


  94. Braulio Marin

    Braulio Marin

    Giorno fa


  95. Mathias Pacheco

    Mathias Pacheco

    Giorno fa

    Come back pls I love your content

  96. Jasper Üidik

    Jasper Üidik

    Giorno fa

    Try not to cry put my cat is dead😭

  97. Jasper Üidik

    Jasper Üidik

    Giorno fa

    F4r is your nue code in the item shop

  98. Arbaaz Khaliq

    Arbaaz Khaliq

    Giorno fa

  99. aim basse

    aim basse

    Giorno fa

    Jimmy ITS noob

  100. Aj Branham

    Aj Branham

    Giorno fa

    We miss you bro please make a video of why you were gone so long so we know

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