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Addressing The Kanye Situation

Hi 2021, let's relax. Addressing this Kayne West and Jeffree Star situation, all the rumors, lies and the truth about why I moved to the state of Wyoming. What a way to start the year. Never a dull moment.
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  1. Michelle King

    Michelle King

    16 giorni fa

    this rumor is the best thing that happened to me in 2021

    • 「ms mango」

      「ms mango」

      5 giorni fa

      @The mackeys yes 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

    • icecream cake16

      icecream cake16

      5 giorni fa


    • Huh ?

      Huh ?

      5 giorni fa


    • Sven K

      Sven K

      5 giorni fa

      thats sad

    • Sonja Gold

      Sonja Gold

      5 giorni fa

      @Metal Rap Goth Doll CLEARLY, you have been living under a rock! He is the epitome of evil.

  2. Zenitsu -san

    Zenitsu -san

    12 minuti fa


  3. Karizma 00

    Karizma 00

    Ora fa

    U stay in drama OMG

  4. Jasung 3

    Jasung 3

    2 ore fa

    Its ✨vice ganda✨ for me

  5. L. V.

    L. V.

    2 ore fa

    Poor Wyoming....

  6. helenGD


    2 ore fa

    Knowing he's a horrible liar and a shit person, I believe those rumors.

  7. A 31

    A 31

    3 ore fa

    He is so disgusting 🙄

  8. Mrsjennykid


    3 ore fa

    Literally the best video Ive ever seen Jeffree make.

  9. YouTube Account

    YouTube Account

    4 ore fa

    2:36 that's Vice Ganda and ex humored boyfriend Calvin. LOL 😂

  10. Samantha Biascan

    Samantha Biascan

    5 ore fa

    can you give me Iphone 12 🥺🥺🥺

  11. Enemy


    5 ore fa

    i can see why people would think kanye would be with jeffree.. neither one of them have any taste, or class

  12. Ashley


    7 ore fa

    I have been wanting to move from California to Wyoming for a few years now.

  13. Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis

    7 ore fa

    Trying to breathe some of that Nathan air are we

  14. Allison B

    Allison B

    8 ore fa

    your hair looks hideous

  15. Calvin L. Bright Sr.

    Calvin L. Bright Sr.

    8 ore fa

    My kid ask if jefree was skeleton- And I said yes- IMAO

  16. Reagan Miller

    Reagan Miller

    8 ore fa

    What nobody realizes: if it was real and kanye west won the election, jeffree would be our First Lady...

  17. ANDY


    8 ore fa

    Why does his hair look like Billie elish

  18. David Gamdy

    David Gamdy

    9 ore fa

    jeffree ur a monster and I'm HERE FOR IT'

  19. David Si

    David Si

    10 ore fa

    Thos dude is so out of place in Wyoming, 😂🤣😂🤣😂 He wont last long there...

  20. OofAndDoof


    10 ore fa

    I'm single, tall and want to get out of California 😁

  21. M P S

    M P S

    11 ore fa

    Imagine literally making the most random scenario to get clout. Like this is the only time will I side with Jeffre.

  22. Marielle Gervais

    Marielle Gervais

    12 ore fa

    You look hot as a guy without all the hair and makeup.

  23. Kasuga Pachaka

    Kasuga Pachaka

    13 ore fa

    The rumors is the best thing that happened to me in 2021

  24. Fieldsof yelloWflowers

    Fieldsof yelloWflowers

    14 ore fa

    Jeffrey star talking about climate change is a bigger joke than Kylie Jenner not admitting she did plastic surgery

  25. To the nursery and beyond Valore

    To the nursery and beyond Valore

    14 ore fa

    she’s growing a mustache 🤭

  26. Katelyn Marklinsky

    Katelyn Marklinsky

    14 ore fa

    Y’all got it so wrong!!! Kanye is fucking Mannymua!

  27. Mike Clarke

    Mike Clarke

    15 ore fa

    The one time Jeffree didn’t lie

  28. Melissa Pierce

    Melissa Pierce

    15 ore fa

    I come here for the dogs and to see how beautiful Jeffrey is. I LOVE your make-up line.. thanks for giving us great make-up with an affordable price my dear. In my head lol we're friends.. no I'm not creepy. Lolol

  29. Melissa Pierce

    Melissa Pierce

    15 ore fa

    You're so cute jeffrey!! Xo

  30. Melissa Pierce

    Melissa Pierce

    15 ore fa

    Lol does jeffrey even like chocolate?? Lol

  31. Villanelle


    16 ore fa

    Wyoming is going to hell. Apparently trash is moving in.

  32. Сергей Остах

    Сергей Остах

    16 ore fa


  33. Robyn Alexa

    Robyn Alexa

    16 ore fa

    hey jeffree i see you have a love for cars. as a girl loving cars i was wondering if you could help me pay for my first car and driving lessons x

  34. Mary Martinez

    Mary Martinez

    16 ore fa

    I am happy for him. He looks soooo happy and I just want that for Jeffree🤩

  35. :0 YOUR IN MY BISSNES dont do dat

    :0 YOUR IN MY BISSNES dont do dat

    16 ore fa

    Love the hair jeff

  36. Stef Stars

    Stef Stars

    16 ore fa


  37. Logan Zimmerman

    Logan Zimmerman

    17 ore fa

    Please dont bring the liberal policies that you voted for in california to wyoming keep wyoming conservative

  38. Lillya Shodow

    Lillya Shodow

    18 ore fa

    I love your hair it's pretty and I don't care what others say

  39. Strawberry Syrup

    Strawberry Syrup

    19 ore fa

    Time stamp??

  40. Antonia V

    Antonia V

    19 ore fa

    Please don’t fuck up Wyoming with your California crap! Everyone who escapes from there does the same thing - brings their political garbage with them and ruins the place. If you want to be there, be part of it. Don’t try to change it.

  41. geor gia

    geor gia

    20 ore fa

  42. Judy F

    Judy F

    22 ore fa

    Jefree..youre so beautiful..Godbless

  43. Shanta Mone

    Shanta Mone

    22 ore fa

    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🤍🤍

  44. Indie Moon

    Indie Moon

    22 ore fa

    2:12 sounds like Kim Kardashian from SimGMproductions

  45. Dolan Twins Fan 101

    Dolan Twins Fan 101

    22 ore fa

    i just want to let you know you're a bad person and you and Shane will get what you deserve :)

  46. Aleena Willis

    Aleena Willis

    23 ore fa

    Just admit it and move on

  47. Jeany


    Giorno fa

    I would LOVE to see the gun collection 😍

  48. Alan Lathrop

    Alan Lathrop

    Giorno fa

    This “it” is fucking disgusting

  49. Farrah Elizabeth

    Farrah Elizabeth

    Giorno fa

    Where does he even get all these ugly wigs from 💀

  50. \V/ - WORLD

    \V/ - WORLD

    Giorno fa

    OMG I JUST WATCHED THE FIRST 5 mins ! 10:40 Jeffree humbled himself for taken a business class

  51. Eun Oh

    Eun Oh

    Giorno fa

    this is the first time I actually like his look.

  52. Melissa


    Giorno fa

    Wakes up to rumor about breaking up The West’s marriage but the biggest part of his day are new license plates and fresh eggs. Iconic JS.

  53. Artie Jarren

    Artie Jarren

    Giorno fa

    “We’re in the middle of a crazy pandemic and all of our lives have changed....” 🤔😒

  54. Caroline


    Giorno fa

    You're not sleeping with anyone? Then... Who are those guys in pyjamas in your house?

  55. ELLA


    Giorno fa


  56. AngelTime Sweet

    AngelTime Sweet

    Giorno fa

    Welcome to 2021)Here we Go!🚀

  57. mickjen


    Giorno fa

    Um, some other shit went down on the 6th, so we all collectively forgot this

  58. The fire one

    The fire one

    Giorno fa

    Ok so when rumors about Jeffree start they’re stupid, but they’re legit when he starts rumors about other people.

  59. Laina Adel

    Laina Adel

    Giorno fa

    That purple and green up-do is so 1992. I love it!

  60. Meowsel Salazar

    Meowsel Salazar

    Giorno fa


  61. dabin deleon

    dabin deleon

    Giorno fa

    vice ganda is on jeffree's Feed hahahaha LT

  62. Christopher Gonzalez

    Christopher Gonzalez

    Giorno fa

    Ha that's funny I was in Calabasas in a small community in Hidden Hills yesterday.

  63. Tbeezy B

    Tbeezy B

    Giorno fa

    Was Nate tall??? 🤔🤔🤔

  64. Chaos cannon Deadly Six

    Chaos cannon Deadly Six

    Giorno fa


  65. Dunni Gold

    Dunni Gold

    Giorno fa

    Did he really move to Wyoming

  66. Vop Noc

    Vop Noc

    Giorno fa

    2:39 VICE GANDA just showed up!!!! I'm shookt! Ahhahahhahahahah filipino check!!!! ✔

  67. abigail leat

    abigail leat

    Giorno fa

    why do you have a rothschild tattooed on your neck

  68. Lennart Berry

    Lennart Berry

    Giorno fa

    Jeffree is in Wyoming now, so is Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.

  69. Dumh durum

    Dumh durum

    Giorno fa

    I'm so sorry for the people who thinks this man it's a delicate flower. He's laughing in y'all fricking faces, he just wants the money your pocket, and that's the only reason he comes every time with those fake ass apology videos, just to trap those who still don't know how shitty he is inside.

    • chriscab47


      Giorno fa

      I just made a comment with tri$a misspelled and still it got deleted before I could even like it, truly rotten... So ether he has someone deleting comments that even mentions her or a bot with every possible way of spelling her name and idk which is worse

  70. Lisa C

    Lisa C

    Giorno fa

    No need to lie jeff, we know you cheated.

  71. Whex Hufano vlogs

    Whex Hufano vlogs

    Giorno fa

    Theme:kanye ang jeffree are together Kim:I dont care I’m more than beautiful than jeffre😂🤧

  72. Bob Duncan

    Bob Duncan

    Giorno fa

    when jeffree said “i will be going from this, to this” it turned into an ad with a black man💀🤭

    • STlCKER


      Giorno fa


  73. I am a Person

    I am a Person

    Giorno fa

    I’m dead 💀💀😭

  74. sublime_angel


    Giorno fa

    I love all the footage of the dogs, they're so adorable. Loved seeing them running thru the snow.

  75. Mae mae

    Mae mae

    Giorno fa

    2:37 why does it look like vice ganda lol

  76. James White

    James White

    Giorno fa

    dont be fucking fooled. all a ploy for ur money

  77. East Side Doom

    East Side Doom

    Giorno fa

    This is the only thing that could make me watch Jeffree Star.

  78. Savannah’s gone Bananas

    Savannah’s gone Bananas

    Giorno fa

    Damn people do anything for some “fame” 💀💀💀

  79. Brittany Lonsdale

    Brittany Lonsdale

    Giorno fa


  80. Dayna Kearns

    Dayna Kearns

    Giorno fa

    Jeep life ❤❤ But driving mine on a windy day is like trying run with plywood😂😂

  81. Hi Im Faker

    Hi Im Faker

    Giorno fa

    What the fuck is this shit

  82. Christy Revely-Curtin

    Christy Revely-Curtin

    Giorno fa

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard Like come on Kanye would never sleep with him like what the fuck is on people’s mind to come up with that

  83. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer

    Giorno fa

    Whoever created this rumour should be lucky that kim and Jeffree didnt sue them.

  84. Heather Pierce

    Heather Pierce

    Giorno fa

    I am just loving that you talked about getting eggs from your neighbors chicken and how people grow their own food. 🤣🤣 Jeffree you great but you can't grow an egg silly

  85. ReginaPlayzz_ YT

    ReginaPlayzz_ YT

    Giorno fa

    SIS the hair not it ok bye sister ima go back to James sorry i got to go your hair got me sister shocked

  86. Natalie Laski

    Natalie Laski

    Giorno fa

    Jeffrey escapin those Cali taxes

  87. Mary Strawberry

    Mary Strawberry

    Giorno fa

    I love how Jeffree is so unbothered by the situation and just laughs about it, if it was someone else they would be crying in live like Charlie D’amelio lol 🤣

    • GnSt4vo


      2 ore fa

      @Mary Strawberry we all do things for attention

    • Mary Strawberry

      Mary Strawberry

      4 ore fa

      @GnSt4vo No but it’s annoying sometimes and sometimes they just do it for attention

    • Eggsie Lebowski

      Eggsie Lebowski

      10 ore fa

      Jeffrey is garbage human that likes drama so...

    • GnSt4vo


      14 ore fa

      You think a 16 year old girl crying is funny? Lol

  88. Stop Deleting My Accounts Youtube

    Stop Deleting My Accounts Youtube

    Giorno fa

    “starting off this year with a bang” sus🤔

  89. Kelsey Peyton

    Kelsey Peyton

    Giorno fa

    I’m surprised he didn’t fly on his private plane

  90. Carley Dowell

    Carley Dowell

    Giorno fa

    Yo idk what your plan is but please dont make it trendy to move away from Cali just to buy and develop land, we need more natural spaces in this country, not less. Will you be supporting the local ecosystem (plants, wildlife, etc) in any way?

  91. khaliece Rose

    khaliece Rose

    Giorno fa

    i hate that kanye west was sleeping with jerferee

  92. Venus


    Giorno fa

    I see hair by jay

  93. Chelly D.

    Chelly D.

    Giorno fa

    go fuck yourself jeffree.

  94. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo

    Giorno fa

    You lying , you know you coaching kanye to become kanya 😂😂😂

  95. Nitin shivalkkar T

    Nitin shivalkkar T

    Giorno fa

    Jefree : involves in a scandal Half of worlds population : RiSe AnD sHiNE

  96. Chris Alphin

    Chris Alphin

    Giorno fa

    All this from Miss Toilet Licker.

  97. Rimy World

    Rimy World

    Giorno fa

    You look like Lady Gaga 🤩

  98. élaa xxii

    élaa xxii

    2 giorni fa

    2:36 Vice Ganda HAHAHAHAHA

  99. Chantevy's World

    Chantevy's World

    2 giorni fa

    What camera did he use ?

  100. Jolly Jack Gang

    Jolly Jack Gang

    2 giorni fa

    I didn’t even know it was possible to cringe this hard !!!

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