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  1. tripjet999


    4 ore fa


  2. led light

    led light

    4 ore fa


  3. Kunal Raina

    Kunal Raina

    4 ore fa

    Shot in the dark....just for a lark

  4. M M

    M M

    4 ore fa

    For Those About... sound on this one :)

  5. BernyLyrics


    4 ore fa

    l remember to highway to hell with thunderstruck!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY ROCK

  6. dave gosselin

    dave gosselin

    4 ore fa

    Bon Scott. Sorry typo on last msg,

  7. Patrick Shannon

    Patrick Shannon

    4 ore fa

    It was great keep it up AC/DC! My girlfriend Carrie just love's it and I do to.

  8. RockSounds - No Copyright Music

    RockSounds - No Copyright Music

    4 ore fa


  9. dave gosselin

    dave gosselin

    4 ore fa

    There Back and still got it !!! Back in black broke records think was one of highest selling rock albums ever. . They had so many great ones. Fly on the wall. Flick of the switch. Powerage. Dirty deeds. If ya want blood. And now if this single song represents what the new album sounds like. It’s gonna be another classic crank it up. Ac/dc cd. We will miss Malcolm young. These guys have class and been thru so much thruout there journey in rock as a band. My hats off to ya all. Thank you for great memories with your music. And for this new music in 2020. You will make soooo many fans happy and I for one will always be a huge ac/dc fan. From both bob Scott era & and mr brian Johnson era Both are great and with Phil and cliff back it’s just freaking phenomenal. God bless ya guys . All hail AC/DC

  10. Guilherme Nunes

    Guilherme Nunes

    4 ore fa

    Ainda bem que tem os feras

  11. Dejan


    4 ore fa

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially discovered the cure for COVID-19 #acadaca

  12. C-Bomb


    4 ore fa

    I was expecting an Ozzy remake. Lol

  13. Danny Taylor

    Danny Taylor

    4 ore fa

    Love it!

  14. Miguel Matos

    Miguel Matos

    5 ore fa

    What do u want? Reggaeton or this fukin amazing rock n roll song?.

  15. Zento


    5 ore fa

    I come here before the Official Video

  16. Geremsa Brahma

    Geremsa Brahma

    5 ore fa

    Hats off as always ,awsome....

  17. Tracey T

    Tracey T

    5 ore fa

    Just finished watching ACDC in live chat and I needed to hear this song 😍

  18. Waldemar Puschkarjow

    Waldemar Puschkarjow

    5 ore fa

    AC/DC shoots into the dark. The dark falls on the ground and and dies from bloodloss

  19. Masterek


    5 ore fa

    [Verse 1] I need a pick me up, a Rollin' Thunder truck I need a shot of you That tattooed lady wild like a mountain lion I got a hunger, that’s the lovin' truth [Pre-Chorus] You got a long night comin' And a long night pumpin’ You got the right position The heat of transmission [Chorus] A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah [Verse 2] Blasting on the radio, breaking on the TV show Send it out on all the wires And if I didn't know any better, your mission is to party Till the broad daylight [Pre-Chorus] You got a long night comin' And a long night goin' You got the right position The heat of transmission [Chorus] A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark, yeah, elеctric spark A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yеah [Bridge] My mission is to hit ignition [Chorus] A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark, yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah A shot in the dark, ooh, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park

  20. Tabatha Festa

    Tabatha Festa

    5 ore fa

    Love u ACDC. But I love the original shot in the dark.

  21. ObsidianGaming 38

    ObsidianGaming 38

    6 ore fa

    That would be the theme for WWE Survivor Series 2020

  22. Gabe bass man Addison

    Gabe bass man Addison

    6 ore fa here is the link to the new music video 😁

  23. Swanneez 52

    Swanneez 52

    6 ore fa

    Man i can't believe this, still rockin', i first heard of them around 1977 - Let there be rock - i was about ten and heard the music from a friend's neighbour. Great, i am 53 now. Also still rockin' :), 43 years later!

  24. Gustavo Melo12

    Gustavo Melo12

    6 ore fa

    Cadê os brasileiros que apreciam esse hino? 🤘

  25. Danny Baker

    Danny Baker

    6 ore fa

    There's no one better than AC/DC . Love there music .

  26. Adam Cundiff

    Adam Cundiff

    7 ore fa

    I thought 2020 was all bad then I stumbled across new AC/DC

  27. Max Greinke

    Max Greinke

    8 ore fa

    How are there so many dislikes Kids these days

  28. kresna rahman

    kresna rahman

    8 ore fa

    Cok keren asyuuu!! \m/

  29. ludisrbin .09

    ludisrbin .09

    9 ore fa

    Son: Dad, why is my sisters name Rose? Dad: It is because your mother loves roses! Son: Thanks dad! Dad: No problem AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

  30. GlasSlipr


    9 ore fa

    I AM SOOOO Stoked!!!!! The BEST BAND!!!! I grew up with them. Concert was badass!!! My Son also saw them in concert!!! Rock-On!!🤟

  31. Daneci


    9 ore fa

    i missed malcolm here....

  32. Jorge Costa

    Jorge Costa

    9 ore fa

    AC/DC....c'est AC/DC....Après toutes les années rien à dire,un bon retour.

  33. RaPoX


    9 ore fa

    fucking hell....cant get enough of this song....the riffs and beat are too good to my ears....SHOT IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!

  34. Kacper Krośnicki

    Kacper Krośnicki

    10 ore fa

    I showed This to my cat He understood nothing its A cat

  35. Starbolt Eightyone

    Starbolt Eightyone

    10 ore fa

    Fuck yes. I cant wait for this album and that cool little lightbox to land in my hands.

  36. Loris Ktm

    Loris Ktm

    10 ore fa

    AC/DC Monster of rock !!!! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟😬

  37. James B

    James B

    11 ore fa

    Love it

  38. Roman Schrimpf

    Roman Schrimpf

    11 ore fa

    So keen!🤘⚡🥃🎃

  39. Antonio M

    Antonio M

    11 ore fa

    this song is what my expectations were for 2020

  40. Cowboy Cards 82

    Cowboy Cards 82

    12 ore fa

    It’s been out for 2 weeks and I keep listening to it 4 or 5 times a day. Hard to believe sound like this could come from guys in their late 60’s and early 70’s. Rock On! Can’t wait for the new album!

  41. melt


    12 ore fa

  42. Chris Leggett

    Chris Leggett

    12 ore fa

    AC DC ROCK 🎃😀

  43. Kelly Gladue

    Kelly Gladue

    12 ore fa

    Great Song!

  44. E.DM. Doc

    E.DM. Doc

    14 ore fa

    Anyone who dislikes this is on soy.

  45. jack mc

    jack mc

    15 ore fa

    i was waiting ahhahahaahh love ACDC ahahhah i was waiting after the 2015 consite

  46. SandySue Smiles

    SandySue Smiles

    15 ore fa

    Just...THANK YOU!

  47. S Garcia

    S Garcia

    15 ore fa

    Jamming to this all night on Blast!!🤘🔥, Waiting on that New Music Video to drop!🤘🤘

  48. Jeffrey Webb

    Jeffrey Webb

    15 ore fa

    So glad Axl didnt record an album with them.

  49. Pancho Gramajo

    Pancho Gramajo

    15 ore fa


  50. Alfonso Martinez

    Alfonso Martinez

    15 ore fa

    Git Better @all Thu Time, YEE YEE*

  51. Aman Adhikari

    Aman Adhikari

    15 ore fa

    Goosebumps ....damn😧😧😧

  52. brian houle

    brian houle

    15 ore fa


  53. jon mup

    jon mup

    16 ore fa

    Axl Rose disliked this.

  54. Jc


    16 ore fa

    SONG - GOOD! - Video - Hated it!!!

  55. superwebcomics


    16 ore fa

    It's a must headbang situation, it's not an option

  56. Aiden Ellison

    Aiden Ellison

    17 ore fa

    I never understood why people say "It sounds like all their other songs". Um, yeah that's kinda the point of having your own sound? Why would they want their music to sound like someone else's?

  57. Sabrina 79

    Sabrina 79

    17 ore fa

    The only good fucking thing to come out of 2020. An what a good thing it is!!!

  58. Eli Lepage

    Eli Lepage

    17 ore fa

    I'm glad bryan johnson is back. I can't stand axel rose.

  59. Dean Harkness

    Dean Harkness

    18 ore fa

    In the last couple of years We've lost, Lemmy, Malcom, Eddie, Tom Petty to name a few... and we all know how 2020 has been. It's great to hear new material from AC/DC, who I honestly can't tell you when I heard their first song. They've just always been there.

  60. Corey Mcdaniel

    Corey Mcdaniel

    18 ore fa

    Brian thank you for that amazing voice of yours! That's the sound I grew up with and it sounds so good!

  61. sokin jon

    sokin jon

    19 ore fa

    Can't emphasize how critical Rudd is to their sound. Brian's vocals are incredible. Band is tight - brilliant mixing.

  62. Qwertymegaforce


    19 ore fa

    Oh damn. Wait 2020? These guys are here to save the music

  63. Ruaraidh morrison

    Ruaraidh morrison

    19 ore fa

    🤘🏻 best band ever.

  64. Lord Vulcan

    Lord Vulcan

    20 ore fa

    I need this album now. I think I'm responsible for 1347 of these total plays 😂🤣🎸🎙📻🎵🎶

    • sokin jon

      sokin jon

      19 ore fa

      Still delivering the goods!

  65. Peter Bucek

    Peter Bucek

    21 ora fa

    Music is relatively OK, but #uck this video.

  66. Andre Jimenez

    Andre Jimenez

    21 ora fa

    Los extrañé 😭

  67. James Xiong

    James Xiong

    21 ora fa

    IDC if people say sounds like the same old acdc, angus young's blues influenced guitar is simply amazing. I could listen to it all day

  68. Jack catchpoole

    Jack catchpoole

    22 ore fa

    It's almost impossible not to start doing air guitars when you hear this

  69. DirtyMeatSack


    22 ore fa

    AC/DC... AC/DC never changes... \m/, d(^-^)b ,\m/

  70. promisedeyes


    22 ore fa

    This hits like a hook from Muhammad Ali, am I right? Goddamn!

  71. GILLETTE ABDI Hamburger

    GILLETTE ABDI Hamburger

    23 ore fa

    This should have more views

  72. Paul Kruger

    Paul Kruger

    23 ore fa

    Best band of all time.

  73. Mat&Fla


    23 ore fa

    Amazing this music

  74. Lee Tate

    Lee Tate

    23 ore fa

    This is the best song but nothing can beat black in black

  75. El Chico quiere Rock Viaja

    El Chico quiere Rock Viaja

    23 ore fa

    Please rockers and metalworkers of current and past generations, I have more faith in you than this !!! Share and come back this shit so viral that it seems like a meme in everyone's mind. share share share pussy !!! , long live rock !!! if k poppers and armys can, we can too, the goal is a billion views for ACDC no less. let's campaign to bring rock to glory again people !!! SHARE THIS WITH YOUR GRANDMA

  76. dog wedl

    dog wedl

    23 ore fa


  77. hurryhomehoney


    Giorno fa

    Great shot! Bull's Eye!!

  78. International Feel

    International Feel

    Giorno fa

    Still delivering the goods!

  79. Jose Da Costa Silva

    Jose Da Costa Silva

    Giorno fa


  80. Jailbreak _79

    Jailbreak _79

    Giorno fa

    Musicians have a lot to learn about AC/DC.

  81. Jailbreak _79

    Jailbreak _79

    Giorno fa

    Tomorrow the official video will be released by the band! Stay tune!

  82. Mehmet Ali Bilge

    Mehmet Ali Bilge

    Giorno fa

    Finally a good thing in the fucking 2020

  83. Андрей Александров

    Андрей Александров

    Giorno fa

    Песня крутая, AC/DC FOREVER

  84. Ingrid :v

    Ingrid :v

    Giorno fa

    Creo que soy la única persona joven y que habla español aquí creo xd

    • Isabella Darkness

      Isabella Darkness

      21 ora fa

      Te podría gustar esto 👇🎶🎧

  85. José Mendes Joaquim

    José Mendes Joaquim

    Giorno fa

    A melhor banda do mundo

  86. Michi Harnack

    Michi Harnack

    Giorno fa


  87. kids kids

    kids kids

    Giorno fa

    shot in subscribe

  88. Moisha Liberman

    Moisha Liberman

    Giorno fa

    Long live AC/DC! Heil from Russia!

  89. شيباييف


    Giorno fa


  90. Amon Chhetri

    Amon Chhetri

    Giorno fa

    hail acdc now they should just cut al the C's and and make it AD(anno domini)..cus they are literarly fossisls!

  91. Karl’s Klangers

    Karl’s Klangers

    Giorno fa

    still sound amazing,,legends

  92. Tomas Bageneta

    Tomas Bageneta

    Giorno fa

    Rock gods came to us AGAIN

  93. Kalzu


    Giorno fa

    This song made 2020 feel aight

  94. Cerodiez Audiovisuales

    Cerodiez Audiovisuales

    Giorno fa

    what about chris slade? A shot in the ass ♪♪♪

  95. cüneyt saltan

    cüneyt saltan

    Giorno fa

    Our legendary band. Welcome back again!!!

  96. Ociel Garcia

    Ociel Garcia

    Giorno fa

    AC/DC: *makes song called Shot In The Dark* Ozzy Osbourne: Wait, That’s illegal

    • Teaser Rocks

      Teaser Rocks

      4 ore fa

      The subjects of both songs are completely different, of course!

    • Walter White

      Walter White

      4 ore fa

      @Carlos Salvador ...because of the Ozzy song of the same name.

    • Carlos Salvador

      Carlos Salvador

      18 ore fa


  97. Stefano Cardillo

    Stefano Cardillo

    Giorno fa

    Solo il top

  98. country bound

    country bound

    Giorno fa

    Damn Brian sounds awesome!!!

  99. gavenplay 1234

    gavenplay 1234

    Giorno fa

    Finally after few years that no one rock but acdc never give up now 2020 we're now back

  100. Tポンコツ


    Giorno fa

    フィルのドラムはやっぱac/dcだなって思わせるパワフルなドラムだなぁ にしても新曲最高!!

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