Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In
In Bulgaria a lot of people abandon puppies and kittens on the streets. And all those animals need help. This isn't the first abandoned puppy we meet and sadly it won't be the last. We will help him find adopters and loving home.

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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan
Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In
Abandoned Puppy
Puppy Followed Me Home
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  1. PawMeow


    24 giorni fa

    In our country, Bulgaria, there are more than 100000 stray animals and government doesn't take care for them. We already save a lot of animals(mostly cats) and you can see that in our other videos. But we are just two people and sometimes we are overwhelmed. We meet many stray dogs and cats every single day and I REALLY wish to help them all...

    • mr Russian guyERza 2020

      mr Russian guyERza 2020

      9 giorni fa

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    • Denki Chou

      Denki Chou

      15 giorni fa

      WTF is wrong with your country? If you can't even look after your animals what can you do?

    • paty reds

      paty reds

      20 giorni fa


    • Pradeep Kishore Toppo

      Pradeep Kishore Toppo

      20 giorni fa

      God will surely bless u both a lot🙏🙏🙏

    • David Hill

      David Hill

      20 giorni fa

      If you can find travel to USA. We have rescues that will take em.

  2. FeelGood CoD

    FeelGood CoD

    2 minuti fa

    He definitely has worms.

  3. Iggs Wanna

    Iggs Wanna

    5 minuti fa

    why do all dogs and cats deserve to be loved, but sardines squid ants and cows don't?

  4. TiYUKiTV


    7 minuti fa

    you guys are good people. keep safe always.

  5. Dog


    11 minuti fa


  6. Tameka Holmes

    Tameka Holmes

    12 minuti fa

    So cute :)

  7. Alex C

    Alex C

    15 minuti fa

    I'm not crying... You're crying

  8. Nejc Fleimisch Bezlaj

    Nejc Fleimisch Bezlaj

    20 minuti fa

    Good people did not go extinct yet! Hope they never do. Thank you for this ❤️

  9. C gacha

    C gacha

    20 minuti fa

    hope u take care of him

  10. Ri Bo

    Ri Bo

    22 minuti fa

    So cute!

  11. Hxney bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Hxney bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    25 minuti fa

    This hurts watching.. ❤️

  12. mjr320


    29 minuti fa

    i hope the lil guy is ok because his stomach looked a lil bloated compared to the rest of his body so i hope you can take him to a vet and get him checked

  13. Lord Flack

    Lord Flack

    31 minuto fa

    So wholesome

  14. ranivus


    34 minuti fa

    spoiler theres 100000s more stray/feral dogs in the city. City and home looks Russian or European

  15. Meera Sumesh

    Meera Sumesh

    40 minuti fa


  16. Robert McBride

    Robert McBride

    41 minuto fa

    Awesome 👍👍 nice job I did that with a abandoned kitten that did the same fallow me home nice to see people that Care about life

  17. Vu Nguyen Duc Anh

    Vu Nguyen Duc Anh

    48 minuti fa

    If you play resident evil you wouldn’t do it.

  18. Linda Clark

    Linda Clark

    50 minuti fa


  19. Michael Waddell

    Michael Waddell

    51 minuto fa

    Helped me remember that humans can be kind sometimes, we need more love in this world right now🙏🏻❤🌍☀️🌕🌌

  20. Oe oe Hannah!

    Oe oe Hannah!

    51 minuto fa

    You completed the dream that part of your viewers once had Adopt the stray dog that followed you once.

  21. Linda Clark

    Linda Clark

    53 minuti fa

    The cuteness!

  22. Nunya Bidness

    Nunya Bidness

    56 minuti fa

    He finally found somebody to be nice to him, so he wasn't going to let you go away without him.

  23. Swarit Unlimited

    Swarit Unlimited

    Ora fa

    bless the dog

  24. Murlocs Stole My Candy

    Murlocs Stole My Candy

    Ora fa

    Thank you so much for taking him home and caring for him this make me cry how people treat dogs.



    Ora fa

    This cutie really needed a home. The person who abandoned him is probably crazy! I mean, who can abandon such a cutie pie?? Hope more animals will be saved and loved, that’s why most of them die. Save an animal life- Do it now before it’s too late.

  26. Bear Nicholas

    Bear Nicholas

    Ora fa

    good for you of good heart!

  27. James T.

    James T.

    Ora fa

    He's adorable.

  28. Bill Henderson

    Bill Henderson

    Ora fa

    i have a puppy i got from a shelter that only has two diffrences one the black on its face was slightly more for my pup two my pups a girl

  29. James Anakin

    James Anakin

    Ora fa

    "He may not be a special breed". I can't think of a breed that isn't special.

  30. Michele Angela

    Michele Angela

    Ora fa

    Adorable pupoy thank you for helping the dog.

  31. Yeetyfreety


    Ora fa

    Looks like Seymour from Futurama.

  32. Tasi Bits

    Tasi Bits

    Ora fa

    Soooo cute

  33. james bush

    james bush

    Ora fa

    I want to say this, I love dogs and by loving dogs I love God, because dog is God spelled backwards. Dogs are better humans than humans are.

  34. Izom


    Ora fa

    im just trying to find out why the 4tsd dislikes???

  35. vCeaa


    Ora fa

    I'm still 11 but I adopted so many abandoned dogs 🥺💗

  36. Zaty Razak

    Zaty Razak

    Ora fa

    Alhamdulillah. Thank to god

  37. Rajarshi Dutta

    Rajarshi Dutta

    Ora fa

    God bless you kind souls❤️

  38. AnimeMulti Shipper

    AnimeMulti Shipper

    Ora fa

    I cried also is he free i would love to have him! I have a dog already and she's very happy shes 1 1/2 years old and shes so hyper, thats what i love about her she's also a pitbull. I also have a hamster my sister cant even take care of him when SHE brought it so i will go in their and feed him make sure he's happy. then i have a fish and he is Normal my mom wont let me near it tho TvT. Then i have a rabbit he bit me like 5 times but i still love him and he was very skinny when he came, he also had a cage so i took him out and gave him a play pen( took up most of my room) he is now a happy Fat rabbit!

  39. amatullah regencia

    amatullah regencia

    Ora fa

    Thank you so much!🙏🙏🙏🥲🥲🥲

  40. Ryan Chan

    Ryan Chan

    Ora fa

    Why would yall dislike this man😭

  41. G M

    G M

    Ora fa

    I needed this. Very kind and made me hopeful

  42. Enakshi Ghosh

    Enakshi Ghosh

    Ora fa

    Absolutely heart warming.God will bless you for your kindness. Your'e true humans,those who abandoned the pup I won't call them animals because that will be an insult to animals THEY ARE DEMONS

  43. spencer o'keeffe

    spencer o'keeffe

    Ora fa

    ...I'm not crying... I'm freaking sobbing!

  44. A. halm

    A. halm

    Ora fa

    Oh my goodness... my heart 🥺❤️

  45. Sachin Priyanka

    Sachin Priyanka

    Ora fa

    i was cried..🥺🥺🥺thanks you for help him....or you pawmeow

  46. Ruzveh Dadabhoy

    Ruzveh Dadabhoy

    Ora fa

    I would like to adopt you.. For life ;)

  47. Tru1yMolly


    Ora fa

    Everytime I come across a 100% abandoned puppy, I always want to help rescue it but my father never lets me. He’s heartless but I’m glad someone like you has the heart to rescue this pupper!❤️❤️

  48. Mi Ri

    Mi Ri

    Ora fa

    Unfortunately a massive amount of stray cats and dogs is a common thing in poorer countries e.g in Morocco. I was born and raised in the west but every time we go there for vacation I see all these stray cats in front of our house, we feed them for the time that we are there and our relatives even told us how there was one certain cat who would always keep on coming back and check on us even after we went back home this really breaks my heart this was manyyy years back I'm pretty sure that cat passed away by now 😭😭 and it makes me sad to know there are still so many others out there without a home...

  49. Kamila Klocek

    Kamila Klocek

    Ora fa

  50. Kamila Klocek

    Kamila Klocek

    Ora fa

  51. Steven Burns

    Steven Burns

    Ora fa

    Thank God for people like you. You are awesome!



    Ora fa

    More a fan of kitten&puppy are a life 1. This pup was rescued from them 2. They have 11 pets 3. They do it for fun 4,they like it with them 5. They take care of them

  53. L. Tejasvi

    L. Tejasvi

    Ora fa

    You are very great And what name u have kept to the dog and how is the dog now

  54. Tinna Tavete

    Tinna Tavete

    2 ore fa

    Dogs are my favourite animals

  55. Marcgamerr


    2 ore fa

    Thats why i want a dog

  56. Campixel


    2 ore fa

    This is fake btw you can tell

  57. Alforje Tomaz

    Alforje Tomaz

    2 ore fa

    this is one of the reasons that still makes me believe in humanity ...

  58. sangeerthana m

    sangeerthana m

    2 ore fa

    This video reminded me of my recent encounter with a stray dog. It was helpless and hungry and the whole incident left me confused as if whether I did the right or wrong thing

  59. Ravi Prasad

    Ravi Prasad

    2 ore fa

    Don't try to make us fool it"s Ur pet

  60. Charlie Hearts

    Charlie Hearts

    2 ore fa

    The fact that the puppy is trying to stay awake-

  61. vash


    2 ore fa


  62. sangeerthana m

    sangeerthana m

    2 ore fa

    I am so happy fo him. He was lucky to meet you kind souls. Much love ❤️

  63. Uttam


    2 ore fa

    Great job...👍

  64. hello kitty

    hello kitty

    2 ore fa

    so handsome



    2 ore fa

    Subscribe to this channel guys and then they will get money to save all this dogs and arrange foods for them

  66. Jordon Reynolds

    Jordon Reynolds

    2 ore fa

    That was super kind of u ❤️

  67. s a m' s c r e a t e' s

    s a m' s c r e a t e' s

    2 ore fa

    Eyes = Thirsty Nose = Itchy Mouth = * Sobbing Noises * This is too wholesome- i can't :,((

  68. the vomiting purge

    the vomiting purge

    2 ore fa

    I realize his tail wags faster when the gate and the door are opened for him 😭

  69. Cazy Dude

    Cazy Dude

    2 ore fa

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 from Sweden

  70. Cyber Wolf2l

    Cyber Wolf2l

    2 ore fa

    It took thousands of years for the human race to build the bond we share with dogs. From our humble beginnings in caves to today they have been with us. Loyalty like that can’t be bought.

  71. Ursula Keller

    Ursula Keller

    2 ore fa

    Thanks for your kind heart and giving this puppy love and care, now he will be a very happy puppy❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️🌸

  72. MR. WhiteCreeper

    MR. WhiteCreeper

    2 ore fa

    Bro you are Bulgarian yay аз и майка ми постоянно излизаме и помага ме на кучета и като видя това се разплаквам

  73. Sweetpapillon 72

    Sweetpapillon 72

    2 ore fa

    I wouldn't have given a second thought to take him with me. I'm such a softy. My dream is to open a shelter for all strays and care for them and give them all the love I could. I need to win the lottery. LOL. Thank you for giving him a chance in this world.

  74. HaibTshajHaib


    2 ore fa

    He gave you that sad adorable face!

  75. Subramaniam Suppiah

    Subramaniam Suppiah

    2 ore fa

    Thank you 😍😍😍😍

  76. Lakhamti Badwar

    Lakhamti Badwar

    2 ore fa

    Give homes to the needy🥺🙏✨

  77. Simone Onorato

    Simone Onorato

    3 ore fa

    "We tried to send him away" *Pets him*

  78. Auswide Marine

    Auswide Marine

    3 ore fa

    Good on you. Such a cutie, will give love for life.



    3 ore fa

    Much love from INDIA ❤

  80. Steve Kiray

    Steve Kiray

    3 ore fa

    Bless the two of you! That little guy knew in his mind that you were his salvation and he will now have loving "parents" to care for him.

  81. swastik Karmakar

    swastik Karmakar

    3 ore fa

    Thanks for this help to a puppy

  82. Sunell Goli

    Sunell Goli

    3 ore fa

    God bless this girl for taking in a stray dog

  83. N O Z M O

    N O Z M O

    3 ore fa

    God bless you keep doing this work

  84. Mr Ralph

    Mr Ralph

    3 ore fa

    Please tell me they atleast took him to the vet to get a health check

  85. Silver Chaser

    Silver Chaser

    3 ore fa


  86. Hannah


    3 ore fa

    Awe the puppy is soo cute im crying watching this!good pepole😊

  87. Andreas Siebert

    Andreas Siebert

    3 ore fa

    thank You!

  88. FrigidRai_15


    3 ore fa

    After eating and taking a shower the puppy feel sleepy and gave in to have a good rest that he seemed not to have for a long time now that he have a family of his own to take care of him and a safe home. 🤗

  89. Linh K

    Linh K

    3 ore fa

    I tought you would leave him in another home and i havnt fully watch the video

  90. Paul Mccormick

    Paul Mccormick

    3 ore fa

    Am I the only one disgusted by the fact she said we tried to send him away

  91. Sisekelo Duma

    Sisekelo Duma

    3 ore fa

    If you didn't cry you ain't human

  92. שוש יעקב

    שוש יעקב

    3 ore fa

    So swit

  93. Maya Bisht

    Maya Bisht

    3 ore fa

    The dislikes are from the most cruel people who abuse and abondon their pets This little puppy is so adorable

  94. Volodymyr Herasymov

    Volodymyr Herasymov

    3 ore fa

    You are the best! God bless you!

  95. Dragos Lucian

    Dragos Lucian

    3 ore fa

    I did that with a Beagle that was roaming the streets and the first thing he did was shit on my bed out of happines... guess we started on the wrong foot :))

  96. itsyukio


    3 ore fa

    Sometimes people don't abandon dogs, sometimes it's the dog who runs away for some reason. My dog runs away from my house because there is no female dog for him, so he is looking outside at the streets. I don't know what happen to him but he never return F in chat for my dog :'(

  97. lee yen yao

    lee yen yao

    3 ore fa

    God bless your entire family my dear friend Bless you all

  98. DarkNiki


    3 ore fa

    I wasn't prepared to cry

  99. BaronBulb


    3 ore fa

    Good for you, hope you have many great years and times with him

  100. kloosie


    3 ore fa

    i’m sobbing

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