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Top 8 genius ideas DIY homemade inventions. A simple way to do useful things with your own hands. Thanks for watching.
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  1. Tera Baap Hu

    Tera Baap Hu

    13 ore fa


  2. Игорь ХХХ

    Игорь ХХХ

    17 ore fa

    Спасибо,поуссывался. Для болгарки приспособа понравилась.

  3. kuesto mix

    kuesto mix

    Giorno fa

    Tendría que estar muy al pedo para hacer estas mamarrachadas!!!👎👎👎

  4. DIY_ Mechanical passion

    DIY_ Mechanical passion

    Giorno fa

    Không được hữu ích cho lắm



    2 giorni fa

    Good luck



    2 giorni fa

    Show de invenções

  7. francisco salamanca

    francisco salamanca

    2 giorni fa


  8. Miguel Del Rio El Señor De La Cancion

    Miguel Del Rio El Señor De La Cancion

    2 giorni fa


  9. juan juan

    juan juan

    3 giorni fa

    con todo respeto pero malisimo

  10. Edeltraud Marksz

    Edeltraud Marksz

    4 giorni fa

    Die Nuss musst du am Spalt aufdrücken, nicht auf der runden Seite, dann kannst du besser ausklauben!

  11. Norberto Santamarina

    Norberto Santamarina

    5 giorni fa


  12. francisco barajas

    francisco barajas

    5 giorni fa

    que lindo Gatito

  13. LizChinchilla


    7 giorni fa

    Wowee me enamore¡¡¡¡♡

  14. Andre Gor

    Andre Gor

    8 giorni fa

    Очень прошу, сделайте приспособление для вытаскивания спичен из коробки *недорогое*🤪

  15. Debora Rodrigues

    Debora Rodrigues

    8 giorni fa

    Voce Parabéns Ótima Obrigada linda oi eu surda debora Rodrigues martins Itaoca Sao Paulo Brasil

  16. Abdul Alhazred

    Abdul Alhazred

    8 giorni fa

    Я с обычной лопатой сделаю больше чем ты с этим дерьмом 2:28

  17. Roberto Artioli

    Roberto Artioli

    11 giorni fa


  18. BURAkO


    11 giorni fa

    el arte de agarrar un diseño que funciona y complicarlo. que imbecil

  19. wayne smith

    wayne smith

    13 giorni fa

    I saw NO new inventions. Only screwed up versions of what's been around forever.

  20. Otakatik aja

    Otakatik aja

    13 giorni fa


  21. Владимир Цвирко

    Владимир Цвирко

    14 giorni fa

    За первую и вторую лайк ,остальное просто хрень.Как времени не жалко

    • Артём Михаилов

      Артём Михаилов

      9 giorni fa

      Согласен, полный зашквар

  22. Сергей Орлов

    Сергей Орлов

    15 giorni fa

    Много свободного времени, на херню

  23. Doug Weaver

    Doug Weaver

    16 giorni fa

    Mr. "Re"-inventor!!!

  24. Vano FIN

    Vano FIN

    16 giorni fa

    Это что за бред, ты несамоделкин ты рокожоп в квадрате!

  25. Leonardo Cumares

    Leonardo Cumares

    17 giorni fa

    Buenos días, lo felicito por tan buenas invenciones, gracias por trasmitirlas, desde Venezuela

  26. Leonardo Cumares

    Leonardo Cumares

    17 giorni fa

    Buenos días, lo felicito por tan buenas invenciones, gracias por trasmitirlas

  27. Reinaldo Souza reis

    Reinaldo Souza reis

    17 giorni fa

    10 minutos perdidos, 🤓

    • Leonardo Cumares

      Leonardo Cumares

      17 giorni fa

      Reinaldo Souza reis .....Ud no sabe lo que es bueno, debe ser que Ud no sabe nada de nada

  28. Jose B

    Jose B

    17 giorni fa

    Noz é mole quero ver quebrar Macaíba com a primeira invenção

  29. Кромм Эдуард

    Кромм Эдуард

    17 giorni fa

    Вот вроде инструмент есть у чувака... а он такой хернёй занимается... и ладно б втихоря, так нет же, и не стыдно на всеобщее обозрение выложить

    • Шавкат Умаров

      Шавкат Умаров

      17 giorni fa

      Он забыл решотки приварить к этому фонарю.

  30. Alterna


    17 giorni fa

    Класс! Супер!!! И забавно. )))))



    18 giorni fa


  32. Josef Saiedi

    Josef Saiedi

    18 giorni fa

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  33. Leone Corino

    Leone Corino

    18 giorni fa

    Le noci si rompono semplicemente con la morsa!!!

  34. Fernando Rizo

    Fernando Rizo

    18 giorni fa

    Muy buenas ideas

  35. Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    18 giorni fa

    These are not exactly "inventions", are they? They are just adaptations of ideas that have been around for a long time. An invention is something that has never been seen before or a totally new idea that no-one has never before explored, or a deviation from the normal that is so different that it follows none of the rules that apply to extant artefacts.

    • WhoDatDad Fishfool

      WhoDatDad Fishfool

      16 giorni fa

      @Jose Vazquez, he has a welding machine, but can’t afford chain? A grinder, but can’t afford a nutcracker? Give me a break. Just call it what it is. A video factory

    • Jose Vazquez

      Jose Vazquez

      17 giorni fa

      These are people from poor countries that do not have the luxury of having big hardware stores or the money to purchase these tools, so they make them with what they have...

  36. Rob


    19 giorni fa

    This is like those shitty lifehacks videos but with welding and power tools in a shop environment lol. I'll hand it to you though, that last one was a pretty elegant solution to that problem. I especially liked the welded nut "valve". Probably was fun to make!

    • WhoDatDad Fishfool

      WhoDatDad Fishfool

      16 giorni fa

      Don’t know how he can call himself “mr. inventor.” Mr. Builder maybe!! He claims to have invented the ax?!?!😂😂 You can always tell these shitty 3rd world videos by the lack of commentation

  37. Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira

    19 giorni fa

    Very good 👏👏👏👏

  38. paulo crets

    paulo crets

    19 giorni fa

    Muito bom o video👍👍👍

  39. David Farage

    David Farage

    19 giorni fa

    Oky very good

  40. bona azda

    bona azda

    20 giorni fa

    merci pour la video ceux qui ont cru, et dont les cœurs se tranquillisent à l'évocation d'Allah». Certes, c'est par l'évocation d'Allah que les cœurs se tranquillisent

  41. kaunisiapa nasser shah

    kaunisiapa nasser shah

    21 giorno fa

    Hi.. I followed u on both of my Gmail account.. Can I request you how to make simplest and efficient knife Sharpener.. hihihi.. Thank you in advance.

  42. Simple Inventor

    Simple Inventor

    21 giorno fa

    Awesome inventions

  43. Adam Mouritsen

    Adam Mouritsen

    21 giorno fa

    I like them all but 1 4 7 and 8 were my favorite ones

  44. Кулебякин Джо

    Кулебякин Джо

    21 giorno fa

    A typical weekday for the master

  45. Arts and crafts TV

    Arts and crafts TV

    21 giorno fa


  46. Christian Sanchez

    Christian Sanchez

    21 giorno fa

    👍 muy bien

  47. API BIRU Trik

    API BIRU Trik

    21 giorno fa

    the videos are always curious and always useful. watch other interesting videos on my channel

  48. Jogi bear

    Jogi bear

    21 giorno fa

    O cie hooy...🤪

  49. Aleksanbr Klimov

    Aleksanbr Klimov

    21 giorno fa

    С болгаркой супер просто и сердито,с фонарем ещё б стекло или деревянный корпус с интересным просветом да и звеногиб интересный!!!класс

  50. Hassan Al-Mosawi

    Hassan Al-Mosawi

    21 giorno fa

    Thanks for sharing that, useful!



    21 giorno fa

    Did youran out of ideas or just went lazy?

  52. Mr. Ahad

    Mr. Ahad

    21 giorno fa


  53. Alicja Sapalska

    Alicja Sapalska

    21 giorno fa

    Pierwsza pierwszy raz :D

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