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22 AMAZINGLY USEFUL Beauty Gadgets You NEED To Try

Don't know which beauty gadget to try? We tested out 22 CRAZY beauty gadgets for you!😃
You probably didn't know most of these gadgets or never dared to try them until now. This video will surprise you. So many beauty GADGETS you see on your feeds actually WORK, for the most part. Obviously, gadgets like the fake dentures to get perfect teeth were a little dodgy from the start, but it was fun to try them out for you! On the other hand, have you ever seen a magnetic mask? Wow, we never thought it would work! The mini beauty blender washing machine and the mascara applicator are my next purchases for sure! LOVE them, so useful.
Hbu, which of these beauty gadgets are going on your shopping list? Tell us down below so we can compare.😚
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Andie Ella @andie_ella andie_ella?hl=en


  1. luis chavez triveño

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    Ya casi 1M porfa ayuden 🙏🙏

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    Fahima Syauqina

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  6. youssef elyounssi

    youssef elyounssi

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  7. Keyleigh Holliday

    Keyleigh Holliday

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  8. Nusrat Zahan

    Nusrat Zahan

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    Please make more please please please 😌😇

  9. Wolfegamer8266 playz

    Wolfegamer8266 playz

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    Plzzzz tell me what that songs called

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    Giuseppe Piermattei

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    denise valdes

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  12. Carine Sockrock

    Carine Sockrock

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    Was ist DAS denn ?!

  13. عيسى مريم

    عيسى مريم

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    Like it

  14. Arianna Baker

    Arianna Baker

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    This is stupid because SHE LITERALLY HAS NO BLACK HEADS !!!!!!

  15. Naruto gaming

    Naruto gaming

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  16. Green Hasis

    Green Hasis

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    You guys don't even know how to use those things

  17. Wølf-Chån 207

    Wølf-Chån 207

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    They’re speaker the truth

  18. Gaxcha pug

    Gaxcha pug

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    2nd girl had to shave eyebrows so that the hack can work

  19. Marwa Abd

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    Fati Slam

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    Ahmed Sandi

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  24. Ahmed Sandi

    Ahmed Sandi

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    These hack look stupid but surprisingly works

  25. Maha Ashammari

    Maha Ashammari

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  26. Aleksandraid li ailwowkwkw Szylar

    Aleksandraid li ailwowkwkw Szylar

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  27. carpe diem

    carpe diem

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    This a joke right?

  28. Sara fam

    Sara fam

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    These guys have no sence because the eyebrow tattoo only work for people who dont have eye brow

  29. Shraya Santra

    Shraya Santra

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    Wow a craft channel that actually make sense 🤣

  30. Leandra Sousa

    Leandra Sousa

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    Best Games

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  34. Amber Capano

    Amber Capano

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    This is so weird

  35. Galaxy Girl2011

    Galaxy Girl2011

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    I didn’t think u use two ilashes for one eye



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    Baigus Mariana

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  39. ꕥMocnLiiqhtꕥ


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    Peeling on your nail polish can ruin your nail... I don’t really understand

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    لا تعرف اسمي

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    nesrin mamet

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    skeR DUDE

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    Why no one is talking about how pretty the girl is?

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    Nelkad ja teised

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  44. Женя Ярошенко

    Женя Ярошенко

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    У меня есть такие бегуди

  45. Rrttrrtt Rrttrrtt

    Rrttrrtt Rrttrrtt

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  46. Rishita Halder

    Rishita Halder

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    3:20 omg a horse🤣🤣🤣 I am good with my own teeths

  47. *. Ashton.*

    *. Ashton.*

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    3:57 Shave them damn brows then it will work 😩

  48. Aryur Givargizyan

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    You liked the toothpaste

  51. Cupcake Clouds

    Cupcake Clouds

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    me looks at title: oh! me again,looks at thumbnail: what is that

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    Бакы Бакы

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    Evkur Emlak

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    Shraya Santra

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    What is that toothpaste name 😁😁

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    Priyanka Mehta

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    She is naturally beautiful😍

  56. Deyanira LozanoVentocilla

    Deyanira LozanoVentocilla

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    Lo de los stickers era para las personas q no tienen cejass!!!

  57. Romina Rached

    Romina Rached

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  58. ꨄ。Yuii•Hamiru。ꨄ


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    10:23. This is not an natural mask ;-;

  59. 『•Poggo Froggo•』

    『•Poggo Froggo•』

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    Just so you know eyebrow stickers work- their just for people who don’t have brows-

  60. Hurey jahan kadri

    Hurey jahan kadri

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    0:21 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  61. Julia Krysztofiak

    Julia Krysztofiak

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  62. ღคหgεł¡тσ кuหღ

    ღคหgεł¡тσ кuหღ

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    7:54 i need dizzzz!! Tho i would go to a pro to see if Its not harmful or anythinh

  63. زهره أمل

    زهره أمل

    12 giorni fa

    حلو هواي بس نظل احنا العرب احسن منكم

  64. galdjjd ksncnd

    galdjjd ksncnd

    12 giorni fa

    The thumbnail say how much useful r they



    12 giorni fa

    I'm beautiful ✩without makeup, and ★I look like Lisa blackpink, ☞and I don't mean to look after her🌚

  66. Ko Kaung

    Ko Kaung

    13 giorni fa

    You know 5 minute craft or troom

  67. Dimple queen

    Dimple queen

    13 giorni fa

    Lash seperator,teeth whightening pen,makeup brush cleaner,eyeliner stickeramd magnetic face mask these are all osm ,amazing and fantastic

  68. Dimple queen

    Dimple queen

    13 giorni fa

    Wave former is also osm because ot curls is fantastic, but the gitls straight hair is also good

  69. Dimple queen

    Dimple queen

    13 giorni fa

    Mascara applicator is osm

  70. Comment Master

    Comment Master

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    I have the same smile as Michael Jackson

  71. Comment Master

    Comment Master

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    Do you want to have nose like Michael Jackson at 45??

  72. Hanna Kępa

    Hanna Kępa

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    Nurletta Saidova

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  75. シラShira


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  76. シラShira


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  77. Димая Димитрова

    Димая Димитрова

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    This girl is so pretty💞

    • Димая Димитрова

      Димая Димитрова

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    Very helpful or bad

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    Orbán Balázs

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    1:14 hát én ezt rengeteget csinálom kis tállal csak több percig és órákig tart mire vissza veszi igazi alakját

  88. Zebbiana Lyveryche

    Zebbiana Lyveryche

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    The other girl looked like Ann Hathaway

  89. Jitendra Asnani

    Jitendra Asnani

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    1:52 she used my week toothpaste in just 2 time of her brushing who agree lol...😂😂

  90. Sadaf -ul-Hassan

    Sadaf -ul-Hassan

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    Thanks for aploading this video. Lots of love from Azad Kashmir❤❤❤

  91. V_v


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    She looks cute

  92. Kim Caldwell

    Kim Caldwell

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    You know, I really hate it when you all use a product on video and don’t provide links to it. There should be a rule against that. I will never click on your videos again!

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    فریدون محمدی

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    اسم وسیله هارو بگید

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    Alyssa Duong

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    Ahmed Sandi

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    • Ahmed Sandi

      Ahmed Sandi

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    HELLO Gayiz Gdbay Gayiz 🖤

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