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2021 Mercedes S-Class - Automated Valet Parking (WORLD'S FIRST)

Stuttgart airport set to welcome fully automated and driverless parking
Apcoa, Bosch, and Mercedes-Benz are working to provide the world’s first commercial automated valet parking (AVP) service
In the future, a command from a smartphone will tell cars where to park in Stuttgart Airport’s P6 parking garage.
The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is equipped with the technology to enable driverless, fully automated parking (SAE Level 41).
For AVP, Bosch is using camera-based infrastructure for the first time to detect lanes and obstacles.
The parking garage operator Apcoa is testing barrier and payment functions as the basis for automated valet parking, enabled by its APCOA FLOW digital mobility platform.
Automated parking to drive down the airport stress: Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and the parking garage operator Apcoa want to introduce driverless and fully automated parking at Stuttgart airport in the future. To this end, the automated valet parking (AVP) system co-developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is to be made ready for commercial operation. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already geared up to accommodate it as the world’s first production vehicle to feature the technology required for future infrastructure-based AVP. As an option, customers can buy the appropriate pre-installation for what the company calls the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, which makes the S-Class capable of receiving a smartphone command to drive itself to a reserved parking space. “With the new S-Class, it’s not just driving that’s a luxury, but parking as well,” says Dr. Michael Hafner, head of automated driving at Mercedes-Benz AG. The P6 parking garage at Stuttgart airport will serve as the pilot for the planned commercial automated parking service. Here, the companies will test how the vehicle technology onboard the S-Class interacts with the intelligent Bosch infrastructure and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform provided by the parking garage operator Apcoa. This platform makes the whole parking process ticketless and cashless. “Apcoa, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Stuttgart airport want to work together to make parking fully automatic,” says Christoph Hartung, member of the executive management of Connected Mobility Solutions at Bosch. In the airport parking garage, preparations are currently underway to begin piloting the planned automated valet parking service. The aim of this trial with new S-Class vehicles at Stuttgart airport is to ensure that interactions between the vehicle, infrastructure technology, and parking garage operator run smoothly and are optimized for the customer.
World’s first Level 4 park function in a production vehicle
In July 2019, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz received the world’s first special permit to operate AVP for selected E-Class vehicles without a safety driver in real-life, mixed parking garage traffic at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Equipped with the appropriate pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is now the first production vehicle to feature AVP technology, which enables it to park without a driver. However, this is conditional on the future availability of parking garages with the appropriate infrastructure, as well as on national legislators giving AVP the green light. This makes the Mercedes-Benz S-Class the world’s first vehicle to feature a pre-installation for an SAE Level 4 automated driving function, the second-highest level of automation. “With automated valet parking, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating that driverless parking will soon be possible,” Hafner says.
To facilitate this new one-touch parking function, a spacious drop-off and pick-up area will be set up directly behind the entrance to the P6 parking garage, giving AVP users a convenient place to leave their vehicles. As they comfortably make their way to the terminal and check in, their S-Class will park itself in the basement, guided by information from the infrastructure technology. In other words, users no longer need to worry about maneuvering or having to squeeze out of their cars when the space they have finally found proves to be too narrow. “Automated valet parking really enhances our passengers’ comfort and convenience and saves them time, especially when they’re in a hurry and just want to drop their car off quickly at the airport”, says Walter Schoefer, management spokesman for Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH. For the test phase that is about to start, P6 will initially have two spaces available for self-parking vehicles. More spaces will be added when driverless parking becomes standard as planned in the future and as demand increases.
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  1. mustafa dag

    mustafa dag

    9 minuti fa

    Umarım gorseldeki gibi gelmez bu otomobil. Böyle bir zevksizlik olamaz.



    15 minuti fa

    Soon, they will take us for do poo poo

  3. Shavkat Saidov

    Shavkat Saidov

    17 minuti fa

    Это за меня мечта

  4. Jim bob Bob

    Jim bob Bob

    35 minuti fa

    The modern business man of the future still driving a dirty diesel



    2 ore fa


  6. Naeem BK

    Naeem BK

    2 ore fa

    Unfortunately, the tail lights look like alfa romeo which is really unexpected from great company like Mercedes with its unique designs

  7. BIKASH gurung

    BIKASH gurung

    3 ore fa


  8. BIKASH gurung

    BIKASH gurung

    3 ore fa


  9. wonku lee

    wonku lee

    3 ore fa

    Too slow

  10. Carlos César Dos Santos

    Carlos César Dos Santos

    4 ore fa

    Deixou as outras marcas de bocas aberta 😂😂😂😂🇧🇷

  11. Jackson Derrick

    Jackson Derrick

    6 ore fa

    Wowwwwwwwwww I’m really excited 😆 miss landlay is the best . This lady is really God sent to me . I never believed that I will get my returns. I traded with ignorant but received my profits with joy . Connect with her on Instagram @joelclaytonfx

  12. Jay Chen

    Jay Chen

    6 ore fa

    Another useless function

  13. G Sh

    G Sh

    7 ore fa

    Where did the 'best or nothing' got lost?

  14. I.Į. Automasa

    I.Į. Automasa

    8 ore fa

    Бедолага грузит вещи сам. Ему и Фольксваген Голф сойдёт. Недорос до высшего класса. 😄 мобильник незабудь

  15. Lyes Lounici

    Lyes Lounici

    8 ore fa

    * Mercedes * The Best Or Nothing .

  16. سلطان الجهني

    سلطان الجهني

    8 ore fa


  17. سلطان الجهني

    سلطان الجهني

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  18. Sadza


    8 ore fa

    Should that be considered something "cool"? I don't need this. I can do this alone by myself.

  19. Dániel Kiss

    Dániel Kiss

    9 ore fa

    Not first is it Audi first

  20. Thomas Hartig

    Thomas Hartig

    10 ore fa

    only usefull if you are completly drunk.

  21. almen K

    almen K

    10 ore fa

    The quality of Tesla is far away from Mercedes for sure .. hopefully tesla improve in quality ..

  22. almen K

    almen K

    10 ore fa

    Mercedes is a great car .. quality and more but is getting behind.. tesla have all this long time ago and just battery .. no more pay at gas station ...I hope Mercedes coming with ideas to support more their fleet with EV

  23. Rick P

    Rick P

    10 ore fa

    The only cars I liked better than the 2021 Kia K900 are Rolls Royces ! Bargain Indeed !..

  24. Logical Mind

    Logical Mind

    11 ore fa

    What if by mistake some one called the car while still traveling

  25. Marco Marco

    Marco Marco

    11 ore fa

    In case of a damage WHO will pay?

  26. Chenura Dias

    Chenura Dias

    11 ore fa

    That is the most coolest thing that I have ever seen!!!!

  27. Vijay Jayaram

    Vijay Jayaram

    11 ore fa

    Useless, just because u can, its totally worthless. And at that speed, we walk faster than that. Failed to match true AI speed not even close to half the human speed

  28. ولد شمران525

    ولد شمران525

    12 ore fa

    Waw nice ❤️❤️

  29. Patrick Alain

    Patrick Alain

    12 ore fa

    The design of the rear is horrible. What the hell?? . Mercedes is not what it used to be in the 70's - 80's.

  30. muhammed yasir alakır

    muhammed yasir alakır

    12 ore fa

    Why is the car parking one spot to an another inside the parking area what is the goal in here :D

  31. Виталий СССР

    Виталий СССР

    13 ore fa

    Каменный век, вот в России лада веста это даже не каменный век, век динозавров. Лиди развиваются вкладывают бабки, а у нас даже сраный велик зделать не могут стыд и срам нашему правительству. Слова Дениса Мантурова это министр промышленность и торговли, зачем изобретать колесо когда его уже изобрели. Никакого развития Россия не увидит с такими правителями позор. Терпеливый Русский народ.

  32. TiLan


    13 ore fa

    На автотазе такое будет в следующем веке. И то, слишком оптимистично!)))

  33. GoFree 111

    GoFree 111

    13 ore fa

    people would be pissed following one of these in car parks

  34. Farrukh Saleem

    Farrukh Saleem

    13 ore fa

    I love this car but I don't have money

  35. حسين الالماني فاضل

    حسين الالماني فاضل

    14 ore fa

    هذا المقطع صادم

  36. vivek -

    vivek -

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  37. Zaid S

    Zaid S

    14 ore fa

    Mercedes: worlds first automated parking Tesla and Audi: r we joke to u ,????

  38. Short Clips

    Short Clips

    15 ore fa

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life...

  39. Cashlow


    16 ore fa

    şu arabayı gerçekte görsem bana yeter

  40. Wayne Anderson

    Wayne Anderson

    17 ore fa

    I got $40,000 from Mega point hackers yesterday, soon I'm gonna buy this car after my next transaction with mega point hackers

  41. Carli Nostra

    Carli Nostra

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  42. Ahmad Latif

    Ahmad Latif

    17 ore fa

    The tail lights are ugly smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  43. Church Porkchop

    Church Porkchop

    17 ore fa

    lol 1:33 it turned to sharp would have smashed the car beside it hahaha ffs wouldn't it just be quicker to park it yourself and walk? Not to mention it drives so slow there would be a line of people behind it screaming and doing road rage on invisible person hahahaha

  44. Church Porkchop

    Church Porkchop

    17 ore fa

    Soon not to be coming to a street near you due to liability when it goes haywire and mows down 3 children. Ahhhh pipe dreams are so fun though.

  45. Brent Parker

    Brent Parker

    17 ore fa

    Of course this isn’t available in the United States...thanks Mercedes

  46. Ali Sheikh

    Ali Sheikh

    18 ore fa

    I think it’s safer and faster to park yourself and walk for a minute to the entrance. This doesn’t solve any problem.

  47. Rafa


    19 ore fa

    könnt ihr nicht selber einparken? euer ernst????

  48. Farhan


    19 ore fa

    When coming off a flight, I would rather be snoozing at the back ASAP than do this.



    19 ore fa

    Сел, завел, уехал... тут еще пол часа с телефоном дрочиться...

  50. Marcel Wilhelm

    Marcel Wilhelm

    20 ore fa

    Tesla wird es verboten in der Eu und Mercedes darf es ab nächstes Jahr oder wie? Oder wurde nun generell die Rechtslage geklärt für solche Sachen?

  51. S Sylvester

    S Sylvester

    20 ore fa

    I welcome technology but a car driving by itself still seems inherently and incredibly dangerous.

  52. Big smoke

    Big smoke

    20 ore fa

    Alter einfach hacker werden dann das auto klauen , verkaufen und mit dem geld ein nissan skyline r33 gtr kaufen 3mrd iq

  53. Майк Тайсон

    Майк Тайсон

    20 ore fa

    После видео Литвина мерс уже не даёт надежды, диз

  54. Peace E

    Peace E

    20 ore fa

    Seems a little pointless to have I'd rather park it myself

  55. shiv prasad

    shiv prasad

    21 ora fa

    With this speed of parking ,people behind you will get crazy..this does not work in real world..

  56. Hiton Lous

    Hiton Lous

    21 ora fa

    Will hate this so much when driving at the back of this slow car

  57. Xhuka Dritan

    Xhuka Dritan

    21 ora fa

    So wie die Technische Infrastruktur in Deutschland vorangeht können wir mit der Benutzung ende 2020 rechnen.

  58. matt k

    matt k

    22 ore fa

    I see a lot of people freaking the fuck out stuck behind that slow piece of junk

  59. Jovan Jovanovic

    Jovan Jovanovic

    22 ore fa

    It's very very annoying that the car parked after his trip in reverse. Firstly he didn't leave it like that and secondly he's clearly coming from a trip with a suitcase and how to hell is he going to put suitcase in a a trunk when car parked in reverse back to the wall??? Skipped that part in a video.

  60. Константин Кузнецов

    Константин Кузнецов

    22 ore fa

    А у нас в Кировской области в домах печи дровами топят.

  61. IRON MAN


    22 ore fa

    I will book TAXI rather than this.

  62. Haider Ali

    Haider Ali

    22 ore fa

    Nice car

  63. Lusi Official

    Lusi Official

    23 ore fa

    đã đẹp rồi còn đỗ thông minh nữa😣

  64. Eris Azani

    Eris Azani

    Giorno fa

    If it ever arrives.

  65. Incoperation


    Giorno fa

    vehicles are moving on their own that must be a matter of concern!🤔

  66. My Name

    My Name

    Giorno fa

    The most ugly S class of all time. The new rear light design of Mercedes isr terrible. The E class lost its expression und masculinity: in comparison it looks smaller than a C class! Hint: I am a owner of a E400D 4M and a Mercedes fan.

  67. Vinod Bhatt

    Vinod Bhatt

    Giorno fa

    Nice bgm

  68. Dmitriy GROM

    Dmitriy GROM

    Giorno fa

    Дерьмо для аллигархов

  69. floppy burds

    floppy burds

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  70. zheyao zhang

    zheyao zhang

    Giorno fa

    Mercedes Benz S-Class owner always has his driver to sent him to airport

  71. John


    Giorno fa

    You will eventually have to go get your car once there is an obstacle in its path.

  72. Rashad raynor

    Rashad raynor

    Giorno fa

    Now that I've finished, shopping, cross country road trip, season 2 of the mandalorian, cobra kai , a crossword puzzle, can I have my car

  73. Raoef Rose

    Raoef Rose

    Giorno fa

    Perfect this car

  74. andgate2000


    Giorno fa

    Looks so easy even i human could do it.

  75. Robert


    Giorno fa

    Good luck using this in LOS ANGELES LAX . you will wait a day and half for your car to show up

  76. real z

    real z

    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa


  78. Mike Rodriguez

    Mike Rodriguez

    Giorno fa

    Why is everyone so hyped? This will be natural in 5 years and in 10-12 years electric gas station will start to appear on every corner replacing gasoline ones

  79. عبدالرحمن السلمي

    عبدالرحمن السلمي

    Giorno fa

    Bad design

  80. Goahead


    Giorno fa

    Wow, talk about lazy...

  81. Pietro Granati

    Pietro Granati

    Giorno fa

    Where have you been? Just chilling around boss

  82. Gavin St Cyr

    Gavin St Cyr

    Giorno fa

    I’ll take a Julio or a José over this AI POS any day of the week

  83. omertask


    Giorno fa

    Overengineering useless

  84. Juliano Fares

    Juliano Fares

    Giorno fa

    what is the name of the song ?

  85. Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG

    Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG

    Giorno fa

    Машина лучше паркуется чем некоторых баб

  86. Ruslan Ganiyev

    Ruslan Ganiyev

    Giorno fa

    Do not buy a car if you cannot park it, use taxi instead.

  87. copy_sk


    Giorno fa

    2:10 he forgot his luggage behind the car in the parking lot

  88. 9thbigfoot


    Giorno fa

    And then someone hacks all the cars in that parking lot and chaos begins.

  89. No Kia

    No Kia

    Giorno fa


  90. Fateh Fateh

    Fateh Fateh

    Giorno fa

    اللهم ارزقني

  91. Исабек Ахмедов

    Исабек Ахмедов

    Giorno fa

    Кыргыздарда барбыкен бул жерде

  92. Varun Aggarwal

    Varun Aggarwal

    Giorno fa

    I have this feature too - It even automatically drives me to my destination. Furthermore, the feature is available at any destination where I want to use it. AND it will cost me less than the price of this Mercedes over 10 years of usage. This feature is called UBER.

  93. VW Golf

    VW Golf

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    Hey this...🇩🇪

  94. RG AutoVlog

    RG AutoVlog

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    Amazing car

  95. khatil2000


    Giorno fa

    Rubbish, I would have expected the car to open the door for the owner and put his luggage into the boot for him

  96. Lexus Productions

    Lexus Productions

    Giorno fa

    I love how this sensor system from Bosch slowly makes things possible, that wouldn't imaginable without great their On-board Laser System. Half a year ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Bosch's leading engineer, who's responsible for the development of this Sensor System based on powerful Ai. He's been a friends of the family for over 30 years now, and this thing got him excited like I've never seen before. This is only about 10 percent, of its full potential. When Bosch's new Corgi-C4 Algorithm(probably not officially announced by Bosch ) will be implemented, then this could lead to a real challenge for Teslas driver assistants. Hoping that Germany will once again be able to show that they are able to provide innovation in the car industry, which will secure their role in this business sector. Would be really sad to see these huge potential developed by German engineers in an Asian or American car, which never be for me like a real German car. I still believe the best car I have ever owned is my dearly beloved BWM M3 E30 and its still running 😍

  97. mhoamet ngom

    mhoamet ngom

    Giorno fa

    Bientôt c le tour des avions

  98. Jon Brewster

    Jon Brewster

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    Should’ve just parked closer. 🤪

  99. Rodney Fouch

    Rodney Fouch

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  100. Saurabh Singh

    Saurabh Singh

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    😁Hmmm...The car obsessed Germans😁😁

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