2 CARD K.O WIN! Zenkai 7 1400% SSB Goku Showcase! | Dragon Ball Legends PvP

DB Legends - A MASSIVE OFFENSIVE UPGRADE! Zenkai 7 1400% SSB Goku Showcase! | Dragon Ball Legends PvP | DB Legends 14 Star Anniversary Super Saiyan Blue Goku Zenkai 7 14 star showcase vs PvP!
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how good is Goku?????
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  1. Bot 711

    Bot 711

    10 giorni fa

    Is zenkai ssgssGoku better that ssgssGoku kioken

  2. X3 GiornoZeppeli

    X3 GiornoZeppeli

    13 giorni fa

    How do I zenkai him?

  3. Дмитрий Фомалов

    Дмитрий Фомалов

    14 giorni fa

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    14 giorni fa

    How do you get the zenkai z power that's what I'm having problems with

  5. Erick Reyes

    Erick Reyes

    15 giorni fa

    It’s funny how toshi and his team is “fixing” shit that doesn’t need to be changed but what actually needs to be fixed like the f-ing lag and shitty connection is left alone. They say they fix it but it’s the same shit.

  6. zaeem wajah

    zaeem wajah

    15 giorni fa

    I got him to zenkai 7

  7. luzez


    15 giorni fa

    Vegito blue has been replaced :/

    • Adrian Vera

      Adrian Vera

      14 giorni fa

      Lol no vegetó replaces this GOKU

  8. SDK OW

    SDK OW

    15 giorni fa

    they just zenkaing everyone, of course Vegito blue too

  9. Naz Smiley

    Naz Smiley

    15 giorni fa

    How do you zenkai awaken ssj blue goku without the event?

  10. Garhwali Boy

    Garhwali Boy

    15 giorni fa

    should i zenkai him or wait for black friday! i dont have vegito blue for a blue unit against cell so this goku is good option now

  11. Poofeee


    15 giorni fa

    Dude got a perfect while commenting and didn't realize it. Talk about goating

  12. Jimmi Jönsson

    Jimmi Jönsson

    15 giorni fa

    Where is the man get zenkai it goku

  13. ༄ rѧєShѧwnGDʏt༄

    ༄ rѧєShѧwnGDʏt༄

    15 giorni fa




    15 giorni fa

    I made a zenkai broly showcase Plz give it a watch

  15. Cesar J Torres

    Cesar J Torres

    16 giorni fa

    They are smaller

  16. Chuco Martinez

    Chuco Martinez

    16 giorni fa

    Vegito blue is a joke nowadays, my favorite character on the game, still a great unit tho

  17. Thanoseid Pog

    Thanoseid Pog

    16 giorni fa

    I KNEW he was going to be a monster!! lol

  18. Evaldas Senavaitis

    Evaldas Senavaitis

    16 giorni fa

    Record your screen clicks. I want to see what u clicking and how.

    • hawk


      15 giorni fa

      that would be annoying to watch

  19. Evaldas Senavaitis

    Evaldas Senavaitis

    16 giorni fa

    This kind of pvp is most annoying no matter how much I try to glitch them, its impossible they always dodge. I call these guys cheaters, as how do you time it so perfectly?

  20. kevin karthik

    kevin karthik

    16 giorni fa

    Is he better than z7 Goku ssj3?

  21. Dragix Zoldyack

    Dragix Zoldyack

    16 giorni fa

    How u already get the things for zenkai him i have him on 1+ star but cant get the zenkai things

  22. Mai Ballzich

    Mai Ballzich

    16 giorni fa

    Do a zenkai mono blue saiyan team?



    16 giorni fa

    Vigeto blue has join the chat

  24. Campalampin


    16 giorni fa

    I'm calling it now. This zoom out means LF SSJ3 DRAGON FIST AND HIRUDEGARN. All of the missions even the festival ones are movie related. It's coming for ya boy Raiyuden.

  25. Wendy Berrocal

    Wendy Berrocal

    16 giorni fa

    My favorite unit in the game

  26. Wendy Berrocal

    Wendy Berrocal

    16 giorni fa

    I was waiting for this

  27. Wendy Berrocal

    Wendy Berrocal

    16 giorni fa

    I finally got the god ki goku to 14 stars and zenkai 7 him he's really good

  28. Bruvman 123

    Bruvman 123

    16 giorni fa

    Wht was your team like the characters In there

  29. Spiicey Boii

    Spiicey Boii

    16 giorni fa

    Yes because vegito definitely needed another zenkai boost

  30. Matthew


    16 giorni fa

    R u planning to do zenki broly??

  31. Flash


    16 giorni fa

    Spikes shouldn’t be smaller

  32. Banjo Kazooie

    Banjo Kazooie

    16 giorni fa

    1:15 Goresh said the same thing too when I watched his video too, and yup they did Edit: I finished the video and noticed you mentioned they did

  33. Chris Torres

    Chris Torres

    16 giorni fa

    I just realized this means SS/SSG Transforming Vegeta has 4 characters that can zenkai buff him

  34. Victor Gonzalez

    Victor Gonzalez

    16 giorni fa

    First week enjoin the game a lot, but is really hard what togo for.

  35. Gavdog


    16 giorni fa

    With the drop of that new ssb equipment and zenkai ssb goku and broly do you think that might be a hint for full power broly and ssb gogeta?

  36. MagneticMaybe


    16 giorni fa

    What if they zoomed it out a bit because they are planning to introduce some bigger characters? Like Great Apes, Hirudegarn, etc.

  37. Freddie Lugo

    Freddie Lugo

    16 giorni fa

    I really want to use my 2k crystals for the frieza and I can still grind liek 1k more. Not sure if I should take my chance with frieza or just risk wasting it on what may come

  38. Xavier Anthony

    Xavier Anthony

    16 giorni fa

    Anyone else got the free z+ equip it’s not that good but at least it’s something

    • Liquid Poultry

      Liquid Poultry

      16 giorni fa

      I'm more excited to have a Z+ equip than I am for the actual stats, kek But yeah everyone has it automatically once they upgrade one piece of equipment now

  39. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm

    16 giorni fa

    GG on the video! #krillinit #enjoyedIT #LikedIt#AppreciateIt Algorithm!

  40. Manuel Martinez

    Manuel Martinez

    16 giorni fa

    Who is the better zenkai Broly or Son Goku

  41. ImABigTumor


    16 giorni fa

    How do you and goresh notice the size difference I was playing and I didn’t even notice 😔

  42. Armani Libertini

    Armani Libertini

    16 giorni fa

    How u get him tho

  43. Romane Consingh

    Romane Consingh

    16 giorni fa

    Only got him

  44. Laners L

    Laners L

    16 giorni fa

    Do u think goku is worth my 3500 gems? I’m f2p

    • Laners L

      Laners L

      15 giorni fa

      Yh i don’t even have goku black

    • Liquid Poultry

      Liquid Poultry

      16 giorni fa

      Yeah, definitely wait. And I wouldn't zenkai even then unless you're seriously committed to God Ki

    • Goku Black

      Goku Black

      16 giorni fa

      Wait till we know who the Black Friday units are then decide

  45. muhammad karam-elahi

    muhammad karam-elahi

    16 giorni fa

    Hey I have a problem my missions are not getting completed. Whenever I do any of the missions with the ssb goku on the page it never works. For example, It said do 2 bounus battles. I ended up Doing 4 and none of them counted. I don’t know if this is a bug but i don’t know what to do. Also, ever since I downloaded the update. The game is REALLY slow now. It takes like a minute and a half to get out of a fight and into the victory screen. And yes, I did downlaoad all after I saw the probalem but nothing happened. One last thing can you guys please tell me how to unlock the eliminate all earthlings event I can’t find the key for it and also can you tell me how to spend the 40 million coins I can’t find the banner in the exchange shop

  46. CrazeyP


    16 giorni fa

    Did they just zenkai these units?

  47. Anti Chrxst

    Anti Chrxst

    16 giorni fa

    How many crystals do I need to get him to 1 Zenkai

  48. isaiah R

    isaiah R

    16 giorni fa

    Honest opinion, a little late to the vid so it is what it is but I think ssb goku is actually better than vb for God ki for most players given that most have vb at 2-3 stars like me Edit: Gokus support is pretty nuts and wasn't needed for him to be good on god ki but it makes him that much better

  49. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar

    16 giorni fa

    I love this Update. It is really dope. And the Amounts of CC you could get is just UNBELIEVABLE.

  50. TrueLegend


    16 giorni fa

    I wish I could have at least one zenkai 7 unit been playing for a year and only have a couple at zenkai 1 which is basically the free one

  51. Maximus Aceves

    Maximus Aceves

    16 giorni fa

    Thought D-Free was rapping for a sec but my video was just speed up-_-

  52. Novelyves 『Lꜰ』

    Novelyves 『Lꜰ』

    16 giorni fa

    goku ssj blue zenkai 7 is what the god ki needs

  53. Xavery Concepcion

    Xavery Concepcion

    16 giorni fa

    Me hoping red ssg goku gets a zenkai

  54. Jihad jakkson

    Jihad jakkson

    16 giorni fa

    Zenkai ruined legends

  55. Re Gay Tun

    Re Gay Tun

    16 giorni fa

    F2p players: *gets z power* Leeeetssss gooo, I take those! Legends youtubers:😐 noice

  56. Jason Hoffses

    Jason Hoffses

    16 giorni fa

    SSB Vegito got buffed again with another Zenkai buff that only works for him and Goku or should I say, Kakarot

  57. Melissa Heath

    Melissa Heath

    16 giorni fa

    Bro I never noticed you could tell what vegito just drew I never thought of that lol

  58. Blade


    16 giorni fa


  59. Ed Y

    Ed Y

    16 giorni fa

    Can someone use him on son fam and tell me how good he is bc I don’t have a good blue



    16 giorni fa

    He's gooooooooood 🔥🔥

  61. Jermaine Rivera

    Jermaine Rivera

    16 giorni fa

    You gotta do zenkai ex vegeta

  62. Mystic Gohan

    Mystic Gohan

    16 giorni fa

    Quad zenkai buff ssg vegeta?

  63. Xard


    16 giorni fa

    I like the fact that you used the agl ssb goku's SA quote from dokkan for this zenkai ssb goku

  64. Sayem Ali

    Sayem Ali

    16 giorni fa

    This new update is amazing

  65. Sourav Badajena

    Sourav Badajena

    16 giorni fa

    One of the best zenkais ever, and the funny thing is, even F2P players can get him to zenkai 3 atleast very easily, with the immense amount of ccs dropped Great update this one🔥🔥

    • Theblackblur Clubfoot27

      Theblackblur Clubfoot27

      16 giorni fa

      They need to do more of these..

  66. Red 1351P

    Red 1351P

    16 giorni fa

    Yea vegito blue will be even more broken if that goku is zenkai 7 and the fact it boosted tag blue and god ki just broken bro

  67. Punay


    16 giorni fa

    I fell like they shold have zenkaid the pur ssb vegeta with this goku

    • The Allen Bros 04

      The Allen Bros 04

      16 giorni fa

      They should’ve given us 3,000 z power of him instead of scouter Vegeta too

  68. Grant Ricks

    Grant Ricks

    16 giorni fa

    Man this is the 4th Zenkai Goku and we only have one Zenkai Vegeta and its just average, smh man

  69. PURRPGOD ?


    16 giorni fa

    Yea they zoomed it out.I actually like it more

  70. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez

    16 giorni fa

    Should I wait for Black Friday I already have vb so help?

    • KnightsAMV


      16 giorni fa

      Im wondering that too

  71. gogeta sama

    gogeta sama

    16 giorni fa

    Quick question should i zenkai him?

  72. Amiel 347

    Amiel 347

    16 giorni fa

    Do a 120% Zenkai buffed Vegito Blue pls Edit: maybe someday it will be even greater

  73. The Destoryer Pickle

    The Destoryer Pickle

    16 giorni fa

    fine zenkai my favorite unit

  74. TheGhoulofNight 12

    TheGhoulofNight 12

    16 giorni fa

    Now we wait for the quadruple/triple zenkai boosted ssgss goku 😅👍

  75. Grzegorz Machowiec

    Grzegorz Machowiec

    16 giorni fa

    He might actually be better than VB because he can heal and his buffs last longer than Vegito's

  76. Static ?

    Static ?

    16 giorni fa

    finnaly a unit i can zenkai yes me a f2p player

  77. Abdul Baseeth Year 10

    Abdul Baseeth Year 10

    16 giorni fa

    after 4:25 what ssjb said in japanese roughly translates to now whos the better blue god ki unit and again at 6:40

  78. Samrat Dhar

    Samrat Dhar

    16 giorni fa

    Zenkai 7 ssj3 Goku or zenkai 7 ssb Goku?

  79. Rafael Ramos

    Rafael Ramos

    16 giorni fa

    Is smaller

  80. Jaylon Mitchell

    Jaylon Mitchell

    16 giorni fa

    So what you guys think I Zenkai goku or broly help me

  81. Fell


    16 giorni fa

    wait this means that when transformed the broly movie god vegeta gets 4x zenkai buff holy shit

  82. Shrimpmaster


    16 giorni fa

    Yea it ain't a broken unit its good thing At the same time bad for me bcz i was waiting for something broken i finally been saving as a f2p to zenkai bcz the way i suffer i wanna have one broken zenkai

  83. xeno youngin

    xeno youngin

    16 giorni fa

    juss got him to 14 star now time to zenki him all da way up, also have vegito 14 star so my god ki team should be good?

    • Subramanian Ananthanarayanan

      Subramanian Ananthanarayanan

      16 giorni fa


    • hi whats up

      hi whats up

      16 giorni fa


  84. Fresh


    16 giorni fa

    just realized the voice actor of nico robin is also vados voice actor

  85. NoobyDBL :3

    NoobyDBL :3

    16 giorni fa

    I swear if Black Friday isn’t hype I ain’t summoning. No matter how good the units are.

    • Yony Alexander

      Yony Alexander

      16 giorni fa

      Right here bro,

    • Kayden Washington

      Kayden Washington

      16 giorni fa

      @RobinDaHood I know

    • RobinDaHood


      16 giorni fa

      @Kayden Washington I think he's talking about dispo and toppo in v-jump. they're not show up for the download celebration they're gonna come after that.

    • Kayden Washington

      Kayden Washington

      16 giorni fa

      @Yony Alexander cool what are they?

    • Yony Alexander

      Yony Alexander

      16 giorni fa

      Bro I found some leaks for the new units!!!!

  86. Shonkeel Nurse

    Shonkeel Nurse

    16 giorni fa

    Golden freiza gonna get zenkai too

  87. StrongArm Elijah

    StrongArm Elijah

    16 giorni fa

    The quote in the thumbnail is from the AGL Ssb Goku from Dokkan with +100% atk when launching a super. "Pretty neat, right? If I do say so myself!"

  88. Ulises Bonilla

    Ulises Bonilla

    16 giorni fa

    I don’t think the rr farm change really did anything feel like I’m getting the dragon balls just as fast as I was before the change

  89. Xav


    16 giorni fa

    Is goku ui coming I already have 4K stones

  90. The spirit man

    The spirit man

    16 giorni fa

    I have goku zenkai 1 and he suuuuuuucks

  91. IXOZ8


    16 giorni fa

    Wait wait wait the base goku in the reveals and stuff in 8 days teaser has a ultra instinct main ability. That might actually be sign that we’re getting ui goku

  92. Joseph LOLSSS

    Joseph LOLSSS

    16 giorni fa


    • lxrd


      16 giorni fa

      he used irl money

  93. Zed Joestar

    Zed Joestar

    16 giorni fa

    So now, should we try to Zenkai him or not?

  94. KingXSaucer


    16 giorni fa

    he really needed that zenkai because he was weak for a defense type

    • 『 Star Nothing Supreme 』

      『 Star Nothing Supreme 』

      16 giorni fa

      Yea but he was still pretty decent if you didnt have VB lol. A lot of other units could of used it but I’m not complaining

  95. David -_-

    David -_-

    16 giorni fa


  96. Sleeepy Lemon

    Sleeepy Lemon

    16 giorni fa


  97. Andrea Bosi

    Andrea Bosi

    16 giorni fa

    spoiler, the christmas event will be 6 units, all zenkai

  98. Decade Kamen Rider

    Decade Kamen Rider

    16 giorni fa

    Also I haven't seen it yet but I will later on the time this is sent out but I think Broly is going to be insane like this Goku was.

  99. Decade Kamen Rider

    Decade Kamen Rider

    16 giorni fa

    IDC what anyone says, this showcase only proves one thing to me..... actually three things. 1. This makes him so MUCH tankier than rage Trunks, and the way he just just card KILLED him?! Gaaaah.... 2. His blast damage is in league with LFZ7 Gohan from what I could tell, I can't confirm if it far surpasses it but that's scary all the same. 3. This update is just how I imagined it now it's literally weighed on skill set. which is making it tougher for new players who aren't comfortable with charge steps to play(depending on how their WiFi is handling smoothly or if they got a steady hand for that.)

    • RythmicChain


      16 giorni fa

      Ima say right now his damage is nothing compared to gohan gohan early game does about the same damage this goku does late game and when gohan goes lms he just two cards everyone in the game

  100. Reese Holt

    Reese Holt

    16 giorni fa

    I loved this unit.

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